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File 135867206121.png - (30.75KB , 830x650 , PauliesPonyPose1.png )
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This is my OC and I was hoping somepony could make him into a Desktop Pony, his name is Thunder Blitz, he is slightly taller than the average pony height, and everything else is in the picture. Thank You.
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>> No. 43677
You could try recoloring DJ-PON3, since it's a recolor of it.
>> No. 43679
Posts in the wrong section happen. Anyways I messed something up with the exporting settings or some weird setting on my ImageReady, but I'll maybe give it a shot after I can figure out how to fix that.

In the meantime check out the desktop pony website here and this post here, It's got a little tutorial and templates and bases to help you get started making desktop ponies ^w^
>> No. 43685
Ok, someone here helped me with that ImageReady problem I was having :3 So, tell me a little more about this fine Gentlecolt. Does he smile often, or is he more serious? Is only his left ear clipped or both?

Last edited at Sun, Jan 20th, 2013 17:32

File 135849279637.jpg - (18.93KB , 99x66 , 2q1ug51.jpg )
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Hello, I am looking for a team to start a project! Yes, looking for team members to help me make an RPG game (Source: RPG Maker VX Ace). This game will at least require a team of 6, recommended 8. Please email me back if you want to become part of the team, here are the basics of what the game will be for those who want to apply:

Your job will be making the basic themes, and menu pictures, and possibly backgrounds. Artists will also have to draw (mostly) everypony in the game, including different expressions.
Skill we are looking for: Descent

Spriters and Tileset artists:
This job will require all necessary ponies, and requested OC's (not too many of those) to be drawn as sprites. As for the tilessets, you will have to draw exterior of Ponyville, Everfree, Appaloosa, Tartarus. This will also include all interiors too.
Skill we are looking for: Expert

This is self explanatory, all you would have to do is compose music. We let you come up with creative ideas on music according to the place that music file goes to.
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>> No. 43674

Writing, mapping and things is a very vague description and too small in comparation ith the huge amounts of things you want.

You could get a better chance if you link to a working beta and if you drop the hostile behavior as well. After all, you came here to ask a favor.
>> No. 43680
Again, this is a recruitment post, so anyone that wants to join needs to worry about their job and what they need to know about their job.

When I add more information to the post I can add what I will be doing.
>> No. 43682

You need to read the project posting guides from >>40945 to prevent more complications here.

File 135832599272.jpg - (334.79KB , 990x1530 , 0cover.jpg )
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So, I hope somepony here remembers me. A while ago I was right here asking for somepony to help me with my comic, Failure Force, which was to feature something pony related in an as yet undisclosed manner. While I didnt find an artist here to collaborate on the project, I DID find one, and now we're halfway through the production of the first issue.

Unfortunately, I've run out of my savings, over 1000 dollars of which have already gone into the project. My illustrator is a professional comics artist who's worked with DC and Marvel on titles like The Phantom, and he's been great about letting me pay in installments, etc, but I really could use some help to get the first two issues done and get them to some people he knows in the industry who can help us get the series (7 comics total) picked up.

I dont want to beg for money from a community I respect so much, but if any of you could share this link, it'd be really decent of you. One note: I've been asked a lot of time how the project involves poni... Legally, it doesn't involve My Little Pony characters at all.

However, there is a pony in it, and she is pink, and that is about as far as I can go with that explanation as it'd be something of a spoiler.

feel free to contact me ITT or in email with questions, I love to hear from the people here.
>> No. 43659
Is this pony related
>> No. 43670
"However, there is a pony in it, and she is pink, and that is about as far as I can go with that explanation as it'd be something of a spoiler."

Nice job reading the original post. You should be proud.

File 134454261408.png - (182.83KB , 799x600 , applesimg.png )
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look what i found on the web

avoid objects with arrows, and space to jump
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>> No. 41445
I See What You Did There
>> No. 41510
File 134488633760.png - (161.67KB , 806x632 , apples.png )
my highest score.
>> No. 43636
thats a funny little game I'm surprise it did not get to much attention

File 135803200310.jpg - (414.68KB , 1356x1253 , pinkiepiereference.jpg )
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Hey guys!
So, for a Game Design project in school I decided to do a My Little Pony game in which Pinkie Pie captures poachers. We have to make the game educational while still making it fun. I have the art that I need done, but I'm rusty in Actionscript 2.0 programming, if you'd be willing to help I should only need you for the night. It's a rather simple game and it'd be greatly appreciated if you'd help, thank you!
I'll open up an irc if this thread gets any responses where we can talk and code and whatnot
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>> No. 43599
I think that OP is a different Annon. It gets tricky to keep people separate if they are anonymous.
>> No. 43600
Its fine to use AS 2.0. I had to learn GM7 for school when GM8 was already out. Now I use GM8 even though they are about 2 or 3 versions ahead. It doesn't matter what version you use. Just find what you want to use.

As for the game, since you have some art, do you have mockup screenshots of what this might look like?

Next, how educational exactly? Is it to get a certain point across? Does it have to be on a specific subject? Clarify a bit.

Finally, get a name. Being an Anon won't help you...
>> No. 43617
I'm still waiting for OP

File 135077171975.png - (3.00MB , 1366x768 , MLB.png )
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Hello bronies!

Ever wanted to make your own sweet apple acre cider (alcoholic)? Then now you can, and you can manage it very efficiently and scientifically!

With this program, you can calculate recipes, the final product, the economy surrounding the product, and even save/load entire settings and manage when they are done!

I am a young programmer who made a utility program for making cider and wine.

Written in C++/SFML-2.0 rc, compiler with g++. Single threaded, zero processor usage when no events are processed (except the load screen, which contains counters). It's only compiled on windows 7 - 86x, but I'm pretty sure it'll work on x64 too. Will probably work on windows xp as well, but my older computer does not handle sfml well and lags, which is hardware related. Program may also crash with intel GPU's due to the use of rendertextures.

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>> No. 42589
File 135109311010.gif - (2.01MB , 750x422 , 132778121140.gif )
-Never- happens with me, weird, suspecting it to be a thread drawing the texture before it was initialized properly (then the result is upside-down)....

Wait, I don't have multiple threads...

*shrug* *blames hardware*

To answer your question; yes, it gives you details about:
- What you need to add
- What you will get
- How much it will cost
>> No. 42592
That simply means that the image was stored with the bottommost data first.

BMP files have traditionally done this. Blame the OS/2 team for that.
>> No. 43597
File 135821880295.png - (286.43KB , 570x660 , 1357935856849.png )
Small update, and posted it here if anyone's interested:

Works for Linux now too.

File 135412565740.png - (1.13MB , 1127x1667 , FullPoster.png )
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Watch the first trailer for the followup of my highly successfull "Ultimate MLP", a project dedicated to making several episodes of MLP into one big cinematic movie experience:
>> No. 42960
Nice, I liked the part where the cat was killing Ernie.

But really, you might've copied another link on accident. So you might want to fix that.
>> No. 43538
i'm locking this thread, as it makes... little sense.

File 135771699596.png - (268.09KB , 1024x1186 , EVO 8.png )
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Not sure whether to put this in /g/ or /collab/ but look!
>MLP: Fighting is Magic
>> No. 43524
File 135771783040.jpg - (112.45KB , 1002x576 , ss (2013-01-09 at 03_39_51).jpg )

Whoop, forgot to put this in the OP as well
>> No. 43526
I really hope FiM wins this. This year will be my first EVO after saying I was going to go for the last five years.
>> No. 43527
Oh wow, knew it was a good idea to vote for it :P.
Anyway, I honestly didn't expect that FiM would even stand a chance for this years EVO. Yet we actually have a legit chance to get it in there, and considering that many bronies seem to have a huge wallet...

In all honesty now, I personally think that getting MLP:FiM into the short list is already good enough. We obviously got the attention we need to get into next years EVO.
I mean, if it gets voted in, thats certainly great, but I'm not sure if mane6 will be able to bring out V1.0 before EVO even begins. And having a buggy game at a major tournament is probably going to hurt the reputation of FiM and their developers in the long run.

But hey, maybe I'm a bit too pessimistic and mane6 is farther in their development than they show. I would still certainly look forward to MLP:FIM @ EVO.

File 135724306603.gif - (378.14KB , 1305x985 , Vqw6b.gif )
43448 No. 43448 [View]
I know you guys don't like "I have an idea" threads, but I'm not asking for much. Right now I'm just looking for a fellow JavaScript programmer to bounce ideas off of.

I'm not expecting any code, or dedication, hell, I don't even know if the game will happen. I just want to see what another JS coder and pony-fan thinks of my ideas, my methods (no pun intended), etc.

I'm a big fan of the really simple style Point and Click Adventures (Johny Rocketfingers, Submachine, etc.) and I don't see many pony games of this type. I did see Pokehidden's NSFW Point and Click which was interesting, and gave me the idea for this.

My style would be different from the above mentioned games though. Being a mystery game, it would be clue oriented, which I haven't really seen before, except in Phoenix Wright. Basically a pony is murdered, and you go around town searching for clues and questioning people. You can't just brute force clues though, there are so many possible item-item, item-pony, evidence-pony possibilities that you actually have to think about the clues you see to continue on.

(By the way, pic is not mine, just needed a placeholder. I don't plan on using the click-to-walk and walk-smell-use-listen action system)
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>> No. 43462

I don't use Flash. I see the appeal of it, and was tempted before you mentioned it, but I decided against it. JS is lighter weight, should load faster, runs on more platforms, is more future proof, and I already know it.

I will indeed come back after I have fleshed some more out and written the "engine". I was just hoping I could bounce ideas off someone how the engine works, etc.
>> No. 43514
I like the idea of grey tone woona's game XD
>> No. 43516
So, you need any help now?

File 135752959899.png - (2.96MB , 1920x1080 , EQR wallpaper.png )
43496 No. 43496 [View]

A new brony music site is in the works. Equestrian Reverb (EQR) is a website dedicated to hosting and promoting music made by brony musicians, primarily those who don't get as much attention as the more popular artists. The website will feature both a music/radio homepage with a full-featured forum with integrated media services. We will also host podcasts/liveshows and audiobooks, providing a free and easy platform for getting your work out there and heard.

The site is currently taking emails of interested members who would like to be informed when the site is fully available. Until then, check out our Twitter page (@EQReverb, for updates on progress as well as fun announcements once the site is finished.

Help us spread the word! The site is nearing completion, so hopefully it won't be too long before you're enjoying some fresh music! Hope to see you soon!

File 135709252382.png - (30.59KB , 350x350 , coverfinalresize.png )
43432 No. 43432 [View]
I'm working on a Symphonic Metal Album and I'm one guy short to be able to complete the cast and commence script writing. All the songs are done and a summarized plot line has been laid down.

I need someone who can do an old man-ish kind of voice to be the narrator of the story.

I'm hoping I can get some help here.

My email:
[email protected]

My Skype:
>> No. 43437
File 135714648550.jpg - (74.09KB , 382x425 , 6124308180_1245c452d1_z.jpg )
>> No. 43441


>> No. 43445
awesome email address ;)

File 135598409043.png - (1.16MB , 1680x1050 , 0ZPgZ.png )
43250 No. 43250 [View]
Site updated! All new layout and design.
Come and check it out, we are still looking for an automated registation form, want to help?
Please email Reg @ Derpymail (Dot) org
>> No. 43282
You could have at least changed the names of the css styles before stealing code from Anypony Email. Again.

You just bucked it up and made it look horrible.
That code was used by Anypony Email up to the 27th/Oct/2012

Again, you didn't even ask to take it.
>> No. 43337
If you want to talk about common css and forms, you have me on skype~
>> No. 43435
The registration form is now fully working!

File 135709605794.jpg - (1.65MB , 3320x2600 , Ink Shedoze and Kit Wot.jpg )
43433 No. 43433 [View]
We made a thing, but we have no viewy people things so give us a shot 'eh.

-Ink Shedoze
-Kit Hak. Wot
>> No. 43434

No. 43385 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  HI there everypony I tried to spread this around a while ago to get some help in fixing things as I was tied up with school, now break is here and Dashie is "working" so I wanted to show off a bit. There are still a lot of things to finish but she is completely long as she isn't grabbed.

The video show our progress but like I say in it, the mod looks a lot better in game and not on my crappy ipad camera (no capture card) we could still use a modeler and animator and anypony who wants to help is welcomed especially since we are going to do at least the mane six so there will be plenty to do later.

links to the download and main thread can be found in the video description as well as a tutorial on how to set it up. have fun and happy spike-actually-got-an-episode day!!!
>> No. 43419
this is simply amazing, when you finish you can think making a Derpy recolored version for have two ponies to play XD
>> No. 43421
If my eyes are working properly, it looks like the CPU is recolored as Dash's rival from "Wonderbolt Academy", but that could just be bad video quality. Either way he goes with that, there's really no bad way to go.

File 135682625870.jpg - (50.60KB , 600x573 , rainboom oc.jpg )
43392 No. 43392 [View]
So bronies, since I hate deviantArt with a passion, i'm no longer asking anyone over there to do any work for me.

I need my next album art done. I have something very specific in mind and its not something one can simply google and find.

Please note that however clop-ish this may sound, it is not clop. Just want to put that in there before you go drawing genitalia or telling me not to talk about clop here.

In my picture, it's an overhead shot of my OC laying in the center of a big bed. There are alcohol bottles, beer cans, open bags of Doritos on the floor and bed and passed out mares laying all over the bed.

The list of mares to be included:
Vinyl Scratch (should be right beside my OC because she's my phantasmal significant other)
Berry Punch

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