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So I've had this idea for artwork in my head for years now, but I'm no artist and it's pretty big so I never tried making it myself or commissioning it. So now I just figure I'll put the idea out there and see if anyone wants to give it a try. It's not a request, so the skill level doesn't matter much to me. I care a lot more about just seeing the idea realized and seeing if anyone likes it enough to try, than about getting an expert piece of work out of it. I welcome anyone to give it a try, and would greatly appreciate it no matter how it turns out :)

So my idea is this: An MLP/Pokémon crossover pic of Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle having a double battle against Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. However, Diamond and Silver are using Dialga and Lugia respectively, while Bloom and Sweetie only have small, weak pokémon (I'm thinking Cherrim and Chimecho, but it doesn't really matter). Additional details might include trainer outfits for the fillies, or battle damage to the arena or pokémon, up to you.

Would anyone like to take on this idea for me?
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