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[tags]#Traditional #Canon
well well guys im just posting my contribution for this ``fandom`` if this is...yeah im noob in this site but its okay..just comment please...!
i do art for my girlfriend because she like very much soo fucking lucky...i begin brony since 2011

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>> No. 128656
Not bad - the linework could use some improvement and the head shape is a little off - there's relatively little chin for the standard pony shape - but other than that, it's a pretty good start.
>> No. 128657
File 141167329495.jpg - (75.66KB , 500x608 , gfuGADKLGA.jpg )
Thanx i have another art its better but i need to take a photo to show it. its another twilight...yeah i dont like twilight maybe a draw rainbow or pinkie next time!

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