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File 130676923089.jpg - (212.83KB , 800x593 , pon3.jpg )
15764 No. 15764
I'm too lazy to think of a proper thread name haha. Anyway, my name is Squidbombed (hayhedgehoghay on dA) and I am an art student who has been enjoying and drawing ponies quite a bit lately. I figured I should go ahead and make a thread for myself to share my stuff. :)

I had a desire to draw Scratch one day and now my boyfriend has a pony drawing taped to the wall in his studio haha.
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>> No. 15765
File 130676932318.png - (1.37MB , 600x1185 , pony.png )
Here's an assignment that I did for my life drawing class a few weeks ago. The assignment was a 3-part narrative, so I got my boyfriend to curl the hair of the Pinkie he got me for valentine's day. I got 100 on this, if anypony was wondering, even though my professor didn't even know what My Little Pony is.
>> No. 15767
File 130676941931.png - (1.94MB , 1428x700 , crackedoutponi2.png )
Back when I started drawing ponies, I got really frustrated and just decided to draw these instead.
>> No. 15768
File 130676955199.png - (85.69KB , 797x759 , twilight.png )
Here's me practicing in MS Paint for fun.
>> No. 15769
File 130676959390.jpg - (356.08KB , 487x1329 , ponycomic.jpg )
A practice comic. Not much else to say about this one.
>> No. 15770
File 130676964492.png - (112.65KB , 1378x529 , da1.png )
And here's my drawings for the Newbie Artist Training Ground so far. I'm gonna stop here so I don't feel like I'm spamming haha. :)
>> No. 15772
These are great! :D I really like your art style.

>>15767 and
made me laugh quite a bit. :P
>> No. 15773
Thank you! :D
>> No. 15811
File 130677856348.png - (46.95KB , 558x572 , pinkiefruitshadow.png )
Just finished today's drawing!
>> No. 15816
Awesome! What kind of markers do you use?
>> No. 15818
All of the marker drawings I've posted so far are just Crayola except for the 3-part one, which is mostly Prismacolor. :)
>> No. 15819
Some awesome stuff there bra.
>> No. 15820
Thank ya kindly!

While I'm at it, here's a painting of Rarity
>> No. 15821
We need to go deeper.
>> No. 15822
File 130678097277.jpg - (231.32KB , 800x600 , rarity_wip_by_hayhedgehoghay-d3fgfll.jpg )
Derp. Ignore that last one haha.

that I have a painting of Rarity that I started a few weeks ago while procrastinating. Probably going to finish it soon and put it on Etsy.
>> No. 15966
File 130680763348.jpg - (531.46KB , 1000x784 , rainbow_dash_by_hayhedgehoghay-d3f6ujv.jpg )
I just remembered that I have a few more drawings haha. This is in my Moleskine that is slowly being taken over by poni.
>> No. 15967
File 130680775415.png - (630.07KB , 400x972 , pony_aceos_by_hayhedgehoghay-d3f765l.png )
And here's some ACEOs that I made during Art History one day. I love that I can remember what classes I do this shit during. I have these for sale on Etsy, if anypony likes them.
>> No. 15969
File 130680783442.png - (2.05MB , 1455x700 , cracked_out_poni_i_by_hayhedgehoghay-d3abxbr.png )
And here's the other set that goes with >>15767
>> No. 16116
Awesome drawings but for some reason they creeps me out >_>
>> No. 16177
Thank you? haha. Some of them are creepy on purpose, so I'm okay with this.
>> No. 16242
File 130687285242.png - (148.23KB , 1024x768 , bigmac.png )
Here's today's NATG drawing.
>> No. 16436
File 130694612847.png - (195.44KB , 550x275 , fillycelestia.png )
Today's drawing was a quick one because I'm hanging out with a friend later and we're supposed to get a massive storm later, so I didn't want to take a chance with waiting until later.
>> No. 16721
File 130704129439.png - (264.61KB , 632x555 , applejacksleepin.png )
I think Applejack is slowly becoming my favorite for some reason. Most of the time when I want to draw a pony and can't think of one specifically, I just draw her.
>> No. 16743
File 130704926213.png - (32.34KB , 145x189 , 130635969257.png )
LOVE it. :3
>> No. 17030
File 130715654954.png - (584.54KB , 755x960 , applejackcomic.png )
>> No. 17032
Saw it on DeviantArt and loved it.
>> No. 17057
refreshing and entertaining art style (especially on the crack ponies)


this is great
>> No. 17138
>> No. 17316
>> No. 17645
Thanks, guys!

And wow, people actually bucking my stuff. How nice haha. :)

I was extra busy this weekend, so I haven't gotten to draw ponies for the past two days. I'll definitely be drawing more this week.
And I went to the NYC brony meetup recently and saw that Tinker wants any artist who is interested in doing commissions at the meetup to contact her, but I don't know if I should. I'd almost rather just go as a regular person so I can participate in, ya know, the regular stuff. Anypony think I should do it anyway?

Also for the meetup I plan on making some pony stickers that I will start selling on Etsy soon. Kinda excited.
>> No. 17782
File 130741394843.png - (35.72KB , 827x707 , sampony.png )
Here's myself as a pony. Gonna start today's NATG drawing now, since I haven't done the last two.
>> No. 17825
File 130742553053.png - (63.43KB , 820x492 , applebloom.png )
I decided that I'm going to do the artist's alley, so I need to get my flankmoving on making stickers. Not sure what else to make, since I'm low on funds.
>> No. 17944
File 130748388680.png - (102.40KB , 928x725 , phoyofinish.png )
>> No. 18532
File 130776842610.png - (192.94KB , 1000x480 , fluttershyhair.png )
Just threw this together quickly because I haven't done NATG in a few days and really wanted to. I might figure out an actual background for this eventually.
>> No. 18857
File 130791715464.png - (395.88KB , 846x768 , luna.png )
I went with an incredibly unoriginal idea for today's NATG haha. It makes me happy anyway.
>> No. 18882
File 130792511904.jpg - (9.05KB , 346x224 , 130083880486.jpg )
OMG i love your drawing, i would like to buy a picture made by you, for my living room !!! but i live in latinamerica sooo that´s mean that i cant T_T .
>> No. 18907
Awww. Thank you for the complement! I'm really busy right now, but perhaps we could arrange something anyway? :)
>> No. 18929
File 130793587214.png - (271.60KB , 668x688 , 129951735840.png )
:o that will be great !!!, and dont worry im not gonna push you to draw me a picture, i know is not your job (or maybe it is) but the draw is better when you take your time :) so dont worry i´ll be waiting !!.
>> No. 18948
I'm an art student, so it's going to be my job eventually haha. :)
If you want to contact me, I have a contact form on my site-
Or on my DeviantART if you have an account -
I'll still be sticking around here and around other places on the internet, so you can contact me whenever. :D
>> No. 19529
File 130810937096.png - (124.09KB , 480x500 , 130810906914-25196.png )
I've been very very busy getting stuff ready for BroNYCon, so I haven't had the time to make anything major for the past two days. Quickly doodled Lyra and Bon-Bon for today's NATG. I want to draw something proper of them eventually.
>> No. 19963
File 130827048566.png - (437.36KB , 500x750 , pinkieswimming.png )
>> No. 19970
File 130827396289.jpg - (71.21KB , 524x407 , 129978724618.jpg )
AAAWWWW YEAAAHH i was waiting for MOAR !!. i never get tire of your art !!!
>> No. 20065
Lovely. Them shadows bra, them shadows.
>> No. 20219
File 130837442343.png - (71.68KB , 800x805 , STYLE.png )
Thanks, guys!

This is what I did instead of today's NATG. I was too busy making pony shrinky dinks to think of anything or actually spend time on a drawing.
>> No. 20876
File 130861719900.jpg - (461.46KB , 800x799 , tumblr_ln4712juNx1qbk8g7o1_1280.jpg )
Found time to do today's NATG. It's SO much easier for me to draw ponies on actual paper. I'm going to use this as an example for $25 commissions at BroNYCon, so it isn't procrastinating technically haha.
Wish the front leg wasn't so fat. Oh well.
>> No. 20881
File 130861858576.jpg - (51.80KB , 469x720 , 264385_10150227204146308_588226307_7218432_4141840.jpg )
And here's yesterday's drawing, which I didn't get to post. I have a location art class on Sundays, so I don't really have access to a computer all day. I drew this after drawing this tree ( since I was just surrounded by plants and didn't want to draw them anymore haha.

My teacher loved this and took a photo of it with the rest of my drawings for the day, so it's on Facebook with a bunch of really nice tree drawings haha.
>> No. 21416
File 130885687172.png - (2.32MB , 800x1583 , bronyconstuff.png )
I haven't been able to do NATG much lately thanks to this pile of stuff that I made for BroNYCon! It was really fun to make all of this but it's also been kinda stressful haha. Any extras will be going on my Etsy and I'll be making more of them, too. :)
>> No. 21434
File 130886220042.png - (534.89KB , 600x756 , sonicrainbowcrash.png )
This is what happens when I stress out over making merch and insist on drawing something for Sonic's 20th anniversary anyway.
>> No. 21450
File 130887083789.png - (572.60KB , 600x679 , Scan10158 (2).png )
This goes with the last one, so it's only fair for me to post it.
>> No. 21503
wooaah i wish i could be there

I hope you get tons of cash :)
>> No. 22009
File 130911245458.jpg - (3.34MB , 3456x2304 , IMG_0053.jpg )
Here's my display from the con! I have a lot of the stuff left over that I'll be putting on Etsy soon. Once I get that going, I'll probably start a post over in /merch/.

Didn't get very much profit really, but I got a bit and it was a good experience. It was nice to see people wanting to buy my stuff. :)
>> No. 22010
File 130911259091.jpg - (416.47KB , 900x767 , Fluuuutershy.jpg )
And just so I don't feel bad about posting photos instead of actual art, here's the Fluttershy that I used as an example for $10 line art commissions.
>> No. 22445
I don't have any additional art to post today, but I figure I should like to the merch post I started. >>/merch/18892

Hopefully I should start having completed pony drawings on a weekly basic, since the Training Grounds seems to be continuing on dA. We'll see what happens, since school work sadly has to be my top priority. :(

And I don't believe I have posted my art Tumblr yet, so here:
>> No. 22916
File 130956368730.png - (494.67KB , 1900x919 , joe and sam.png )
Oh hai, Ponychan. Welcome back.
I drew my boyfriend and I as ponies again while procrastinating on this week's NATG picture. I'll have that up tomorrow.
>> No. 22924
File 130956676843.gif - (404.72KB , 480x360 , 98004c_tumblr_ld76tf2UaG1qzkmqd.gif )
aw yees !! more art :3, i became your fan now!!... i would love to buy something from you !!!
>> No. 23148
File 130966083984.png - (364.39KB , 700x933 , monopoly.png )
Here's Rarity for this week's theme. This is making up for the board game theme, since it's one of the few ones that I missed but had an idea for.
I really wanted to spend more time on this but I'm leaving tomorrow early and won't have internet access for the next few days. :(
So bye for now, Ponychan!
>> No. 24036
File 130998980464.jpg - (478.16KB , 600x950 , Scan10162.jpg )
I have returned with silly doodles from my new Moleskine. I should've been working on actual art this weekend, but I just doodled ponies instead.
>> No. 24040
File 130999018399.jpg - (541.55KB , 800x622 , Scan10163.jpg )
Explanation: I started doodling Celestia and screwed up some of her feathers. They looked like fries to me, so I just made all of them fries.
And I've been wanting to draw Celestia with a sunglasses sun cutie mark for awhile now haha.
>> No. 24041
File 130999040546.jpg - (637.50KB , 600x970 , Scan10164.jpg )
This was significantly less creepy before I colored it.
This is apparently what I draw when I want to draw but cannot think of anything while pretty much asleep. I wanted to draw something other than ponies, but no. Not allowed.
>> No. 24042
File 130999074058.jpg - (680.79KB , 700x990 , Scan10167.jpg )
Aww yeah, Paraspritestia.
>> No. 24043
File 130999091016.jpg - (736.76KB , 677x1106 , Scan10165.jpg )
There I go, forgetting about the filters again haha.

While up in a cheap store in a tiny tiny town, I found some cheap coloring books titled "My First Pony." I decided to buy them and have been having some fun with them over the past few days haha. The books are so bad.
>> No. 24046
File 130999132155.jpg - (565.83KB , 600x864 , Scan10168.jpg )
Here's another coloring book page that I doodled on top of. Kinda crappy, but I wanted to share anyway haha.
(I feel like silly bloody text isn't enough to put under a spoiler, but I guess bug me if it is?)

Now I'm done. No more spamming you guys with dumb doodles. Real stuff will hopefully be coming soon.
>> No. 24058
File 130999498386.png - (136.46KB , 378x357 , 130403020948.png )
Welcome back Squid. nice to see some new awesome art :). !!

good one turning mistaken things into an awesome and funny stuff, only few artist could do something like that xP.

creepy, i think is alright (?).

Well you always surprise me :), keep the good work, take care !!
>> No. 26715
File 131103618437.jpg - (36.38KB , 600x667 , 129980776839.jpg )
bucking for "come back".
>> No. 26958
File 131112104084.png - (37.21KB , 276x333 , sadponysam.png )
Awww. Don't be sad! I've just been busy with doing non-pony art for school and such. I'll have more ponies soon.
(Speaking of non-pony art, it can all be seen at and [/shameless plug] haha)
>> No. 27097
File 131118218187.jpg - (76.19KB , 210x245 , 130550817210.jpg )
yay you comback !!!!
well not at all, but, at least you gave news, that you are a lil busy (well ._. really busy i guess) anyways, it´s nice to hear you around.

Sorry for pushing you, if i did . keep the good work :), see you.
>> No. 28295
File 131156045837.png - (3.62MB , 1500x2063 , SuperRainbowsmaller.png )
I have returned! The July NYC brony meetup was this weekend, so I have a few commissions from it that I can share. :)

I was asked to draw Rainbow Dash if she got all seven Chaos Emeralds. This made me quite happy haha.
>> No. 28298
File 131156127801.jpg - (1.43MB , 1000x1239 , strawberryspice.jpg )
Strawberry Spice asked me to draw his OC karate fighting dust bunnies after jumping from a helicopter being chased by UFOs, all with a double rainbow in the background and the sky on fire. I forgot the fire, but he liked it anyway.
>> No. 28312
File 131156330879.jpg - (1.02MB , 1500x1174 , tyR0V.jpg )
An OC pony whose design is based on a few pictures given to me. They have a Yatagarasu cutie mark. I wasn't sure what to do with the hair, so I just made it feather-like.
>> No. 28314
File 131156350146.png - (360.54KB , 500x358 , hawt.png )
And my last commission was a joke for Strawberry Spice. I'll put it behind a NSFW tag anyway, but it's just silly.
>> No. 28488
File 131160623378.jpg - (31.69KB , 600x339 , 129932205850.jpg )
AAAAAAW YES !!!! i didn´t know you are a sonic fan !!! awesome !!.

lol´d hard

nice to see you again :3 !!!!!! :D
>> No. 28492
MY GOD. That is too awesome.
>> No. 28503
File 131161434124.png - (84.17KB , 400x400 , derpybuttonsample.png )
This counts as art, so I guess I'll post it haha. I just ordered 50 buttons of this little drawing. I should have the buttons in two weeks or so.
>> No. 28576
File 131163499387.png - (282.17KB , 590x366 , 1491.png )
>> No. 28789
File 131172311565.png - (315.40KB , 904x655 , fluttershysocks.png )
Drawn for this week's bonus theme, which is socks. I feel very uncomfortable drawing adorable-yet-suggestive Fluttershy and am going to design some more pony buttons to make myself feel better haha.
SFW cause it's only socks, man.
>> No. 28809
Wow man, just wow. That image right there, beautiful balance between your liquid art style and Fluttershy's innocence.
>> No. 29351
File 131199273507.png - (492.37KB , 1035x797 , shockedtwilight.png )
Drawn for the main theme of the week, which was to draw a pony shocked.
>> No. 30317
File 131225607723.jpg - (24.17KB , 320x318 , 129926939159.jpg )

hey there squid :3 !!, nice to see you again !!, waiting to see moar art of this theme !!.


SO CUTE !!!...

can you draw more buttons? plz !!! i want to fill my bag with them. :) (i love the derpy one).
>> No. 30334
Of course I'll make more! :D I just ordered the Derpy ones as a test run, but I will make more designs and get them made once I have some money to make more. :)
>> No. 30820
File 131243059380.png - (255.80KB , 1000x1294 , Pinkie coloring page smaller.png )
Just made this for this:
>> No. 30966
File 131249915972.png - (19.45KB , 593x285 , gummy.png )
>> No. 31722
File 131274598580.gif - (366.21KB , 400x414 , 130655754820.gif )

MOAR GUMMY MOAR !!!!, and pinkie pie too.

(can you draw gummy´s buttons PLZ !!!!)

keep the good work :) !!!
>> No. 33532
File 131325272250.jpg - (687.19KB , 1000x669 , _DSC0295[1].jpg )
I don't have a /merch/ thread anymore (and I want to wait until after I have more stuff haha) so I figure I'll post a picture of the buttons here. (They're on Etsy here: )
I just drew a small drawing of Dr. Whoof for a friend's party, so I guess I'll go scan that and post it. :)
>> No. 33537
File 131325512435.png - (209.07KB , 427x303 , Scan10171.png )
>> No. 34257
File 131346541966.gif - (0.99MB , 400x338 , 130400787609.gif )
>> No. 34748
File 131363321766.png - (2.82MB , 1200x873 , hellpony.png )
This isn't strictly FIM-related but is pony-related, so I figure I'll post it. Why the hell not.
I drew this for an independent study course that I'm technically not in but I've been doing work for. Long story.
I'll hopefully have more FIM work soon haha.
>> No. 34765
File 131363770026.jpg - (32.91KB , 684x511 , 131328901054-130539532736.jpg )
>> No. 35541
File 131386197894.png - (717.78KB , 800x524 , rainbowdash.png )
Rainbow Dash here is about 11" by 17" and will be for sale for $50 at next weekend's NYC meetup. Currently coloring a Doctor Whoof, and I plan on drawing a few other ponies on this bigger paper.
And if I find the time, I'm also going to put together a small coloring book to sell copies of. :)
>> No. 35604
File 131388128428.jpg - (43.45KB , 800x600 , 378177484.jpg )
Please excuse the bad phone quality. It's sorta too big to scan and stuff.
>> No. 35755
File 131394250585.png - (94.51KB , 830x712 , 130055842076.png )

>> No. 37428
File 131437373369.png - (15.56KB , 608x372 , PREPARED.png )
Posting this just to make sure my thread doesn't die if I lose power for a week haha. We're not supposed to get hit until Sunday, but I'm all ready with ponies and soup.

I will certainly draw ponies if I lack electricity and don't know what to do with myself.
>> No. 38518
File 131468219827.png - (106.92KB , 369x322 , 130880185283.png )
XDDDDDDDD OMG Squid XD hahahahaha xDD lold hard !!! XDDDDD
>> No. 41465
File 131535622998.jpg - (57.18KB , 600x450 , 600_53640902.jpg )
And the last one is Pinkie Pie! I plan on drawing a few more of these to sell, plus (probably) a Luna to put up for auction at BroNYCon. :)
>> No. 43908
File 131605563852.png - (784.62KB , 500x928 , Scan10003.png )
Posting some pony doodles just to keep my thread alive. I'm really sorry for being so inactive. :( Let's just say that I had to do 15 collages for one class in a week, so I just don't have the time for extra ponies. I'll have stuff from BroNYCon soon. :)
>> No. 44361
Good to see you're still rollan'.
>> No. 44472
File 131613430664.png - (115.04KB , 600x300 , sisters.png )
Just ordered 50 each of these buttons like an hour ago. I probably won't get them on time for BroNYCon, but Celestia took me way longer than I expected, so I didn't finish them until tonight. :\
They'll be for sale whenever I get them haha.

I'm glad to have people who care haha. I wish I had more time to draw ponies. Really.
>> No. 44542
File 131614405608.png - (18.65KB , 526x355 , ohshitrarity.png )
Drew a crappy Rarity for today's theme since I just happened to check the dA group and felt like doing this. I really should go to sleep now.
>> No. 44815
File 131623061202.png - (26.42KB , 554x383 , fluttershy.png )
>> No. 44980
File 131629032858.png - (19.75KB , 617x359 , pinkie.png )
>> No. 45953
File 131654347185.jpg - (64.40KB , 600x450 , 402931608.jpg )
Here's a crappy phone photo of the drawing I made for the auction at BroNYCon this weekend. She definitely looks better in real life haha.
>> No. 46187
File 131661008285.png - (609.43KB , 700x506 , _DSC0010[1].png )
Here's a better one.
>> No. 46211
File 131661725472.png - (666.00KB , 1024x768 , 130270542471.png )
finally !! i found you ! nice to see you again squid :) i lovethe luna one !!! sooo awesome
>> No. 54211
Just bucking my thread up so it doesn't die. I've been reeeeally busy with school lately, so I haven't had time to draw ponies. :( I may do a pony stencil for my Printmaking class, so I'll post that when I do. :)
>> No. 62005
File 132070539907.png - (1.57MB , 800x1262 , Scan10003.png )
Sorry for the lack of pony drawings lately. :c I'm still incredibly busy with schoolwork.
Here's a Discord from around S2E2. :)
>> No. 63503
File 132105248028.png - (756.00KB , 800x633 , halloweenapplejacksmaller.png )
Here's a late Nightmare Night Applejack. :) It's for a trade I'm doing. Still busy with school stuff, of course, haha. (Also that Sonic CD contest that Sega just announced hohoho)
>> No. 63690
File 132111646746.png - (498.26KB , 700x522 , flutterlino.png )
Here's the first of my pony linoleum prints. I'll post them as I finish them, and I'll have prints for sale in January. :)
>> No. 63843
Haha, this is awesome. She looks like a witch indeed.
>> No. 76070
File 132267174324.png - (75.88KB , 479x413 , pinkieee.png )
I swear that I'll more pony art in a few weeks
I sweeeaaarrrr
Gotta focus on applications and the end of the semester first.
>> No. 83579
File 132465481407.png - (811.28KB , 800x730 , applehat.png )
I have returned!
I have to start making stuff for BroNYCon, plus for that art contest thingy EqD is doing, so I'll definitely have some things to show you guys in the next few weeks. :) And perhaps I can open up tiny commissions, too, haha.
>> No. 83594
ahaha, yes, nice to see you are back!
>> No. 85052
File 132513618125.png - (113.85KB , 600x300 , PinkieDash.png )
Designed buttons for BroNYCon! I rush ordered these, but I don't know if I'm going to get them in time thanks to New Years weekend. :( I'll be taking orders for them anyway if I don't get them. :)
>> No. 85057
File 132513758567.png - (1.09MB , 800x588 , spaceapplejack.png )
And one more Applejack that I forgot to post earlier. :)
>> No. 86401
File 132563018285.jpg - (641.94KB , 1000x855 , Rumbledash.jpg )
I bought a bunch of Chartpak markers today and wanted to try them out. Pretty satisfied, but OH MY GOSH THE SMELL.
Also just wanted to have more drawings for BroNYCon haha. Hopefully I'll have a lot more in the next few days, especially that there'll be at least 650 people there. :0
>> No. 87897
File 132625944934.png - (742.81KB , 800x850 , armorshy.png )
Practicing digitally coloring scanned line art. Hopefully I'll find it less frustrating with practice haha.
>> No. 91944
File 132767488223.png - (149.75KB , 800x600 , samponyhat.png )
I have been drawing myself with hats lately, so I figured that I should draw pony!me with hats, too.
>> No. 92697
File 132804020608.png - (254.91KB , 700x558 , trixie.png )
>> No. 92947
This was mad for EqD's mock wars?
>> No. 92966
Yep, it was made for the first day. I was going to continue, but I couldn't think of anything else.
>> No. 92967
File 132821697711.png - (79.61KB , 1193x845 , FIVEDOLLA.png )
In order to start preparing for BronyCon in June (and for my upcoming anniversary with my boyfriend haha) I am temporarily opening up $5 commissions like these ones. Info on dA:
>> No. 93251
File 132838612528.png - (411.81KB , 819x741 , waterfire.png )
Redesigned a G3 pony by the name of Waterfire for MLP-ATG-Alumni.
>> No. 93589
File 132848411597.jpg - (500.98KB , 1280x950 , tumblr_lxqz85zrwT1qkm3xx.jpg )
I was just googling around and happened to find a Doctor Whooves commission I did at BroNYCon.
>> No. 94630
File 132892656816.png - (36.40KB , 700x572 , supersonik.png )
The first of my $5 commissions, made for SuperSonik.
>> No. 95529
File 132942519017.png - (27.06KB , 634x591 , fantasy.png )
My 2nd $5 commission!
>> No. 95824
File 132959967306.png - (263.83KB , 640x480 , samavatar.png )
I really really need to get money to buy a table in the artist's alley at BronyCon, so I threw the $5 pony commission offer on Fiverr:
Please help!
>> No. 95877
File 132962435694.png - (714.84KB , 1406x640 , pegasai.png )
>> No. 96665
File 133011010252.jpg - (129.53KB , 500x626 , IMG.jpg )
Here's a WIP commission.
>> No. 97682
File 133079369621.png - (71.67KB , 932x876 , UniqueFiveX.png )
Fiverr commission. She paid for two gigs, so she got a bit more. :)
>> No. 97688
File 133080417893.png - (410.00KB , 714x600 , mailponysmaller.png )
For EqD's Derpy Day.
>> No. 97737
Love her cape, haha.
>> No. 100685
File 133303713096.png - (622.17KB , 800x618 , HORSEGODsmall.png )
I made this for my Electronic Illustration class, and composites count as art, so there.
(To be fair, the stock images are listed on my dA: )

I'm also appearing to announce that I will be at I-Con this weekend sketching ponies for free! I am not sure when I will be doing it, but just come check out the Art Show every once in awhile and maybe you'll catch me haha. (Just assume it isn't during any pony or Doctor Who panels.)
>> No. 102136
File 133418153154.png - (212.78KB , 800x600 , sampony.png )
>> No. 105602
File 133728007792.png - (467.16KB , 600x743 , iShop1small.png )
BronyCon prep and work on commissions officially starts today! Here's the first commission, which is for ishop1.
>> No. 105885
File 133752985847.png - (113.01KB , 600x356 , pony.png )

Might start another thread in /merch/ soon with all of this stuff I have planned for the con. (Just ordered a button machine last night actually.)
>> No. 107302
File 133851945587.png - (3.49MB , 800x1227 , BronyConCoverrr.png )
I have a big headache from staring at the computer all day, but I finished by submission for the cover contest in time.

>> No. 107828
File 133890698325.png - (172.26KB , 700x597 , lacey frillssss.png )
A gift I did for a close friend.
>> No. 107829
File 133890705085.png - (0.99MB , 1000x1049 , STICKER.png )
I am offering art/sticker combo commissions for pick-up at BronyCon! :) More info here:
>> No. 108694
File 133960352042.png - (1.22MB , 800x1035 , luna.png )
Got a couple of things I've been doing for BronyCon that I'll post eventually, but for now I have a new version of the Luna/Space Core image I did for the NATG last summer.
>> No. 109328
File 134030771957.png - (764.10KB , 600x776 , luna 2.png )
I didn't realize that the wings were way off when I originally fixed this, so here's a more updated version. I tried my best to fix it without having to redraw the whole thing. :c
>> No. 110021
File 134074621337.gif - (103.10KB , 500x495 , map.gif )
I have lots more work to do for the con, but here's my spot at BronyCon! Come say hi if you're there! :)
>> No. 121015
I just realized your thread will hit 2years mark soon.
>> No. 121055
File 136113011721.png - (644.67KB , 700x591 , derpy___bronycon_commishion_by_hayhedgehoghay-d55yuak.png )
It's strange to think about that haha. Wow.

I haven't done much pony art since the Summer, but let me upload what I've got. :)

>> No. 121056
File 136113027186.png - (456.84KB , 700x835 , atg__time_turner_by_hayhedgehoghay-d59px4c.png )
I can't remember what my tripcode is uhhh

>> No. 121057
File 136113040493.png - (364.39KB , 900x638 , atg__moon_princess_by_hayhedgehoghay-d59ylvc.png )
Gonna have small stickers of this at upcoming conventions. :) (Definitely Cloudsdale Congress and Big Apple Ponycon, maaaybe TrotCon and BronyCon.)

>> No. 121058
File 136113062839.png - (513.87KB , 900x806 , commission__cabanela_pony_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5a6lg6.png )
I HIGHLY suggest Ghost Trick to everyone. EVERYONE.

>> No. 121059
>> No. 121060
File 136113071557.png - (846.16KB , 792x600 , commission__pokey_pierce_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5b21ur.png )
I fail at posting and deleting yaaay

>> No. 121061
File 136113249123.png - (374.52KB , 1000x773 , pretty_wings_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5mhta8.png )
Collaboration with my boyfriend for parody shirts:
We're working on a Princess Cadence one now.

>> No. 121062
File 136113284079.png - (903.87KB , 900x597 , dem_mascot_ponies_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5sk7lu.png )
BronyCon has some really cute mascots now.

>> No. 121063
File 136113270301.png - (1.39MB , 1024x661 , discord_trip_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5u234d.png )
Commission done for a good friend of mine a few months back.

>> No. 121064
File 136113271277.png - (1.49MB , 1024x791 , bap_mascots_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5upgtk.png )
Done to practice drawing BAP's mascots.

>> No. 121065
File 136113313559.png - (1.42MB , 748x1000 , spoiler.png )
Hope this is the right tripcode uhh

Had to doodle something quick the other night when there was drama involving both yesterday's season finale and the confirmed spin-off. I'll be polite and spoiler it. :p

>> No. 121066
File 136113338698.png - (470.91KB , 600x927 , cloudsdalesmall.png )
The last thing I have to offer for today is my submission for the Cloudsdale Congress cover contest. Gotta go work on one for Big Apple Ponycon now. WOO.

>> No. 121248
It is nice to have you here with us, man.
>> No. 121715
File 136313338443.png - (433.39KB , 584x972 , mane_six_sticker_set_2013_by_hayhedgehoghay-d5xrekr.png )
Stickers I made for my con run this year. I really like them, so I'm hoping other people do, too. :)
>> No. 121716
Thanks man!! :) :)
>> No. 121717
File 136313366586.png - (748.09KB , 800x643 , haters.png )
Drew Twi here as a commission example. I really like it.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 12th, 2013 17:18

>> No. 121718
File 136313375571.png - (2.33MB , 960x1280 , Untitled-1.png )
Also the drawing on >>121066 got printed on a shirt for the con, so here's what it looks like.
>> No. 124234
Made a new merch thread at >>/merch/128900/

>> No. 124292
>> No. 124306
Yep haha. Thanks for your excitement, anon. :3
I'm working on stuff for BronyCon, so I should actually have stuff to add to the thread soon haha.
>> No. 125218
File 137486044488.png - (395.23KB , 1000x421 , PWTS Banner 2013.png )
Doing some last minute print stuff for BronyCon, so I'll have some more stuff to share soon!
>> No. 125241
File 137496677576.png - (779.39KB , 700x799 , ponyville town hall.png )
Doing some Animal Crossing crossover stuff hee

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