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File 141177700605.png - (116.84KB , 779x1025 , adagio swimsuit.png )
128666 No. 128666
Not sure if I should be using /art/ for such a simple, singular request, but...

Can someone please recolor this pic...
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>> No. 128667
File 141177704231.png - (369.51KB , 1422x3774 , Dulset EqG swimsuit.png )
...with these colors?
>> No. 128676
File 141199598138.png - (244.47KB , 2859x2455 , RainbowSparkle.png )
Lemme try...

Hope nobody beat me to it. >.<
>> No. 128678
File 141199795202.png - (209.32KB , 2000x2073 , LyraJack.png )
I'll try to have a progress report for you later today,(Afternoon maybe or this evening around 9:30. School/evening classes ya know) so you can see if it's worth me continuing or get someone else to try.

I think you'll like it. So far it's coming along nicely.

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>> No. 128679
Sweet, thanks a ton! :)
>> No. 128680
File 141202710128.png - (782.86KB , 779x1025 , FirstRoughDulsetProject.png )
Alrighty! Here's the progress so far.

I worked on the arm some, but it's her bikini and breasts that I'd consider done, and is the quality you can expect for the rest as I continue, if you'd like me to.

The program I use isn't the most convenient, so it takes some time. But I love recoloring pics and even more so when doing it for someone else.

Feedback. I'll be out for evening classes till about 9:30. Hope to hear from you then!
>> No. 128681
Wow, looks great so far! I'm honestly not a stickler for anything above surface level quality, so I won't notice anything not too egregious ^^;

Looking real close I can see that the arm is missing some shading, but you're already working on that, everything else looks great :)

Though honestly I never gave thought to her nail color, I'm not sure that one looks good... Maybe try red like her eyes? Btw don't forget the eyes :)
I can't wait to see it finished, it looks like it will be awesome! Thanks again!
>> No. 128682
File 141204150479.png - (364.73KB , 3241x3701 , OctaviaJack.png )
Awesome! I'll keep working on it then. Sure thing with the nails. I was also wondering, since they weren't shown in the ref pic.
>> No. 128683
Do you think it matters having painted nails while stepping out of a pool? I have no idea.
>> No. 128685
File 141204279145.png - (737.32KB , 779x1025 , FirstRoughDulsetProject.png )
Not if it's good nail polish ;P

Also, here's more progress. I haven't refined much yet, so there'll be some fuzzy inconsistant colors here and there.
>> No. 128687
>> No. 128688
File 141204581107.png - (513.82KB , 779x1025 , FirstRoughDulsetProject.png )
Get hyped! It's almost done!! Needs some touching up around the lines, add the shadow and highlights and then it's good to go.

Buuuuuut, it's about 11 o'clock, and I got early classes tomorrow. Do you think you could anticipate it for tomorrow? My classes end around 4:30 and I can get right back to work on it and have it done before supper time! ^^
>> No. 128689
File 141204658523.png - (312.12KB , 694x690 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 1.png )
Awesome! Go ahead and sleep, I can't wait for it to be finished!

Though could you brighten the red on the eyes and nails? I guess the eyes were a little dark on my source pic.
>> No. 128691
File 141211428565.png - (517.17KB , 779x1025 , SemiPossibleFinalDulsetProject.png )
So here it is with the eyes and shades in. Talk to me tho, because if there are glaring issues I'd love to fix them. You said you were't too picky about it, but I'd like you to be satisfied.

Gimme your thoughts, also keep in mind that I can only do so much with this program, not as a deterrent for critique, just know it's like screwing into a board with a hammer.
>> No. 128695
Sweeeeeet~! Ok, colors are perfect, looks amazing :)
Let's see... only issues I can spot is that the lines look a little choppy and... not solid in some places, like the cheek and lower back.

Other than that, the only thing I can question is how you've got the dark green hair part right in the front, but another on the underside of that hair just behind it. To me it just looks a little weird like that, but the problem is that I totally understand why you did it that way in particular and I don't actually know how it could be done differently. I'm not sure it would look good another way...
>> No. 128696
Ok, cheek and lower back, got it! If you want I can take out that green hair bit to see how you like it. If you don't, I can always add it back.

Let's see if I can get this done in the next few minutes! >:)
>> No. 128697
File 141221369539.png - (518.45KB , 779x1025 , SemiPossibleFinalDulsetProject2.png )
How's this?
>> No. 128698
Whoa, looks great!
I'm not sure there's anything left to say, thanks so much!
>> No. 128699
File 141221598537.png - (144.33KB , 900x512 , BowingRef.png )
You're very welcome ^_^

Glad I could be of service.

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