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File 140477786194.jpg - (1.06MB , 1316x1212 , Autumn_leaves_(pantone)_crop.jpg )
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Ok guys, I need some help and probably a few good doses of critique.

So here's the deal. I am trying to create a new pegausis oc that is more show style than any I have made thus far. What I am trying to base him on is a Halloween type of pony, and I want to use the Autumn colors for his color scheme, but I'm having a hard time mixing them up in a pleasant way that's not too flashy or kind of..ick. I've got a few bases I've done in gimp that I'm going to post after this, just the two basic colors that I thought might be good.

Also, some other points about him is I wanted his cuty mark to be a jackolantern, and have him sort of be the creator, or at least really good at, making pumpkin faces. His name funny enough, is going to be Jack O'reilly Lantern. I know so creative right right? XD So I am also edging more towards pumpkin colors with his overall scheme.

Then, once I've got a few good show style images of him, I want to create some more artistic versions where his features are more pronounced, such as I wanted him to be kind of tall and lanky, have his fur, main, tail, and face look a bit ragged like he doesn't sleep often, and have some of his feathers ruffled and a few missing, like he plucks them out of anxiety. Just over all kind of rough and just slightly sickly looking-like something you might expect to see from a costumed pony on Halloween.

So ya, if I could get some help on this it would be freakin awesome, and thank you everyone in advance! I'm hoping I can make him look pretty bad ass by the end of this.
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File 140477793521.png - (56.63KB , 800x800 , edit 1 hp.png )
So this is the first color scheme I had. These first few sketch/base fill ins are going to be pretty ruff cause I am mainly trying to get a good idea for the colors.
>> No. 128314
File 140477801437.png - (55.36KB , 800x800 , edit 2 HP.png )
And this is the second. Pretty much just an opposite of the first one there.

I'm wondering if I should add color patches to anywhere on his fur or in his main, or leave smaller color differences to like his eye color or something

Also really want to know if these colors should be adjusted in intensity/brightness/darker, and/or softer shading, etc.

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File 140495553024.png - (59.54KB , 800x800 , edit yellow red alien pone.png )
So this is a color combination a friend suggested to me....He looks a little bit like an alien at the moment, so I will have to fix that in future pics, but as for the image. Well not sure. What do you pones think? I like the main and tail colors with the orange stripes, not too big on the yellow fur myself. Not really sure about the eye color. Though that may just be cause of the weird angle I did.

Poor pony...

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