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#OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

PLS r8 no h8 I worked really hard on this.....

Her name is Mary Snu Snu. :D She is Neo Shadows pet along with my necro Rainbow Dasher OC. She is a mix of all my favorite foods. she even is a feminist like me! As you can tell by her Bracelet that she is waering. I also have one like it!!! lelol! I'm trying to find more of her pictures that I commissioned eariler but no luck. I'm sure you will love her just as much as I do! I know its a bit of an old pic but I think it hold up rather well! ALSO NOTE the realistic Dolphin. It took me forever to draw it! Please don't be jealous just come and ask for tips and I might help you! I also put jesus in the corner because jesus is with you no matter what! ALSO LOVE JESUS. JESUS LOVES YOU AND YOU SHOULD LOVE HIM. I drew him being your bro because he does have the most swag after all. He died for our swag so plz show respek! ^___^ Her favorite drank is also Grape Juice because soda is nasty and should not be drank too much. Don't wanna have cavities ^-^ Donkey kong has always been my favorite gamer so I made her body type the same way! She is also Queen chrissys and Discords child! She is the element of disembodiement which explains all of her different limbs! She also has mary jane growing out of her mouse ears because i love smoking! 420 BLAZE IT. WELP BE GENTLE ON HER! SHES A LOVING SOUL! Just a day at the beash but dashie is afriad of the water! poor dashie! hope you all love it!!!1! :^)
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File 140816505609.png - (211.97KB , 900x795 , 1396233598945.png )
I like it... lol. You could have done better with how you described her, lol....
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omg stahp paraspritin on /mlp/ XD

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