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#Traditional #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

Anyone know any drawing lessons?
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There's a couple stickyed threads with art lessons on the board already, you could check there.
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Your first lesson is this: take your cursor, or stylus, or whatever drawing implement you choose to work with, put it on a canvas, sheet of paper, cave wall, or whatever surface you choose to work on, and push it around to make lines and marks. if you are feeling daring, you may even attempt to create an enclosed shape of some sort. Don't push yourself too hard, though.

The first thing you will probably learn from this exercise is that drawing is a lot harder than it looks, and it already looks pretty hard... congratulations: you have now gotten farther as an artist than the legions of hopefuls who thought about learning to draw, but never tried. That alone puts you in the top 10%... from the looks o f things, you've already completed this step.

Next: go do it some more: you will likely see a vast improvement in your work, possibly even going from incredibly bad to very bad, in a relatively short period of time... as little as a couple of months, even. The second lesson to be learned from this is that you will get better as you practice, so just keep going. It does not matter if you make good or bad art, as long as you are making incrementally better art, one bit at a time, one step after another. Making bad art will probably demoralize and dishearten you, but it cannot kill you, and as long as you are alive, you may continue making those incremental forward steps.

Any artist you can name throughout all of human history, every artist you respect, admire, or look up to, has undergone these exact same lessons: Welcome, brother: you have completed your initiation. Where you go from here, and how far you get, is entirely in your hands.

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