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No. 128230
#Traditional #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Let me draw your characters tonight! I'm trying to forget about my work-week! :D
Critique Appreciated!
You can also contact me at:

OC Ponies
Main Cast
Traditional Works - Paper, Pencil
Digital Works - FireAlpaca, PaintToolSAI

Prefer visual references,detailed descriptions, or fiction-excerpts. However, If you don't mind me being baby-dady to your OC and allowing a collaboration on your character's looks, i wouldn't object and a less detailed description could be used. These are free requests. I can't think of any reason why i would deny any, but feel free to ask what you please and ill pick and choose. I will probably not make this first come first serve, but I don't know how i feel yet.
As an added note, my composition and recording of my art will be ridiculous because i am taking photographs of my pencil paper drawings... I assure you, I work quickly.

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>> No. 128233
File 140290369988.jpg - (41.69KB , 446x345 , YourPhoto_2014-5-1(0-26-21).jpg )
Here is an example of my ponies i drew just now using my original ponysona....
And as for my OP pic, i will consider human OCs too!

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>> No. 128234
you should maybe put that niptacularity behind a woona
>> No. 128235
File 140293238940.jpg - (18.29KB , 306x326 , spoiler.jpg )
here we go.Thank you :]
I understand the rules and everything but i dun' feel like she was inappropriate whatsoever. but i digress! Here she is with a little warning.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 16th, 2014 08:28

>> No. 128247
File 140312788627.jpg - (152.50KB , 374x383 , YourPhoto_2014-5-3(14-45-5).jpg )
let ,me draw your ponies
>> No. 128248
File 140312861719.jpg - (30.54KB , 362x323 , YourPhoto_2014-5-3(14-57-41).jpg )
moar examples
>> No. 128249
File 140312869701.jpg - (115.92KB , 278x470 , YourPhoto_2014-5-0(21-43-56).jpg )
will also draw humanized or other humanoids.
>> No. 128251
File 140313221651.png - (133.92KB , 306x326 , lydia.png )
Also digital works.
>> No. 128264
File 140347453143.jpg - (12.62KB , 214x283 , maksymiljan.jpg )
Maybe a strange request, but could you try to draw me a sketch resembling the pic rel but with a head of stallion?
>> No. 128265
I'd like to make a request, if it's not too late.

I'd like to see a pic of these two ponies and K9 against a blank backdrop
>> No. 128266
File 140359435344.png - (93.55KB , 1000x1000 , Untitledsdfasf.png )
Here we are! I was away for awhile because my network card needed an update it couldn't download, not being able to connect to my network with wireless... that was a fun thing to deal with. Anyway. I'm eager and willing to draw more shit, so send it to me! :D
>> No. 128425
File 140634249353.jpg - (72.42KB , 500x640 , image.jpg )
Would you mind doing a digital drawing of my oc?

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