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#Traditional #OCs #Critique wanted

Hello there fellow /art/ists and other friends, I wanted some critique on these two ponies and to hear which one you guys like more! Do your worst!
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>>Do your worst!
I got a rule in this forum: if you ask for it, I gotta let you have it... lez do dis. X3

If you're concerned about show accuracy, the proportions are somewhat off: The torsos are rather thin, and the figures are short overall (about 2.5 heads tall, when show ponies are closer to 3.25 heads tall).

The ears are set rather low on the head, even if they're folded back.

The hind legs do a nice job of implying a sort of forward "push" in their posture. The foreleg of the figure on the right does a better job of implying body weight than the foreleg of the figure on the left: it's curved slightly more. The foreleg of the right figure seems slightly thicker than it should be, particularly at the shoulder.

I like that you made at least a token effort to establish a ground plane of some sort, with their shadows.

Anyway: looking good, hope this helps some.

>and to hear which one you guys like more!
My gut reaction says: black and red, kill with fire! but my gut's opinion is rarely to be trusted. I think I prefer the one on the left, since the off-white and black has a stronger contrast. I like the stripes on the right one more than the ragged patch on the left figure, too. Do you have names/special talents/cutie marks picked out yet? That's the "fun" part.
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Sadly, I have no official name for these Ponies...or Cutie Marks..

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