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File 142552841410.png - (7.37MB , 3468x2524 , CriticalSketch.png )
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#OCs #Taking requests

Hello Art board! I'm fairly new on this board and I don't have any real projects to work on as of now so I'll be taking requests to draw your oc's for free! I usually try to draw as accurate to the show but my drawings have some of my style mixed into them. Anyways all drawings will be done in pencil and will be black and white, for some reason I can't draw well on a computer and when I go to color something I just worsen it. That aside if you want me to draw your oc please leave a pic with your post or give a description.
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File 142638279209.png - (173.78KB , 3600x2600 , Broken Luck.png )
This is my OC, this rough version, brought to you by the General Zoi Pony Creator, is all I've got for you to go by. Her name is Broken Luck and her cutie mark is meant to be a broken horshoe in front of a wilting four-leaf clover. thanks :)
>> No. 129408
Broken Luck eh? Kinda interesting since my OC is all about good luck. Anyways I'll get straight to it.
>> No. 129413
File 142654113311.png - (7.27MB , 3313x2449 , Broken Luck sketch.png )
All done! Now I feel like there's some story to your character. Why not tell me about her.
>> No. 129414
File 142654126914.png - (292.29KB , 3468x2524 , CriticalGambling.png )
Oh and before I forget. I know I said I wouldn't color anything but if you want I can probably go over this in Photoshop like the picture I posted. Just go ahead and let me know.
>> No. 129416
File 142655987427.png - (111.65KB , 1116x1212 , Autuumn.png )
Would you like to take a crack at my OC?

His name is Nic Nac. He sells and repairs plushies and knick-knacks.
He's as warm and cuddly and especially as huggable as a plushie, with a side of silly when someone needs a smile.

I figure since I like how he looks but NOT how I want to color him, this would be perfect since I could just go over your work with color and change it over and over until I like it, like I do with my crappy pony creator made thing here. Well, I made the mane and tail myself, but, it's still cobbled together so far :P

I want to secretly try Pipsqueak style spots, but, bleh, I don't know how that would look. So, feel free to play around and do whatever.
A plain NOT Pipsqueak spotted one would probably be best unless you have a fun idea for how to do it or whatever.

Also, thanks for making thread like this.
>> No. 129429
File 142662972193.png - (7.39MB , 3249x2497 , Nic Nac sketch.png )
Done! I went ahead and didn't shade it like I normally would do since it seems you would like to edit it but here it is!
>> No. 129430
File 142663138208.png - (240.17KB , 1617x2250 , Nic Nac by RareSlime - Touched Up Eyes.png )
I think I'm sticking to this color scheme after seeing it done~
Thanks, I'll give a whack at coloring that pic in.
>> No. 129434
I played with coloring it as if it wasn't digital despite not leaving in as many purposeful imperfections to make it look more on paper.

Also, it's too big to post and I don't feel like shrinking it.
>> No. 129438
File 142680696639.png - (202.67KB , 1817x2205 , Criticalsketch.png )
Some artwork I did earlier when I had some free time.
>> No. 129439
File 142689428584.png - (6.44MB , 2800x2000 , Nic Nac's Shop.png )
Now that I'm not too lazy to shrink it...

I hope it doesn't do a disservice to your work. ^^''
>> No. 129442
Oh no not at all. I'm cool with you editing the picture and all since that's what you wanted to do in the first place.
>> No. 129443
Heheh, alright.

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