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File 142341623636.png - (297.52KB , 1491x1674 , pesant.png )
129278 No. 129278
#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Crit. Wanted

<-----(This picture might not be the best to show of my art-style)
----------Have an idea you need drawn?
-----------Just tell me what to draw and i'll draw it :D
------------Noting to serious i just started -.-
-------------Dont be shy to ask its free!
--------------Or just talk about art in general.
-I will also occasionally put one my drawings on this thread if your interested in seeing my art-style, I do vectors and some grim dark stuff.

Program:Gimp ranges from sketches/art/edit
Mouse: Logitech M305 mouse (wireless)

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 20:33

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>> No. 129280
File 142343698157.png - (158.66KB , 800x626 , toby.png )
Hey ya! First, let me say thanks for taking requests. People often take for granted when other people do free things for them. Even though you just started, I'm sure your art is awesome. I definitely like your OP picture.

If you want to take a shot at drawing my OC here, I don't have any happy pictures of him. Infact I only have two pictures cause it's so darn hard to find male pony pics XD

His cuty mark is a lasso, and his main is supposed to have very dark gray stripes in it. Like one or two, along with his tail. That's not a requirement though, you can draw him however you wish! I just thought I'd add the detail that I don't have in these pictures.
>> No. 129281
File 142343700999.png - (196.02KB , 700x929 , Toby hmm.png )
Other pic for referency things
>> No. 129283
i'll see what I can do :)
>> No. 129284
File 142344835172.png - (126.56KB , 1281x1071 , someones oc.png )
Something like this?

Just need to make sure your OC is what you picture it to be.
(it's not complete yet)
>> No. 129285
Ya! That's really good :D Maybe, if I could, a little bit more of a stripe somewhere in the middle of his main, and maybe make his hair a bit straiter instead of curly? But if you already drew it that's ok. I don't mind either way cause that looks like it's coming out great!
>> No. 129299
File 142371416758.jpg - (350.03KB , 1689x1947 , OC.jpg )
Here is your OC.

Hope you like it. :)

Add me on steam if you need to contact me or if you just wanna be friends
>> No. 129302
File 142381401715.png - (113.26KB , 900x900 , derpy_hooves___face_by_icebreak23-d50hgqj.png )
DUDE! This is beyond cool, thank you so much! I don't even have words to describe how cool this looks!
>> No. 129304
File 142388886870.gif - (1.89MB , 288x216 , Z5hOa0I.gif )
Thanks man it took a while but I got it done

I'm really glad you liked it. :)
>> No. 129316
If you need me to draw anything else feel free to ask.
>> No. 129323
File 142415781110.png - (72.11KB , 600x772 , the goddamn batman lunatic.png )
Hmm...would you want to do anything with this guy?

His hair is supposed to be like a navy blue, but the computer I was using at the time had the color settings all messed up so I didn't see that I was making it purple XD

He's my batshit insane little guy that has a problem with shouting and delusions that he's the goddamn batman. Even though he doesn't know what a 'man' is lol
>> No. 129327
File 142422971036.png - (890.51KB , 1000x1118 , jackl.png )
okey dokey loki.
>> No. 129336
Hi mate.
I'm sure that your drawing is way better than mine, so you can take a look at my gallery down here and to mess up with my OC as well. If you would need a pic of his cutie-mark, just lemme know.
All sources are here:
>> No. 129347
File 142450318589.png - (182.43KB , 1288x1268 , epic.png )
I'll be around, if you ever come back.
>> No. 129348
File 142450329677.png - (235.29KB , 1728x2274 , beepbeep.png )
noting too special just a quick doodle.

>> No. 129349
File 142450346345.png - (562.25KB , 1296x1410 , mad.png )
Sorry it took so long the program I was using crashed so I lost all my work :(
>> No. 129350
File 142450361241.png - (696.43KB , 1126x1114 , PLAUGE DOCTOR.png )
Something I drew :/
>> No. 129351
The face of cruelty. Bwah.
Actually, I got shocked, btw. I've never seen Gears so cruel, so it's not your fault.
>> No. 129354
Nothing suited you, I presume?
Well, that's dismaying. Hee hee hee…
>> No. 129355
AHa! he looks evil, that's awesome thank you! Ya, just been busy..
This also looks really cool. Love the plague mask.
>> No. 129356
Hey, um, do you think you could help me with something?

I'm making an OC and I'm bad at manes styles.

Do you think you could like... quickly draw a bunch of Stallion Mane styles? Just try stuff out and play around. Replicate existing styles, or make up new ones. I just want to survey a bunch of options at once.

I'm making an Earth Pony, so don't worry about a horn (unless you wanna)
Tail styles would be helpful too, I suppose.

Or... you can not if you don't want to.
>> No. 129357
If you want to see my OC as it stands, I've been using this thread to just toss up tons of ideas.
>> No. 129359
Thanks for being so nice!

>> No. 129360
File 142484447050.jpg - (0.98MB , 3000x3000 , hair refrence.jpg )
Be creative and work of the sketches ,or just copy them straight of the image.
>> No. 129361
Thank you~

It's so hard to pick a good mane style, but this should help~
>> No. 129403
File 142638301332.png - (173.78KB , 3600x2600 , Broken Luck.png )
This is my OC, this rough version, brought to you by the General Zoi Pony Creator, is all I've got for you to go by. Her name is Broken Luck and her cutie mark is meant to be a broken horshoe in front of a wilting four-leaf clover. thanks :)
>> No. 129404
File 142638776820.png - (111.65KB , 1116x1212 , Autuumn.png )
I used the top middle mane style. And played with it a little.

What do you think?~
>> No. 129417
File 142656601915.png - (243.96KB , 1617x2250 , Oc.png )
Your OC idea looks great.

Its unique and simple :D

(Hope you like the drawing)
Sorry long response
May i ask what your Oc's name is?
>> No. 129418
File 142656763035.jpg - (5.81KB , 196x159 , images (1).jpg )
I'll get started!

Cool oc btw!

A little multi-colored but sounds intresting. :)
>> No. 129419
His name is Nic Nac.
He sells and repairs plushies and knick-knacks.
He's as warm and cuddly and especially as huggable as a plushie, with a side of silly when someone needs a smile.

I was experimenting with eye colors, as I think I like the rest of him. I was running through browns, yellows and oranges.However think I like that amber. It looks nice and it's bright. It stands out.

Also, I love the picture.
>> No. 129421
File 142656968389.gif - (947.93KB , 500x390 , funny-gif17.gif )
Hmmm... Very interesting and creative I like it!
>> No. 129422
File 142657118043.png - (241.54KB , 1617x2250 , Nic Nac by RareSlime - Touched Up Eyes.png )
Also, I hope you don't mind, I touched up the eyes a little. It's amber to gold, accenting the difference in color with a slight black to white gradient.
>> No. 129423
It's your OC you can do whatever you want with it don't let me stop you.

Sorry about the eyes I got lazy :C
>> No. 129424
No no, it's not that. I just wasn't like... perfectly set with the eye color.

I was lazy since I just posted that pic of him with whatever eye color.
>> No. 129425
Yes, yes, of course. Forget that I said anything.
>> No. 129426
File 142657391624.jpg - (99.46KB , 830x963 , Twi Heart.jpg )
You still did an AMAZING job! I love it!
>> No. 129427
Thanks I'm glad you liked it :D
>> No. 129428
File 142657771939.png - (240.80KB , 1653x1904 , Oc23.png )
If your character is missing anything or if you'd like to add something i'll be around
>> No. 129440
File 142689502064.png - (278.93KB , 1234x1470 , balder pony.png )
Dark souls stuff/concept :I
>> No. 129441
File 142689509785.png - (459.58KB , 1576x2676 , plage doctatortot.png )
Plauge Doctor :Y
>> No. 129539
Gavlan Wheel ... GAVLAN DEAL !
>> No. 129548
File 142958659454.jpg - (619.28KB , 1857x1857 , GAVLAN FEEL.jpg )
Gavlan want soul. Many many soul. Gah hah!

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