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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Event

Hello everyone, I just wanted to welcome everypony here on ponychan to take part in a high stakes art contest where you can win big! The details can be found below, but everything will be handled here , Enjoy :3

This contest is simple to enter and offers a chance to win up to $550.00 cash!! Five different themes each offering a $100.00 prize for the best picture in that category. That's five different chances to win $100.00. With a way to add an extra 10% to all cash prizes, and a raffle which can win one of you Two Brand New Xbox One Games, this contest has a lot to offer! So draw a picture for the theme you feel most comfortable with, or create a picture for every theme, and attempted to win them all!

How-to-enter :

First, make sure to watch me on DA so you can receive any and all updates. Then read the rest of this journal in full.

Second, make yourself familiar with Kydose, his characteristics and his back story. Taking a look at previous contest winners, or pictures I commission could also help give you an edge.

Third, draw a picture of one (or all) of the following contest themes-

#1 Kydose can't fly, but that doesn't mean his wings are useless. Draw a picture of Kydose using his wings to help, impress, or please his dear Rarity.

#2 Kydose and Rarity enjoy most of their time together peacefully, but even they have moments of turmoil. Draw a picture of them sharing a lovers quarrel or making up from one.

#3 Bedtime Hugs, snuggles, and cuddles. Draw Kydose and Rarity sleeping together keeping each other close, or sharing an intimate moment together in bed. (BE CAREFUL TO READ THE RULES FOR THIS ONE)

#4 Kydose and Rarity celebrate Thanksgiving, Hearth's Warming, Or Hearts and Hooves day together. Sharing all the love and cheer of the holidays with one another.

#5 Free draw. Simply draw a nice picture of Kydose spending some time with Rarity.

Send your picture(s) to me on DA before the end date of 2/14/15 (February 14th 2015). Then publish an entry in your DA journal copying this journal with a link back to my page. Once those steps are completed you are in the contest ^.^

All art styles are welcome


Reference pictures for Kydose can be found in my gallery . (Don't forget his cutiemark)

Something Extra :

If you help promote this contest in an interesting way beyond the standard journal, you will be entered into a raffle where one lucky individual will win a FREE copy of Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag & Assassin's Creed Unity for the Xbox One. Just reply on DA showing me your unique ad and you will be added to the draw. The games will come in the form brand new download codes for the full retail versions of the game, pretty sweet bonus huh :3 Even better is you DO NOT need to enter the contest to be a part of this raffle. The raffle ends 12/20/14 (December 20th 2014) Just in time for Christmas :3

Next I will be offering a 10% cash bonus to any winning artist who submits their picture and journal before December 20th 2014. Cool right? That means if you win a theme at the end of the contest you take home $110 instead of $100.

Lastly, share with me your WIP and I will give a ONE TIME feedback to help guide your picture more to my favor. This can only be done by every artist once per picture per theme, and only to a sketch or line work.

Rules :

-Be friendly. First and foremost this contest is in fun and friendly spirit. So absolutely no harassing, insulting, or attacking of anyone or their art.

-Nothing explicit. Any such drawing will not be featured or eligible to win any prize. Examples include gore, porn, hateful actions or speech. I will be the judge on what is or is not "explicit". Suggestive and questionable pictures will be allowed as long as they are tasteful in nature.

-Pictures must be submitted in their original resolution size to allow fair judging for everyone.

-Only one picture per artist per theme.

Prizes :

All payments will be made via PayPal OR Deviant Art points.

Hope to see you there :3

Last edited at Fri, Nov 28th, 2014 14:39

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