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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 131041064078.png - (35.89KB , 480x320 , SpikesQuest_FirstLittleEdit.png )
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The Diamond Dogs are at it again! They've kidnapped the main six and have retreated back to their underground abode. Its now up to Spike to venture down into this massive subterranean world where he must explore every nook and cranny, find items (and special gear) to help him on his quest to rescue his friends. But is there more to this story than there seems?

Game style: Metroid/Castlevania/Cave Story

Pretty much you play as Spike and explore a massive underground world (with a few exterior connections). You collect items (and gear) to help you proceed to hard to get locations. Also as you rescue your pony friends they each help you in certain ways throughout the game (Rainbow Dash could be summoned to transport you to a certain location, Fluttershy's calming magic is needed to calm the dark settings of certain rooms for you to progress, Twilight Sparkle's magic is needed to move certain blocks for platforms, etc, etc)

The included screenshot is a very VERY early photoshop rendition. I've only began to sketch out maps (on paper) and to fiddle around with graphics and maybe a bit of coding here and there.

I just wanted to get some opinions while I progressed. This thread may be my game production progression thread :3 so lets get this party started!
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>> No. 42194
Very nice pixel art. There's a bit too much going on in the other layers, though. Fighting an enemy when you can't see Spike half the time would be frustrating. Backgrounds like that could work in rooms with no enemies, like save or puzzle ones. Ones with fighting or platforming would be better off with simpler ones.
>> No. 42195
Someone else suggested that on another forum actually, and I'll agree

this amount of detail is strictly for the clear rooms, with maybe a puzzle or two, but mostly just good clean in-between type of areas
>> No. 43386
Just thought I'd pitch in a short and simple notice that I'll be posting a huge update near the end of January, and I'll possibly have the next test demo ready by mid March.

I've been super busy on this project for the past few weeks. Reason why I havent done any progress updates is because the stuff I'm working on is stuff I'd like to keep secret for the time being.

Hope you guys are still interested in what I'm cooking ;)

Oh, and I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. Bring on 2013!

File 135678038150.png - (595.06KB , 1366x639 , cf3.png )
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Cryingfluttershy is a moving image gallery of, you guessed it, Fluttershy Crying! This spiffy little slideshow uses Html5, Canvas, and Jquery; so it might not work if your browser has Javacript disabled or it it doesn't support Canvas.

People with JavaScript switched off: These users will only see the first slide, and will be unable to switch to a different one;

People with JavaScript switched on, but with no support for canvas: For visitors from this group, the slides will change instantaneously, without transitioning effects;

People with JavaScript enabled and canvas support: These are people who use the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and the soon to be released IE9. They will enjoy the slideshow in its full glory.

>> No. 43379
>Cryingfluttershy is a moving image gallery of, you guessed it, Fluttershy Crying!

Keep up the good work!
>> No. 43381
This is one of the best things I have ever seen..

I own and run Anypony Email ( coded it all from scratch, I know a thing or two about PHP. I am also staff and sys admin for iBrony, been managing Linux systems since I was a kid.

I'll email you.

File 135431981945.png - (215.30KB , 1648x1648 , color_icon.png )
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Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted here, but here goes. are looking for ruby and nodejs developers to expand our platform and make our API's public for the rest of the brony fandom to have at their disposal.

Cloudsdale is a realtime chat site home brew to suit this community in every way. We currently have over 10,000 users and the numbers are growing by the hour. We have created an released an iOS app (available for free in AppStore) for the cloudsdale service and have both Android & WP7 apps under final stages of development.

If you're a developer or know someone that is looking for an awesome pony project together with a crew from very diverse backgrounds, extremely skilled at what they do. Don't be afraid to contact us!

For more info visit this page:

Got any questions?
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>> No. 43013

We disabled that functionality temporarily as we had over 700 clouds with only one person. We will release a new Cloud creation system when we've figured out some smal quirks.
>> No. 43104
Is there any way to remove yourself from a cloud? I can't seem to figure it out.
>> No. 43296

upper-right corner is a button that looks sort of like the chrome menu button, but with dots. It'll have an option to leave.

File 135590553364.jpg - (121.47KB , 1422x800 , My-Little-Pony-my-little-pony-32446890-1422-800.jpg )
43204 No. 43204 [View]
Hey /collab/, how's is going?

I just got home on break and I want to embark on a new project in adobe flash. I already have a thread on /art/, ( I can draw decently, but what I really wanna do is start animating. If you have any experience in flash and can help me out and find people to make a great flash Animated music video with then keep on reading.

If anyone wants to do a group collab of short flash loops or movies synced to music tell me. I'm thinking of a song like this but it's open to debate. If this interests you and you wanna discuss it, email me at [email protected] Thanks a lot for your interest.
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>> No. 43258
I know lots about Flash. Thing is, I can't draw or animate.

If you still want to find me then you should look for henke37 on freenode.
>> No. 43263
I can draw pretty well too
>> No. 43283

You guys should add me on skype, its vid.jovanovic. Write that your pchan on the thing. I'm gonna find some more people to get on this, and I'll message you through there.

Ty a lot

File 135602753145.png - (63.74KB , 1280x720 , UPLogo.png )
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Hi I’m Sten Whik, as part of the final year of my degree I am creating a game of my choice and of course that choice is ponies (Though I did have a plan B that involved slightly less ponies). Even though I’ve never posted anything on this site, I have decided to show you my project. This is because I’m testing advertising myself to others as part of my course and also because I like ponies and you like ponies.

A trailer should be embedded somewhere in this post.

My game is planned to be a first person (and hopefully third person) free roam multiplayer. I am making the game with the Unreal Development kit (using the Unreal Engine 3) and thus that is where it got its name. There will be an inventory/customisation system but the content involved will probably be very slim. The free roam environment will be relatively small portions of Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres and The Everfree Forest. Each portion will have its own optional goals, them being earning bits in Sweet Apple Acres, Trading and acquiring/completing quests in Ponyville and completing quest in The Everfree Forest.

I am meant to do everything in this game myself (Whoever came up with my course is crazy), however I am no musician and I may need the help of one or two in the future. That said I currently have a great (non-Brony )8) musician helping me out.

Please forgive (but still comment on :P) any errors I have made with this post.
>> No. 43267
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 43272
All seems to be well with it so far (a few grammar mistakes, but meh). Although Slenderpony doesn't look proper with eye sockets. Seriously good though, and I wish you luck on it.

File 135578880602.jpg - (30.77KB , 951x438 , art.jpg )
43188 No. 43188 [View]
i really really desperately need a singer with a good mic to sing my parody or spoof of viva la vida called fall of discord please please please please help me i am desperate cause the song MUST be up soon so if you are interested please add me on skype nathan.yu2
>> No. 43189
Desperation much? This really isn't the way to attract singers, you know.
>> No. 43192

Agreed. I am a singer and would ordinarily be happy to help out, but please read the sticky first.

File 132052332862.jpg - (472.83KB , 1600x1200 , 1600x1200.jpg )
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Does your desktop need ponyfication? Are you getting tired of staring at the same wallpaper all day?

Introducing the Desktop Sisters, the equestrian sun cycle simulator! This program will calculate the sun position at your current location and generate a fitting wallpaper in the style of the ep1 intro. It also updates periodically, so the sun/moon will move during the day - on your desktop!

Get it here:
(windows only)

See the attached image for a sample wallpaper.

Suggestions, bug reports and feedback are welcome!
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>> No. 43126
Hey guys I'm not Thunabrain.
But I'v uploaded the files to my mediafire.
>> No. 43128
Even if you can's properly spell "wallpaper" and didn't make the background, I'll see how good this is.
>> No. 43150
It works fine, and is very reminiscent of the show (although I accidentally left it as East instead of West, making it nighttime instead of day. that might explain a lot of those "It's daytime at Midnight" posts above). I approve of this.

File 135316052022.png - (1.08MB , 800x955 , postertextbluhbluhsleeeep.png )
42838 No. 42838 [View]
Since this is where the group got its roots I'm far too compelled to post the casting here as well as answer any questions that prop up. And many thanks to the early adopters who hopped on when this was just a humble ponychan thread where we were barely crawling. At this point we're just learning to walk and could still use the skills of others to help round out the crew to bring this project to completion sooner rather than later.

We can still use some extra animators and rough bg artist.
>> No. 43135
So you said on yout tumblr that you casted the voice roles but didn't say who got them.

...So who got them?
>> No. 43136
This isn't that porno, right?

File 135114274621.png - (18.06KB , 800x600 , ei-logo.png )
42593 No. 42593 [View]
Hello, I am the founder of EquestrianIndie. I have a VERY small team so far, but we are recruiting for our debut project, a pony dating sim.
What makes this sim stand out? Well, for starters, it's a sim based solely around homosexual relationships. We are creating a very emotional storyline, inspired by great industry games such as Heavy Rain (you won't be running around looking for your young colt named Jason.)

What we're planning on doing is releasing a demo which mainly showcases the programming and storyline. If this demo is well-received, then we will continue with a full version, which we are planning on putting about 40 dateable characters across both arcs (male and female.)

So where do you come in?
We are currently looking for a few people to help us out with the demo. If you help with the demo and do good work, then you will become a part of the full version development team.

What are we looking for?
Currently we are looking for
-Voice Actors
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>> No. 43076
I made a small error in that message. I meant to say that a total of 20 ponies will have access to the beta.
>> No. 43121
email me!
>> No. 43127
Excuse me, but it's you that's supposed to e-mail them, not the other way around. Otherwise, they have no means to figure out who you are, or find your e-mail address.

File 135519487783.jpg - (147.05KB , 813x606 , MLP-FIM sim.jpg )
43106 No. 43106 [View]
The Sims 3: Ponified is a blog that was created after me and a friend decided to make the Mane Six on The Sims 3 trying our best to match their personalities and looks. We decided to just observe and let them live their lives on their own but never expected it to be so entertaining. So after some thinking, we decided to share it with the world. You can learn more information about the blog by going to the page itself. So check it out here

The blog is very new, I just made the finishing touches yesterday and of course need some viewers. So check it out, you might just enjoy it.
>> No. 43116
Do you need help with this, or is this just in a place where it doesn't belong? /collab/ isn't the correct place for this unless you're looking for help with it.

No. 43096 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  With the unfortunate cancellation of MLP online, there are now enough public sprites to help make my game. But, do I use someone else's work or continue to use my own. What do I do?
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>> No. 43098
Use your own sprites, without a doubt.

The MLP Online sprites will become the new desktop ponies, from now on every fan project ever will use them.
considering how the MLP Online devs gave the thumbs up and made them public as opposed to the desktop ponies where most people didn't even properly credit the creators let alone get a permission, I guess there's nothing wrong with using them. But what that really means in the end is that even more people will use those instead of doing their own sprite work.

If you want your project to stand out I'm sure it will be WAY better to use your own graphics. Otherwise it will be regarded as "just another one of those games" with the same sprites everybody else is using already. That's my assumption at least.
>> No. 43103
This guy speaks with wisdom. If you truly want your game to stand out, use your own graphics. Don't use bad graphics though. I've seen a game that used their own low quality graphics, and it really showed it off as a bad quality game. I'm sure you're graphics will be fine though.
>> No. 43110
Don't use the sprites directly, use them as an example. The thing the online sprites have is diversity. They have several animations for all 8 directions. Try to come up with your own sprite style and then look at the online sprites to get an example of how the animations should look. Trying to use the show as an example is much more difficult because of the drastically higher resolution.

File 135473444103.png - (60.41KB , 694x614 , Wonderbolts Hoodie.png )
43029 No. 43029 [View]
So I'm starting a project, and I really can't do it alone. I want to fully animate and voice the Fan Fiction "A Precious Rainbow". It's a sequel (Alt. Ending, rather) to "Cupcakes", and is very impressive especially for a sequel to a grimdark. In this story Applejack saves Rainbow Dash after she's already lost her wings and the majority of the story is about her recovery. It's very easy to find with a google search. I don't have much or anything to show right now. I have Flash CS5 now but I haven't made anything in flash in years.

That being said I really want this to be something great.

I want to get voice actors that actually sound recognizably like the mane 6. (I've thought about tweeting the hell out of Tara to see if she could bother the other official VA's into voicing for a fanfic, but I don't see it happening so...)

I could use help with the animation as well. I can handle it myself I think, but it would obviously get done quicker with more help.

I also will not be able to draw the backgrounds. Small stuff I might could do but I don't seem to be able to draw backdrops in the style of MLP. And I really want this to look just like the show.

I'm ready to tackle this and make a BANGIN' fan video that should pluck some heartstrings. Obviously you can respond here as well but if you want to help please message me at [email protected] (Probably not the best Idea but I assume I'm among friends)
>> No. 43038
"Get Tara to"

Not gonna happen. Ever.
>> No. 43039
I know lol

File 135407399713.jpg - (30.77KB , 951x438 , art.jpg )
42949 No. 42949 [View]
hey guys i really need either a singer an fl studio user or a person who has an idea for a song but has no lyrics. i am pretty good at making lyrics although my friends say i am amazing so all i need now is a person who has ideas but no lyrics or a person who can help with the songs i have if you think you qualify please add nathan.yu2 on skype
>> No. 42950

Please read the sticky.
>> No. 43007
yes read the sticky.
Tho if you need ideas, there are plenty of instrumental brony songs on youtube, if you need ideas.
>> No. 43015
Sticky fail is fail for Kicksnare. Rewrite after reading the sticky and try again.

File 133894685957.png - (156.81KB , 500x347 , If you\'re reading this, don\'t_.png )
39337 No. 39337 [View]

(I use caps lock alot)

So this is the second thread for the My Little Colty Rule 63 Fandub project! In case, the title wasn't obvious, we are casting VOICE ACTORS, both Male and Female, to redub full episodes of My Little Pony! We don't need animators, as we'll just put new voices over the show's existing animation.

Currently, we have the Mane Six and Spike cast. We are in the process of casting background characters. In an attempt to keep this Opening Post timeless, you can read through the thread and find out which roles we are currently casting.

We are always looking for editors to help streamline the whole process of combining audio tracks and editing them to fit the audio of the voiceless episodes and then setting that to the HD episode with the audio taken out. All somepony needs for that is some basic editing skills. If you're interested in becoming an editor, or have a question that hasn't been answered in this thread, you can email me about this project at [email protected]

I am Yours Truly, that's my OC's name and what I go by now. I am the director of this project and I will check this thread pretty frequently! Hope to see you in this project!
36 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 42943

News is episode 1 will be done by the end of the week. After that, we're really pulling this together and going to try to go for one a week.
>> No. 42996
Shot you an email about editing.
>> No. 42998

File 135180246701.png - (2.89MB , 1920x1200 , SoE.png )
42652 No. 42652 [View]
Hi everypony! ^_^

I am here, once again, to babble about the game that me and my team is constructing. There is an old topic ( ) about this, but there has been made so much progress on it, I really feel like there's need for a clean thread.

The following video is me and Eben (co-admin and lead 3D artist) talking about the entire game, where we're going with it, our ideas for it, etc.

Head on over to our blogspot to read about the game.

Long story short, we're looking for 2D, 3D and Sound Artists.
7 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 42790
File 135274542784.png - (2.09MB , 1682x1052 , Quest.png )
Well, here's a little update of what we got so far. We got a basic quest interaction going. And as you can see, we're greatly in need of 2D artists .___.'
>> No. 42871
Quick update: Interaction and quests are now further in development, but we are thinking of rewriting the terrain, due to memory and performance issues. Stand by for more info
>> No. 42976
We're still searching. Now more specifically for 3D artists. Although we still wont turn down any offer of help.

Updates: The storyline is about 40% finished, and is written by the talented "I'mJustAnotherBrony". You may have heard of him on FiMFiction, as well as other websites.


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