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File 141840438520.png - (595.98KB , 714x513 , rd pencil.png )
129017 No. 129017
#Traditional #Discussion #Critique wanted

So I'm doodling up a picture for the daughter of a friend (she really likes Rainbow Dash) figured I'd upload what I've got done so far. This is the basic penciled version, I'll be inking it and coloring it (colored pencils) and maybe a few other things.

I'm aware that its not perfect, RD seems to have a bit of a long neck here and the tree in the background isnt in the best perspective but I'm willing to maybe make some corrections.

What do you think, /art/ ?
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>> No. 129018
File 141841792588.png - (677.07KB , 800x584 , rd ink.png )
went ahead and inked it. doesnt look too bad now :P
>> No. 129020
File 141849805334.png - (825.18KB , 800x586 , rd color prog#1.png )

coloring progress so far...
>> No. 129022
File 141867150127.png - (581.68KB , 4100x4000 , TwiLeanWithWings.png )
That's really nice! The color is coming out beaitifully
>> No. 129026
hey, thanks! I'll be uploading my progress from yesterday soon. didnt get anything done today, but yesterday was somewhat progressive :)
>> No. 129027
I really like it! Interesting setting and I like the cross hatched shading. Looks real nice with the colors. And my god those plants, you definitely know what you're doing.

I'm not sure if the calligraphy style you used to write her name really suits her character, but that's whatever, it will still look good. Neck is a little weird in the back but it works because of the way it looks like she's leaning forward.

The girl who is getting this is lucky!
>> No. 129028
File 141875605342.png - (854.96KB , 800x583 , rd color prog#2.png )
thanks for the kind critique and comment :) glad you like it so far!

here's another update.
>> No. 129029
File 141875645955.png - (897.63KB , 800x583 , rd color prog#2.png )
decided to darken the contrast a bit :P this is a much better image than the last
>> No. 129033
File 141902421536.png - (0.98MB , 800x597 , rd color prog#3.png )

added grass. :)
>> No. 129038
Super xtra beautiful.
>> No. 129042
The location has a lovely fairytale feel. I like the texture on her hair/feathers/coat/eyes. The white void beyond the tree is conspicuously blank, but it's not particularly detrimental. A little distracting maybe, since blank space draws the eye.
>> No. 129045

lol, well, its not even finished yet xD thats why there's nothing there :P
>> No. 129046

I kinda figured... it's to predict what an artist plans on doing, so I stick to commenting on the work as is, and avoid making assumptions.

Also: always nice to see another traditional artist on the board. X3
>> No. 129047
agreed! Aint nuthin' like the real thing, yeah? :)
>> No. 129048
File 141945198272.png - (1.04MB , 800x586 , Rainbow Dash.png )

I may or may not touch it up a bit. But as for now, I feel its ready to be called 'Done.'
>> No. 129049
added to my DA for great justice:

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