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So i hope you enjoyed your noon with out me.

but i have to get out here to ask for some stuff

So i used to draw alot, but because college i just didnt did it that often, then stop drawing for some months, and then got back to do it, but it was just a lame comback, i mean, like 1 drawing each month.

then i stop again.

So i finally finish up everything i had to do at school, and i want to get back to it... but i feel awful.

My art was never good to start with, but now i start a drawing, and trying to do some guide lines, and im like "oh my god, im fucking this up since the start, that look awful"
even before just starting at all..... and i cant just start a new picture
so.... any words of wisdom?
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>> No. 129032
A drawing is not like classwork: there is no pass/fail, no percentile, nor letter grade; a drawing is a drawing.

The only person grading your work is you, and you don't have to judge it if you don't want to. A drawing isn't good or bad: it just is what it is. When something looks the way you want it to, keep that part: when it doesn't, change that part.

If you practice, you will get better. If you don't, you'll get rusty. You climbed that mountain before, you can do it again.

As for getting started: Love to draw, hate the drawings: take pleasure in the act of pushing the pencil around on the page, regardless of what the end goal is. Enjoy the process, not the product.

As me mother dearest says: sit down, show up, tell the truth, don't censor yourself, don't focus on the results.

Finally, let me just say: no matter how bad a drawing looks, it will not kill you to make a bad drawing: as such, you are invincible as long as you refuse to give up. You hear me? You are utterly invincible, an unstoppable juggernaut! So get out there and draw! Draw 'til your fingers fall off! Let nothing stand in your way, destroy every obstacle in your path!

And, when you're done, by all means, do post the results for comment. X3

At any rate: hope this helps some,
bein a vous, -WF.

PS: I know exactly how you feel here; I had a stroke last year, spent nearly six months recovering in the hospital, and my art skills got set back about fifteen years of focused study and practice.... I'm still getting it back, but it's coming back bit by bit. Gradually. With effort. But it's coming back.
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File 142156638242.png - (76.51KB , 1017x786 , hnk___derpy_and_dinky_as_ein_and_asuka_by_demonioblanco-d78w5v4.png )
It is better to just keep hand drawing and become good there, than trying to mix it up?

because im not really good either drawing or coloring.

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>> No. 129368
It's not a bad thing, his mindset though. I can tell OP has a certain drive about him, a place I was once at 2 years ago before I started wanting more.
Study fundamentals, mate. You need to study and practice like a football player needs to study strategy and practice. And don't worry about what your art looks like. What matter's is you make all the mistakes you can, it's how you grow. I've burned through trees of paper the last 2 years I've been drawing, making subtle mistakes each time. The catch is, don't make the same mistake more than once. Think about everything, read everything, question everything. In the end of the say a good artist is one that problem solves and is well read.

If you ever want critique at all, hit me up. I'll start with the image you've posted in a second.
>> No. 129369
File 142547362856.png - (421.49KB , 1109x695 , ss+(2015-03-04+at+08_28_03).png )
I'll keep it real simple for now, starting with what I like. I like that you didn't chicken scratch. It's a bad habit people find trouble breaking out of. Keep making long confident lines. Nurse it into something great, you're on to something. Just own that shit.

Now the main 3 things that stick out the most are:
1-You're symbol drawing: Try and get a feel for form. When you're drawing, even with line work, you need to be thinking in 3-D. When you're drawing, there is no one single object. You're putting down light and you're putting down dark.
2-Stiff unappealing gesture:Some minor proportional issues, but never mind that for now. You need dynamic gesture. Gesture leads the eye through an image, it also gives off a general feeling. Feeling is the most important thing to an artist.
2-The composition overall is flat making it feel stiff. Don't settle for flat and boring compositions, you're better than that.

Now what I can recommend for now is that you watch/read some lord and savior Glen Vilppu. while you draw quick gestures yourself. You can find stuff on quickposes for now. Forget about everything else, proportion, detail, ect. Just focus on getting the feeling down and maybe even some form.

Now this is completely optional but look at master paintings and pay close attention to the gesture as well as the overall composition. You can even do some gesture studies from those as well. Remember to make short notes as well. I.E. Why does the man look like he's in pain? Ignoring the face, what part of the gesture communicates that this man is in pain? Where does the tension in his joints lie? Is the figure well balanced? ect. ect.
>> No. 129381
File 142550366858.png - (1.04MB , 1738x2183 , Raina cave obscure.png )
ok, i will do....

emmm... this doesnt count.

Now, for being on a 2d plain on that old pic was because i wanted to show the 2 character facing up looking at the eyes and close, like they are pride and erect with the chest up.... but again, that doesnt justify the stiff pusture like you say, i will pay attention on that.

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>> No. 129409
File 142648152517.jpg - (293.29KB , 1700x2338 , Imagen (16).jpg )
an art pic made on a class...
with no instructions so i dont konw what im doing
>> No. 129411
File 142648349450.jpg - (709.08KB , 2326x3109 , spoiler.jpg )
i hasnt done my homework.

now, how do i NSFK this?

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