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#Digital #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

Gud pic?

Formerly Joan of /arch/
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gud pic indeed
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gud name too
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From the look on her face, that must be some really good pizza... I'll have what she's having. X3

The corner of the mouth typically goes either up or down, but it does both here. The resulting expression is... interesting.

I'm not quite sure what she's "sitting" on... a book or a patch of light, or something idk. :/

Her cutie mark, in the show, is light blue, but here it's gray... not a big deal, really, unless you're a stickler for show accuracy, but I couldn't unsee it once I noticed. Also: she's missing her blue eyeshadow and big lashes. Also: most of the mane six have lashes that come out from the corner of their eyes, as you have them here, but Rarities lashes originate from along the eyelid.

The point where her nose meets her head is a sharp corner: In the show, it's more of a rounded slope. Again: depends on how much you care about show accuracy, but it does change the structure of the face significantly.

The light and shadow on her mane is simply lovely.

The white spot at the middle of her upper eyelid has a black outline around it that seems really heavy... not sure why a highlight would have a black outline, tho it could be a tear I guess... even so: the line seems rather heavy.

Anyway: pic is good overall, apart from a few extremely inconsequential details. Hope this helps some, looking forward to the next one. X3
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Thanks all!
Very helpful feedback! I appreciate it muchly. I will try to improve my art and it's details in the future
I was inspired by Fig Newton of /oat/

PS those are tomatoes, not pepperonies

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