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File 136373732848.png - (51.82KB , 256x256 , tumblr_lmaimxXQKL1qe08gso1_400.png )
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Greeting, fellow idealogical bronies. I need your help. Very recently, when I listen to music or read a book, I always get ideas about making an animated video about it and how I see it. But I'm really not a good animator. This is where any of you come in. I will write if any of you can animate. Here are some books and albums I'm thinking about making a collaboration at:
Animal Farm
The Wall
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Days Of Future Passed
In Search of The Lost Chord

If any of you would offer, I would be most thankful.
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>> No. 44510
It would appear nobody here is interested in animating for you here. I wish you luck, but I can't help you.
>> No. 44512
I have the same thing. Vision, but no talent. Most of them come from brony songs though.
>> No. 44514

There is a difference between asking people to work alongside you, and simply asking them to work for you.

Maybe you will have better luck elsewhere.

File 136381046655.jpg - (5.49KB , 204x204 , we want you.jpg )
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Hey so for a while now iv been working in flash makeing little games,then i realized it would be awsome if i could make a mlp fan game but im still learning action 2.0 so it got kinda rough as a one man army so if you wanna make a pony flash game with me let me know. thanks!
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>> No. 44495
I'm a pixel artist and i have experience making 2d graphics for videogames, i always be glad to help any good brony project but it would be great know more details about what you have in mind and what are your skills, also a contact mail would be great
>> No. 44500
Your broken grammar and ignorance of how to handle the tools you have makes it very difficult to take this thread seriously.

You -literally- have nothing to show and still expect to convince people to work for you AND accept you as the project leader.
>> No. 44505

Yeah, "action 2.0" doesn't really fill me with pride. It's neither the newest version nor the correct name.

File 136393769118.png - (103.89KB , 1600x1200 , New Canvas.png )
44498 No. 44498 [View]
Hello, I'm in process of writing a game engine, build on top of SFML ( ), written in C++, made for 2D games.
Well, it's more like a framework to make games on.

So far I have created 2 prototypes (both scrapped for the fact they were written really poorly), about ~7k lines of actual code each, newest try called Rarity ( rr ) is about ~900 lines of actual code at the moment and has the most basic functions implemented like window creation and management, sprites, resource vectors, etc.
Now working on virtual containers to make it better to manage the display, auto resizes of textures/text for making nice and auto-resizing interfaces.
All basic logic needed to program the games will be implemented inside the engine, so the actual knowledge of SFML (2.+) is not really required but will be helpful.
After version .5 I'll start working on setting up downloads for the source code, it'll be a source-only project, add one header and go!
Now it's just me coding it, with over a year of C++ coding in spare time and about 5 months of SFML coding, I haven't really created anything worth showing but still.

This engine, when it hits version 1 will be used in the creation of Pony Fantasy, a game crossover between the world of Poni and great RPG games like FF1/2 and FFTA.

For now I have only one person to help me with coding, and we use Dropbox instead of anything else to keep the files, it's easier to use, if you know some C++ and want to help, feel free to drop be a note on dA ( ) or in this thread!

File 136362880140.png - (208.02KB , 474x273 , 1289899804832.png )
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Suffice it to say, I have the MLP sprite sets but i lack, facesets for background ponies and the CMC, reaction facesets for the main six and background ponies, tilesets for main cities such as Canterlot, Ponyville, and pretty much every city in the damned world!XD

So this is where you all come in!

If you could scour the reaches of the net and find those tilesets and facesets(or make them) and drop me a link to the download I would be forever grateful! I've done my fair share of hunting and turned up empty!

Also for anyone interested: The demo of what's been done so far which is not much at all btw...
>> No. 44471
>Suffice it to say, I have the MLP sprite sets

Please tell me you aren't using Desktop Ponies animations as "your" resources.

Yes, I saw that download link but I'm not going to download 250+ Mb just to see that.
>> No. 44474

No I'm not using desktop ponies.
>> No. 44475
File 136374888894.jpg - (137.23KB , 945x945 , 130651753626.jpg )
0.4 released!

Bare in mind a few things with this update:

1. I forgot to change the starting point so you will end up in fluttershy's area first.

2. I never updated the opening map event so it will still read as 0.3 on the version name

3. added some new sprites and maps

File 134277141113.png - (62.17KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot from 2012-07-19 14:05:05.png )
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Hey /collab/! Normally I just lurk around /pic/, so this is a little weird for me. =P
Get to the point, Taquito.
I had a crazy idea today. To preface this, I'm no composer. I've squeezed out a few songs, but nothing outstanding. Well, today, I set up a Bandcamp in hopes that I could make a few dollars off of these "products of boredom", as I refer to them. While pondering how to get people to notice me, I thought of message boards, and ponychan popped up first. I wondered if I could arrange a pony song to attract people. The idea morphed from a scheme to get money into this: Equestria's Online Orchestra.
This is a baby idea, so I haven't really thought it out yet; I just want some feedback on the idea. What I envision is this: I, or some other talented individual, would compose some arrangement or medley of MLP music. Once it was done, whomever composed it could email the music to people who agreed to play. Then, each individual would record themselves playing whatever part they can (with heavy reliance on a good metronome), and email it back to whomever composed the song. They compile all the parts into one track, and share it with the world.
It just seems like a cool idea to me. In a way, it reminds me of Tubachristmas a little bit; total strangers working together and creating something beautiful for the sake of what they love, be it tubas or ponies.
So, /collab/, tell me; is this a terrible idea? Is it a great idea? I'm sure it's not entirely an original idea, even though I've never come across another online orchestra, but I think it could be fun.

It *started* as an idea to get money. If I anything like this happened, it'd be completely free for sure. The only reason I included the thing about my composing skills is so I didn't set people's expectations too high. If someone more talented than I liked the idea, I'd welcome their help in making this project come to life. No matter what happens, I'd still be a "project manager" of sorts. Finally, my composing skills has nothing to do with my playing abilities. I can play trombone, euph, and bass at a college level, plus guitar and piano at a basic to intermediate level. No matt
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>> No. 40940
File 134284316006.jpg - (206.17KB , 750x1000 , 4414.jpg )
Exactly the idea.
I'm hesitant to say we'd try for a video like this one. The project itself would be daunting enough.
Is there anywhere else I should post this to spread the word and possibly get the ball rolling? Either in ponychan or other sites?

By the way, thanks for editing the post, ThirtyFour!
>> No. 40946
Maybe you'll find people on >>>/media/, shouldn't be a problem to make a thread there as well.
>> No. 44453
File 136349061784.jpg - (122.09KB , 2000x2000 , bullet-#1.jpg )
can i design the icon or what image you need for the Orchestra? please contact me at [email protected]

File 134804313595.jpg - (32.20KB , 250x250 , photo.jpg )
42076 No. 42076 [View]
Hello there! The name is Fishnchipz!

I am the co-director, producer, and one of the writers for an animated project name "Warhoof 3000".

Warhoof 3K is a collaborative effort to make an animated series of a combination of My Little Pony and Warhammer 40,000. We currently have around 14 people onboard at the moment but are in desperate need of artists, animators, and a few more voice actors.

We are still in production of the first episode, but we are just lacking a few key voice actors and solid art before we can get the animation and sound going. The Script for the first three episodes are already written out and we just need a few more VAs that would be willing to audition. I would also like to say that Rina-chan, best known for her work on the .MOV series, will be contributing her voice as Twilight Sparkle, Vinyl Scratch, and Princess Cadence.

If you are capable of any of the previously mentioned functions and are interested in the project leave a reply and I will reply as soon as possible!

For Equestria!!
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>> No. 42093

THERE you go. Unfortunately, I am male and have nothing to contribute in the way of the Princesses. However, I wish you the best of luck filling the roles and finding animators.

P.S. You still didn't leave an email address or anything >.>
>> No. 42094
Ah you are right! And I call myself a producer.. >.>

My email is [email protected]

Thank you for your support!
>> No. 44452
I'm willing to give it a try contact me at [email protected]

File 136304355890.jpg - (6.35KB , 125x234 , TheatreMasksBW.jpg )
44404 No. 44404 [View]
Hello! I just want some help with a production I plan to make. I would go to /fic/ but I thought /collab/ was a better pick. If I was incorrect I understand and will head there. Anyway, I'm making a play for my drama class and need some help on the lines. I would be ever so thankful if you help.
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>> No. 44441
File 136327536379.jpg - (6.84KB , 252x200 , laughingmares.jpg )
Oh, haha that might be a problem. (I'm in Europe for the next few months)

Last edited at Thu, Mar 14th, 2013 08:37

>> No. 44442
>enforce password protection scripts in standard programming

Email is very secure, almost instant and mostly reliable. There is no reason for you to feel it is unsafe, 5 billion other people don't.
>> No. 44444
File 136331164780.gif - (549.37KB , 274x364 , tumblr_m85k8550fG1r02k54o1_400.gif )
What I'm saying is most email sites don't have protection from random password generator decode software. unless you can find me an email that has a limited amount of log-ins, I won't create an email account. I don't mind it on stuff like this because no one knows who I am. On an email, I would have family and friends that some one could pose as me and effect my personal life.

Besides, my drama instructor was arrested and the project was cancelled.

File 136046190063.png - (6.75KB , 73x73 , Mane6-Blue_bigger.png )
44005 No. 44005 [View]
Fighting is Magic is being shut down!

Help us and other bronies and pegasisters with this petition!
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>> No. 44343
Did you guys look in the comments section? It's going to be quadrapeds, Mane6 says just that. It just won't be ponies is all, as confirmed by Faust's Twitter. It won't be Galaxy Girls.
>> No. 44374
To unlock the game files and make them usable with the Fighter Maker editor, open each file with a hex editor. Protected files have 2DKGT2G and unprotected files have 2DKGT2K.
>> No. 44385
Editing protection at its finest.

File 136110229032.png - (184B , 400x300 , screenshot.png )
44143 No. 44143 [View]
Hiya /collab/. Long time no see. Have a pony game (in flash).

and a quickstart/walkthrough guide
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>> No. 44335
Level 5 doesn't seem to have a solution...?


>Maybe have it say "Finished loading audio game." instead of 100%.

You could do that if, say, you pause it there and want the player to press the Enter key (or even the infamous Any key) before running client.swf. This can be useful if you want the player to pay attention as the game starts (I think you mentioned before that the player might miss the first sentence).

Otherwise, confirming that the game is finished loading seems rather pointless when the game could simply begin. Even the current "one hundred" (which I don't think was there before?) doesn't really do anything since the game starts immediately after.

>Right now preloader.swf loads client.swf but its possible (at least from what I've read, this is even very common) to have a single large file and still have a preloader that runs before the entire file is loaded.
>> No. 44354
>Level 5 doesn't seem to have a solution...?
I just checked the web version and it is definitely giving the right question and accepting a correct answer. (So I'm ruling those problems out for now.)

I'm very glad I put the hint there then (the chapter could be put at an level so you couldn't tell when its needed). But I was quite sure this one is difficult. I can't think of (another) decent hint for it for the moment.

> You could do that if, say, you pause it there and want the player to press the Enter key (or even the infamous Any key) before running client.swf. This can be useful if you want the player to pay attention as the game starts (I think you mentioned before that the player might miss the first sentence).

I don't think I want to force a pause or keypress there (it seems like the equivalent of adding loading time for anyone who already heard it).

I think the people who miss it are most likely to reload the game (and hear it again). Although this kind of thinking has backfired more than once by now.

> Otherwise, confirming that the game is finished loading seems rather pointless when the game could simply begin. Even the current "one hundred" (which I don't think was there before?) doesn't really do anything since the game starts immediately after.
>> No. 44384
The entire game is available now (still the same link as in the first post).

The interface update will come later.

File 135446730979.png - (177.11KB , 769x478 , OH MY GOD.png )
42992 No. 42992 [View]
Hello everypony!
Somebody of you might heard of PonyRoom. (Well, most likely no, but thats alright)
Last year I was making an online flash platformer, and I was testing around with pony gifs. Now I have some-what ready multiplayer platform code, and I want to use it to create an interesting game.

I came up with idea of Moba(Multiplayer online battle arena; for example: League of Legends, Dota 2 ), but with ponies as main playable characters.

What do I have at this moment? Source for multiplayer platform game... Thats all.
What? That's a lot actually. You can connect, choose character, use skills, upgrade skills. And AI is already done and ready to be used.

The biggest problem in near future is lack of artists and animators (For now game UI is not even presentable 'cause it is just banch of NUMBERS AND STRING).

So, if you are a good artist, or had experience with pony puppets animating AND is interested in contributing your work in this project or have some questions - please let me know. ( [email protected] )
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>> No. 44206
File 136171638627.png - (123.55KB , 800x600 , _blitz__s_wedding_suit__by_anaxboo-d5f7kms.png )
>> No. 44207
File 136171632038.png - (123.55KB , 800x600 , _blitz__s_wedding_suit__by_anaxboo-d5f7kms.png )
>> No. 44367
I know that a programmer, is not what you need most, but if you need one, then send a mail to [email protected]
I have worked with actionscript3 before

File 136233550460.png - (231.77KB , 724x1104 , rarity ola.png )
44300 No. 44300 [View]
This is my new IRL video starring Rarity
enjoy it and shae i ^^
>> No. 44308
I think you have the wrong board. This place is for people looking for help on a project, not a place to push a completed project.

File 136149492550.jpg - (49.30KB , 400x312 , appleshy_by_kaizenwerx-d52zc6f.jpg )
44187 No. 44187 [View]
What is up people! So lets cut to the chase, if there are any beat masters who've made a song with lyrics and music and need someone with vocal talent to give your song that kick, hit this thread up and im sure we can whack out a buckin' good song
>> No. 44213
>Not putting a sample of your voice in the thread
You're terrible at singing, aren't you?
>> No. 44253
You can do that? Shit.... i should try that again no?
>> No. 44290
Here is what i have so far:

The fire of friendship lives in our hearts
As long as it burns we cannot drift apart
Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few
Laughter and singing will see us through (will see us through)
We are a circle of pony friends
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end
We've had many many problems
We had to face
But now we agree

File 136217982778.png - (149.82KB , 833x959 , luny_cookie_nom_by_schnabsix-d51ip0v.png )
44263 No. 44263 [View]
Here is what i have so far:

The fire of friendship lives in our hearts
As long as it burns we cannot drift apart
Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few
Laughter and singing will see us through (will see us through)
We are a circle of pony friends
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end
We've had many many problems
We had to face
But now we agree
Even though were of different pony race
>> No. 44281

Singers needed:
Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie

I am doing the voice of fluttershy

File 136189423391.jpg - (58.39KB , 645x433 , razer-vespula-front.jpg )
44231 No. 44231 [View]
Any /diy/'ers here in /collab/? I need help with something.
>pic somewhat related
>> No. 44255
You might want to specify what that "something" is.

File 135495237263.png - (25.81KB , 373x254 , previewPic.png )
43054 No. 43054 [View]
Hi /collab/, it's been quite a while since my last visit.

It seems like my old thread lost its picture and kind of died out. Hope it's okay to make a fresh one.

Anyways, I'm reintroducing the Rainbow Dash Shooter Project. This solo project has been my biggest experiment/learning experience with Flash Actionscript, and it's getting better and better as time goes by.

This game lets you play as Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves, and even your own custom made pony to fly through the skies with Spike to fend off the constant waves of Parasprites, and different bosses that are encountered.

Link to the game:

Those that have been following my old thread can definitely see how this game has evolved. Every menu has been trashed and rebuilt, performance optimizations are made, and the OC pony has been growing with variety.
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>> No. 43474
Not a problem. I hope I didn't sound too harsh. I can only offer my two bits, but everybody's gonna have ideas of their own, and not every idea will have 100% consensus, so you should do what you feel is best for your game. Personally, I feel that using Overdose makes the game boring, but that's just me. Obviously, I can just not use it, simple as that, no hard feelings. I like your game, and I'm looking forward to the next update.
>> No. 43481

>> No. 44225
Hey everypony. I'm back!

Ok, now down to business:

This game is going through a BIG update. Redesigned Trixie and a Gilda boss, as well as new parasprites and killstreaks to increase interest. One thing it lacks is sound, which is the skill I'm learning, but still lack.

Any sound masters and musicians, I need your help!

I need a short, sad, piano loop, a song for the Cloudsdale area, a congratulatory loop (or jingle) for beating a boss, and sound effects for collisions, background fire, magic for Trixie, and attacks for Gilda. (Probably more, but that's most of it)

Any help in this area will be put on the credits of the game, Thanks!

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