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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Comics #OCs #Discussion #Taking commissions

GrumpAnon of /oat/ has recently been visited in a dream by a crazy pony of which he made a model:

She is not yet his new oc but to annoy/toy/make him happy i think people who like to draw should consider drawing some stuff of this character.
Recolors are fine too, whatever really, heck even funny comics and the like. (after all it's Grump Angel for god's sake x) )

Just hoping some of you out there will make Grump Angel's dream (literally, hah!) come true.

(...for added info on what sorta character this Grump Angel oc might be check the thread with the links i posted)

Thanks in advance, perhaps you'll make Grump's day... and if not you can just have a bit of fun with it!

No porn pls.
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>> No. 128289

...Wait, that last tag is wrong i think.

Bleh, not gonna remake the thread again.

Text makes stuff clear.

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