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File 131131284221.png - (88.96KB , 318x325 , tastes like murder.png )
27652 No. 27652
Hello /art/. Today I come to you with something special.

TL;DR: Want to make assassin pictures?

Just over a month ago, over on /oat/, there was a game held in which there were 7 "assassins", involving the mane cast and Derpy. The assassins look similar to the originals, but with slight differences such as red eyes, colored streaks in the hair Derp does not have them, but a decent amount of the other assassins do and other things that may vary between the assassins.

Now, those of us that act as the assassins are for the most part novice at best with picture editing skills, though we are able to make due. However, how wonderful would it be for there to be pictures meant to be the assassins, not just recolors of existing pictures?

This is mainly me putting the idea of the assassins forward, as an idea for something for any of you to draw, in case you were running out of ideas or wanted something new. If this is something that you do not care for, then I understand completely.

If any of you are interested and want to know more about the assassins, I'll be keeping track of this thread to answer any and all questions that you could possibly have. Each assassin also already has a look to them, and although I can only truly post a clear picture of one of the assassins, due to me being Derp assassin I will try to get the other assassins to post ITT.

And yes, in case any of you were wondering, some of the assassins even if I, personally, don't really like it are in shipping pairs, and so you'd be able to draw something of that nature if you so desired to do so.

So, anypony interested?

Sorry if I shouldn't be doing this, I'm not a very big frequenter of /art/, and so I don't really know what's to be done here
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>> No. 27653
File 131131293584.png - (201.72KB , 1024x649 , 130809003892.png )
I have this and one more pic that I've just found, so I guess I'll post them here for any interested to use as reference.
>> No. 27654
File 131131312384.png - (0.99MB , 1280x720 , Banner for the United Cause of Assassins.png )
and this one we used as a banner. You can kind of see the assassins.
>> No. 27659
File 131131358372.jpg - (26.12KB , 283x306 , 131102574704.jpg )
And here's one of Shy assassin that I came across.
>> No. 27660
I'd be interested in drawing Apple Assassin or Lunar Assassin (if there is one, even).

Here's my thread to gauge my ability.

The older stuff is just as I was beginning, I think I've improved some. At least, I certainly hope so!
>> No. 27661
File 131131377820.png - (166.60KB , 934x856 , Dark Twi.png )
Something like this then? Who is Dark Twilight, if I understand this, shipping with?

And this pic isn't mine, it just seems like what you're looking for.
>> No. 27664
File 131131399168.png - (55.42KB , 224x235 , 131116551059.png )
Personally, it looks like some pretty good drawing that you have there. Apple assassin is done by Baffbrony, for future reference.

>pic for some more reference
>the hat's a bit darker than normal, the hair has the streaks in it

I'd love to see whatever you come up with!

But first, any questions about the assassin? Things like more background info, general mood, etc?
>> No. 27665
Yeah I figured she'd have a dark hat. Most villains in westerns always wear dark hats.

What do you think of an eyepatch?
>> No. 27667
File 131131423891.png - (12.49KB , 125x125 , don't ask me.png )
I'll find a pic for Twilight Assassin soon, the pic you gave is only kind of the same.

From memory, there was a ship between Twilight Assassin and Whelp who posted as twilight, so I guess that's the angle that it's taken from?

Once again, I'll find that Twilight assassin pic soon
>> No. 27668
That's... that's quite clever, actually. never thought of the eyepatch.

Personally, I think it's a great sounding idea, though I don't know how Baff feels about it. I'm almost certain, though, that he'd like the idea.
>> No. 27673
File 131131495089.jpg - (58.20KB , 1000x1001 , Have Books, Will Travel.jpg )
Apparently you asked for this, Uber. If you need anything else, lemme know.
>> No. 27677
I'm assuming Sauce got to you, and thanks.

Do you happen to have steam? It'd simplify me trying to contact you
>> No. 27679
File 131131559955.jpg - (109.98KB , 887x900 , Dreaming of Somepony Special.jpg )
My skype is crossbreeze32. I'm afraid that's the only contact source I really use.

And here's another pic for reference.
>> No. 27681
I should probably get around to making a skype sometime soon.

Once again, anypony else interested or have questions? I'm here to answer all of them!
>> No. 27682
File 131131615917.png - (339.29KB , 1000x700 , EvilRarity1.png )
Hey guys.
>> No. 27683
File 131131625472.png - (65.30KB , 500x500 , Screw it all.png )
But you're not one of the assassins, Sauce...
>> No. 27685
File 131131657434.jpg - (21.87KB , 387x348 , EvilRarity46.jpg )
I have that many evil Rarity pics. plus two.
(check the filename)
>> No. 27686
File 131131662855.png - (167.55KB , 500x422 , EvilRarity31.png )
Isn't this sort of, like, evil, too?
>> No. 27687
File 131131666724.png - (101.92KB , 945x945 , But why.png )
>> No. 27689
File 131131688142.png - (12.49KB , 125x125 , not a damn clue.png )
>> No. 27690
File 131131710766.png - (245.22KB , 900x700 , EvilRarity11b.png )
Well okay then.
>> No. 27691
File 131131726694.png - (101.27KB , 800x511 , bitch, dont start with me.png )
>> No. 27692
File 131131750990.png - (127.91KB , 463x352 , EvilRarity32.png )
>> No. 27693
File 131131757275.png - (77.01KB , 220x213 , I devoured your fridge.png )
>> No. 27694
File 131131790156.png - (165.07KB , 500x500 , ain't even mad.png )
>> No. 27695
File 131131796067.png - (98.91KB , 454x418 , youve not won yet.png )
>> No. 27696
File 131131807322.jpg - (46.32KB , 371x376 , EvilRarity2.jpg )
>> No. 27697
File 131131864324.png - (39.09KB , 176x161 , well hello.png )
>> No. 27700
File 131131912539.png - (336.66KB , 647x530 , EvilRarity19.png )
>> No. 27703
File 131131994915.png - (95.04KB , 334x425 , Well___ hmm___.png )
Now realizing that my folder for Derp Assassin is lacking. Oh well

I'll be heading off for a bit soon, everypony. I'll answer any questions you might still have when I wake up, so feel free to leave them in the thread and I'll answer them as soon as I can.
>> No. 27704
File 131131994957.jpg - (76.14KB , 600x600 , AppleAssassin.jpg )
Evil Rarity should use red/pink eyeshadow (at least I think that's what it's called).

Anyways, started with not much of an idea for pose and I guess my mind went to plot.
>> No. 27706
File 131132047998.jpg - (92.19KB , 800x571 , 130241629153.jpg )
We actually have something for each of the assassins, lol. Unfortunately, our current reigning rare assassin is on vacation.

I like the drawing, though. It looks like some pretty damn slid work. Even if it's plot, lol.
>> No. 27708
>We actually have something for each of the assassins, lol.
Something what?


Anyways, if you have any ideas for poses or backgrounds I'm all ears.
>> No. 27711
File 131132126805.png - (194.02KB , 968x882 , 130241664852.png )
poor wording. By something I just meant that we have their appearance existing, lol.

Well, one fact is that the assassins' form of attack is shovels, there's a quick story that I forget that's behind it so that's something good to know. You could also work on different emotions, like anger, sadness, joy, fear, etc.

Running could also be a good pic.

When Baff gets to this thread I'm sure he'll have a few suggestions.

Just pointing out that the stuff that I said is all suggestions, if you don't want to do certain ones, there's nopony making you
>> No. 27716
File 131132253364.png - (169.91KB , 379x395 , KOThinking.png )
...Oh dear, the assassins are coming back? Quickly everypony, burn all the shovels!

That aside, I could make a few assassin ponies. Seeing that I have a odd liking for drawing things that are evil...
>> No. 27726
File 131132444961.jpg - (103.72KB , 600x691 , AppleAssassinHappy.jpg )
>> No. 27729
File 131132607775.png - (163.37KB , 379x395 , KOHappy.png )
Finished drawing my Assassin Derpy, but it is getting late here so I'll scan it and upload it tomorrow along with a Assassin Pinkie I plan on doing.
>> No. 27735
File 131133101148.jpg - (62.13KB , 406x581 , AppleAssassin2.jpg )
>> No. 27775
Nice pics! I'm liking the way they're coming out.

but... um... is the first one missing the inner portion of her eye?

I remember you were one of the players during the game.

Also, can't wait to see what the pics you're drawing up look like!
>> No. 27818
File 131136704939.jpg - (105.99KB , 600x691 , AppleAssassinHappy.jpg )
Ah, yeah, here ya go. I just don't want to draw those veins. I think they're kinda gross looking.
>> No. 27819
File 131136764841.gif - (60.81KB , 300x300 , RunningFrame1.gif )
Any artists out there have any tips for animation?

This isn't complete, obviously, but I'm just trying to get a reasonably smooth run going.

I'm pretty sure ponies thrust their heads out a little when they propel themselves with their hind legs.
>> No. 27834
File 131137233863.png - (182.25KB , 379x395 , KOShovel-d.png )
aaarrrgh, Drawing a pony ready attack is hard. As soon as I get this done I'll be ready to scan em though. And yeah, I did play the old assassin game. :P
>> No. 27843
File 131137557326.png - (1.23MB , 1317x1197 , DerpyAssassin.png )
And here we are, some fresh new assassin ponies!

I sorta let my imagination run wild with them while trying to stick to what I remembered them to look like.

Derpy Assassin
1/2 of drawn assassins
>> No. 27844
File 131137566403.png - (1.04MB , 1060x1153 , PinkieAssassin1.png )
Pinkie Assassin
2/2 of drawn Assassins
>> No. 27847
You're going for animation? That's more than I would've expected, so good luck with putting it together well!

As for the way they run, watching fall weather friends a few times should probably help.

And don't worry about the veins, I usually don't put them in, myself. though it's more laziness and forgetfulness than anything else.

Nice work on those drawings! I'm actually pretty glad that you included the saddlebags and the muffin on the shovel for Derp.

Pinkie's also well done, and I find it pretty funny, actually, that you figured out a way for her to hold the shovel.
>> No. 27875
If Baff gets into this thread.
>> No. 27876
Pretty much.
>> No. 27883
File 131138678383.png - (79.07KB , 348x264 , Pink Assassin - You have five seconds___ .png )
>I will try to get the other assassins to post ITT.
Well that didn't go well did it? Heh.

Anyway, nice to meet you all. I'm Draco Magica and I'm the one who played Pink Assassin. I'm also the one who made over half the Assassin images via photoshop. If you have any questions regarding the appearance of the assassins you can ask me.
But all in all I think you're doing an amazing job so far.

That is AWESOME.
>> No. 27884
File 131138706883.png - (687.88KB , 3250x2328 , Who the hell cares.png )
By the way, Shy Assassin reference pic.
>> No. 27885
File 131138719277.png - (147.88KB , 1000x1500 , Element of Cruelty.png )
I hate you, bad internet.
>> No. 27911
Well, seeing as how you practically fell off the face of the earth, lol.

Also, walk over and tell Baff to show up here, lol.
>> No. 28015
File 131142782858.png - (58.55KB , 120x125 , Seriously.png )
So ah hear y'all wanted ta see me?
>> No. 28022
File 131143269013.png - (589.26KB , 1920x1080 , Gummy awh yeah for assassin pinkie.png )
Well, I have no idea if this counts but I made this Rushed and extremely low quality edit of Gummy to give him the assassin eyes as a one shot joke in one of the assassin threads. This may be relevant to your interests.
>> No. 28024
File 131143627500.png - (94.70KB , 815x1025 , Not this shit again.png )
No we didn't.
>> No. 28053
File 131144956144.jpg - (34.35KB , 684x510 , Question!.jpg )
Man, I've got a load of questions. Brace yourself.

How do you play the game?
Where did you decide to start up the game?
How did you decide to start it up?
Why attack with shovels?
Who are the assassins assassinating? Each other? Other ponies?
Why are they assassinating whoever?
Why do they have red eyes/features? Does that represent their intent to assassinate? Is it just to distinguish them from normal pictures of ponies?
Have they been possessed by some malevolent spirits hell bent on assassinating something?
Assassination indicates a high value target. Why is this assassination and not murder?
Is there communication elsewhere other than on the board?
>> No. 28064
File 131145311889.jpg - (15.35KB , 425x332 , 130719767453.jpg )
Ah do, was wondering if you had any specific requests.
>> No. 28140
God damnit, I'll answer these later.
>> No. 28183
File 131151130489.png - (408.94KB , 764x695 , 131117155588.png )
How about I answer them now, being the best qualified?

>How do you play the game?
>Where did you decide to start up the game?
I, personally, first started the original assassin game by myself because I figured it'd be a fun little event. After my first game happened, I realised I needed to expand it due to popularity, so I hired another 6 posters to help me out.
>How did you decide to start it up?
I decided it in my head, just because of fun. When I decided to expand it, I held a somewhat open invitation in the original thread.

>Why attack with shovels?
Ah, now THIS is a story I've told a few times.
A poster called Axel posted a thread called 'Why did you throw that stick at me?' so I responded 'Damnit, my shovel missed then!' because random. I decided to try attack him again, but rather than just do it by telling him, I decided to turn it into something he could respond to to block it. So I posted an edited image of Applejack throwing a shovel, and gave him 50 posts to respond to it (this was when /oat/ was in it's haydays). I can't remember whether he won or lost, but I started going around and doing it to other people in other threads at random. Then I decided to turn it into an organised event. The rest, as they say, is history.

>Who are the assassins assassinating? Each other? Other ponies?
Just the posters that sign up to the game threads, pony or not. They argue, but they don't kill each other.

>Why are they assassinating whoever?

>Why do they have red eyes/features? Does that represent their intent to assassinate? Is it just to distinguish them from normal pictures of ponies?
Originally it was just that - to make them look evil and distinguish them from the actual mane cast. Over time this developed into an actual story. (see above response)

>Have they been possessed by some malevolent spirits hell bent on assassinating something?
Read the above story XD But no, they aren't possessed, they were created out of soul fragments from the mane cast by Bafflejack (who was, originally, just me going around posting Applejack, but he turned into a unique, individual character once the group games got started).

>Assassination indicates a high value target. Why is this assassination and not murder?
Assassination is not necessarily high value target, but the planned and well executed death of a person. In any case, Assassination sounds cooler for the game thread (even though Massively Multipony Mass Murder would be kinda cool too, but the title is already established.

>Is there communication elsewhere other than on the board?
When we're running games, yes, we do have to co-ordinate ourselves and get everything to run properly, especially me - I have to ensure this all stays organised. We usually go to a separate free-to-create chatroom, however I do regularly talk to a few of the assassins via skype because we were friends beforehand anyway.
>> No. 28184
File 131151181562.png - (201.72KB , 1024x649 , GetTheHellBackHere.png )
Honestly, I have no idea.
I've never requested artwork for any of it before because I usually just go about editing screens and other art such as this.

So honestly, as said up there, No idea.
>> No. 28192
File 131152244142.jpg - (162.29KB , 1920x1080 , 4338 - doze nap rainbow_dash sleep sleeping sleepy.jpg )
Or I can go to sleep and hope that somepony else answers them, that works too.
>> No. 28309
File 131156267117.png - (147.88KB , 1000x1500 , Element of Cruelty.png )
That depends, are you going to draw them? Because most of us can edit screencaps.
>> No. 28425
File 131157462334.png - (169.91KB , 379x395 , KOThinking.png )
I am drawing a Rainbow Assassin pic, but I don't know how to do the shovels. Two on one hoof, one on her two front hooves, or one on both wings?
>> No. 28487
File 131160580514.png - (153.42KB , 355x302 , Time's up.png )
I thought the assassins only had one shovel.

Unrelated note: If you are going to draw Shy Assassin. Do not do anything related to "You're going to love me!" Just trust me on this.
>> No. 28557

I know, but I thought it would be cool to let one of them dual-weld shovels. Also, I won't do the Shy Assassin screaming "You're Going To Love Me" if I get around to her.
>> No. 28562
What were the first few anagrams?
>> No. 28565
File 131163286648.png - (153.42KB , 355x302 , Time's up.png )
The first one: Where Baff had a giant fail, was Oatmeal? Are you crazy?

The last one, (The second) was Call upon the sea ponies when you're in distress.

The third one is still a secret.
>> No. 28814
>implying we thought of the third one yet
>> No. 28815
Don't make that a possibility.
>> No. 28844
File 131174567133.png - (158.50KB , 1739x928 , pinkie_pengi_art.png )
I can't draw worth my life. But I did a few of my own MLP fanart, and it's not hard for me to edit.

But so far I have a nicely done Pinkie Pie, and I see no ref. for me to change hues. But you have my permission to go tweak this one out... Unless you want me to use my mad Photoshop skill to make the eyes more decent...
>> No. 28845
File 131174579689.png - (296.29KB , 1580x1172 , jessitimeMLP_art'.png )

Ah mind my typo. I CAN draw, just not sure how to do your assassins unless I make some look silly. Let alone I have other side-projects that are MLP-related. :V

Just editing is varies depend on difficulty.

(I'm tired, okay?)
>> No. 29105
File 131187015611.png - (383.39KB , 748x748 , Whaaaaaat?.png )
Oh wow, look at this thread,
>> No. 29211
File 131192620259.png - (163.37KB , 379x395 , KOHappy.png )
Next week I'll have a few more assassin ponies up Shy Assassin, so don't worry about not getting to use your shovel some more!
>> No. 32102
File 131286002072.png - (472.86KB , 3152x3687 , I built this podium so I could show you how much I.png )
You ever realize how fast this thing died?
>> No. 32105
File 131286037672.png - (12.49KB , 125x125 , don't ask me.png )
>practically forgot about the thread
>> No. 38140
File 131458482071.png - (181.95KB , 1500x1025 , Oh Look, it's this thread again.png )
>STILL waiting for OP to deliver.
>> No. 38175
File 131459563485.png - (161.43KB , 406x395 , KOAlarmed.png )
Sorry about that, I sorta got busy with other projects and stuff, I'll get started on them right now!

>grabs his pencils and paper
>> No. 38180
>waiting for OP to deliver
>> No. 38184
File 131459800373.png - (1.69MB , 2200x1700 , ScanImage029.png )
From the time I posted my last post and now, I have drawn the line art fro Shy Assassin and Rainbow Assassin. But I would like to ask a question, would you guys like a "sheet" of expressions sorta like I have for my character?
>> No. 38209
File 131460565804.png - (1.13MB , 909x885 , RainbowAssassin.png )
So, after thrashing my scanner around to figure out why it was scanning things in Black and White I finally got these two ponies scanned in color!

First off we have Rainbow Assassin!

1/2 pics
>> No. 38211
File 131460581501.png - (1.20MB , 912x919 , ShyAssassin.png )
And now, the unkind and unloving, Shy Assassin!

2/2 pics

I might try to do Twilight Assassin, but I will not do Rarity Assassin since I fail horrible at drawing Rarity's mane.
>> No. 38416
File 131466630656.jpg - (59.40KB , 600x600 , Are You A Tree?.jpg )


Hot damn that's cool. My favorite little part is the dead animal under the hoof.
>> No. 39943
File 131503040260.png - (107.65KB , 910x945 , Shy Assassin.png )
...I got bored while drawing Shy Assassin doing a insane evil laugh, so I made this.
>> No. 40977
File 131525119687.png - (138.66KB , 500x373 , 131303817235.png )
I'm bored and need something to do, and I just read the story (pretty good to.) So anything anypony wants specifically?
>> No. 41024
File 131526604480.png - (368.09KB , 814x668 , But didnt you kill the hooker?.png )
Hold on, let me assess the situation first.

Baff (Apple)-Creator, rarely posts
Draco (Pink)-Seen frequenting the Appledash thread
Soldier (Rainbow), Cross Breeze (Twilight) and Uberpony (Derp)-Fucked if I know. (Uber responds in 3...2...1...)
Frollo (Rare)-Lord knows where he went.
Starky (Shy)-The only one who still uses Shy Assassin and finds using Shy charming.

Hmm...let's see...Well I think I'm the only one that needs these pictures in particular seeing as that I'm pretty much going to be the only one that uses them...
>> No. 41030
File 131526736304.png - (65.30KB , 500x500 , Screw it all.png )
I was distracted.

Besides, I have the threads on my watched list, lol.
>> No. 41031
And yes, you're probably the only one actively looking for the new images at this point.

The occasional time I use them, I already have what I need.

Or I don't, but I'm too lazy to remember what I need or make new images.
>> No. 41059
File 131527237647.png - (243.15KB , 700x750 , ShyAssasin.png )
Well good thing I started this earlier, here's my Shy Assasin Drawing.
>> No. 41735
File 131543868841.jpg - (24.91KB , 505x351 , Fukkensaved.jpg )
>> No. 42289
File 131563125385.png - (225.42KB , 675x536 , ShyAssassinHappy.png )
Bump because I love this thread so much.
>> No. 42290
File 131563149261.png - (138.66KB , 500x373 , 131303817235.png )
Thanks, I was also kinda playing with a back facing pose there, I think it worked out pretty well.
>> No. 42301
I just wish more of the assassins was still active, I am sorta losing my inspiration to draw these since only you are using them...
>> No. 42311
File 131564137044.png - (173.46KB , 500x488 , EvilRarity12.png )
I miss Rare Assassin.
>> No. 42685
File 131565368247.jpg - (157.60KB , 900x1273 , Pika_Pika_by_freaksofwar.jpg )
Well I think Frollo spontaneously combusted.
>> No. 42688

I wanted to be an assassain but I never bothered to post about it until way too late. Shame,too.

>> No. 42691
Me too
>> No. 42719
File 131567997354.png - (26.12KB , 283x306 , This clopfic is really good___.png )
Ah, I remember that faithful day.

Here we go...

It was the day of June 11th, where all I posted in was the SFG, the Get thread, and the Fluttershy and Applejack appreciation threads. I didn't even have a tripcode.

Then one day, a game called MMA came about, and quite honestly I just joined and wasn't even planning to react to Baff's post.

Then it all went down when the game ended in like, 3 hours.

Hot damn it was boring.

Then Baff wanted to get more players, and I thought 'Hey, it's summer and I have nothing else to do! Why the fuck not?'

Then we all joined up. Unfortunately, Baff wanted 6...and we had 7. Baff, Draco, Soldier, Cross Breeze, Frollo, Uber, and me.

Panicking, I suggested we add a 7th 'Derp Assassin' And it worked. All of us got to be assassins.

And for the rest of that week, my life was changed forever.
>> No. 42721
File 131568105731.png - (946.72KB , 1200x1016 , Waiting outside.png )
I've only seen Frollo a few times since he got back from America. He's severely cut back on posting, probably because he has classes to teach.

Essentially, as soon as Baff said he was going to allow more assassins, I jumped right the fuck into that. I was eager about it, it would be even more fun to hunt down people, instead of just watching my threads and dying.

I've gotten to know more people because of it, and probably wouldn't have been posting quite nearly as much as I do if I hadn't been a part of it.

I had my mind set on who to be as soon as those words were said, lol.
>> No. 42723
File 131568277047.png - (52.02KB , 219x230 , OhWowTheEyebrows.png )
Wow, this is still around?
>> No. 42724
I guess so. Surprised it didn't get knocked out by the spambot that went through here.
>> No. 42726
File 131568335658.png - (215.62KB , 900x1014 , Plot Armor.png )
Then again, a thread that give me more opportunities to talk to myself MUST survive.

It must, it must! IT MUST!
>> No. 42727
File 131568367900.png - (473.24KB , 1000x1000 , 35426350.png )
Needs more Rainbow Assassin.
>> No. 42728
File 131568381382.png - (59.04KB , 352x314 , sideways is a fun way to fly.png )
Twilight Assassin too.
>> No. 42729
File 131568395891.png - (66.15KB , 273x346 , was ist los.png )
>dat pic
>> No. 42732
File 131568503427.gif - (158.25KB , 525x525 , HOLY SHIT!.gif )
I officially have nothing better to do if I edit an animated thing.
>> No. 42734
File 131568547265.png - (189.94KB , 2000x2000 , Wha_____.png )

I swear, if your OC ended up being a sadist...

Cross is barely active at all with the assassin stuff.
>> No. 42735
File 131568572805.png - (292.62KB , 800x900 , You've been a naughtly little colt.png )
Well, would you rather have Whipfest 2011 starring Shy Assassin and Gunthor the Perilous? Because that would've happened.

>> No. 42738
File 131568664212.png - (301.70KB , 800x900 , doingitright.png )

If you're going to edit my art please don't leave white chunks everywhere ; u;
>> No. 42739
File 131568705113.jpg - (31.52KB , 187x180 , applegrin.jpg )
You just got burned, bitch!
>> No. 42740
File 131568800357.png - (39.09KB , 176x161 , this amuses me.png )

I was directing that more towards the fact that Rainbow is in pain whenever she feels friendship or love
>> No. 42742
File 131568889331.png - (500.91KB , 3326x2959 , What the fuck is wrong with you.png )
Oh fuck you, I'm lazy and 14.


>> No. 42743
File 131568896522.png - (94.70KB , 815x1025 , Not this shit again.png )
My whippity whip trip still stands.
>> No. 42744
I go to bed after checking this thread, wake up and find 15 more posts. I guess there are some assassins still kicking!
>> No. 42753
File 131569206687.png - (77.01KB , 220x213 , I devoured your fridge.png )
Well, we're all technically still here...

And it was wiped from the canon.

Is there a problem, officer?
>> No. 42783
File 131569859404.jpg - (207.63KB , 600x686 , OH GOD WHY.jpg )
No, we removed Sauce watching Shy suck off Gunthor, and Shy's unhealthy cannibalism.

The whips and the Kama Sutra still happened.
>> No. 42789
File 131569928678.png - (95.30KB , 307x435 , dumbfounded.png )
I missed a lot after the first week didn't I?
>> No. 42790
File 131569951738.png - (319.69KB , 1900x1916 , You don't know how much I love you.png )
Yes. Yes you did.

See, after the game ended, people still talked about the Assassins. Still wanting to become one of us. In a thread where somepony wanted a Gilda Assassin, Gunthor (One of the taunters/players who posts Fluttershy) Noticed that Twilight Assassin was shipping with Whelp (Twilight poster) And then he said, and I (Loosely) quote, "Shy Assassin, get over here."

I said no at first, but then I found something in him that I couldn't ignore.

The fact that he hated the other 6 assassins as much as you did?

>> No. 42793
File 131570063866.png - (65.30KB , 500x500 , Screw it all.png )
I forget, did Derp know about it?
>> No. 42795
File 131570090777.png - (368.09KB , 814x668 , But didnt you kill the hooker?.png )
I don't think Shy mentioned anything about Gunthor to any of the assassins.

To my knowledge, they only know about Twilight's and Rainbow's relationships.
>> No. 42798
File 131570113741.png - (12.49KB , 125x125 , don't ask me.png )
With the nixed stuff, I believe Derp knew. Seeing as how Derp proceeded to raid Gunthor's fridge, and mention how loud the two of them were.

Though with what WAS the rp thread, none of them knew.
>> No. 42800
File 131570129277.png - (181.95KB , 1500x1025 , Oh Look, it's this thread again.png )
Well, because you kinda entered after Sauce left, it was nixed. That and the 'Go to the store to stock up,, Twilight meeting Gunthor, in fact, because me and Gunthor RP'd so much more than the rest of you, we pretty much made everything up as we went.
>> No. 42802
File 131570166733.png - (189.94KB , 2000x2000 , Wha_____.png )
When did twilight meet Gunthor?

And besides, it's not my fault if Sauce and I ran out of possibilities for rp, lol.

Shipping was not an option.
>> No. 42804
File 131570180594.png - (26.12KB , 283x306 , This clopfic is really good___.png )
It was like at the end of the second thread, where Cross finally stepped in and said "Hold on, we need to reorganize this shit."
>> No. 42808
File 131570203475.png - (90.69KB , 400x285 , you get muffins.png )
Oh, no. That was cross running towards Gunthor's house, but nothing happening.

And then it was organized and everypony forgot about it.

The thread fell off of the board, I believe. Yep, it did
>> No. 42810
File 131570212911.png - (377.13KB , 2281x1443 , How about I smack your shit_.png )
And then the assassins were never heard from again...

Until you not only kept using me, but then used me as a front to talk to yourself.
>> No. 42811
File 131570240869.png - (65.30KB , 500x500 , Screw it all.png )
I'll post Derp if:
a) somepony mentions assassins
b) I feel like screwing with peoples' minds for a bit in an rp setting
c) Sauce posts evil Rarity
d) other assassin is posted
e) certain times that I find it appropriate.
>> No. 42813
File 131570257174.png - (764.56KB , 4580x1443 , You shut up!.png )
I just post Shy because I'm bored as fuck.
>> No. 42815
File 131570265655.png - (95.04KB , 334x425 , Well___ hmm___.png )
Well, that's what I've got other images and thread-making for.
>> No. 42820
File 131570368965.png - (192.20KB , 421x466 , What is that?.png )
The problem is that I think most of /oat/'s forgotten about us. (When I'm not constantly posting Shy every the fuck where.)
>> No. 42821
File 131570387919.png - (98.91KB , 454x418 , youve not won yet.png )
Eh, I wouldn't doubt it.

Things get forgotten.
>> No. 42831
File 131570588590.png - (54.51KB , 1900x945 , Fucked if we know.png )
And then get forced into being remembered.

Pretty much.
>> No. 42840
I would've loved to joined this kind of game back when it was hot....if I had joined back then, that is.

I'm probably going to sound silly asking this, but: When's the last time this game happened? and will another one be started eventually? Or is this sort of thing a thing of the past now? I'd so be up for joining this if another one got started up.

Anywho, yeah, this indeed seemed like an awesome thing that was happening. I might even do some drawing shenanigans of my own if it meant to help add to this whole thing (don't expect much though :U ).

Sorry if I seem a bit off-topic from the whole drawing pics thing here, it's just that this had excited me when I saw such a thing here. Weird little thing I have a habit of being excited about, I know.
>> No. 42847
File 131571122596.png - (73.72KB , 700x700 , tea for medley.png )
I was there for the RP that happened between you two with the rose burning because that happened in an official thread, but nothing afterward. Sounds like it got considerably crazier.

You only spent a week making a name for yourselves the first time. if you started again, you'd still be in a better position than you began with. /oat/'s not the same board it used to be though...
>> No. 42849
File 131571138846.png - (0.99MB , 1280x720 , Banner for the United Cause of Assassins.png )
The intention was to do it again sometime, and although we might be changing up how it's going to be done, I believe we'll be doing it eventually.

During the summer, we all had spare time, though for most of us the time we once had has faded a bit.
>> No. 42850
File 131571158791.gif - (317.18KB , 400x229 , And frankly my dear, Shy don't give a fuck_.gif )
Because Most of us have to learn at school, and Frollo has a waifu and teaches at a school.

So fuck...
>> No. 42851
File 131571201161.png - (12.49KB , 125x125 , don't ask me.png )
We decided to make a thread over in /rp/ for Shy and Gunthor, then Sauce and I did some non-shipping stuff as well. That's pretty much the only rp that went on, the others weren't all too interested at all.
>> No. 42853
File 131571228829.png - (407.21KB , 871x800 , Well, Rainbow Assassin, you've fucked up befo.png )
Swimming with Intent, Starring Rarity Sauce and Derp Assassin.
>> No. 42855
File 131571255697.png - (101.27KB , 800x511 , Say what again.png )
Quiet, you, you don't even know about that, technically.

I can bold print to imply the assassin talking, too. What now.
>> No. 42859
File 131571279015.png - (344.50KB , 2200x808 , Your death will be painful.png )
It was deep and friendly relationship, wasn't it, Shy?

>> No. 42862
File 131571307244.png - (39.09KB , 176x161 , this amuses me.png )
Well, I'm not the one that went up to a guy that I barely knew and blew him that night, now was I?

And he can't even tell if I'm raiding his fridge or not

Hey guys, feigned multiple personality disorder is cool!

Shut up.
>> No. 42871
I actually wouldn't mind doin' an RP with you guys (or whoever still is here by now) if possible. I got nothin' better to do, and I feel that RP itch I get from time to time.

Got a Skype or AIM? If possible, i'd love to set somethin' up (if ya wanted to, that is. :U ). I'm usually availible there whenever possible (although not so much Monday-Thursday). Mine's ancara23, so when/if you're able to, I'd love to set up a thing.

and yesh, I do indeed seem to do weird posts sometimes. :U
>> No. 42872
File 131571433538.png - (764.56KB , 4580x1443 , You shut up!.png )
Oh fuck you, only I can do that!


>> No. 42876
File 131571488071.png - (101.92KB , 945x945 , What the hell are you doing.png )
Art thou furious?

Well of course he's mad, what does it look like?

No, it's...a joke...

You're not making any sense right now.

>> No. 42877
Oh, and hop on skype real quick
>> No. 44370
File 131610741428.jpg - (322.42KB , 900x770 , Shadow sparkle.jpg )
Oh hai everypony!
>> No. 44378
File 131611253170.png - (95.04KB , 334x425 , Well___ hmm___.png )
More assassins/villains?
>> No. 44381
File 131611322194.png - (368.09KB , 814x668 , But didnt you kill the hooker?.png )
I forget, did the assassins come before or after Twilight Glitter?
>> No. 44383
File 131611418974.png - (101.92KB , 945x945 , What the hell are you doing.png )
a) that's not Twilight Glitter
b) we came quite a bit beforehand
>> No. 44386
File 131611465782.png - (1.03MB , 1680x942 , Look at me and say that.png )
A. I know that's not Glitter, I saw the thread in /oat/.
2. I'm just asking because I was curious, and I didn't know.
And third and most importantly, she's a girl!

Wait, no. Forget the last part.
>> No. 44426
File 131612328629.png - (228.47KB , 630x570 , Excuse me?.png )
I'm tempted to put something here that Sauce helped create, but damnit it got removed from ponychan once...
>> No. 44444
If you're talking about that image I think I can make it less...saucy?
>> No. 44445
File 131612609039.png - (159.39KB , 855x935 , Jesus Christ How Horrifying.png )
Define less.

Because I saw a candle being used in a way I don't think I wanted it being used.

>> No. 44446
You should try it sometime, hurts so good~

Maybe the whipping, without the marks and the candle?
>> No. 44448
File 131612688615.gif - (158.25KB , 525x525 , HOLY SHIT!.gif )
Eww, you're still keeping the ball gag?

Not that much can be done about that, it's already in her mouth.
>> No. 44451
Eh, might be easier to just go ahead and draw a new image. Any in particular you want? I'll add it to the list.
>> No. 44494
File 131613795693.jpg - (48.25KB , 450x450 , 130250059870.jpg )


>> No. 44499
File 131613904982.png - (63.30KB , 321x335 , okthen.png )
Geez, calm down.
>> No. 47320
File 131689431234.png - (14.61KB , 404x408 , You're mad.png )
How the christ is this thread still here?
>> No. 47409
File 131690911393.png - (70.58KB , 500x500 , go to sleep.png )
maybe /art/ is just insanely slow/doesn't make many threads?
>> No. 47419
Who knows, but this is staying on my watch list since assassins are awesome.
>> No. 47546
>> No. 47553
File 131695888195.png - (194.78KB , 945x945 , Sauce, I'm not comfortable with this.png )
I only have 21 Rarity total.
482 pictures of Fluttershy
And 98 are Shy Assassin.
>> No. 47606
File 131697210776.png - (65.72KB , 707x724 , I see muffins.png )
>98 shy assassin
>technically only 23 Derp Assassin

It's not my fault that Derpy doesn't have many shoppable pics.
>> No. 47722
File 131699743157.png - (216.57KB , 900x1081 , spoiler.png )
Well, angry Derpy is hard to find.

Hey look, 100 assassin images.
>> No. 47789
File 131701161388.png - (80.72KB , 682x926 , 131630838268.png )
Another good portion of it is laziness.
>> No. 48767
File 131734928728.png - (500.61KB , 900x1800 , Smashy Smash!.png )
The curse of us all.
>> No. 49002
Hi there assassins! Just recently Shy assassin sort of won a little contest I was holding. Basically I will be writing a story for her oc, which is shy assassin. Now I would like to limit the amount of ponies she could have included, but it just makes sense to include all of you! So without further ado, I would really appreciate it if you guys could provide me some information about yourselves! If not, thats fine I can kind of make out what your characters are suppose to be like after reading your story, but I would feel better if you filled out this information thingie over on my thread.

Thanks for your time!

>> No. 49011
File 131741225499.png - (83.18KB , 272x313 , Work Now, Sex Later.png )
Damn, it's been a while. Glad I scanned /art/ when I did.

And btw, I'm always up for more Twilight Assassin pics. I use her more often than you think, though mostly for silly rps.

And somepony tell Baff and Draco to get off their flanks so we can give this shit another go. Celestia knows /oat/ could use some quality entertainment for once.
>> No. 49026
Oh no, another assassin!
Also, yeah. We need another session of the assassin game.
>> No. 49097
File 131742913123.png - (189.94KB , 2000x2000 , Wha_____.png )
I'm debating starting up a thread to see who would be interested in the game coming up again
>mon visage when I checked the thread while I was using Derp Assassin
>> No. 49107
>'quality entertainment'
And by won a prize, I mean I got it for free!
Either way, Frollo's going to be the hardest assassin to contact.
>> No. 49115
File 131743100855.png - (12.49KB , 125x125 , don't ask me.png )
We've got e-mail, that's the main way that he wants to be contacted.

However, it'll end up being a bit difficult to put together a game with him, seeing as how he's a teacher.
>> No. 52575
File 131847248419.png - (191.54KB , 208x1021 , Chatting with a Bitch.png )
...This is the best comic ever.
>> No. 52601
What, you go on a "Shy Assassin Propaganda Run" again?
>> No. 52615
File 131847592461.png - (491.34KB , 991x939 , You ARE weak and helpless and I appreciate your understanding.png )
No, that's just one question on Tumblr.
>> No. 52647

You made a tumblr, didn't you.
>> No. 52648
File 131847891125.png - (13.32KB , 90x90 , U mad?.png )
Yes, and right now I'm whipping the living shit out of our Diamond Dog friend.

And he's LIKING IT.

>> No. 52742
File 131851868395.png - (126.03KB , 355x302 , fluttershy shovel.png )
And what do you mean, 'again'?
>> No. 52904
And by "again", I was referring to how you've had others make Shy pics for you in the last, and you yourself have also done large runs where you made many Shy pics.
>> No. 52939
File 131856102339.png - (71.78KB , 945x945 , That\'s cool I guess_.png )
It's not like I'm writing fanfiction about them.

No, we have other people for that.
>> No. 54044
File 131884770406.jpg - (42.05KB , 448x600 , ;D.jpg )
>> No. 54404
File 131895991541.png - (225.42KB , 675x536 , ShyAssassinHappy.png )
>Bumpng thread
>Not me
>> No. 54743
File 131905212309.jpg - (8.21KB , 158x160 , Sad face.jpg )
>thread about fanfic died
>only thread/thing he knows where to go to give updates
>doesn't want it to die!

Sorry that this is taking so long I am actually a bit behind in studies and have exam week next weeeeeeeeek

>mine countenance whereupon
>> No. 55432
File 131921390124.png - (71.78KB , 945x945 , 131631721281.png )
I'll be surprised if this thread dies, given how huge /art/ is.
>> No. 55434
I'll be suprised if it doesn't die
>> No. 55557
File 131923265918.png - (36.97KB , 256x256 , PinkieSeesYouwithneweyes.png )
Let's see about that!
>> No. 56450
This board has like 50 pages. I doubt things die easily.
>> No. 56828
I'd like to drop in for a second to mention that this thread somehow stayed alive through that big spambot attack from a while ago that essentially wiped /art/.


And now to leave for another long amount of time!
>> No. 57891
File 131982234798.png - (368.09KB , 814x668 , 131949490389.png )
I don't even remember a Spambot attack.
>> No. 57914
File 131982782931.png - (456.57KB , 1016x844 , well hello there.png )
A while ago
Spammed Russian textwalls and pictures of asian women
Wiped several boards completely clean and they had to be restored by the mod team
Did you miss it?

I guess it would be possible if you skipped the two different days he hit...
>> No. 57922
Bump because assassins are awesome.
>> No. 57924
File 131983316268.png - (175.32KB , 730x1095 , This thread is my only friend.png )
Even though I frequent /pic/ and /fic/, apparently those two days I was almost always on /oat/. And there was only 1 russian thread that was almost instantly deleted.
>> No. 59584
By the way, what's the progress on the story? I know you have school and all, but...
>> No. 62444
File 132081222580.png - (51.51KB , 293x203 , WAHAHA.png )
Because I can get others to draw.
>> No. 62455
File 132081400931.png - (225.65KB , 1402x1317 , 131770384714.png )
Hey, an assassin!

I wonder where I've seen one of those before!
>> No. 62457
File 132081422846.png - (78.55KB , 687x675 , cedric_shrug.png )
Some weird internet thing?
>> No. 63415
>> No. 67041
File 132159092180.png - (150.66KB , 900x900 , DAFUQ.png )
This thread didn't 404?

>> No. 67350
File 132164475715.png - (150.18KB , 886x791 , Derpy deal.png )
Honestly, I don't even know.

I keep thinking it'll die eventually, but it just hasn't.
>> No. 68862
File 132182993653.png - (21.87KB , 633x86 , LOL.png )
>> No. 68966

A Shy Assassin blob?

I don't want to live in this world anymore.
>> No. 68974
File 132183898989.png - (71.78KB , 945x945 , That\'s cool I guess_.png )
Neither do I.

We could just kick Ryan off, though.
>> No. 68981
Or we could start up another game for the new friends over on /chat/ and /oat/
>> No. 68983
And, with that new, fancy banner that they have now, we could possibly show it over that as well!
>> No. 68993
File 132184066305.png - (65.99KB , 945x945 , Oh my god, you\'re mad!.png )
So we just gather as many of us as we can, meaning almost all except Frollo? Or are we just putting on a show?
>> No. 69011
I think we might have to make some auditions.

Soldier and Cross Breeze don't seem very interesting, we've only got a snowball's chance in hell to get Frollo, but Baff and Draco seem like they'd be able to hit it. Then again, they're a bit off timezone-wise. And I can't fully vouch for myself due to a few technical difficulties with my PC.

So yeah.
>> No. 69014
File 132184183794.png - (197.81KB , 900x1158 , Rainbow-What was that?.png )
A 'Who wants to be an Assassin' thread?

Well, we need consent from the others.
>> No. 69018
I'm just making suggestions right now, lol.

And I don't exactly know if we'd even be doing that, either.

And there's always the aspect of "will they be able to sacrifice the amount of time"?

>That and I really need to make ties with somepony that knows what they're doing and would be willing to make certain pics into assassin ones, my way of doing it is real bad, lol
>> No. 69024
File 132184240017.png - (100.85KB , 300x310 , I do it all because I\'m evil.png )
Considering the fact that 99% of Ponychan has Work or School...We could just wait until winter break.
>> No. 69027
File 132184256935.png - (48.74KB , 500x500 , lurktransparent.png )
>> No. 69029
I thought Gunthor was the cook

I was actually thinking about that for a little bit...

Though I would think that we should probably have a bit of syphoning if we're accepting some others into the assassin-work. We were pretty damn lucky that we had good eggs when we chose assassins.

You. Yes, you. I can see you lurking.
>> No. 69031
File 132184287864.png - (543.51KB , 1024x600 , hello twilight.png )
>> No. 69033
File 132184297110.png - (76.10KB , 400x300 , BZZZT.png )
I'm pretty sure Gunthor got banned.


To be fair, it was summer. we all were on vacation and we could be awake whenever.
>> No. 69043
File 132184333303.png - (65.72KB , 707x724 , I see muffins.png )
In regards to Gunthor, I was talking about the pic.

And why? He go too far or something?

And yep, Summer. We'll be a bit more pressed for openings this time around.
>> No. 69047
File 132184354659.png - (259.65KB , 800x540 , facehoof.png )
Long story short...
Gunthor was !!Octavia
He stalked a user and was bad at modding
Became ban-on-sight for generally being a dick and non-stop ban evasion
>> No. 69048
File 132184355256.png - (279.71KB , 1600x1600 , ___Well that\'s rude_.png )
I was looking at /meta/

I think he pissed the mods off somehow.

So we'll need people in relatively the same timezone.
>> No. 69050
File 132184387751.png - (65.30KB , 500x500 , Screw it all.png )
I'm pretty sure this was after the Assassin business, so I don't even know if the mods looked at what happened in the rp, lol.

But alright, sounds like a solid reason for a ban.

Welp, looks like you've just been told what happened.

And yeah, similar time zones would definitely be preferable.
>> No. 69054
File 132184430552.png - (206.08KB , 900x562 , AssassinShipping.png )
Well, it's one more shipping pair we can toss out the window.

Back to the TwiShy.
>> No. 69059
File 132184458189.png - (189.94KB , 2000x2000 , Wha_____.png )
That wasn't even a pair that we made.
>> No. 69062
File 132184471653.png - (180.67KB , 900x988 , Ain\'t even mad.png )
Give it time.

And awkward sexual tension.
>> No. 69069
File 132184549543.png - (101.27KB , 800x511 , Say what again.png )
>note to self: make or have somepony make a pic about all of this
>note to self: plan a sabotage of said pair, possibly through missions that keep them separate
>note to self: make more muffins
>> No. 69072
File 132184565420.png - (383.39KB , 748x748 , Whaaaaaat?.png )
"Derp, why do you always pair me with Rainbitch? I thought you were a smart leader."
>> No. 69075
File 132184596556.png - (39.09KB , 176x161 , this amuses me.png )
because you two hate each other and won't find each other attractive
"Because she's not up to par with her actions right now, and you'd be a good choice to help her hone her skills."
>> No. 69080
File 132184631050.png - (94.70KB , 815x1025 , Not this shit again.png )
you're implying i find one of us attractive
"...Fair enough..."
>> No. 69085
File 132184679229.png - (95.04KB , 334x425 , Well___ hmm___.png )
Well just don't have sex, then
"Speaking of which, I think she's out in the courtyard."

If only we got that /rp/ thing to actually work out, would've been nice
>> No. 69089
File 132184714423.png - (273.99KB , 675x536 , Oh joy!.png )
I make no promises.
"Can I use the chloroform?"

Yeah, but then Sauce, whipping and sex.
>> No. 69090
File 132184740135.png - (65.30KB , 500x500 , Screw it all.png )
I'll make them for you
", then you can't teach her anything. I'd prefer if you don't hate each other too much."

And no, like an actual rp, not mindless shipping, damn it.
>> No. 69091
File 132184751729.png - (70.19KB , 942x942 , I am not amused.png )
You're not my mother.

The thread was pretty much created so Gunthor and Shy could ship.
>> No. 69117
File 132184971395.png - (792.80KB , 2000x2000 , alright, you did well.png )
Derp's as close to a mother as the assassins have. And what if I am?

"Now, run along and play nice!"

And the thing with Derp and Sauce, that was also a factor.
>> No. 69119
File 132184983229.png - (225.65KB , 1402x1317 , 131770384714.png )
>lol, watched threads list, you didn't work
>> No. 69123
File 132185000291.png - (150.66KB , 900x900 , DAFUQ.png )
We were created, not born.

"I can't promise nice."

That was like, one thing.
>> No. 69131
File 132185038388.png - (98.91KB , 454x418 , youve not won yet.png )
Stop using the logic that I used, damn it!

"Well, just stick to the regular rules, then. As long as one of you aren't dead, it'll probably be alright."

There were only two things!
>> No. 69133
File 132185068552.png - (500.56KB , 971x858 , The fuck?.png )
I barely use my own logic.


>> No. 69750
File 132192501269.png - (82.85KB , 802x510 , Bwob.png )
>> No. 69814
>> No. 78514
>> No. 78616
>pokes back
>> No. 78810
File 132321534370.png - (88.96KB , 318x325 , Derp-Tastes like Murder.png )
>> No. 78812

>> No. 78816
....Well I have no problem with that.
>> No. 79979
File 132356367658.png - (53.23KB , 518x168 , Remember.png )
Hey, you remember this poster?
>> No. 80003
>sheds a single, manly tear
>> No. 80017
File 132357354429.png - (181.20KB , 416x480 , watery eyed.png )
>> No. 82341
File 132425986669.png - (0.99MB , 1280x720 , Banner.png )
So, Winter break...

...MMA Season 2?
>> No. 82356
It's a good possibility, don't see why it wouldn't be.

If you can contact Baff, you should definitely talk to him about it, I'll be sure to mention it when I can.

Let's say... We'd be able to start it next week? Maybe have it as a five-day deal? Most will obviously be away on Sunday, so I think Monday should work?
>> No. 82360
Well, when Baff gets on, I'll ask.
>> No. 82448
File 132429462975.png - (169.91KB , 379x395 , KOThinking.png )
>Keeps a sharp eye on thread for updates.
>> No. 82506
"Alright Starky, be sure to use that other thread!"
>> No. 82648
We have another thread?
>> No. 82659
Well, yeah, though I don't get why you were so insistent on putting it in /rule34/

Oh yeah, the link.
>> No. 82660
The mods actually made this board?

>> No. 82664

But yeah, though you need an access code, otherwise it just sticks you with the fake 406 thing.

Send !!RD an email if you haven't gotten that code yet, you should have been able to get one.
>> No. 82665
Do I have to?
>> No. 82667
The real question is "do you want to?"

And for you that'd be a yes.
>> No. 82668
Is my mind really that corrupted?
>> No. 82670
>gives a "pony, please" look
>> No. 82672
Is that a yes?
>> No. 82673
>> No. 82674
>> No. 82685
File 132436018838.png - (83.37KB , 341x324 , evilfluttershyuhhwhat.png )
>> No. 82687
File 132436051048.png - (792.80KB , 2000x2000 , alright, you did well.png )
>> No. 82721
File 132436475833.png - (76.10KB , 400x300 , tumblr_lu7d5yWUcx1r1v4zs.png )
>> No. 82797
File 132439576324.png - (292.17KB , 1014x1187 , Faic!.png )
So, I assume the game continues then?

Or have you lot thrown in the towel?


*le flee.*
>> No. 82964
File 132444414074.gif - (570.52KB , 874x746 , Everyday I\'m Shoveling.gif )
>> No. 84029
Well, Starky, if you can grab this image before it 404's, then there's a group shot with the seven, just need to take out the words.

Oh, and I don't know if the game is going to work out for this coming week.
>> No. 84030

>> No. 84187
File 132483981299.png - (169.60KB , 1280x577 , You\'ll pay in blood.png )
>Clicks on Rarity's eyes for black.

>Entire face goes black.

>> No. 84219
File 132485463969.png - (320.50KB , 750x750 , My Little Murderers.png )
Doing the game or not, MMA was still my first Ponychan experience.

And I thank you all for that. Even if you never see this thread. (Frollo, Soldier.)

Merry Christmas.
>> No. 84248
No problem, man.

For me, it was the first thing that I really got into with the chan, had a lot of fun doing it.

Merry Christmas.
>> No. 86342
Hope everypony here had a great time for the holidays!

From our Assassin crew to you.
>> No. 87219
I can help with pic editing, send me in dem pics. I can give a go at drawing as well.
>> No. 87258

Sir, I love you, and will likely end up dumping pics here in the near future.

Do you happen to have an email that you'd be willing to use?
>> No. 88337
File 132640339881.png - (143.80KB , 569x745 , Assassin song.png )
Oh, the things I can find when I really look.
>> No. 88354
Say, what's the autosage limit here on /art/, anyways?
>> No. 88356
IT'S OVER 400 :3
>> No. 88408
File 132642794700.png - (98.42KB , 420x420 , You\'re putting what in my what?.png )
...My god...
>> No. 93071
Oh hey guys, looks like the thread's still alive. I wonde when it'll ever die, actually.
>> No. 93072
File 132830532103.png - (611.07KB , 1280x640 , Assassin Shipping 4.png )
It will die when we let it die.
>> No. 93199
Fuck I forgot
Yes I do
[email protected]
I use paint.NET so I cant do gradients but I'll try
>> No. 94999
File 132912284881.png - (155.36KB , 406x395 , KOTalkNormal.png )
Actually, Paint.Net can do gradients, just not as good as other programs.
>> No. 95021
File 132916344289.jpg - (19.35KB , 188x236 , Mac What.jpg )

it does?
>> No. 95029
File 132916520338.png - (91.14KB , 756x1057 , I am happy_.png )
Yeah, it does.
Pic related, there is gradients in Snows eyes. See 'em?
>> No. 95036
File 132916696172.png - (271.25KB , 857x933 , Rare Assassin - Cider.png )
AND BTW thats an old pic.
Im much better at editing now, though I dont use gradients.
For Frollo, I guess this here on.
He will be missed from the assassin team, but I should also congratulate him for becoming a teacher.
Gradients, watermark removed and the best I could do in 10 minutes.
>> No. 95042
File 132916753102.png - (163.84KB , 900x883 , Rare Assassin - But I was going to kill you!.png )
Have some d'aaw.
"But I was going to kill you! Why did you turn me into a foal!"
>> No. 95045
File 132916836281.jpg - (33.12KB , 252x216 , Agree.jpg )
Ah, some very nice work you've got there.

Much better than the things that I do, lol.
>> No. 95046
File 132916947635.png - (273.99KB , 675x536 , Oh joy!.png )
My god...

It's beautiful.
>> No. 95153
File 132921069779.png - (200.19KB , 883x905 , Bloodied Rarity Cloaked.png )
Thanks. Working on a new one now.. I need to find some pics.
I guess with a bit of editing this could pass off as an assassin with some editing.
>> No. 95154
deerp im asleep still.. basically
>> No. 95162
File 132921965609.png - (542.39KB , 1600x1821 , wet_mane_pinkie_pie_by_daviez20-d4hni9s.png )
Oooh dumping this here!
>> No. 95164
File 132922023816.png - (149.56KB , 597x1339 , Derp Assassin - HIIC.png )
>> No. 95165
File 132922095878.png - (155.59KB , 770x1038 , Dash Assassin - Yay.png )
How I'd love love love to murder again.
Anyway have some dash
Then Ill do shy and then apple
>> No. 95300
File 132929917153.png - (235.26KB , 894x679 , Dash Assassin - Oh God What Have You Done.png )
What the FUCK have you DONE?
>> No. 96519
File 133002392358.png - (93.62KB , 846x944 , BellPerin2.png )
this thread aint dieing on my watch
>> No. 99797
File 133238968667.jpg - (91.66KB , 943x943 , 130482005515.jpg )
/art/ just moves this slowly, doesn't it.
>> No. 99829
File 133241690265.png - (802.91KB , 4000x2871 , Aah!.png )
>> No. 103776
File 133563933196.png - (36.31KB , 157x176 , twiassassin frustrated.png )
>> No. 103777
File 133563963041.png - (158.63KB , 457x384 , I HAVE NO IDEA!.png )
>> No. 103778
File 133564204513.png - (216.63KB , 576x437 , 51d55b475cffaf3c56fb2b54f946a21d-d3hvux9.png )
I wonder if this is the oldest thread on the chan right now...

Possibly excluding /arch/, of course.
>> No. 103845
File 133568141642.png - (184.89KB , 507x482 , 016.png )
Nope. There's an achievement for it actually. And we don't have it.

>> No. 104626
File 133646434786.png - (155.36KB , 406x395 , KOTalkNormal.png )
Don't worry, we'll get it sooner or later.
>> No. 112061
File 134263524837.jpg - (231.63KB , 863x752 , It never ends!.jpg )
>> No. 113532
File 134392279467.png - (224.23KB , 1000x1000 , spiritshinegrin.png )
I love you, Lilly!
>> No. 114895
Several months have passed since my PC I used when this thing was first started has died, and yet this thing lives on.

I am shocked.
>> No. 124974
File 137422204436.jpg - (74.06KB , 858x981 , IHd8P.jpg )
>> No. 124975
Wow this is an old thread... You would figure this would 404 by now. No offense.

Last edited at Fri, Jul 19th, 2013 01:29

>> No. 124977
File 137422262658.jpg - (85.71KB , 469x800 , 1373438319101.jpg )
I'm never letting this thread die to torture Uber ♥
>> No. 124978
Idk who Uber is but I'm sure he or she is a nice person.
>> No. 124979
For the record, 97 more posts this thread will autosage
>> No. 124995
I said I'm doing shy and apple, and I will.
Oh have Uber or Starky or Baff or ANYONE been on recently?
>> No. 125076
File 137447464068.jpg - (182.21KB , 777x787 , 3638.jpg )

I hold only regret for this thread.

>> No. 125083
File 137448373063.jpg - (33.79KB , 500x335 , the fuck are you on about.jpg )
I have no idea what is going on.
>> No. 125929
File 137854674004.png - (145.12KB , 451x542 , WhatIsThisGIMP4thWallYouSpeakOf.png )
>Visit this place for the first time in over a year
>See this thread still around

Wow, 2 years is not enough to keep this thing down? Well played Ponychan, well played.
>> No. 126670
File 138322492271.gif - (1.96MB , 400x225 , YMKRvcJ.gif )
(was ts if you're wondering, made >>95036
>>95042 and such )
>> No. 127695
File 139560224255.png - (110.12KB , 500x500 , -hyperventilating-.png )
i'm going to make this last for three years /caresses thread gently
i'll come in with some art soon
>> No. 129476
File 142803265415.png - (51.51KB , 293x203 , WAHAHA.png )
4 years, bitches!
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