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File 141356351453.png - (37.51KB , 437x361 , FanfictionPoneSketch.png )
128754 No. 128754
Hi, I've noticed that there have been some really good artists that have been on this thread, and I have a request to make for anyone willing to take it on. I wanted to create an OC to post as on /oat/ and /chat/, but I am rubbish at art. All I really want is some reaction (Happy, sad, angry, surprised, disgusted, etc..) for a character that I have been making and re-making and now have a final version of. If you are interested, please respond to this thread. Also, someone drew what they thought I would look like as a draw anon. I was thinking the OC would look sort-of like him. If you want to know personality and backstory and stuff, you can ask me about it on this thread. Otherwise, I won't bother you guys with it.
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>> No. 128757
File 141360578254.png - (76.52KB , 576x659 , how do computers even work.png )
I could doodle up a few things, if you'd like. I don't really mind, assuming I'm in the mood for the artsy stuff at the time.
Send a pic of whatever you want done, and I'll see what I can come up with.
>> No. 128758
File 141361529490.gif - (421.76KB , 245x210 , FGUht.gif )
Oh! Really? That would be fantastic! For the picture, did you mean a picture of the OC or a pic of a reaction I want him in?
>> No. 128761
File 141368545236.png - (45.45KB , 327x669 , i mean sure why not.png )
The OC, and I guess if you've got some reactions in mind, that's fine too.
>> No. 128774
File 141373368384.png - (20.46KB , 381x336 , OC_.png )
All right, well. I'm rubbish at drawing, so I guess I'll use one of those fancy applications that allow you to create the pony using the power of the interwebs. I guess, then you'll have a good idea on what he looks like.

All right, I'm back. I'm sorry if the OC looks like rubbish, but I did the best I could. Also, I thought the bow tie was a nice touch. Bow ties are cool.
>> No. 128775
File 141373398242.jpg - (9.92KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
All right, I have three reactions in mind, and I'll post the first one right here.
>> No. 128776
File 141373400995.png - (20.44KB , 118x118 , docwhoshrug.png )
>> No. 128777
File 141373405477.jpg - (8.06KB , 300x168 , insanetwi.jpg )
>> No. 128778
File 141373421274.gif - (455.13KB , 350x197 , EleventhDoctorDance.gif )
I think I need more than three reactions to make an Ask OC thread, but I didn't want to overwhelm you. Thanks for even responding to this thread, mate.
>> No. 128779
You can also fool around with this.
>> No. 128781
File 141374105152.gif - (1.91MB , 320x240 , ninth-doctor-dance.gif )
Oh! Thanks! I will definitely check that out sometime!
>> No. 128782
File 141374108062.gif - (1.91MB , 320x240 , ninth-doctor-dance.gif )
Oh! Thanks! I will definitely check that out sometime!
>> No. 128784
File 141375019421.png - (41.21KB , 292x490 , wow apples and money what more could a stallion want.png )
Cool. I'll see to it that I try and get around to makin' them. I'll probably have something around Monday.
>> No. 128788
File 141382098355.gif - (455.13KB , 350x197 , EleventhDoctorDance.gif )
All right! Thanks mate!
Also, if it does not bug you too much, can I have a generic happy, disgusted, and informative reaction. That is, if I'm not asking too much.
I'm sorry if any of this is triggering, mate.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 20th, 2014 21:11

>> No. 128798
File 141403321192.gif - (0.98MB , 426x240 , eyes-on-you.gif )
Wait, did you mean Monday of this week?
>> No. 128802
File 141406023659.png - (25.11KB , 298x261 , hno, danganya will disagree.png )
I did originally, but some things came up that pulled me away. I've got work and other junk to do most of the week now, so I can't say for sure when I'll be able to get to those images-- but they'll be done, at some point.
>> No. 128803
File 141408129766.gif - (919.11KB , 284x214 , fourth-doctor-smile.gif )
Ah, all right. Well, thank you for even making an attempt to do them! I'll check back here regularly to see if they get done or not. Thanks for letting me know!
>> No. 128810
File 141436717438.gif - (480.29KB , 250x142 , fish_custard.gif )
Someday is not today?
Or today?

Last edited at Wed, Oct 29th, 2014 09:05

>> No. 128817
File 141465766223.gif - (1.04MB , 500x269 , right in my kokoro.gif )
Hey, hey-- sorry for not being around much. I've been trying to get my pen pressure working again, which I have! I've got the day off work tomorrow, so I should have them done at some point then.
>> No. 128819
File 141472095807.gif - (709.96KB , 360x202 , Capaldi-Fuckity-Hi.gif )
Ah, thanks!
>> No. 128820
File 141474417292.png - (55.31KB , 500x500 , fanfictionponeOC1.png )
I got two done-- as for the third, I'll finish another time. I just really wanted to get a few out, since I've been needing to do this for a while now.
>> No. 128821
File 141474419540.png - (73.10KB , 500x500 , fanfictionponeOC2.png )
feel free to color them as you please.
>> No. 128825
File 141477168890.gif - (634.97KB , 350x210 , 9th-doctor-dance2.gif )
All righty! Thanks for getting these out to me! They look fantastic!

>Dance of celebration.

I hope you have a great Nightmare Night!

Last edited at Fri, Oct 31st, 2014 09:36

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