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#Traditional #Gallery #Critique wanted

I've never posted on a site that works like this, so have a little patience with me!

Hello everyone! I hope to contribute some more finalized drawings at some point, but for now and just to get my toes in the water, I'm posting a doodle I did of fluttershy in a human form. (I'm also new to this Fandom in general, so I don't know all the lingo yet, I'm sure there's a term for biped versions of the characters)
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Not bad.
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File 141180630528.png - (67.58KB , 1226x1274 , whywubwoo.png )
>I hope to contribute some more finalized drawings at some point
Gee, please do.
Saved. That's pretty awesome for a doodle.
-The boob area got a bit of the old "clothing looks painted on instead of worn" syndrome
-and something seems odd with the right side (boob overlapping the arm?, arm squeezing into the torso?, lower arm longer than upper arm?) ,
-right front foot looks smaller than left back foot?
but damn.

They're usually called humanized far as I know.
>> No. 128672
Thanks! ^_^ Yeah some parts definitely got a bit awkward, it's been a while since I've done any drawing, I'm glad to be getting back to it though. At some point I'll have to make those tweaks to this and finish it out.
>> No. 128707
Very nice.
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File 141254121995.png - (342.23KB , 1280x617 , WelcomeToTheHerd.png )
Your work is very nice! I suggest to post your stuff to DeviantART; it's got a lot more traffic than here. Accounts are free. Join groups and try to draw as often as possible to keep your inevitable watchers excited! You've obviously got talent.

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