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#Traditional #Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hi everyone. One of my first post for the brony comunity.
I am not really good at drawing (and at singing btw). That why I did an instrumental cover of Equestria Girls, from the first movie. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the video here:

If you ask me, I can share the parts. You can also find a version without lead guitar at this address:

Another instrumental cover of the second movie is coming soon.

PS : It's not a drawing fan art, I hope I posted it in the right board. If I was wrong, I apologize :).
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>> No. 129252
Here is my new cover from Rainbow Rocks :) Enjoy
>> No. 129260
Music goes in /vinyl/, try there.

Love the covers, though. X3
>> No. 129263
Nice covers! This kind of thread really deserves more attention, I hope /fan/ delivers

Uhh, about that... /vinyl/ is specifically for non-pony music, so it really doesn't go there either!

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