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File 142754046866.png - (142.62KB , 1280x1280 , 1368110084_teacozii_new_canvasfggg.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hello everyone, Seafoam here!

I take both requests and commissions. Requests are random and are usually traditional sketches, but feel free commission me and I'll tweak it to your liking and put finishing touches on it.

All my digital drawings/line art/coloring are done with a mouse, please be patient with me. I've not had a tablet in a long time and I'm trying to save money for a new one!

My commissions are pretty cheap, and I'm pretty quick at delivering.

Sketches start at 1$ - 3$ depending on complexity
Lines 3$ - 4$ depending on complexity
Coloring 5$ - 6$ depending on complexity
I accept paypal.

I don't have an external gallery that is up to date, but I'll update this one with anything I feel like sharing. You might see me delivering requests every now and then in the mlp draw threads on 4chan.

I'll make an attempt pretty much anything, people, pony, anthro, etc. and in any rating G - Mature. We can discuss details in email. You can email me at [email protected], please put "commission" in the subject so I can read it asap!
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>> No. 129460
File 142754050906.png - (116.55KB , 1280x1280 , 1368110282_teacozii_flutterbutt.png )
Fluttershy companion to the one above
>> No. 129461
File 142754057839.png - (61.16KB , 500x500 , flutterline.png )
Flutter's lines
>> No. 129462
File 142754068604.png - (451.31KB , 800x649 , IMG_1443.png )
Octavia delivery from 4chan
>> No. 129463
File 142754073563.png - (553.28KB , 800x600 , IMG_1444.png )
Luna delivery
>> No. 129464
File 142754077315.png - (123.83KB , 804x1016 , IMG_1440.png )
OC delivery
>> No. 129465
File 142754105097.png - (777.30KB , 874x625 , bmac.png )
Unfinished big mac
>> No. 129466
File 142754129871.jpg - (96.57KB , 1500x1500 , 478271_10201113875475208_1245110591_o.jpg )
Rarity's lines
>> No. 129470
File 142777726725.png - (109.64KB , 800x600 , IMG_1447.png )
OC Seafoam
feel pretty meh bout it
>> No. 129475
I sense a Crit. Wanted tag. X3

The first thing I notice is that all your work primarily features a single figure in profile. Since you seem to have those down well enough, it may be time to consider more complicated scenes/compositions.

I notice that the legs in your work typically have a constant width from shoulder/hip to hoof, notably in >>129470 MLPonies forelegs are generally about half again as wide at the hoof as they are at the shoulder, and the hind leg tapers similarly. When the end of the limb is crooked downward, as they are in >>129460 or >>129470 it's particularly noticeable. I find it helps to imagine the flat of the hoof as an oval. I could do a redline, if it would help.

The lines are a little lumpy, but it's only noticable when looking close. No coloring artifacts, either. Most of the expressions are somber or downcast, so a little variety there would be something to consider... the character is almost always in profile, so maybe some three quarters shots or head on views would be in order... on the other hoof, there's a nice variety of poses, though you seem to favor the "one hoof raised and crooked" posture. You pull it off well, though: nice sense of action in the leaping poses. X3

At any rate: hope this helps some, welcome to /art/. X3
-bein a vous, -WF
>> No. 129477
Thanks for the critique!

I agree with what you've mentioned, and I'm still working on it! My hooves are a bit weird right now, I'm trying to make them more plump instead of so dainty.

You're totally right about my preference for profile views, I'll be sure to mix it up head positions and expressions some more! (I didn't realize my ponies looked so sad! :c ) I tend to use carousel horses and racehorses as pose references, so my ponies tend to be floating and have their hooves up. (whoops!)

I'll be sure to put up more work! Probably more traditional pieces to maybe show my background work and receive help with my perspective. The reason why I don't do complex backgrounds right now is because I am working with only a mouse/laptop touch pad, (This is probably the reason for my wonky wobbly lines, too!).

Thanks again for your help!
>> No. 129504
File 142829077462.jpg - (305.60KB , 1001x1263 , IMG_1474.jpg )
Traditional dump :b !
>> No. 129505
File 142829080093.jpg - (356.03KB , 1115x1189 , IMG_1473.jpg )
More Seafoam!
>> No. 129506
File 142829083247.jpg - (223.28KB , 1188x944 , IMG_1472.jpg )
Flutters sleeping in a blanket burrito
>> No. 129507
File 142829089851.jpg - (423.32KB , 1087x1500 , IMG_1471.jpg )
big mac as a budweiser clydesdale??
>> No. 129536
File 142951673415.jpg - (213.84KB , 610x1280 , IMG_1543.jpg )
>> No. 129537
File 142951679491.jpg - (283.23KB , 896x1280 , IMG_1544.jpg )
>> No. 129538
File 142951783725.jpg - (169.98KB , 511x1248 , IMG_1545.jpg )

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