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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 137012694066.png - (351.94KB , 1280x719 , Youtube Banner.png )
45048 No. 45048 [View]
Pregnant Stallion Radio [], affiliates of PonyVilleLive [] and Cloudsdale Network [], are now hiring for new shows and podcasts!

I'm formally extending a hand, or hoof, to anyone who has experience podcasting, has interest starting one up, or would like to try something exciting and new!
Again, Experience is a plus, but not necessary. We all start out somewhere, and we don't expect much out of our segments other than consistency and a relaxed, comfortable host.
What I need is someone who is dedicated, capable of meeting weekly deadlines (Wednesday), able to hold up your podcast on your own (We do not interfere with our segments. Everyone works independently), capable of adding valuable input when it comes to meetings, and able to have lots of fun!

All we need from YOU is a few simple, short things:

Send an email to [email protected], entailing:

File 136830176151.jpg - (9.81KB , 300x300 , img-thing.jpg )
44876 No. 44876 [View]
Ladies and gentlemen, how do you do? I'm Maravex, here to inform you that voice auditions are open for a new Doctor Whooves radio play! At the moment, there are 5 roles available both male and female.

Lines and available roles are right here. This is for the first episode:

Now before you audition, please read the following.


•Make sure you have good mic quality. Pops, hisses, background noise and other technical difficulties will seriously diminish your chances of getting cast.

•Multiple takes are welcome.
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>> No. 44959
There's an email for you!
>> No. 45030
Thanks for the auditions so far! Just a reminder that there are only 3 days left for auditions, and some (Braeburn and Zecora) haven't received a single audition. More auditions for the rest of the roles are more than welcome though, so keep em coming!
>> No. 45044

Living in the south helps with the accent. Hope it's not too obnoxious.

Email sent, hope to hear from you!~

File 136951477433.png - (384.30KB , 1000x563 , 265542__throne_room.png )
44994 No. 44994 [View]

This is the first version with minimal set of features for a visual novel platform. I would appreciate some feedback and ideas. Should work fine with recent firefox/chrome/ipad.
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>> No. 45040
File 136992486580.jpg - (26.46KB , 640x360 , i_totally_did.jpg )


OPs gonna to make a parser to translate that into JSON. It's something cleaner to type the story scripts in instead of the mess at the bottom of

What are you getting at?
>> No. 45041
That's an assumption on your part. OP was not clear on this.
>> No. 45043
File 136995805493.png - (146.47KB , 640x596 , _.png )
>That's an assumption on your part.

Obviously, assumptions with experience are the fastest way to a solution. If they say they can make it work, I'll believe them.

I have no input on the new language itself 'cause I don't write story scripts. All I can say is it's a lot simpler for me to type than {brackets: "and quotes " everywhere"}.

The roadmap looks good too. I'll wait until something interesting can be done before playing with it too much. It is a demo after all.

File 136940326573.jpg - (47.04KB , 350x350 , 1234567890-=.jpg )
44979 No. 44979 [View]
Hey. Very nearly finished a metal cover of a drum and bass song ('Cupcakes' by Futret.)

I can't sing so I'm looking for someone that'd be willing to put some vocals over it for me. There's a short section of the song below (still a WIP in terms of production, particularly on the lead guitar.)

And here's the original song:

If you're interested post here or send us an email, I'll keep this thread bookmarked.
>> No. 44980
lol I forgot, here's my email address:

[email protected]

File 136933667533.png - (193.62KB , 358x494 , Card0.png )
44974 No. 44974 [View]
Right then, basically made a card game which I will be releasing the ruleset as free licence. Meaning you can do whatever you want with it.

I don't care if you "ruin it."

However, my team will also be releasing a card generator designed to cater for this game.

New skins and builds are planned to be released so you can make your generic card games via my ruleset.

But for now the current build is only made for Best pony arena cards.

File 136551964281.doc - (19.50KB , Audition document.doc )
44610 No. 44610 [View]
Author authorised audio adaption of .E.D. featured fanfiction, "Whom The Princesses Would Destroy".

Deadline: 8th June 2013. Submission format: .mp3.
If auditioning for non canon parts please attempt a realistic British accent.

See attached document for full details.
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>> No. 44950
Any specific lines/number of lines that you want to hear?
>> No. 44951
>asking for british accents when the accent is actually transatlantic

British accents range from cockney to kentish to paddy to irish. I can just see how much paraspriting you'd get if you posted this anywhere where you would get alot of attention. And your document doesn't have the information the VAs need.

You can't just assume everyone has the time to read the fiction or know about it. You need to write character bios, voice type requests, story role significance, scheduling details, filename specification, conditions for passing audition, conditions for failing your judging process.


I personally cannot take this seriously unless you treat your auditionees seriously. A collab is a quid pro quo process. And experienced collaborators can spot a self glorifier from a mile away.

A "Dusk's dawn" project from a "Snowdrop"
>> No. 44957
I'd like to audition, but the document you gave is very vague. There is only one line for each character, and none of them are labeled as male or female. I see a lot of OCs, so it's kind of impossible without actually reading the fic to know what gender the characters are.

I know personally, when I audition for a role, I don't normally read the story associated with it, as it takes enough of my time recording and doing multiple takes and then editing my lines for my own character. I'm sure you'd get more auditions if you gave more details.

File 136889725710.png - (32.18KB , 650x650 , leggodtbueno.png )
44930 No. 44930 [View]
A random tumblr ran by two friends, give it a look !
He answers the questions and I do the err ... "art" (If we can call this art)

It doesn't femoral arteryain ponies yet, but it soon is going to.

File 136814830737.png - (91.02KB , 497x480 , Capture1.png )
44863 No. 44863 [View]
Greetings everypony. I'm starting a fan made spin off series on youtube, of My little Pony Friendship is Magic, and could use some help/ people who want to be involved in such things. The spin off series is to come later down the road though, because I want it to go as good as it can go, so I'm waiting to start it until I have enough support from the right sort of people. However, at the moment, to kick off my spin off series, I'm starting a different sort of spin off series that will give background information and hopefully breed support for my ideas.

To start things off, I'm going to have myself and other voice actors that I can get my hooves on, act out the story that I wrote, a link to it will be at the end of this little announcement. I'll be making story art that will mach whats going on in the story as we voice everything, adding sound effects and background music, and it should be something like Dr. Whooves and Assistant, Dr. Whooves Adventures, The Vinyl Scratch Tapes; The Master Recordings, so on and so forth. If you know of any of these youtube projects, then you should get the idea by now.

Anyways, click the link and give the story a read, if you feel like, and send me an email if your interested, or if you just want to give constructive criticism on the story, because it's still not completely done with edits, and if what you have to say might make the story better, I want to hear it. :)

The deadline for Voice acting, or any other help you want to give, is 5/28/2013. I might still accept help after that, but only if I'm hurting for more help than what I get by that point. Voice actors, pick lines from the character/characters that you want to apply for and send me an audio file of you voicing those lines to the best of your ability in what way you think the line should sound like. (hint: multiple takes of the same lines in a number of different ways, is a good idea)

Thank you everypony. Hope to get some favorable responses. :)
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>> No. 44887
Don't put so many spaces for a few sentences.
The casting call is decent, not good, but decent.
The website on the other hand needs to be changed. It's better than collab, but doesn't have a lick of quality either.
Also out of curiosity whats the name of the game maker rpg you mentioned?
>> No. 44892
I'm inclined to agree on VAA's quality control. It feels like fase advertising when the alliance has anyone with a microphone joining it's "alliance." But then as the site master, you gotta ask yourself the great bigot's conundrum. Do you want to make an accessible website to everyone and get told about your poor quality control or do you want to the bigot and control who joins by your standards of quality?

Frankly, the further you are from EQD, the better. *buh-dum cha

But yeah, I like how they established a strict formula for making pitches and casting calls. It gives everything a VA needs to audition. It does not however give a director the same kind of filter for handling said auditions. But dem's the breaks.

As for the breaks in lines... I instinctively press enter because it looks crowded on the text box you type in.

As for the RPG I mentioned... god, its over 2 years old now. It's one of those memories you scrub from your brain because thinking about it makes you so mad. All I remember is that there was a review of it on EQG under RPG. It was based off a guy's fanfiction that bombed because it had the fiction sins of mary sue OC that is a self insert of the author. And if memory serves the review had said something along the lines of "pointless grimdark scenes for the sake of it."

Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 16:43

>> No. 44922
I want to make plain to you that I do not in fact think too highly of myself, as projects in this fandom are done quite often on the fly and turn out great. I've already received more than enough attention to put it into motion, and the ultimate goal of this pilot project is to show my stuff and hopefully get the attention that I'll need for the projects that this is leading into. That aside, I do recognize that this isn't a very well put together recruitment post, as I have placed another one on using Rina-Chan's template to make a better post. It's likely that all of the attention that I've gotten so far has come directly from that and I am debating if I should just take this one down now or wait until the deadline has been reached. As for the approval of my story, it is not just my own approval. I have had any people who's opinions I trust read it over, and if that isn't enough I have also placed a link in the post for you to go and read it yourself if you have any interest. Because it is offered, until you have read it through yourself, you really have no idea the potential that it may or may not have. So sit back and be amazed, because the way it's looking right now, I'm going to make something great out of this. If you would like to see my more professional post (Which I did after this one) here's a link, and thank you for your input.

File 136521451030.png - (924.06KB , 1680x1048 , sunandmoon_screenshot1.png )
44582 No. 44582 [View]
Me and an other guy are making a virtual version of the board game Sun and Moon by catspaw ( ) and we're looking for graphic artists for background(s) and GUI graphics.
Project page:
If you're interested please visit our forum:
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>> No. 44891
Have you tried updating your GPU driver? It sounds like your GPU just can't display the graphics. In that case I can't do anything. It needs to support the newest version of OpenGL.
Every other problem I can think of would cause a message in the console.
>> No. 44894
Well, I'm a bit uncertain on how I'd update said drivers. I guess it's time to hit up Google to figure it out. Or get my friend over to help. He's rather well-versed with computers, and I'll be hoping he can figure out any problems in terms of drivers.

Last edited at Sun, May 12th, 2013 19:29

>> No. 44896
You can find the drivers at Intels download center Select the version you need, download and install the driver.
According to the specifications of your GPU the game should work fine (I can't try it)

File 136814550763.png - (72.84KB , 177x189 , villains.png )
44861 No. 44861 [View]
Hey guys. Do you know where I should ask around to get something animated?

I want to have some clossure with an old project I was doing and was quite proud of but... ended up being one of those things that were never meant to be.

Here's the full script I made. Though looking back, I guess I shoulda downplayed a few things.

Anyway I want to request a particular scene in this.

The "friendship" scene starting at page 25.
>> No. 44889
>> No. 44893
tis a start. Lessee what we got here.

File 136807077381.png - (239.36KB , 800x600 , SC4-p2.png )
44853 No. 44853 [View]

Im starting up an animation project that is somewhat inspired by the ponies. Its just as cute and witty, but without all the "except its for little girls" jazz of mlp. right now we are preparing to start animation and we are looking for bg artists and character animators to help make this show into something that could be just as good as MLP itself.

If you would like to apply, or if you just want more information, contact me at [email protected], or check out this facebook:
>> No. 44854
Oh, awesome!
>> No. 44856
Need a Flash tutor/trouble shooter/mentor? It would be fun to do that again. I have very strong expert Flash experience to offer. Oh, and wouldn't be the first time I'd mentor either.

And that's without mentioning that I am an excellent programmer.
>> No. 44859
File 136813001957.png - (271.66KB , 1280x720 , f3.png )
Oh right, forgot to mention, we're using flash, everyone! Adobe flash.
Though I am also a flash expert myself, I am sure the other animators, and even myself could learn something from what you claim to offer, check out my email at [email protected] and we can talk more there.

File 136776244247.png - (602.76KB , 1935x926 , Dogtarans Style Poll.png )
44835 No. 44835 [View]
Going to make another Doctor Whooves Poster. Please let me know what design to choose, or if you have suggestions of your own
>> No. 44836
Why not both? I mean, if on the first version he slightly bend down he can use his arms like on the second version

File 136684131766.jpg - (11.26KB , 209x242 , rainbowdashtounge.jpg )
44740 No. 44740 [View]
I just got my hands on!
Any ideas for what I should do with it?
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>> No. 44755
File 136694295570.gif - (886.84KB , 400x312 , Crazy-Pinkie-Oie-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-27243618-400-312.gif )
I was thinking either that or a link shortner. What kind of game did you have in mind? Like an in-browser game or a download game? I have to remember to be careful with the legal complications of whatever I do, as I'm pretty sure I'm on a Hasbro legal watchlist.
>> No. 44768
How about it's a single purpose website that shows a random image of Rainbow Dash every time you open it?
>> No. 44824
File 136751291895.gif - (195.99KB , 2863x2574 , RainbowDash1.gif )
I suspect that would result in a letter from Hasbro. Maybe if I use fan art, I can keep it up under fair use!

File 136570750042.jpg - (80.37KB , 500x500 , learning.jpg )
44618 No. 44618 [View]
Pianist for hire, I figured out someone might need one in a music project. I can do anything from Bach to Aphex Twin, when it comes to 1337 sk1llz, I'm your man.

Also, I'm an aspiring composer, and any ideas would be wonderful. Genre would be ambient or toccata, or whatever I come up with.

Pls respond ;__;

Pic related, me @ music theory class.
>> No. 44664
>>44618 ask to brony video games developers maybe you can find some game who needs help
>> No. 44816
Join the AppleGlory Team?

We need some composers!

File 136734264633.png - (496.76KB , 1280x720 , Sweetie_Belle_singing_Fluttershy_cowering_S1E17.png )
44802 No. 44802 [View]
Hey, I'm Sonicsuns. I'm a member of Pony in a Box, and I've written lyrics for songs such as this: and this:

Are there any musicians out there who need cool lyrics for their songs? If so, email me:
(delete the part in capital letters)

[email protected]

Usually I ask for a version of the song with the background music etc., plus a track that indicates where the vocals are supposed to go. (Like, swap in a piano for the vocals, or something.) Then tell me what the song's about and I'll get you some lyrics. =)

How's that sound?
>> No. 44815
Join the AppleGlory team?

We need one more song/lyric writer.


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