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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 135408606717.gif - (6.09KB , 444x228 , demo twy and spike.gif )
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Hello everyone, I'm Ganondox, the project leader and current Lead Programmer for PZG, a project for creating an original Zelda-esque action RPG featuring our beloved ponies. The tentative name for this game is The Servant of Discord. In the game a dragon attacks Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle goes out to stop it, but after she finds that Elements of Harmony have gone missing she begins to suspect that something else is going on behind the scenes...

Playable demos for the game can be found here and here .

We are looking to expand our team, so if you are interested email me at roboiguana [at] gmail [dot] com . We are especially interested in looking for additional programmers, including someone with more experience to take over the role of Lead Programmer from me so I can focus on other aspects, and so a more experienced person can manage that. A programmer should have significant experience with working with AS2 in Flash, and experience with working with other people's code, even if it's poorly annotated.

We are also looking for level designers. Level design will be similar to that of 2D Zelda games in most aspects, so the designer should have a lot of expirence with Zelda, and some experience with creating original, interesting, and fun level design. It is advised for the Lead Level Designer to have at least a basic knowledge of AS2.

Right now testing is open, but we are going to have to close it before long, so we are going to have to assemble a team of pre-alpha testers. Right now I'm thinking about hand-selecting people who have already given feedback to the demos of the game, but if you are interested you can also apply for that.

I thin it would be good if we had some sort of for publicly displaying progress and other announcements, so if you can provide a website of some sort and manage you could also have a spot in the
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>> No. 42965
[deleted repeat]
>> No. 42969
invisibility thing= invicibility thing. Sorry I messed up. And wich one place you in a big glitchy room (It's looks like a place where you need to run forward and avoid the mud(?) pits)

And I think you can avoid brute forcing if the enemies don't just hurt you but knock back.
>> No. 42970

Enemies do knock you back, and I think that might actually make it easier for you to just brute force your way through it. Anyway, I think I fixed all the things I said I was going to, but I haven't uploaded it.

File 134207509330.png - (130.46KB , 1498x900 , bronyideas_logo01pony.png )
40634 No. 40634 [View] is a place where the community can post, find, and organize pony-related ideas and projects! We want to bring together people who have ideas, need ideas, or want to help out and develop their talents (earn their cutie marks)!

Project goals

* Encourage collaboration on fan projects by providing an easy & fast way to:
- Post a new idea
- Find existing ideas/projects
- Ask for help on a project
- Find a project to help with
* Allow users to share simple links to idea pages (these are live, but site design is very much in-progress)
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>> No. 41696
Thanks to the CSS volunteers who just joined!

I think we're doing ok for helpers now, at least until everyone gets settled / finds a role.
>> No. 41704
I'm glad you've found plenty of helpers for the time being, /collab/ has been very good to anypony email as well, all (i think) of my current and previous moderators have been from here.

The site is looking great, i can see why you need css coders :P
You may want to look at changing "Give me a login cookie" on your sign up page to something more "standard" like "Remember me" just because a lot of people wont understand the statement. Having said that, if you know what a brony is then you probably know of the term "cookie" but it's something to think about at the least.

Also you may want to consider adding some css to stop the page jumping to the left whenever a scrollbar appears, it's some simple css but i think it's a nice addition.

html {overflow-y:scroll;}
(I'm not sure about its complete range of compatibility, probably pretty much everything)
is all it is. Forcing scrollbars on all pages may be less esthetically pleasing then leaving it as it is maybe? eh, with a light background you barely notice scrollbars.

It's looking good though and can only get better, my suggestions are trivial.
>> No. 42952
Know a good, free CMS?

Since we've had a lull in activity, I'm considering switching from our homebrew PHP backend to a content management backend. We're not planning to be very image heavy, but there are a lot of links and text. Any suggestions for a free, stable CMS that doesn't require server-side install (we're on a shared host with cPanel and FTP).

File 129901559580.png - (370.44KB , 800x600 , eqdss-manestreet-narration.png )
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I am working on a visual novel set in Ponyville. The player takes control of a young stallion or mare who recently moved there, and his or her actions move the plot along. It is being written in Ren'Py, and will involve both canon and noncanon characters. I've posted about this project on /co/ quite a few times, but thought it'd be good to have a dedicated thread with which to announce updates.
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>> No. 36491
ahem, "then"
>> No. 36576
World-building and compiling information about characters is good. But when it gets in the way of writing and coding... then it can become a problem. Hopefully writing and game design are going well.

If you're still actively working on your project, Python Tail, then please let us know if you need assistance.
>> No. 42942
i love mlp!

File 135363089905.jpg - (1.12MB , 3508x4961 , Mares of Equestria.jpg )
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As just a small idea, has anypony ever thought of making a mashup of "The Crystal Fair", and "Some Nights" by Fun? I'd make it myself, but I have nothing like the kind of editing software. If anypony who likes fun wants to steal this idea, go ahead. I just find there are similarities between the two songs that are too harmonious to pass over.

Anypony inspired?
>> No. 42913

I'm pretty sure it's just a 1, 4, 5, 1.

File 135363895567.gif - (245.32KB , 500x270 , luna_have_done_nothing_productive_all_day_by_ryapark-d4x7tsl.gif )
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This is the main admin of PonyPost. The PonyPost team has about 30 days to upgrade to a better site. The website of PonyPost is another social site but soon we're going to try to base most of our actions on blogs and news while still being social. Donating will help for software to make games and videos and help us get more features up on the website avalible to others. It may suck right now, but we don't have much yet. We also do have a very small admin team working. Please donate and join! : )

File 135023041840.gif - (15.94KB , 106x96 , derpy_right_hover.gif )
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Hey everypony!

I made a 2d pony chatroom! (HTML5/WebSocket/node.js)

Scroll right to see everfree forest and cloudsdale! :)
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>> No. 42480
File 135033122248.gif - (14.40KB , 106x100 , gummy_right_bounce.gif )
Gummy's balloon is singularity.
>> No. 42495
File 135039500727.gif - (14.18KB , 140x140 , rainbowdash_right_dinosaur.gif )


>> No. 42889
This is very cool. Some things it needs tho:

Emotes: Automatic inline image substitutions for common emotes :), :P, D:, :D, etc..
an emote chooser panel.
You can populate the emotes with reddit emotes from (download link at the bottom)

Custom Font color / style formatting. Everyones text is the same. I should be able to choose blue text to give my writing more personality.

More interactivity: Needs some more interesting things to do: Why not integrate an MLP soundboard into the app so you can use MLP sound emotes to other users? You can get the sound clips from here:

File 135338162636.jpg - (44.09KB , 619x479 , 1298246802552.jpg )
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Right. So we have one card game, Shards of Equestria. But its too hard to get people to play. I want to make a munchkin based game using ponies. Anypony have any ideas as to how one would make this work? I thought about it, and ponies don't use many "items" in the show, and there lies my mindblock. Please help if you can!

File 135324291140.jpg - (107.95KB , 811x986 , image.jpg )
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We should try and do this for MLP

Brief example:

No. 42839 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  Evening everypony out there!
With the release of the S03 commercial featuring the giddy up song release earlier this week.
I’ve been thinking, why not a ponies and bronies around the world picture compilation, set to that song. Now I can't fly myself around the world so I'm going to need your help.

What I’m looking for is pictures of ponies and/or bronies anywhere around the world. Any pictures would do, even if it’s one featured in EqD ponies around the world event.
And hopefully in the following places. New York, Kissimmee, Hollywood, Milwaukee, Hershey, San Antón, Monkey Island, Hong Kong, Timbuktu, Wagga Wagga, Honolulu, Paris, Montreal, Buenos Aires.

If anyone does decide to help with this by sending in pictures, could you please put were in the world the picture is taken.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this feel free to ask.

File 135311539004.jpg - (133.12KB , 360x511 , project.jpg )
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Alright all of you talented bucks and mares I'm here to ask for some help on a project modding Super Smash Brothers Brawl, currently we are working on Rainbow dash. We have been at this for about a year due to members leaving and many time and technology issues. The major things we need are: somepony who can run PSA (project smash attacks) which is the main code program for brawl hacking, a model pony who can make some stuff to be used for graphics and fix a few things on Dash's model, and an a animator (we have one but he hasn't made a ton of head way on the ~200+ animations needed for the full custom model).
more info can be found here feel free to pm me on that site or just post (here or there). Experience in brawl modding would make this a bit easier, especially the code program, but knowing this fandom you could probably pick up on any of it pretty quickly. If any of you would like to earn your brawl modding cutie mark let me know. Thanks for your time

File 135257195931.png - (266.59KB , 808x559 , King Sober.png )
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So, how mant of you are up for . A kick-starter to re-do the season premier, based on a fan-edited version of the original episode script and have it aired, or at least replace the original TV episode On the DVD so no one has to sit through such a disappointment ever

And perhaps a pettion to get LPS off air

You know, something that would give Sombra Substance, and cut out some of the unneeded scenes and shorten others.

I mean, we could have had him posses shining Armour during that scene in the frozen north, and weaken Cadance to drop the shield so he could regain his body using the crystal heart, instead of magically get his body back, even though it was stated by Celestia herself that he was STUCK in that form.

This would lead to Him having a singing number, and then from there on out the mane 6 would notice things changing for the worse during the course of the fair, and going to confront him leading to a battle scene, then something where Twilight sacrifices herself to use or just uses the crystal heart to Alicorn up and beat Sombra.

Anything But Cadance cannon, being called the crystal princess out of nowhere, Spike saving the day and Sombra's TERRIBLE Voice actor.
>> No. 42769
>> No. 42775
that sound just awful.
>> No. 42776
File 135262058480.jpg - (93.00KB , 400x300 , 17405684.jpg )

File 135248249029.jpg - (7.52KB , 216x142 , x-COM.jpg )
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Well this is a basic idea i have for the game to add ponies to it. If you wish to see more please visit my FIMfic name Quick Thinker for more information on my blog.


What follows is a copy/paste of a section of my blog.

well the thought occured to me. Firaxis the makers of Civ5 already have 3 mods that add changelings, luna, and celestia. So i figured why not mod Firaxis reimagineing of X-COM and add ponies to the mix. The only problem is that Firaxis didn't exactly make x-com the easiest to mod. So before i even get to the opening of file and modifying them i'm going to make a rough draft and see if i can get a team together to help achieve this.

Story: Ponyville is under attack and Celestia brings in a team of the best Canterlot has to offer, but even then they still suffer heavy losses. After much debate and argueing, the nations of Equestria come together to form the HARMONY project to be Equestria's best and last hope. They bring the best of the best to fight unknown menace. Will Equestria fight back the enemy and take back their planet. Or will the enemy outnumber them and wipe Equestria off the face of the planet?

X-COM base itself: it will still have the ant farm look, however instead of the facilities looking futuristic they will look more akin to the MLP building styles. (oh and im still thinking of adding base defense, but then i would have to make that with out any other sources seeing as how Enemy unknown doesnt have the base defense)

File 135097904711.jpg - (161.88KB , 1024x768 , 132269025438.jpg )
42569 No. 42569 [View]
Ok, so my most recent attempt was a bust, but i have an idea, what if i had context?

So I thought id use season three as my base. So what id like to do is this

>Gather fan made pony videos
>Save them to a play-list on SyncTube
>Screen them prior to season three's release

Which is why i need your help, any fan made video you can think of would be cool.
But so we don't burn everyone out, lets keep the time frame between three to two hours long

Kindest regards
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>> No. 42741
File 135234660891.png - (326.82KB , 495x684 , dash big head.png )
… I missed something, didn't I.
>> No. 42742
File 135234751668.jpg - (31.50KB , 369x374 , angry-y-u-no.jpg )
>> No. 42748
File 135238733028.jpg - (52.08KB , 1102x620 , 132401517972.jpg )
lol how is your English fine when posting on pchan, but sometimes in mod chat I have no idea what you're talking about?

No. 42726 [View]
first of all: i hope this is in the correct channel.

i started a project with my programmers team. its basically a 3D animated game using unity engine pro. so after studying some laws we came into a conclusion that we are only using other peoples OC's (with permission only of course) or rather new creations that others can submit. basically is like this: Got a pony and want to be a character on the game? contact us. oh but you want that pony to be your main character? ok you have good imagination don't you? you can make another one and send it to us.

as for the objective of the game is basically this:
Masive online roleplay game in third person view (zelda like) and the structure is this: connect to a server > get a clan or friends > explore the world or go to the co-op story mode.

more informacion you can send them here. and for more information well get the blog updated with this by tomorrow.
>> No. 42732
File 135224930082.png - (348.05KB , 1063x599 , spoiler.png )
here have a screenshot (old but gold)

File 135174144146.png - (751.76KB , 900x797 , mlp__ddr_by_haloshot-d4u28nf.png )
42641 No. 42641 [View]

It is DONE! A collaborative StepMania (kinda like DDR) pack featuring primarily MLP-related music, including some of your favourite songs from Season 1 and 2, remixes, and more!

MLP packs for SM have been done before, but they've mainly been smaller packs meant more for say, In the Groove. We know that not everyone eats 14-footers for breakfast (and I mean ITG 14s), so its more of a DDR-styled pack. But still, there's still some tricky ones in there (particularly Cloudsdale Evolved, Pinkie Pie's Theme from Fighting is Magic, Love Bloom, and LOVE ME!)

Happy Nightnare Night, everypony!

Thanks to all that helped, and thanks to DDR Addict on ZIV for being a HUGE help too.
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>> No. 42702
That's the screen filter. You can adjust that in the options menu (I think I called it the Blinders)

DDR X added that, and SM default has it too
>> No. 42704
File 135207230955.png - (586.71KB , 1280x962 , trotprob.png )
I think is something wrong with this track. It is playing the Super Ponybeat Discord, and the arrows not matching with the song
>> No. 42725
Sorry, I didn't read the forum-

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