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File 142329782326.png - (263.51KB , 700x627 , 138326082639.png )
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#Digital #Alterations #OCs #Discussion

Just bored as hell right now, and I know art is slow so thought I'd make a thread for general oc sharing.

Post em if ya got em. Not really looking for critique myself, but I'm sure other people might want some critique. Maybe.

Anywho, OP knows it's hard sometimes if you can't draw, so just post whatever you got. I won't judge if it's recolors, I do the same. I guess I could say my art is using gimp.

First one I have here is Ella. I use all my characters for /rp/, so she has actually has two different cuty marks depending on which thread she's in, so I left her a blank flank in this pic.
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>> No. 129272
File 142329787090.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , 138361832725.png )
And a kind artist did a quick sketch for me a while back which I still use and love
>> No. 129273
File 142329791979.png - (1.98MB , 2346x2352 , ella mad.png )
This is also from another kind artist from around here. I find it adorable.
>> No. 129274
File 142329797376.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
And this last one of mine is Toby. His cuty mark is a lasso, but I haven't got around to putting it in yet. He aslo usually wears a black cowboy hat.
>> No. 129277
File 142337957557.png - (835.22KB , 1710x1932 , plaguedoc.png )
Here's a sketch i did of my potential /rp/ pony thing for something i got bored.

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>> No. 129279
That looks really good for a sketch! If you could transfer that over to photoshop or gimp I bet you could work wonders with it.

I'm still trying to learn how to draw ponies, but I don't practice enough to get it yet XD

Got it would make things easier if I could draw my own characters though.
>> No. 129282
File 142343732323.png - (608.47KB , 929x1058 , derpy.png )
I actually used gimp to create the sketch.

I'm not as familiar with using gimp as other artist though so my art looks somthing like this.
>> No. 129286
Haha, that's great. Yeah, short of recolors I have a super hard time with it. You just have to keep googling and playing around with the tools until you get used to it. And if you make a mistake, ctrl+z undoes the last thing you did, and you can spam that to undo a few mistakes. Theres actually a lot of cool little tricks like that, had to google a lot to find them though.
>> No. 129292
Thanks for the tip! :D
>> No. 129294
No problem! It made it so much easier for me.
>> No. 129478
File 142811886319.png - (508.57KB , 700x883 , ella lightning.png )
Dumping some other recolors and such I have.

This was a picture of Twilight-just tweaked it a bit in gimp. She's using a lightning spell if your wondering what all the weird static is about.
>> No. 129479
File 142811891377.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , 135907082282.png )
OOLD recolor
>> No. 129480
File 142811895124.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , 138949247782.png )
>> No. 129481
File 142811897703.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
One of Toby
>> No. 129482
File 142811909090.png - (182.43KB , 1288x1268 , thegoddamnbatman evil face.png )
I guess I can't really claim this as an oc, but character wise, this is one of my RP characters who is a bit batty in the head-no pun intended, and things he is the goddamnbatman. (don't try to convince him otherwise...he's a little too stupid to understand the concept)

A fellow artist made this picture for me. I really like the way he is smirking in it. I'll post a couple more I have of him.
>> No. 129483
File 142811916641.png - (72.11KB , 600x772 , the goddamn batman lunatic.png )
Best recolor I could do of him. His hair was supposed to be more of a dark blue tone, but the computer I was using at the time didn't have the colors adjusted right.
>> No. 129484
File 142811925399.jpg - (497.21KB , 2098x1181 , thegoddamnbatman jelly pony.jpg )
This one is my favourite-another fellow artist from here. He unknowingly captured my characters personality perfectly in that facial expression. I was very, very happy when he drew this for me, and I hope I never lose it.
>> No. 129485
File 142811927117.png - (479.78KB , 750x728 , thegoddamnbatman cape omnom.png )
Here's just a face shot of that one.
>> No. 129486
File 142811995956.png - (22.15KB , 830x650 , Blue concept art.png )
This is the one I'm going to be working on next I think. And I want to make a zebra soon as well, but his art will be a bit more complicated.

With this one though, I don't want such a large splotch of white on his back/belly. I want one splotch on his rump that will blend into the white that will be in his tail, and on his belly I want one large spot taking up the bottom portion of his belly and coming up slightly on his neck/chest, sort of like the deers they introduced to the show.

And over all I want the splotch markings to remind one of clouds-his name is Blue Sky.
>> No. 129487
File 142812347229.png - (45.36KB , 768x576 , Blue concept art battle stance.png )
So this is the blank plate I'll be using to make this guy, I got the mane and tail down to how I want them, but I'm bad with proportions. Any artist think they can help me out on the eyes? I'm going to try and do it myself, but I might need some critique when I'm done. And the mouth...don't even know how I'm going to attempt the mouth yet.

I want to do a few faces with this pose-battle ready/angry, playful, and probably something else we'll see.

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