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File 139999014522.png - (117.39KB , 500x494 , tumblr_n3hy9uMB8Z1rzw3i7o1_500.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

How bad is my style? How can i improve it?
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File 139999025751.png - (175.19KB , 500x599 , tumblr_n3j4i76gOS1rzw3i7o1_500.png )
another one. (I'm not very creative with poses, if it's not obvious)
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File 139999040565.png - (142.38KB , 500x721 , tumblr_inline_n3j8qy64Dc1rs2qlh.png )
last one. Sorry
>> No. 128143
i need help
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File 140065952788.gif - (5.26MB , 640x360 , 5da57850681eedb9a96f0359de3ab058.gif )
legs seem a bit skinny. also, they should taper slightly from the hoof. on the first picture the thigh is kind of cut off with the belly-line. that line should go in between the thighs.

seems really thin in the chest and thicker in the back in pic 2 and 3 widen up the chest a bit, like in the first one.

try not drawing digitally, maybe? i know for me drawing traditionally first helped me improve digital drawing a lot. dunno if other people have this problem but for me holding an actual pencil/charcoal/brush and drawing on actual paper is easier than stylus on plastic.
>> No. 128155
File 140070500396.jpg - (175.33KB , 597x715 , plat.jpg )
Some thoughts of mine.
Made a show-style render of your pic (started drawing ponies 2 weeks ago, so I'm still grasping the style) for you to compare with.

With that said, there's a lot I like about your style already. It has a nice laid back tone feel, making it very suitable for funny comic strips!
>> No. 128157
I actually like what you've got going already. It can be refined though. Unless you want the style to be kinda "crayon kid drawing"-ish.

There is a plethora of tutorials here. Use them to improve your anatomy.
>> No. 128202
It looks great but you shouldn't add hooves (: ( unles your doing big mac ) ;)
>> No. 128457
File 140678046074.jpg - (169.71KB , 1800x1200 , nah.jpg )
I actually think it looks good. Better than what I drew pic. related.
>> No. 128475
It looks sketchy, but I wouldn't call it bad. Everything looks solid. Maybe a little work on the proportions maybe?

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