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File 142009387508.png - (516.98KB , 1084x1064 , Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1_16_01 PM.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Critique wanted

there are lots of ponies like this, but yeah an oc of mine
The outline is sort of wobbly because I only just started digital drawing with a drawing tablet
(I'm not an expert drawer so please give some critique :3)

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File 142028771681.jpg - (79.31KB , 943x900 , 132057163429.jpg )
now i know what's the "oc" mean........
>> No. 129082
its really really good but try not choosing an alicorn generally people don't like em (I really don't care I like about half alicorn oc's) but other than that I love it!
>> No. 129088
protip: Easiest trick for smoothing out lineart... when you work on an image, make it 8 times as large as you intend the finished version to be. Shrink it down to 12.5% when you're done and it's all ready to go, and it'll minimize a lot of wobbleyness and makes details look extra detailed... your lines are actually pretty smooth, though.

Most of her features/details seem to come from Celestia (like that hook of hair around the ear) or Rainbow Dash (The "spiky" tail). IMHO, if you want to make an endearing/enduring character, they need to have a sense of their own identity, rather than just assembling something from existing characters.

All that aside, she seems rather "bare" for a princess... All the princesses have fancy horseshoes, peytrals and tiaras, while this one has no regalia at all.

Aside from that, her physical proportions/features look pretty well spot on: if you've just started drawing, I'd suspect tracing (which is a perfectly legitimate learning exercise as long as you're up front about it), or use of a blank/template, but that's neither here nor there.

Her lack of pupils make her eye look... vacant. That's a pretty easy fix.

At any rate: hope this helps some, looking forward to the next one.

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