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File 132410074804.png - (1.33MB , 2550x3480 , Dashkick.png )
81776 No. 81776
Hey there, everypony. I'm back and ready to take some more light requests. I've been detached from the internet for some time and haven't made any pony art lately, so ideas are always more than welcome.

Also, I'm open for commissions, just in case anypony feels like feeding a starving artist. Plus, enough commissions and I might finally be able to get a tablet.

Anyway, here's Rainbow Dash kicking a nazi raptor in the face. Enjoy.
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>> No. 81777
File 132410081447.jpg - (58.45KB , 722x570 , Laurasqee.jpg )
^-^/ welcome back.
>> No. 81778

Why thankya! It's good to be back. :3
Lost count of how many tries it took me to get this thread made, beeteedub.
>> No. 81779
File 132410121833.jpg - (123.99KB , 945x945 , Laura.jpg )
Really? Well I'm glad this one got put up at least What happened to the others?
>> No. 81780

I've been sitting here trying to post this same thread for the last half hour, kept getting an error of some sort. No big deal now that it went through, I suppose.
>> No. 81783
File 132410213264.png - (124.38KB , 992x1094 , Canyum standard LOUDNESS by Mellowbloom.png )
That happens sometimes. And the image processing errors, those are a huge pain.
>Light requests

I'm not sure... But can do doodle green-o here using his voice augmentation spell? Just his horn glowing and sound waves coming out of his mouth? Does that count as "light"?
>> No. 81787

Yeah, sounds like something I can tackle tomorrow or tonight if I don't get to sleep.
>> No. 81789

Hm, using it how exactly?
Specifics on pose, I suppose. I'll try to tackle this before going to sleep.
>> No. 81790
File 132410365217.png - (115.08KB , 720x480 , Canyum feedback spell by Shinobi Ferret.png )
A pose not un-like this one I guess; He's shrieking, as in... Shouting, and the sound waves are visible, his horn glows, etc.

That works, bro?
>> No. 81792

Alright, yeah I can do that.
>> No. 81804
File 132410603986.jpg - (443.31KB , 3480x2550 , Greenosketch.jpg )

Hope this is to your liking, I'll ink and color it tomorrow if it is.
>> No. 81806
File 132410673005.png - (243.47KB , 1167x1261 , Canyum LOUD beautifulness by ManateeMcKenzie.png )
Oh man, this is ace, bro! Ink and color? I'd totally love to see that going down!
>> No. 81809
Sleep is for silly ponies, apparently. I already started on it.
>> No. 81834
File 132411399384.jpg - (22.74KB , 352x288 , laura_with_a_bday_hat_by_blackrose88-d4c12dl.jpg )
If you don't have any other requests then I shall make one OuO Here's a sketch of Laura's full body, O3O and you don't have to include her birthday hat XD
>> No. 81841
File 132411633226.jpg - (417.98KB , 3480x2550 , Greenoscreech.jpg )
Hope you like it. :3

Apparently the png is too big, so here's a jpg instead.

I'm gonna go catch some zs right now, but I should definitely be able to do this tomor--later today. Anything in particular you want?
>> No. 81842
File 132411646038.png - (16.05KB , 298x385 , SO AWESOME Snow Globe details.png )
Oh wow! I love your art! *w*
>> No. 81845

Why thankya. :3
>> No. 81848
File 132411851267.png - (68.53KB , 800x600 , Oh self-sad.png )
If I had money I'd give you some for arts. >< But I'm a poor pony... ;n;
>> No. 81849
I'm awfully tempted to pay him for arts myself!

Do you have a deviantart or email or something where i can contact you and see some more examples of your work?
>> No. 81850
File 132411890605.png - (172.74KB , 953x1276 , NimbusBaloonKeboponda.png )
You've got an interesting style to your art, I like it ;o.
Don't suppose when you get the chance you could do a request for me? .-.
If you're willing to do two ponies in one image, d'ya think you could have Doctor Whooves and my OC?
Doctor Whooves standing infront of the TARDIS and my OC having a "oh god what am I about to get myself into" kind of face.
If that's too much, then just my OC napping on a cloud will do. Whichever you want to. .-.
>> No. 81851
File 132411902700.png - (1.99MB , 2400x3200 , scoot_human_by_nyarls.png )
>> No. 81910
'Salright, Snow Globe. I know how that is. :3

Heh, knew I forgot something on the OP.
Also, [email protected]

I just might. :3

Ohai, Kein!
Good to know I didn't disappear from your mind.
>> No. 81922
File 132414423301.png - (201.82KB , 1167x1261 , Canyum it's time to be LOUD by ManateeMcKenzie.png )
There's one word I need to use here: badass. Thanks a lot for the sweet job, bro!
>> No. 81935

No problem.
>> No. 81992
File 132416133320.jpg - (319.48KB , 2550x3480 , Nimbus.jpg )
Here's the sketch, 'bout to get down to CGing it.
>> No. 81999
Oooh, Lookin' good. :D
>> No. 82088
File 132417905561.jpg - (360.21KB , 2550x3480 , Nimbusfin.jpg )
Sorry this one took all day, but I just could not get comfortable earlier. Kept twisting around and bending every which way and now my back's all knotted up.
>> No. 82090
Oooh, I likey, Looks really good. Your art style's awesome.
>> No. 82134
Took me 5 hours to realize this(wellactuallyiposteditsomewhereandsomeponypointeditouttome.), but my OC's lacking his wings.

Perfect backstory for them missing.
Doctor zapped them off accidently, thus the shock and awe of it all.
>> No. 82251
Oops, you're right. I always seem to forget wings on pegasi. I can add 'em in if ya want.
>> No. 82296
Ya don't have to, but if you have the time, you can :P
>> No. 82466
I can get around to it this week, I'm sure.
>> No. 83012
Any more requests? I'm finishing up something for the Bronies of Norway facebook page and might be doing a couple of pieces as late gifts, but I'm still plenty open.

Hell, let's even nix that word light from the OP. Bigger projects are always fun to work on. Speaking of which, I should be getting a tablet sometime soon, which means I can finally get around to that one request Kein made forever ago.

Noodle, if you can give me any specifics on what you want, I'd be glad to do yours. :3
>> No. 83015
I did?
>> No. 83016
File 132446256316.png - (358.50KB , 2000x1000 , Dainty reference.png )
You could draw Dainty if you'd like! Color reference next
>> No. 83017
File 132446261250.png - (187.04KB , 1400x1616 , 132380225126.png )
Color ref~
>> No. 83020

You did.
Celestia doing something like RD's sonic rainboom, except with fire.

Hm, I like that palette. If you have any ideas what you might want, I might be able to get 'round to it sometime soon. :3
>> No. 83021
Perhaps her in some cute socks? Or maybe her bird watching :3
>> No. 83023
Wet mane Dainty?
Sooo cute! xD
>> No. 83024
Mellow made it for me x3
>> No. 83027

Bird watching? I like this, so it's definitely going to happen. It's about 8 am though, so off to sleep I go.~
>> No. 83028
I need to go to bread too xD
>> No. 83090
File 132450566439.jpg - (432.81KB , 3480x2550 , Norsepony.jpg )
That request I just finished for the Bronies of Norway facebook page. Posting it here first, just because.
>> No. 83095
Heh, that's pretty sweet. :3
>> No. 83140
that wasn't me.
It was Lightbulb
>> No. 83181

Oh, Celestia, YES! With this weapon we shall make foals of the Swedes and their "IKEA Pony" Muhahahahahaha!
>> No. 83187
File 132453635087.png - (80.11KB , 412x451 , Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 4_10_30 PM.png )
Ever tried to draw griffons before?
>> No. 83225

Also, ummmm. Is it okay if I use that pony design in my drawings? I've been waiting for a proper Norway pony since forever.
>> No. 83230

It was? Huh, could've sworn. Ah, my memory's junk.


Hm, don't think I have. Might just have to sometime. :3


Go for it. :3


Would have gotten to it today, but my friends all seem to really enjoy Munchkin since I bought it. I think we've put in somewhere around eight to ten hours in the two days I've had it.
>> No. 83232
File 132454247160.png - (80.11KB , 412x451 , Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 4_10_30 PM.png )

I would certainly like it if you did... I'm not good at asking for stuff, sorry xD. But yeah, it's different to ponies as well so it has appeal to draw something different.

Also welcome back.
>> No. 83236

Well, I might take a crack at it. No guarantees it'll come out well, but I'm sure I can handle it. :3 Any ideas of what you might want?

Also, thank ya.
>> No. 83240
File 132454411247.png - (149.00KB , 587x560 , Griffith approves of your plot.png )

Not particularly, I do like reaction images though, should I post what I'ev got so you don't do anything to similar or whatever? It's uh, only 9 images at the moment.
>> No. 83243

Hm, if you want. Seems like it could be fun. :3
>> No. 83244
File 132454551234.png - (102.32KB , 420x496 , dot dot dot.png )

Here's the third...
>> No. 83245
File 132454555251.png - (80.65KB , 507x360 , Griffith - Wat.png )

Fourth. I use this one a LOT on /oat/
>> No. 83246
File 132454558981.png - (133.12KB , 728x550 , I\'M SO MAD MY BEAK IS FALLING OFF.png )
Fifth one - hemad.
>> No. 83247
File 132454563555.png - (97.24KB , 451x568 , Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 4_47_58 PM.png )

>> No. 83248
File 132454569566.png - (108.30KB , 517x565 , Screen shot 2011-12-18 at 6_50_28 PM.png )

I switched between using the spelled out numbers and actual numbers there. 7th here.

>> No. 83249
File 132454573220.png - (101.90KB , 416x487 , Screen shot 2011-12-19 at 2_47_15 AM.png )

>> No. 83250
File 132454579604.png - (420.44KB , 1224x800 , Loeve(4).png )
And, le ninth.
>> No. 83252
File 132454685849.png - (57.20KB , 600x600 , gildawtf.png )
Jesus Christ,why did you spam his thread with your OC. Really? One picture would be enough for reference
>> No. 83258
File 132454710390.png - (420.44KB , 1224x800 , Loeve(4).png )
See >>83240 and >>83243
>> No. 83313
Alright, I see you're missing a shocked sort of reaction, I'll do that for ya. Think I might put this one off 'til after Christmas, though. Seems to me that sort of thing might best be done after I get a tablet. Just seems silly to use up paper for one reaction.


Gonna go do this one right now.
>> No. 83333
File 132458175222.jpg - (332.29KB , 2550x3480 , daintywatch.jpg )
Here's the sketch. Might be a bit before it's fully colored, I've got a couple of Christmas gifts to make.
>> No. 83354
It's so cute!
>> No. 83361

Glad you're liking it. :3
>> No. 83473
hmm... what is with his backlegs?
>> No. 83477
File 132461760832.png - (97.43KB , 940x818 , clear Snow Globe Snapped - Noobpwner.png )
She's just sitting. :3 but they do look a little off... >>
>> No. 83483

Turned to the side, resting on the right flank. It did come out a little wonky, I'll admit. Sitting ponies are odd to me.
>> No. 83847
Alright, I'll probably not be posting here 'til January. I just found out about that contest hosted on EQD and figure I may as well take a crack at it, so until the 31st I'll probably be working on that entry. I'll be back in full swing soon, though. :3

Merry Christmahannakwanzika to everypony in advance.~
>> No. 83897
good luck Nyarls!
>> No. 84510
Alright, I give up on the contest. I simply became aware of it too late in, and I'd be at a major disadvantage considering that and how slow I am on bigger projects. So, guess I'll be taking some more requests and finishing up the ones I already have.

Still no tablet, but that shouldn't be too far off.

Guess I'll just have to keep my eye on EQD for the next contest.
>> No. 84577
Aww, that's unfortunate. I was curious what you will came up with.
>> No. 84641

It was going to be Celestia, Twilight, and Spike handing out presents. I just feel that it wouldn't really be my best possible work and I know I wouldn't win it.

Next one, I'm working on it from day one.
>> No. 85230
Imma try my hand at this whole streaming business. Probably going to be a pain since I have no tablet, so everypony might get motion sickness from this built-in webcam, but I'm sleep deprived like crazy, so that could be fun. Who knows, I just hope it picks up my mood.

Starting around 8 EST. BYOB
>> No. 85231

You should watch his, too. Because he's cool like that.
>> No. 85249
Disregard all that streaming nonsense. This laptop is possessed and SO chuggy. I'll have new art sometime soon, though.~

Still open to some requests, too. :3
>> No. 85358
File 132523298039.png - (71.94KB , 491x601 , 131905082206.png )
requests you say? :3 not just commissions?
>> No. 85367
Scottish pony!!!
>> No. 85369
File 132523793926.jpg - (18.86KB , 467x487 , Mr Breezy.jpg )
He's actually a canon pony. ;3
>> No. 85418

Well, not everypony can afford to pay for commissions and I'll have a tablet to break in sometime soon.

Did get my first commission recently, but it'll be crazy-quick.
>> No. 87852
File 132624180850.png - (3.81MB , 2550x3480 , daintywatch.png )
Finally got 'round to coloring this one. Did it all last night and did some of the finishing touches today. Not exactly my best, but I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Haven't been posting anywhere...Likely just tired of using the mouse for everything, anxious for my tablet to come in the mail I suppose.
>> No. 87861
I like the sunrays but the face of that pony... it bugs me, especially his/her snout.
>> No. 87863

Yeah, the snout definitely did not come out all that well. 'Soon as I started coloring it I realized it was wrong on the sketch and tried to make due with what I had.

Last thing I'm going to do until my tablet arrives. I can't work with my mouse any longer. It is driving me insane.
>> No. 88147
That is some lovely coloring <3
Thank you again ;w; <3
>> No. 88237

You're very welcome. I might take another crack at it when my tablet arrives. Really love the color palette.
>> No. 93081
No new pony art just yet, but I have decided to take on a fun project that is VERY pony-related. I'm going to be making a pony tarot deck. Should be a lot of fun to do and I'd love to see if anypony could get some use out of it.

There's a catch, though.
Tarot decks have a LOT of cards, and I don't want to have any repeating characters (except for the world, which I'm thinking of using the mane six all together for.) so I've kind of hit a bit of a snag. My dA has a journal all about it and I would love to get some input there from anypony that could help out.

Also, still waiting on my tablet to arrive. Had a problem with confirming my physical address.
Alsoalso, if anypony cares about my personal matters, I might be getting a job soon starting at 10.50 an hour! Luck wishing definitely appreciated.
>> No. 93728
File 132854503452.png - (115.66KB , 700x686 , Snow Globe Tuba - Bux.png )
>> No. 93986
Hey Nyarls, welcome back and good luck :3
>> No. 94414
Turns out I don't have a job. IBM had a sudden downturn in need for callcenter techs. Might be getting put somewhere else, though.

Tablet showed up yesterday, though.
So, I'll be takin' requests and such I guess every now and then. Still figuring this contraption out.

It'll definitely make that pony tarot deck go by much quicker.
>> No. 94770
File 132899994094.png - (254.46KB , 1583x1347 , FEAR Snow Globe.png )
Sorry to hear about your job situation. >< I hope it gets sorted out!

In other news, hooray for tablet! :D
>> No. 94796

Finally got the damn thing figured out, too.
Quick, bold strokes. I've got some Squeedge-tastic lines, now. :3
>> No. 97227
File 133040435268.png - (1.12MB , 3600x2400 , Scootworld2.png )
First finished piece of pony fanart since my tablet arrived. Think it came out alright, though I did get a bit lazy with the background.
>> No. 97232
File 133040598338.png - (133.23KB , 3000x2000 , Darkly by DreamCloud.png )

This turned out pretty nicely! Good work!
Can't believe I wasn't here when you started your thread. Was away from Pchan for a while
>> No. 97235
Ah, well thankya and glad to meet you.
>> No. 101608
File 133377021501.png - (607.79KB , 2400x3200 , Pinkiepyrotee.png )
Hey, look! I didn't die or anything!
Neat, right?

New Pony Fort shirt, friend that's a mod over on Pony Fortress egged me into doing a couple of these and this is the first one finished, I'll have more up at some point. If you love me, you'll buy a shirt. :3 Or not, that's fine too.

In other news, I've been thinking of doing an ask blog for a while...not sure who though. Maybe Roid Rage or Cloud Chaser?

Also, found employment and it pays pretty well.
Haven't started there just yet.
>> No. 102420
File 133449437328.png - (358.98KB , 900x563 , In the Maw.png )
This time I'm not trying to sell anypony anything.

Did it as a birthmas thing for Squeedge, because she's awesome and deserves nice things like that.

Then, instead of a nice thing, I made weird implied vore.
Larger one can be found on the dA.
>> No. 102545
File 133458406026.jpg - (9.89KB , 300x223 , 1324714950823.jpg )
>> No. 102565

And she fav'd it and apparently rather liked it so I can go die happy now.

Speaking of dying - it's been added to somepony's vore collection and somepony else said they expected to see things like that on furaffinity. Gonna go drink a bucket of razors now.
>> No. 102576
Hahaha, that's great! XD
>> No. 102802
Officially opened myself up for commissions, not that there's much demand for my art but hey that's how it goes eh?

Also, I still need to finish some requests here it seems. Sorry about that folks, completely forgot about those.

Know what I'm doing when I get back from work tonight at least.
>> No. 102895
Oh wow, sorry about the triple post earlier. I was getting some error and I had to run off to work and I cannot check here at all for that full eight and a half hours.

Also, my life is now literally all computer-oriented. Get up, do art and poke around the net, go to work to sit in front of a computer, come back to poke around some more then sleep.

Now, if only we had perfected the technology behind digital showering.
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