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File 132315918468.png - (179.61KB , 526x526 , lovesong2.png )
78579 No. 78579
Hi everypony, I've been drawing lots of ponies lately and also made some OCs, so I thought I'd make a thread and see what you guys think of my stuff!

Right now I'm trying to come up with a better cutie mark for this pony - it's very similar to my other pony's and I'm not sure how much I like it. This girl's name is Love Song and she writes romance novels, so I'm definitely going for a mark that has something to do with hearts. Was thinking perhaps a heart with a quill?

I'm a bit embarrassed to post her and her sister because of their hoof markings...I don't like to stray from canon too much but I simply couldn't resist adding that little touch to them. I've thought that maybe they just dye their coats, but I'm not sure that makes them any less like stupid special snowflake ponies :(
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>> No. 78580
File 132315937787.png - (248.09KB , 456x500 , candycolor2.png )

And her twin sister, Candy Hearts.
>> No. 78583
File 132315956653.png - (706.00KB , 700x404 , cutoutponies.png )
And this is my last of silly OC doodles. I'm really fond of coloring with copic markers and making little pony cutouts - the white one is another pony of mine, Flicker, and the blue is my friend's pony. And then the yellow is Fluttershy of course! She wasn't really a part of the original sketch, which was just the OC ponies, but then later I doodled her and decided I might as well get them all in one picture.
>> No. 78585
File 132315968612.png - (936.31KB , 500x800 , flutterfinal.png )
Last but not least, here'sanother Fluttershy cutout. I'm pretty happy with it even if I'm horrible at symmetry...I had a lot of fun coloring her! I haven't been able to take a new picture yet, but I trimmed her up a bit and now she has less icky white spots that didn't get cut out.
>> No. 78586
File 132315971211.jpg - (33.54KB , 500x500 , that's_not_friendship_rarity.jpg )
>mine countenance whereupon girl instead of filly

This pony is adorable! I'd love to see her sister. I think the hoof markings are cute. I don't get a 'stupid special snowflake' vibe at all. She def still looks like a pony who could appear in the show. As for the cutie mark, heart with a quill sounds awesome. I don't hate the hearts, but they are a little generic.
>> No. 78587
too cute, thanks for sharing! please continue to share here, i cant wait to see more :)

also there's a pony themed stream talking about copic markers right now if you're interested, its here:
>> No. 78589

ahaha oh gosh, I'll be the first to admit that my pony vocabulary is...spotty, at best. But thank you so much, I really worry about going overboard with pony designs so I'm glad to know somepony finds them acceptable!


Thank you for the comment and the link, I'll be sure to post up any more ponies I draw! I've only just started working with markers so I love to get advice from people who are more experienced with them <3
>> No. 78594
he just finished actually ^^; the video will be archived though! Do you take requests, or maybe trades?
>> No. 78597

I'll be sure to check it out later then, when I'm not getting ready to go to bed! I can't guarantee that they'll all get done, but I don't mind if you or anypony else has some requests they'd like to post. I'm running low on ideas lately so right now is actually a great time to ask C:
>> No. 78598
How about something with rarity making pony clothes for somepony? :)
>> No. 78601

I've been putting off trying to draw Rarity because the thought of drawing her mane makes me cry a little, but she is my favorite pony so I'll give this a shot! I'm off for now, but I'll see what I can do tomorrow! If you think of a specific pony you'd like to see her making the clothes for just let me know~
>> No. 78603
Pinkie pie would be wonderful, but if she's too chaotic, Applejack!
>> No. 78865
File 132322536052.png - (280.17KB , 700x372 , pinkieraritycolor.png )
Here's Pinkie and Rarity! Sorry the coloring's a bit sloppy, I don't have my tablet with me. I'd have made cutouts of them but I don't have enough marker colors to work with yet :c
>> No. 79001
File 132325512352.jpg - (29.09KB , 307x315 , 131868596629.jpg )
Aww, I love your style! Especially those Fluttershies! (In >>78583, so pouty~, any chance of a larger scan of just her?)

For a cutie mark, maybe a heart-shaped ink jar with a quill in it?
>> No. 79040

Hee, thank you so much! The pouty Fluttershy is pretty tiny and my scanner tends to kill my marker stuff, but I'll see what I can do about a larger version later today :) and I really like that idea for a cutie mark, I'll have to try that out!
>> No. 79046
File 132327613968.png - (19.71KB , 508x437 , love song.png )
Love Song, you say?
Have an idea.
>> No. 79209
File 132331083755.png - (14.84KB , 569x490 , lovesongcutiemark.png )

That is super cute!! And very tempting, but I've already decided on the quill and ink jar...basically something like this.
>> No. 79820
File 132351472776.png - (842.27KB , 576x600 , fluttersketch.png )
Drawing more Fluttershy! I always have so much fun with her mane and tail...going to color soon.

And I was curious if anypony here would be interested in commissions for these pony cutouts? I don't think I have a wide enough selection of markers to be able to take many requests right now, but I love making these and thought I'd see if anypony would like to buy them when I have more colors to work with.
>> No. 79841
>> No. 81736
File 132409365794.png - (437.12KB , 400x435 , flutterblargh.png )
Almost done with that Fluttershy I posted before, it took me a while because I completely lost my motivation when I dropped my marker in the middle of coloring :l I tried to turn the splotches on the body into petals, then added more around her...not entirely pleased with them and I'm so angry at myself for being so clumsy, but I guess I'll just have to be more careful next time. I'd like to cut it out eventually like I planned, but I'm in no mood to cut out all those little petals and gluing it all onto something pretty.
>> No. 81765
File 132409844331.png - (2.14MB , 1015x1013 , FancyOMGOSH.png )
Omg that is so CUTE
and colored so well
>> No. 81782

Aw, thanks! I really love coloring with these markers haha <3 It doesn't show up very well there, even my phone has been making my coloring look really faint or gross. No winning with any of these gadgets!
>> No. 81835
> I'm a bit embarrassed to post her
but why, those are quite cute and I love them. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

I have question tho - you draw OCs only? because I would love to see some canon characters in "your style", like Princess Celestia (or, well, Luna). Fluttershy -- >>81736 -- turned out amazing :3
>> No. 82049

I just worry about breaking canon too much, or that people might think my OCs are mary-sue ;n; It's a big relief to me that you guys like them!

I haven't drawn many canon ponies aside from Fluttershy, but I hope to draw more of the others soon once I have the right markers. Celestia and Luna are some of my favorite ponies though, so I'll start practicing with them soon :D
>> No. 82068
File 132417353191.jpg - (38.31KB , 170x213 , 1324164194319.jpg )
> have the right markers. Celestia and Luna are some of my favorite ponies though, so I'll start practicing with them soon :D

can't wait to see sun princess :3
>> No. 82345
File 132426029484.png - (148.00KB , 850x730 , lovesongpegasus.png )
I hope this brony doesn't mind that I'm posting this here, since it's basically a redrawn version of his sketch >>81700

For some reason I was really inspired by it - I usually don't do a lot of refined digital art. I couldn't think of a color scheme so I turned the pony into Love Song so I could test out her new cutie mark, and because she so badly wishes to fly. She'd gladly trade her horn for a pair of wings! And just now I realize I've reversed her tail pattern on accident...woops.
>> No. 82867
Hey, It's my pony redrawn! I like what you did with it! Very creative! I'm happy you where inspired by it! XD
>> No. 82872
how much do i love this thread?

so much.
>> No. 82889
File 132442383803.png - (531.52KB , 500x422 , ponycomish.png )
Pff, you are all too kind ;A; <3

And here we have a commission I finished last night! I'm not as pleased with the finished product as I was with the sketch, but I suppose that's just what happens when I get the bright idea to finish something while zoning out on sleeping pills.
>> No. 85047
File 132513561650.png - (722.40KB , 500x605 , flutterfloat.png )
and by 'practicing with celestia' I actually mean 'draw more fluttershy'

she's just so much fun to colorrr...
>> No. 85065
File 132513947260.png - (302.41KB , 600x456 , flutterstomp.png )
SURPRISE I drew more fluttershy

I'm trying to get one of my friends to post her art here on ponychan because she is amazing, but she's being silly and shy. So this happened. But seriously she is a fantastic artist and also the one who inspired me to start working with markers, so I was hoping somepony here could help me encourage her to post her art? Maybe with a bit more eloquence than Fluttershy here :(

(also my scanner killed this)
>> No. 85305
File 132522223734.png - (588.35KB , 500x550 , flutterfloatlines.png )
Liked now the lines came out, sooo uploading another fluttershy wip. My ultimate goal in life is now to make enough of these to pretty much cover an entire room in them. And just have an enormous collage of ponies all over the walls.
>> No. 85340

Damn dude, you have extremely clean linework. How do you sketch with that much pressure that cleanly?
>> No. 85352

why thank you! I've got crazy shaky hands so it's always a bit nerve wracking to make clean lines. It doesn't actually take too much pressure to make them since I use a micron pen, but sometimes extra pressure helps keep my hand steady. I make the final lines clean as possible by turning my page around a lot to make sure I'm going over all my curves at a comfortable angle, and also a good bit of luck. Lots of luck. I've only started inking my pencil sketches for a few weeks now because I've always been afraid of screwing them up.
>> No. 91328
File 132736733508.png - (749.46KB , 500x603 , mousecutout.png )
Been a while since I posted anything here! I got some new markers and I'm hoping to draw Rarity soon, but for now I just doodled up my...uh, ponysona, I suppose. Her cutie mark is a Z because my special talent is sleeping forever and generally being lazy and worthless. Obviously I am best pony.

Lost my phone and had to get a new one, and unfortunately this new one takes god awful pictures...despite being a newer model :l ugh.

Buuut if anypony's interested, I'm still up for doing requests!
>> No. 91329
File 132736785632.png - (124.38KB , 992x1094 , Canyum standard LOUDNESS by Mellowbloom.png )
That IS a neat special talent, who knows when the universe will need somepony to specifically pass out and be lazy.


I don't suppose you could try a shot at Earbud here, could you? How about something related to his special talent? (Which is being extremely LOUD. Sound manipulation, etc).

That would be so ace.
>> No. 91331

people scoff at me now, but someday I WILL save the world by sleeping.

I actually just got myself some nice green markers the other day, so this will be the perfect opportunity to try them out! I'll definitely see what I can do~
>> No. 91332
File 132736935946.png - (293.74KB , 600x364 , earbudwip.png )

How's this so far? I wasn't sure what to do with the hooves so I defaulted to more 'male' hooves, but I can change that no problem! Wasn't exactly sure how to go about the sound thing, but if you have a better idea I'd be glad to do something other than the little...shout thingy
>> No. 91334
File 132737003703.jpg - (417.98KB , 3480x2550 , Canyum Voice augmentation spell by.jpg )
His hooves aren't like those of a stallion, he has regular hooves.

And you got the right direction in what you're doing!
>> No. 91336
File 132737065235.png - (57.13KB , 330x401 , Darkly Big SMile by Milky Twilight.png )

I'd love to see how you take a shot at Darkly here in your style.

Here's a ref:

Maybe him wearing his goggles ( and giving a smirk. (He had just finished a big project.)

You can do it if you want. If not, it's okay.
I'm liking your style of arts here.
>> No. 91351
File 132737593104.png - (628.30KB , 600x486 , earbudcutout.png )

Here we go, all finished! :D Turns out my scanner actually likes green and will scan it without killing everything. The little yell thing fell a bit out of its proper position, was hard to get it to sit still while I put the sketchbook on top of the pieces to get a better scan. If you or anypony else who requests these wants, I can try to mail them sometime if you live in the US if you'd be ok with e-mailing me your address. But it's understandable if you'd rather not :P


I'll give this guy a shot, but unfortunately I don't have any colors that match might end up with a black and white one unless you want me to just use my blue marker for him.
>> No. 91352
File 132737616550.png - (44.08KB , 391x400 , Darkly by Azure Spark.png )

Ah, so it's not digital? Hmm..

I'm sure that would be just fine. His coat is sort of a navy blue as it is, or that's how it was described. Then of course the purple for the mane ;3
>> No. 91361
File 132737724495.png - (243.47KB , 1167x1261 , Canyum LOUD beautifulness by ManateeMcKenzie.png )
Whoah! I like this! It rocks my socks off and everything! And I do currently live in the U.S.

We could arrange something, just hit me up on the e-mail!
>> No. 94327
nice art here
>> No. 101521
File 133369725149.png - (56.95KB , 340x200 , flaritysize.png )
Oops, I kinda let my thread rot again - I'm not very good at keeping things updated. I want to do more digital ponies, so I doodled this up as practice! I'm not especially proud of it but I've been meaning to draw these two together for a long time and I'm happy to have finally done so!
>> No. 101539
File 133372088229.png - (122.91KB , 445x381 , celestiadoodle.png )
couldn't sleep

drew celestia (best pony)

tired now
>> No. 101629
File 133378551676.png - (44.86KB , 300x300 , celtwi.png )
More Celestia, this time with Twilight! Ponies are kinda hard for me to draw digitally, bleh.
>> No. 101997
File 133405347699.png - (47.97KB , 400x400 , dashflats2.png )
My first attempt at rainbow dash! I really, really, really hate coloring rainbows...not looking forward to shading this.
>> No. 101999
Are you sure. It's looking pretty good so far. You'll get the hang of it. :)
>> No. 102029
This is looking awesome!
I'm all sorts of in love with your style, and I can't help but say I'd love to get a request, too...
Bah, this pony style is MUCH better than of one I know quite well and I really like it!
Keep posting mooore~.
>> No. 102050
File 133410728862.png - (132.76KB , 450x450 , thatsnicefinal.png )

Aw, thank you so much! You're too kind ;w; If you've got a request please feel free to ask!

Doodled up more Fluttershy to procrastinate on shading Dash, oops.
>> No. 102056
File 133410830925.png - (152.59KB , 570x636 , Royal Loyal 1b.png )
Oh! Is it possible to request a drawing of my pony and my boyfriend's?
Just out of curiosity...

Also that Fluttershy~~. So cute!
>> No. 102057
File 133410837462.png - (124.20KB , 506x510 , BladestheBruinspony.png )
And my boyfriends' pony, the uh.. Blades the Bruins pony (His love of the Bruins... Oh dear..)
>> No. 102058
File 133410850579.jpg - (37.77KB , 541x960 , cutiemarkpins.jpg )
Also, I'd totally do a little exchange with you for your efforts!

>Cutie mark pin example, go!
>> No. 102059
File 133410857320.png - (144.85KB , 901x839 , happysix.png )
>mine countenance whereupon this thread

>If you've got a request please feel free to ask!

Could you take a shot at Six here? His other eye is black (with a white pupil).

Your art is great! I think I'll have to stalk this thread.
>> No. 102062
File 133410872486.jpg - (537.57KB , 3507x2480 , oh hai there by silver dust.jpg )

Holy crap, those pins are cute!
>> No. 102063
That they are. That they are.
I'm finishing up the ones I gave away for free in my giveaway thread, since school is.. a pain.
>> No. 102064
Holy christ he's adorable by the way, I just clicked the picture. Really cute!
Also kind of awesome.
>> No. 102102
File 133412200696.png - (795.37KB , 3000x3000 , such a six by nettles.png )
Thank you! He's a sweet sort of thing. I'm glad somepony thinks he's cute ^_^
>> No. 102103
I do like his cutiemark.
So what's his story?
>> No. 102131
File 133416904901.png - (61.21KB , 442x706 , tiniest six.png )

He's a pegasus who needed his wings amputated after he got into a fight in his youth. He isn't as agile as other pegasi because his wings are prosthetic, but he still does his work arranging clouds and executing weather patterns.

His cutie mark is the Japanese Six Mon, which were usually worn by samurai and warlords to prove that they were not afraid of dying. It's Six's mark to show his courage and level-head in dangerous situations.
>> No. 102267
Heh, that's pretty interesting! Royal Loyal here is a queen's chess piece, for her loyalty to the 'king,' and her strategic mindset. She's pretty nice but she can be vengeance on hooves if somepony hurts those she cares for.
The Queen is the strongest piece anyway.

>Hugs the adorable pegasus pony!
>> No. 102287
File 133429601194.png - (132.52KB , 671x1000 , 131379028054.png )
>hugs back

I'm so glad people like him. He's so fun to work with.
>> No. 102498
Just popping in to let you guys know I didn't forget my thread again :P Working on requests~
>> No. 102500
Just popping in to let you guys know I didn't forget my thread again :P Working on requests~
>> No. 102521
File 133455174107.png - (154.57KB , 800x600 , reqwip.png )
Just a wip...definitely gonna have to fix the unicorn's back legs, she's giving me all sorts of trouble for some reason.

And I dunno how that half-hour apart double post happened, woops.
>> No. 102522
File 133455241634.png - (130.72KB , 1024x1280 , Darkly Happy by Silver Dust.png )

It looks so cute. Can't wait to see the finished version! :)
>> No. 102524
File 133455290503.png - (266.79KB , 600x900 , sleepypinkie.png )

Thanks! ;v;

Here's yet another sketch I've been working on, but I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it. I'd love to line it and color it up all nice but I feel like I can't really pull off what I'm going for, especially since I'm so awful with backgrounds :l
>> No. 102526
File 133455410444.png - (114.81KB , 1200x875 , Cinder Flare colored.png )
If you're still doing requests, could you take a shot at my OC?
>Cinder Flare

She's a freelancing mailmare, travels all over Equestria doing odd jobs here and there, and here special talent is that she never breaks a promise or tells somepony else's secret.
>> No. 102544
File 133458311126.png - (352.21KB , 600x600 , morning_tea_by_scervo-d4wev5x.png )
Is this finished? Bigger resolution, please? :3

That's adorable, definitely needs to be finished (I hope first one isn't shipping >_>).

Dunno what to do with pinkie, the composition setup currently a bit empty and dull. If you don't ant to expand canvas, then may be surround Pinkie with some objects and knickknacks, that would be the ones which can catch her attention bu then she got bored with them (so now they are lying around)?
>> No. 102597
First Celestia finished as it will be! I'm glad you like it ;v; I'll see what I can do about making it bigger, any specific dimensions you're looking for?
Twi and Celestia I just doodled because I think they're adorable - doodle could be shipping, could be casual noseboops, whatever anypony wants to see it as :P

And thanks for the input on pinkie! I do plan to add lots more clutter, but part of the reason I gave up on it for now was because the perspective was giving me trouble, but I've got a few more ideas in mind before I give up completely~
>> No. 102697
Dunno, just... bigger? I can do simple resize too, but in this case it will be interpolated/scaled, which sucks. How big is the original?
>> No. 102705

That one IS the original :P I tend to zoom in a lot and end up drawing pretty small haha...
>> No. 102706

That one IS the original :P I tend to zoom in a lot and end up drawing pretty small haha...
>> No. 102707

That one IS the original :P I tend to zoom in a lot and end up drawing pretty small haha...
>> No. 102712
File 133469452308.png - (169.49KB , 600x700 , adoptsexamps.png )
fml sorry for all the double(triple, quadruple, etc...) posting my internet is being awful.

anyway, another thing I'm working on. Made myself a base for adoptables - gonna be selling some designs/customs over on FA, and doing some requests here once I get my current ones out of the way!

And speaking of FA, I've got an account there for all my pony stuff if anypony feels like checking it out:

For those of you wondering - yes, it's an entirely worksafe gallery and I plan to keep it that way! C:
>> No. 102738
Omg, they're adorable!
I love them.

Seriously, I love this~. That is adorable. Haha, whenever I do try to draw ponies.. the back legs are such an annoyance! D: I don't know why!
My apologies for her being a pain.
>> No. 102740
Omg, they're adorable!
I love them.

Seriously, I love this~. That is adorable. Haha, whenever I do try to draw ponies.. the back legs are such an annoyance! D: I don't know why!
My apologies for her being a pain.
>> No. 102783
Aww, okay.
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