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#OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

Hey there my fellow /Art/ists and other friends! I'm not that good at Oc's and stuff but I would really like your Critique on my bland, Black and Red, No Cutie Mark Pony, Do your worst!
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Nice proportions. The chest looks angled a little too straight upward, it might look more natural if it were angled downward more. The body wouldn't be as bent. But actually you can probably get away with this because it's a cartoon pony. However the tail meets the butt significantly too low.

Honestly it looks pretty good though!

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>Do your worst!
I got a rule in this forum... if you ask for it, I gotta let you have it: lez do dis. X3

Re: the neck... As Crim mentioned, it does look a little thin. When seen from the side, I find it helps to imagine the forward edge of the neck as a line that originates from the center of the head circle, angled forward slightly, which makes the neck about half the width of the head overall. Weird things can happen due to a figure's pose, tho, so it's all good really. (I could do a redline if you'd like, but I don't think it's really necessary). Her mane obscures the back of her neck, making it look thinner than it actually is.

The thigh is one third the width of the overall length of the body... it looks a little wide here.

I notice a few white jaggies between the lineart and fill... that's a fairly typical problem, addressing it goes a long way toward making the work look a lot more refined. How to fix it would depend on your process and tools, however.

Her shoulder looks fairly human in structure: ponies have vertical shoulder-blades that lay flat against the side of the ribcage, while humans shoulder-blades lay flat across the back and stick out to the side. MLPonies will sometimes show something that looks like a human shoulder when making certain gestures or actions, but the shoulders are typically placed much lower on the ribcage than is pictured here... usually the shoulder joint is placed half way between the spine and the keel of the chest. (IIRC)

Given how her hairstyle, colouration, and accessories make her look like a goth punk vampire, the only thing lacking in this character design are cute fangs... I'm aghast that you neglected to include them! Otherwise, her look is utterly flawless... her lack of a cutie mark really compliment the red pupilless eyes, which really convey her vapid absence of soul or personality. XP

Honestly tho, I don't mind red/black OCs, but a cutie mark goes a long way towards solidifying characters identity and sense of personality. Sorting one out would make a big difference: an eye of Ra or ankh would probably suit her, but it's hard to say without knowing more about the characters personality.

At any rate: hope this helps some. X3

bein a vous, -WF

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