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File 132751747445.gif - (273.83KB , 570x692 , derpystompy.gif )
91654 No. 91654
I dunno. I'll start with some of my most popular stuff, and just see what happens. Just seems like an appropriate time in my art "career" to have a Ponychan thread.

My DA thing iz here:

I might take requests or something, maybe. I'm usually far too lazy and/or forgetful to, though. Funny ideas, funny crossovers, and horrible puns have the highest chance of being drawn.

So, let's start out with what might be my most famous. First frame on this one one was mostly traced off a Castle Creator asset, but it was hand-animated from there. Zero vectoring involved.
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>> No. 91655
File 132751772625.png - (552.69KB , 962x900 , lyra-walk-like-a-human.png )
Otherkin Lyra is definitely one of my favorite fandom thingies.

Crappy screencap background is crappy.
>> No. 91656
File 132751798715.png - (102.54KB , 800x941 , Lyra sees what you did there by bux.png )
>> No. 91658
File 132751878366.png - (181.88KB , 800x1020 , lunasqueak2.png )
Everything's pretty self-explanatory in this one.

On an unrelated note, would stuff that references clopping break some kinda rules? That would be pretty crazy, if wingboner refs are allowed, but I'd rather not hoof the line. Uh... "hoof the line" sounds really dirty.

I have a couple of "STOP CLOPPING TO HUMANS" pics from my "lazy and half-flank and hadn't drawn in like 3 years" period, that proved to be way more popular than I anticipated, that it'd be nice to have on this thread here. Maybe.
>> No. 91660
File 132751917451.png - (432.21KB , 900x720 , sittin gradbg.png )
This is from right around when I decided to try putting some effort into my arts.

Upside-down-sitting Derpy had been done before, of course, but that didn't stop me from doing my own take.
>> No. 91661
File 132751961634.png - (456.78KB , 750x993 , cupcakes.png )
The incredibly obvious cupcakes parody. I can't believe no one did this before me! Was I seriously the first? I did check, before starting on it. I have searched high! And I have searched low. Low and high! High and low!

Art quality suffered a lot due to being a speed-thingie in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day, in the middle of last-minute cooking, wrapping, and also watching (listening to) a movie.

I really need to try and match my best art with my best jokes, instead of doing crap art for them!
>> No. 91663
File 132752017054.png - (654.40KB , 1200x620 , controlled-burn-20.png )
"Do we really have to stand by and let it burn?"

"I told you, Derpy, it's a 'controlled burn.' It will prevent buildup of flammable plant matter, and help some plants that need fire for their life cycle."

"But how do we choose what to burn? How can we choose? There have to be just as many cuddly little animals living here as anywhere else..."

"This is the Everfree Forest, Derpy. It doesn't work like the rest of Equestria. In this case, we don't choose what burns, only... only what doesn't burn. The cloud perimeter is being set up. Beyond that... is what we've chosen. If we decide to save everything, eventually there comes a fire too big for anypony to handle. The entire forest would be destroyed. So in a way, we have chosen to save everything. Or as close to it as we can."


This one was on Equestria Daily. Twice! Whoopsies. I think it's the only thing of mine that's been on there. No one _ever_ tells me when they put my stuff places. Literally not once, ever. I've only found out about that kinda thing through vanity searches. Oh, well, it's not like I actually mind, as long as stuff gets sourced.

Anyway, was my first ever attempt at doing a non-half-flanked background. And my first attempt at writing a little story-like thing to go along with the pic. And really, my first attempt at injecting a little more substantial content, too.
>> No. 91664
I lol'd xD

I lol'd a little more

Thread watched for the lols
>> No. 91665
Name derp
>> No. 91667
File 132752158777.png - (781.17KB , 900x1080 , spoiler.png )
The NSFW thumbnail thing is flaking out, so I guess I'll spoiler it instead.

This one's NSFW because it's scary and/or creepy and/or gross, anyway. Depending on if you have trypophobia or not. Possibly depending on if you have arachnophobia, too. And going "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" at work is probably unsafe.

Most people's reactions to this one have been hilarious, at least to me. There's at least one guy who now absolutely refuses to ever look at any of my art ever again, just in case I do anything equally horrific in the future, and so he never has to see even the thumbnail again.

It's also a funny illustrator of the difference between furries and bronies, maybe. This thing's on 2 different booru-style boards. On the pony one, it got voted to +3. On the furry one, it's sitting pretty at -20. Which is awesome and hilarious. The difference that love and tolerance makes, I guess.
>> No. 91669
File 132752226159.png - (137.83KB , 723x928 , Darkly by Keboponda.png )
Giving your thread a look here and there, and you've got a watch on DA.

I'm liking the work!
>> No. 91670
File 132752230992.png - (506.14KB , 900x1140 , night mare fuel.png )
The cereal bits are shaped (sorta) like Luna's cutie marks, and the white moon-shaped bit in the middle dissolves in milk! That's all it means! ;)

I think if I died tomorrow, this pic, and Derpy Stompy, would be the two that I'd be most remembered for. I guess I'm okay with that. There's worse things to be remembered for.

(and a vanity search revealed that this one's been randomly posted somewheres on ponychan on before, somewheres, so I'm reasonably confident the innuendo isn't breaking any rules)

I still need to do a Molestia-themed sports drink. Pegcari Sweat. Muahahaha.


She sees what? What'd I do, what'd I do?

Is it Colgate rolling her eyes in the background? That was totally intentional.

>> No. 91671
I'd buy this xD

Well, it's all pretty good art, I'd definitely remember you =D
>> No. 91673
File 132752266848.png - (265.98KB , 900x573 , you make me sad.png )
I have this urge lately, to crossover MLP with everything awesome.


Yaaaay again! Thanks!
>> No. 91674

Haha! Nice. I'd remember you for this as well. :3
>> No. 91677
File 132752478812.png - (956.18KB , 900x1000 , oh my.png )
And finally, my most recent one. That means the art dump's over, I guess.

"Oh, Pinkie, you startled me..."

Or, she might be saying:

Knew I'd have to draw this, after seeing that scene in The Last Roundup.

Took forever, though. Probably around 10-12 hours, spread over 3 days. And a lot of that time was just experimenting with different stuff, knowing that I wouldn't produce anything usable, and then starting all over again from scratch.

Learned a lot that way, though. I think Bob Ross once said that you should only have one single canvas, for practice paintings. When you finish, wipe it off with a towel. That way, you can focus on really practicing and experimenting, rather than trying to produce something "finished." I think that was Bob Ross.

Anyway, still a lot of room for improvement. Needs better hair, better contrast, all kindsa crap. Oh, well. If you hate your old art, that only means you've come a long way. If you hate your current art, that only means you have a long way to go yet, before you jump the shark.


I wonder if I should actually try pitching the concept to ThinkGeek or somewheres? It obviously couldn't be a licensed MLP product, and it'd just have some kinda non-copyright-infringing cartoon horse mascot. But I've had a lot of people tell me that "night mare fuel" is a bad enough pun, and caffeinated breakfast cereal is an awesome enough concept, that it might work anyway.

It'd _need_ innuendo out the flank, though. The _instant_ I saw the facial expression I'd drawn for Luna, I knew what her "celebrity endorsement" would have to be.

Nopony can be as happy about cereal as those box mascots always are. Nopony. Unless... ;)
>> No. 92039
File 132770825463.png - (197.98KB , 1000x3600 , stop clopping to humans.png )
I wanted to do a Friday evening bump with new content, but this pic is coming along terribly. Curse these ponies and their inconsistent joint locations!

So instead, a couple very old, but hopefully funny ones.

After hanging around on ponychan more, I'm now fairly sure that my clopping joke pics are fine.


This one was completely halfflanked. Wish I'd taken the time to do better. Not that it'd have looked _that_ much better, since I was still working on getting my art mojo back.
>> No. 92041
File 132770841655.png - (169.08KB , 900x753 , derpy-stopclopping.png )
Ancient followup to that last one. Oh, man, I have no idea what I was thinking when I did the eyes. Zero effort in the whole thing, pretty much.

Most people still thought it was funny, though.

But a couple actually managed to be offended by it! I don't know if that's more funny or more sad. How could somepony actually be offended by anti-friendship Derpy? It's like being offended by racist Rarity.
>> No. 92042
That gets autocensored to "friendship?" That's hilarious! I'll leave it to everypony's imaginations what got censored.
>> No. 92406
File 132787326688.png - (842.90KB , 1200x900 , the light that never warms.png )
BÖC ref for a title, yaaaaay.

Just supposed to be Luna raising the moon. Hm. I probably should've had a magic glow around her horn. Oh, well.

Experimented with a ton of stuff, for this one. Tried a buncha different techniques for the first time, different proportions and anatomy (such as it is, with ponies), etc.

Me need feedback and stuff. Trying to improve my arts.
>> No. 92701
File 132804057608.png - (1.39MB , 1200x2260 , say apple.png )
It's a good thing AJ has a long-fall hat, since the boots don't fit ponies. As long as she always lands on her head, she'll be fine.
>> No. 92715
File 132804641026.png - (117.78KB , 296x410 , 131325795167.png )
I am seriously confused, I played portal 2, i get the ref
>> No. 92725
Huh? Then what's confusing?
>> No. 93097
File 132831540264.png - (574.71KB , 800x1000 , Trixie Vilify.png )
Guess what video game I've been replaying?

Sorta explanation for why parts of this are so lazy are on the DA description, if anypony carez.

Kinda a combination of laziness and being arteeeestic.
>> No. 93588
File 132848403718.png - (358.94KB , 800x789 , headcanon1.png )
Hooooopefully, it should be both legible and recognizable, in the thumbnail. I should do more speedpaints that can be used for crap here.
>> No. 93715
File 132851621834.png - (344.97KB , 750x900 , diff.png )
Think I'm improving still. Wish I could get some feedback, though. Seems to be very luck-based, if your thread's near the top when one of the 2.5 people who does feedback is on.
>> No. 93721

I like it. I'm not much for critique, so I don't have that all-seeing eye, but it looks good.
>> No. 93952
File 132858973221.png - (446.36KB , 900x750 , tears in the rain-.png )
I've seen things you ponies wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched sea-ponies glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.

Sweetie Bot + Roy Batty = Sweetie Batty. Yay!
>> No. 93954
I'm one of 2.5 people but I'm on like once a never...

The alt art (last few) are the best and show a really unique style. The line art shows a phenomenal whimsy that is more than just typical. AJ is a bit LONG in her comic, not sure that wasn't intentional but I don't get it if it was.

I personally don't like your font choice.

Otherwise your line art suffers from the same thing mine does... the blobby line. I wish I could give you some advice but I've yet to uncover the secret of that good smooth inking and color without reverting to vector art.

So I'd work on that (inking the line art) and do more of the alt art and funny stuff where you really shine. Overall I like it all. If you start a new thread open with one of your own pieces- they definitely merit it.

>> No. 93957
It's looking like the main solution to the line problem is to use Paint tool SAI, which I recently started using (made the most recent 3 with it). I can definitely see why a lotta people ink with it, but the watercolor and other blending tools are what I really like so far.

For the AJ comic: Might help

And the first pic on here _is_ one that I made! Some hand-tracing was involved for the key frame, but the animation was done from scratch, otherwise.

Anyway, thanks for feedback, yay.

Also thanks to >>93721
>> No. 93967
Sorry, sir. You can't have that much winning in one picture.
>> No. 94664
File 132894308964.png - (668.72KB , 1200x900 , lastlight.png )
>> No. 94688
File 132896841420.jpg - (161.01KB , 635x769 , Darkly by Nespeon.jpg )

Very good!
I enjoy coming to this thread. I love the quality of work you put out here. They all look amazing, and I believed I may have saved everything in here.
>> No. 94696
Are the six shapes on the far right of the horizon meant to be the Mane 6? If so, bonus points.
>> No. 94904
File 132908353639.jpg - (162.02KB , 750x763 , dying_sun_by_shinepawpony-d48iana.jpg )
Not sure if I get it but looks interesting. Continue :3
>> No. 95002
File 132912829862.png - (368.55KB , 720x800 , NMM eye.png )
It's like 5 in the morning. Why am I not asleep?
Anyway, this one started as something else, but then it got turned into a quick eye study, then into Nightmare Moon. Yay. I think I've _finally_ figured out more or less how to draw semi-realistic eyes. Being completely self-taught is a pain in the plot. Rhyme not intended.


I wasn't expecting anypony to notice that!

Dunno if there's that much to get, really? Clouds do crazy stuff, sometimes.
>> No. 95081
File 132918232752.png - (46.91KB , 171x168 , 81092 - Sweetie_Belle Sweetie_Belle_is_Awesome.png )

You're awesome.
>> No. 95092
File 132918594428.png - (57.13KB , 330x401 , Darkly Big SMile by Milky Twilight.png )

Hey, this looks really good!
Nice work!
>> No. 95251
File 132927272577.png - (368.91KB , 840x1498 , kids say the darndest things - final.png )
For shame, Luna. Corrupting the morals of innocent children!

That video game those two stayed up all night playing (the one Pip "SCORED" so many points in) was rated T for Teen!

And! And and!

She let him watch Stephen Colbear! Late night talk shows are totally not for foals his age.
>> No. 95468
File 132936694378.png - (131.81KB , 900x692 , unclean.png )
The power of Celestia compels you! The power of Celestia compels you!!!

This one should be legible in the thumbnail, yay.
>> No. 95492
File 132939091869.png - (159.93KB , 800x697 , ms-creosote.png )
Least favorite fanon ever. Most disgusting movie scene ever. Combined, make a good crossover?

Why am I posting art at like 6:15 in morning again?
>> No. 95711
File 132953706753.png - (221.45KB , 1200x732 , strange.png )
>> No. 95762
File 132956288337.png - (250.89KB , 900x750 , screwloose.png )
So Screwloose doesn't believe the same things as everypony else. Her heart's still in the right place. Nopony likes a slipper thief!
>> No. 96048
File 132972380804.png - (250.17KB , 742x888 , pimpsqueak.png )
Pimpsqueak is the new best pony.
>> No. 96462
File 132997396416.png - (591.93KB , 800x931 , scrunch.png )
Our most beloved monarch, Princess Celestia,

In your infinite wisdom and compassion, please see fit to install a dimmer switch on the sun.

Your faithful subject,

...Uggg, Colgate, stop writing and get my bucket.

Confound these hangovers, they drive me to drink.
>> No. 97179
File 133038084803.png - (401.07KB , 800x668 , BPDT.png )
Berry Punch has the DT's. Again. And she refuses to go to the hospital. Again. And Colgate has no idea what to do. Again...

Me in middle of huge art slump, ugggg. Trying to force myself to work through it, though. Experimenting with a much looser, sloppier, faster art style, for this one.

Trying new stuff, especially lazy new stuff, seems to be easier. Still a struggle to draw anything, though.
>> No. 97732
File 133083249683.png - (680.88KB , 1000x933 , muffins-fin.png )
>> No. 98075
File 133110856068.png - (234.42KB , 800x670 , derpy derp.png )
>> No. 98184
File 133119838534.png - (490.49KB , 800x1100 , sanity.png )
Is simply whatever state of mind happens to be socially acceptable.

>> No. 98279
File 133127743188.png - (317.43KB , 750x1000 , wgz.png )
Feather yo' castle! Lady Luna's got balls!
>> No. 98820
File 133161702604.png - (775.00KB , 1200x1000 , solid spark.png )
"I feel like I'm being followed... and why does this entire base seem to smell like muffins?"
>> No. 98981
File 133170190618.png - (401.71KB , 750x768 , Big Velvet.png )
More Metal Gear yay.
>> No. 99084
File 133178132152.png - (537.74KB , 900x900 , look how high i can lift my feet.png )
Eeehhh! Her hoof smells like cream cheese!
Why does she have an accent?
Why is she wearing a bib?
>> No. 99325
File 133202577241.png - (1.13MB , 900x1302 , Equestria Lost.png )
"So, thou hast dug up our old trinkets? Go ahead and use them, if thou thinkest thou still hast the strength. Victory or defeat, triumph or banishment, it matters not to me. I shall be Queen of all I survey, either way; and 'tis better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven."

"Can you still not see we are meant to rule Equestria together? Dearest sister, my past callousness has doomed us both to reign only in Hell..."

Thus ended the battle between Celestia and Luna. Equestria lost.


Almost forgot to put my latest pic on here!

I need to work on using color better, and making props better. Got totally lazy with the element of harmony big crown thingie.
>> No. 99689
File 133232187192.png - (960.57KB , 749x1041 , always there.png )
Lyra ended up looking about a million times better than Bon Bon. Poo. Oh, well.
>> No. 99717
I'd love to see Princess Celestia in the same execution. Just sayin.
>> No. 99781
You mean, like a Friendship is Witchcraft thing?
>> No. 99811
File 133239918507.png - (105.67KB , 900x521 , receive muffin.png )
>> No. 100144
File 133265166754.png - (282.15KB , 900x736 , Carrot Pony.png )
Look how high I can jump!
>> No. 100145
File 133265175716.png - (269.68KB , 1200x573 , YEAH.png )
>> No. 100155
How do you get such nice shading? Dammit, I am such a noob at PhotoShop!
>> No. 100162
File 133266677608.png - (282.25KB , 1200x584 , I dunno lol.png )
This makes 2 pics in a row that I don't even have any clue what.

I use Paint Tool SAI for everything, these days. Though for that pic, I just used the airbrush tool, which is pretty much the same in Photoshop (I think?). I guess it just takes a ton of practice?

Shading more like in >>99689 , on the other hoof, would be completely impossible for me to do without SAI. And definitely takes plotloads of practice. Learning curve is insane, since the brush tool paints and blends and smudges and mixes colors, all at the same time.
>> No. 100164
It's funny because that's exactly what the YEAH pony looks like.

>> No. 100908
File 133329451048.png - (242.88KB , 787x705 , sweetie belle\'s oh face.png )
Oh oh! Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh!!!

...what's an editor-in-chief?

Yay for horrible puns.
>> No. 100909
>> No. 100956
File 133332842260.gif - (434.53KB , 800x834 , goodquestion.gif )

See accompanying hoof gesture for my real opinion of you and your questions.
>> No. 100991
>dat background
Oh u.

Looking good!
>> No. 101034
Oh Derpy, are you having a hard time finding your muffins
>> No. 101035
Oh Derpy, are you having a hard time finding your muffins
>> No. 101493
File 133367189948.png - (494.74KB , 1058x1062 , Pony Centauri 1.png )
Yay for super-random crossovers. The main cast actually fit the faction leaders reasonably well, though.

Will my attention span allow me to do pics for the rest? Whooooo knoooows?
>> No. 101826
File 133394668288.png - (218.17KB , 740x600 , University of Pony.png )
More Pony Centauri weeeee.

I did this after drinking like 2/3 of a bottle of whiskey (not all at once, obviously). Hopefully that wasn't a mistake.
>> No. 102137
File 133418351066.png - (268.59KB , 775x600 , Ponykeeping Forces.png )
More Pony Centauri. Ponyponyponypony.
>> No. 102140
File 133418688327.png - (256.19KB , 905x600 , Pegasan Federation.png )
Ponies??? This. Is. PEGASOS!
>> No. 102711
File 133469293419.png - (316.69KB , 654x750 , Luna\'s Believers.png )
Instead of copy-pasting the desc that's on DA and FA, I will share a Ponychan-exclusive crazy story related to the creation of this pic.

I did the linework while sober, laid down the flat colors and colorized the lines while drinking, then did the shading while drunk.

Somehow, I ended up so drunk that when I was finished, I put the tablet down, and noticed that the wire for it was threaded through the fly of my pants. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened! WTF?
>> No. 103085
File 133504085735.png - (334.05KB , 673x750 , Pony Hive.png )
Yay. Might have gotten a little lazy with this one, but I was kinda getting tired of this crossover. At least it's the last one, yay.
>> No. 103094
File 133505027310.png - (314.12KB , 743x600 , pinkaxians.png )
And just when you thought it was over, it's Pinkie Pie as the 4th wall-breaking secret faction!
>> No. 103114
File 133507322285.png - (380.03KB , 900x830 , fleur de pants.png )
Fleur De Pants and Fancy Gigolo are best pony couple.
>> No. 103251
File 133518218707.png - (328.98KB , 900x614 , do a little shake.png )
Today I discovered that pretty pony princess plot is not a valid sleep substitute.
>> No. 103654
File 133550134624.gif - (1.44MB , 1165x900 , fluttershy anim lg.gif )

On closer inspection, "Mr. Fluffy" turned out to be an _enormous_ dust bunny, not a regular bunny. Fluttershy gave him a funeral, anyway.
>> No. 103968
File 133583629234.png - (248.72KB , 600x875 , chrysalis yuck.png )
"These pony things are so gross looking! Long, stringy stuff coming out of their head and butt, wings with weird flat fuzzy things on them, straight horns? And the colors! The colors! Like rainbow vomit! And not the good kind, either! But I think the worst is their hooves! No holes! Gag me with a pupa! I definitely won't feel guilty at all about feeding off the love of something that looks so monstrous!"
>> No. 104117
I know you said you generally don't do requests, but I have a possibly funny one. Me and a couple other writers are doing a crossover collab. If you watch family guy, I'm sure you know about the "Road to..." episodes. What we are doing is a follow up to the road to the multiverse episode, except Brian and eyesore get stuck in Equestria. If its possible could you do a simple drawing of Brian and Stewie as ponies in ponyville like they just arrived there?
>> No. 104248
I suppose I can try and whip something up, though I'm not that big a fan of Family Guy. Is there a deadline or anything?
>> No. 104264
YAY! There's no deadline. Thanks for giving it a shot!
>> No. 104302
File 133616997350.png - (1.93MB , 600x2500 , seven deadly sins.png )
But first, I gotta finish a pic I was in the middle of.

Entry for #MaturePonies contest on DeviantArt. Theme is the seven deadly sins, but I decided to take it in a slightly different direction. Weeee.
>> No. 104437
File 133630904513.png - (193.14KB , 800x740 , road to ponyville.png )
All done! Pretty rare for me to not completely forget about requests and stuff after about 5 minutes.

Anyway, just the usual stuff for using it. Full credit for art goes to me, and I wanna know when the thingie goes live. But that's it.
>> No. 104438
File 133631324759.png - (193.77KB , 800x740 , road to ponyville 2.png )
Enough people complained already, that I made a version with a yellow Stewie.

Yellow and red are pretty much the hardest colors to make look good on ponies. Oh, well.
>> No. 104554

You shall receive your credit as due. I'll let you know as soon as we get something up!
>> No. 104763
File 133660296973.png - (264.68KB , 760x760 , pretty pink pony princess plot.png )
I now have an OC ponysona. Yay!

Name: Heartcall
Sex: Mare
Type: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: White heart
Special Talent: Tearing out hearts with her bare hooves.
>> No. 104777
File 133660714339.png - (167.43KB , 662x881 , Dat Radiant.png )
Dat talent.
>> No. 104789
Looking at the bio, I accidentally read "mare" as "male."

Thank you for that daily dose of wut? :3
>> No. 104868
Are you still taking requests?
>> No. 114298
File 134499293655.png - (525.12KB , 900x900 , Carrot Nom.png )
This thread didn't die yet? Holy poop. Well, then, time to update it a bit.

First up, Carrot Top eating a carrot. Completely innocent, nothing lewd here...
>> No. 114299
File 134499306272.png - (221.43KB , 900x675 , dunno.png )
Story of my life.
>> No. 114448
File 134517150057.png - (341.39KB , 900x900 , Celestia.png )
Best princess.
>> No. 114465
File 134520470692.png - (1.70MB , 800x1163 , celestia_card_by_cosm1qonz.png )
>> No. 115261
File 134639377586.png - (148.87KB , 750x750 , Snips.png )

Just a dumb quickie cuz I wanted to change my Steam name to Snips for a few minutes.
>> No. 115262
File 134639368555.png - (152.82KB , 750x750 , mare-do-well.png )
Mare-Do-Well gets a lot of hate on ponychan. ;_;
>> No. 115263
File 134639394030.png - (450.94KB , 900x900 , Mayor Mare.png )
Don't forget the moneeeeyyyyyy~
>> No. 115268
File 134642517623.png - (570.53KB , 1175x1027 , 134077495187.png )

She has a cool design.
>> No. 115802
File 134756690533.png - (369.92KB , 1125x750 , heartcall socks.png )
Almost forgot to upload this one here.

Socks are nice.
>> No. 116193
File 134840634162.png - (316.58KB , 715x800 , mullo.png )
A OC commission I got, yay.

I need to work on picking better colors for shading with. :/
>> No. 116206
File 134843504596.png - (337.20KB , 900x849 , stop clopping redeux.png )
You pony perverts. :<
>> No. 116233
File 134846684584.png - (143.01KB , 706x800 , Apple Bloom.png )
Are you eating paper again?
>> No. 118132
File 135282984966.png - (311.54KB , 1200x675 , predictions.png )
>> No. 118135
File 135283814931.png - (123.66KB , 970x964 , Raptortwi.png )
Arrkhal? I tought you was dead! Yay!!! Welcome back.

teehee, I shouldn't laugh at the last panel, but I did =3
>> No. 118137
File 135284227378.png - (370.03KB , 780x900 , itchyback.png )
I is alive! It's hard to remember everywhere I put art, though.
>> No. 118172
File 135287917334.png - (154.17KB , 800x800 , 2 refined.png )
>> No. 118283
File 135317488001.png - (127.11KB , 591x886 , the great and powerful heartcall.png )
>> No. 121054
File 136112706840.png - (97.17KB , 487x800 , new twi.png )
>> No. 121068
Hiya! Great work, would you be willing to draw a reference or two?
>> No. 121072
Unfortunately, probably not. I'm just barely keeping pace on commissions, so free requests are on hold.
>> No. 121076
>> No. 121090
File 136115269606.png - (422.07KB , 1280x720 , S01E19_Rarity_EyebrowRaise.png )
No offenese.
but why are you posting links to deviant art when you have a place to post pictures here?
>> No. 121095
Well, no offense, but it may have something to do with the fact that the /art/ Guidelines sticky specifically says that artists can link to off-site galleries.

It even mentions DA in particular.
>> No. 128024
File 139821508044.png - (155.33KB , 900x792 , spoiler.png )
i love mlp so much i dream of having my own filly drepy hooves when i saw drepy talk i heart brusted 2 times!
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