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File 131595491851.jpg - (769.70KB , 2338x1700 , final v2 changes.jpg )
43536 No. 43536
I made one a while ago but it's dissapeared into furthest pages.

Feel free to give any criticisms and critiques etc. I would really appreciate it.

My DA account is

I may also post one or two non-pony drawings that I've done.
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>> No. 43537
File 131595500821.jpg - (950.82KB , 1554x1428 , final (3).jpg )
I'll start from my earliest
>> No. 43538
File 131595510393.jpg - (421.04KB , 1564x1473 , derpy.jpg )
this was part of the other picture, but I just made it alot smaller
>> No. 43539
File 131595518950.jpg - (743.17KB , 1451x1293 , v1 jpg.jpg )
I was trying something out in this one. Didn't turn out aswell as I had hoped
>> No. 43540
File 131595528286.jpg - (896.60KB , 1231x1515 , lewis v2.jpg )
This was before ponies. It's the Yogscast
>> No. 43541
File 131595537252.jpg - (972.79KB , 1638x1141 , final.jpg )
there's something that doesn't make any sense at all in this picture. I didn't even notice it until recently
>> No. 43542
File 131595543819.jpg - (957.47KB , 1806x1085 , final wo words.jpg )
I hate drawing grass and I got lazy
>> No. 43543
File 131595551980.jpg - (1.28MB , 1590x1654 , riots.jpg )
Was trying to be more cartoony in this one. Didn't turn out too well
>> No. 43544
File 131595564696.jpg - (1.17MB , 1634x2002 , david and the giant HR.jpg )
David Vs the green giant

Non-pony but it has a sheep in it
>> No. 43546
File 131595575230.jpg - (900.59KB , 994x1745 , COMIC FINAL V2.jpg )
Before this there was the banana luna one.
That's all the drawings that I've ever done on photoshop so far.
This is Yogscast btw
>> No. 43547
File 131595583005.jpg - (391.40KB , 1368x570 , 12027373.jpg )
There was this, a promo for a story I wrote. This drawings not good though
>> No. 43549
File 131595654054.jpg - (7.04KB , 223x226 , images (1).jpg )
Looks great, just RBD'S Muzzle is alittle square.
>> No. 43554
I was trying out a new style. Didn't work though.
>> No. 43665
File 131598162681.jpg - (159.38KB , 719x710 , 1314346651943.jpg )
> this picture...
>> No. 43733
is that good or bad. I can't tell
>> No. 43783
I find this picture rather hilarious and kind of creepy at the same time.
But I like it. Count it as good :3
>> No. 43803
File 131603615029.jpg - (75.59KB , 596x405 , oh.jpg )
it was supposed to be a design for but it got declined for pretty obvious reasons
>> No. 45227
File 131635475941.jpg - (1.04MB , 1871x1023 , promo jpg.jpg )
This was a request for a story that has been written by lightsideluc. These are death scenes from his story that he's written and all put here together.
It can be found here

His Da account

It's a good and funny story
>> No. 46214
File 131661945504.jpg - (472.58KB , 692x901 , version 3 final.jpg )
Here was another request for an author called Jrakob
>> No. 47676
File 131698733620.jpg - (0.98MB , 1363x1477 , final v1 jpg.jpg )
My latest drawing
>> No. 49527
File 131751887089.jpg - (436.22KB , 1071x647 , final v1.jpg )
The ultimate shipping??
>> No. 51820
File 131827908347.jpg - (472.52KB , 924x1128 , 2 bits.jpg )
2 panels of a 18 page comic that I'm doing ( these 2 parts are still WIP)
>> No. 54113
File 131888501270.jpg - (128.42KB , 908x576 , comic promo.jpg )
18 panel comic that I just did. Too big to fit onto here so you'll have to follow the link.
What do you think?
>> No. 60517
File 132037413092.jpg - (1.02MB , 845x1741 , final.jpg )
a surprise
>> No. 60518
File 132037418827.jpg - (1.91MB , 3740x1380 , final v1.jpg )
1000 years' war
>> No. 60931

:O That's cool
>> No. 79916
File 132354806040.jpg - (796.94KB , 2278x1420 , v2 colour.jpg )
Just putting this here to keep this thread intact
WIP of non-pony thing
>> No. 88025
File 132630374818.jpg - (257.08KB , 807x805 , apple rabbit.jpg )
Applebloom in a rabbit costume
>> No. 92266
File 132779662477.jpg - (205.63KB , 784x617 , peg jpg.jpg )
>> No. 96960
Would anypony want to give any criticism on any of these? They are a bit out of date but any help would be useful
>> No. 97530
File 133065853362.jpg - (1.16MB , 1610x1169 , final v2 with sig.jpg )
not pony but still art
>> No. 104572
File 133642600658.jpg - (472.61KB , 1179x713 , v11.jpg )
I'm starting a Mass Effect/pony tumblr and this is going to be the display picture, for the time being.
This drawing isn't finished yet (still have to add the lighting onto her face, but it's getting there)

For anypony who is interested -
>> No. 104847
File 133667100000.jpg - (476.93KB , 1179x713 , FINAL.jpg )
Final version
>> No. 105721
I'll probably post most of the updates here, but also to the tumblr story blog thing.
>> No. 105723
Very cool. I'm not really a fan of crossovers or sci-fi MLP, but i bet this will be worth following just for the art.

As a disclaimer before anypony gets flank-hurt over the above: Yes, I know there's a difference between what I like, and what is good. Carry on.

PS: >>96960
Critique is kind of my thing, so I'll be sure to remember that you're looking for some Unless this is no longer the case, seeing as how it was posted three months ago.
>> No. 105784
Critiques are always welcome for old or new stuff. So if you feel like giving some criticism then go ahead. :)
>> No. 106603
File 133808108164.gif - (456.43KB , 2338x1700 , panel 2 animation.gif )
Will be animated later. Seeing what it looks like online
>> No. 107176
Taking a bit longer than I thought for the first updates because of exams and the colouring style but I'm still doing it in any free time that I have.
>> No. 110030
File 134075043469.gif - (201.72KB , 1000x326 , p8-v2.gif )
Testing out gifs
>> No. 110031
If anypony has any ideas about what they would like to see in a Mass Effect / MLP crossover feel free to say.

Or if you have any questions about how I'm planning to do things.
>> No. 110032
Last thing:

If somepony sends me a message on tumblr and they have an OC that isn't too extreme, then I will probably use them as background characters because it's unlikely that I'll be able to think of good characters to put in background scenes.

Or if they give some feedback here or something like that.

>> No. 110068

Is it going to be based on the trilogy, or just one specific game? Sounds interesting either way.
>> No. 110176
It's going to be based on the trilogy but it won't follow it step for step. So it will have a similar theme to the trilogy but hopefully be different enough to be interesting.
>> No. 112431
File 134289964722.jpg - (620.37KB , 1656x1146 , pg 5 final.jpg )
Panel 5, just posting this to make sure this thread does't get deleted
>> No. 112460
Feedback always appreciated, even if it's just something like, "I like it."
>> No. 112479
This image would make sense if I probably saw the other panels. There's a few things that look off in the values but nothing huge that would be distracting. The only thing I would remotely change would be the posture of the the dragon/spike?. I would bent his arm a little bit more just so it looks like he is typing, which I assume is what you're trying to get him to do. There are a couple of weird things about the image but this is me just nitpicking now. For starters, I don't know what that object is that's close to me, but it can probably be made out from the previous panels. I'm not sure how one would use that computer that's close to us without it being extremely awkward position. I >think I see a shoe and yet, the floor is sloping very steeply. Also, that light on the floor, I would dim it down a bit so that it wouldn't be a strong light source, but it would be a light you can see. Identical to the type of lights you would see in a movie theater. They aren't bright, but they are bright enough to see that this is a walkway.

Also, something I just realized. The light on that dragon I'm going to call spike is too harsh. From the rest of the picture, there seems to be a lot of ambient light. Even the desk and computer that have no light source on it is still pretty bright. I would either increase the brightness of that computer or decrease the shadows on him.

and here i said i wouldn't do large paragraphs and here i am writing all this out.
>> No. 112856
File 134318317522.jpg - (312.75KB , 652x884 , face.jpg )
Thanks for the advice. I'll try to change what I can, and the thing at the front is an armoured leg.
There are definetly things that I need to improve and that's one of the main reasons that I'm doing this.

Thanks :)
>> No. 112861
File 134318384034.jpg - (588.15KB , 986x841 , panel 6.jpg )
Another panel.

Definetly learned a few things from this, was practice for perspective.
Also Twi's cheeks look a bit chubby, or is that just me?
>> No. 112862
File 134318388159.jpg - (635.60KB , 2338x1174 , P2.jpg )
>> No. 112867
The thing that strikes me first is that the nostrils aren't level.
When placing nostrils, draw them at the same angle as the horisontal centerline of the head aka the line you place the eyes on.

So if the eyes are placed on a perfectly horisontal line, the nostrils should be placed on a perfectly horisontal line as well.
>> No. 112868
Also, eye highlights would help. =)
>> No. 112869

Thanks, I didn't really notice that the nostrils were a bit odd.
Btw do you mean an outline on the iris or one of the whole eye?
>> No. 112875
File 134319116294.jpg - (32.05KB , 600x537 , closeupeye-1.jpg )
I mean the white highlights in eyes. They add a lot of dimension and life.
>> No. 112959
Oh yeh. Thanks I'll try to add them without it looking weird.
>> No. 112973
First update.

I tried to add in what I could
>> No. 113052

Looks good
>> No. 113397
File 134368756911.jpg - (575.31KB , 986x841 , panel 7.jpg )
Does anyone know any Mass Effect memes besides

Shepard. Wrex
I should go
creepy rape face
We'll bang okay?
>> No. 113406
File 134368975820.png - (139.78KB , 397x454 , 33.png )

Mass Effect Nerd MODE!

Harbinger with his soft core innuendos, "this hurts you" etc.

Assuming direct control.

Your classic RGB puns nonsense of the endings, including recoloring the endings.

And starchild theories.

Those are all the original ones I can think of right now.
>> No. 113503

Thanks for those. Never noticed the innuendos before. I'll include them :)
Also assuming direct control, forgot that one

>> No. 113601
File 134402449510.jpg - (527.13KB , 1476x864 , panel 1.jpg )
Anyone got any advice for this one?
Btw her hair is a bit off nearer the bottom because of a collar from something she is wearing (you can see if from different angles in other shots)
>> No. 113602
Besides from the text being massive
>> No. 113626
The shading doesn't really imply a 3D shape. It looks more like a flat surface with grooves or indentations.

The hair drifts straight sideways. In the show, it flows in a generally downward angle. Even setting aside show accuracy, it looks blocky and static.

The engraving on both sides of her collar is highlighted, which looks unnatural.
>> No. 113653

Thanks for the feedback. The 3d aspect is something that I'll have to work on for all of my drawings.
The hair is something that I didn't realise actually flowed slightly downwards and the collar bits should be engraved and not as they are.

Thanks :)

>> No. 114580
File 134533084270.jpg - (591.34KB , 1493x1013 , panel 3.jpg )
Any thoughts? There's a few things that I did mess up in this, well I think so.
>> No. 114582

Twilight's snout area looks a little weird to me. Not sure how to place it. I'm never too good with this type of thing.

Is this a new style you're trying or...?
I hope you don't take it the wrong way, either. I'm just curious.
>> No. 114585
File 134533346403.png - (223.03KB , 1400x1400 , 131612267258.png )

No offense taken. That is one of things that I didn't do as well as I wanted to. It was a practice for perspective, that's why it looks different.

Thanks for the info. I'll try to improve it for next time.
>> No. 114586

I'll be looking to see more! :) From what some others a long time ago have been saying (and some do now).. "Practice makes perfect."
>> No. 114714
File 134557913660.jpg - (579.77KB , 1235x969 , panel 12.jpg )
A panel from recent update
>> No. 114724
File 134559730356.jpg - (643.85KB , 1600x1474 , template.jpg )
Template for future codex entries.

The secondary or primary tabs will fade out depending on what's being looked at.

Text will go in that big space

Anything that you think I should change?
>> No. 114785
File 134569785638.jpg - (956.46KB , 1600x1474 , HARMONY.jpg )
With text
>> No. 115283
File 134647307053.jpg - (1.05MB , 2315x1673 , v5.jpg )
Fan art.
Just keeping this page alive
>> No. 116177
File 134836164157.jpg - (1.23MB , 2315x1673 , FINAL V1.jpg )

fan art of Rouge
>> No. 117215
File 135041194518.jpg - (619.11KB , 2279x1575 , v1.jpg )
WIP of panel 1 of next update.
Will be animated
>> No. 117953
File 135232759493.gif - (216.40KB , 500x346 , p1.gif )
Animation. May make it a bit smoother if the file size limit on tumblr lets me, but I quite like it like this.
>> No. 118182
File 135290543636.jpg - (1.58MB , 2279x1575 , p2.jpg )
big version, non-animated
>> No. 119086
File 135493030474.jpg - (1.44MB , 2283x1500 , v2.jpg )
>> No. 120150
Took me a while to see the ship in the corner
>> No. 120160
It could be my perception, but it seems like Twilight's horn is just a little out of place. Either that or the curvature of the helmet is a little off. Notice how that on the far side, the helmet doesn't seem to follow the curve over her head, and it looks like she's looking at a strange angle, while the horn is still pointing forwards. In other words; it looks like the horn is coming out of the right side of her head.
>> No. 120234
Yeh I had notice that, although I did notice it a bit late. I'm going have to try and fix that in photoshop somehow.

Thanks for that
>> No. 120486
>> No. 121069
Just bumping so this doesn't get deleted
>> No. 122313
File 136513119533.jpg - (368.61KB , 1132x788 , griffin head model 1 - reaper.jpg )
Griffin reaper concept. Can't think of a name for this type of enemy though
>> No. 122314
File 136513130986.jpg - (368.91KB , 881x686 , Reaper.jpg )
I approve of this

>> No. 122315
Thank you Sovereign, much appreciated
>> No. 122316
You are most welcome rudimentary creature of blood and flesh.
>> No. 122827
File 136711500233.jpg - (175.11KB , 670x581 , Seeker-reaper_griffin.jpg )
Finished version
>> No. 122830
File 136712147653.png - (158.08KB , 512x256 , Codex_Harbinger.png )
>> No. 123330
File 136907755638.jpg - (635.65KB , 1920x1272 , three-toed-sloth-puerto-viejo-jaguar-rescue-center1.jpg )
just bumping to keep it alive
>> No. 124307
File 137194676372.jpg - (1.26MB , 2283x1500 , final v1.jpg )
Probably finished this one
>> No. 124308
"Enemies everywhere!"

"Hold the line!"

"I will destroy you!"
>> No. 124491
File 137255108580.jpg - (933.56KB , 2214x1565 , p5.jpg )
Random panel

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 17:12

>> No. 124492
"This pistol doesn't have a thermal clip..."

>> No. 124493
Don't think I'll be doing thermal clips in this. :)
>> No. 124494
I know, making ME quotes is just my way of telling you good job.

After all I am an extragalactic scourge on all organic life. Well... My real name is Al as well...

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 17:44

>> No. 124498
Thanks and yeah thought so Sovereign :)
>> No. 125432
File 137558176100.jpg - (1.33MB , 2241x1611 , p6.jpg )
Finally did an update
and just posting this here to keep this alive
>> No. 125710
File 137704728204.gif - (224.86KB , 500x418 , gif-v3.gif )
>> No. 125714
>> No. 125836
File 137774091373.gif - (289.26KB , 500x418 , p3-v2.gif )
Good choice
>> No. 126080
File 137950524366.jpg - (385.51KB , 1556x1759 , actual design v2.jpg )
Just bumping with random art to keep this alive
>> No. 126560
File 138197096284.jpg - (622.65KB , 2338x1700 , Scan0005.jpg )
Just keeping this alive for the time being
>> No. 126561
File 138197103158.jpg - (528.44KB , 2338x1700 , Scan0007.jpg )
>> No. 126849
File 138608301269.jpg - (2.22MB , 1718x2249 , FINAL V2.jpg )
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