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File 135205315682.jpg - (117.21KB , 900x862 , 134176005120.jpg )
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I'm trying to build a desktop by scratch. May I recieve some suggestions/assistance? Here's what I currently have (process fan or water cooling.. idk.) Case (micro atx Mother board Processor RAM (memory) GPU (Graphics card) Power supply
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>> No. 42711
Oh, woops.
Here's the memory.
I'll upgrade that later.
>> No. 42712
On my first desktop. I was able to fit a GTS 250 (back in the day lol.) I don't think size changed much and the 7850 might be an inch or so bigger (which I could fit on the current desktop I have. Which also is a Micro ATX) What I'm trying to do as of now is to build an incredibly strong gaming desktop ready for immediate replacements/upgrades that's price effecient. I have this setup current for 900$ pre-tax
>> No. 42723
If you're confident that it'll fit then I don't see why not. Seems pretty solid to me.

File 135181751473.png - (89.70KB , 877x911 , lyra_knows_by_tygerbug-d4dn3ic.png )
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>> No. 42657
Youtube embed play button
Looking For Musician or Mixer
Voice Actors
and Writers

Want to Help?
Helpful Links:
Fan Fic --)
Youtube --)
or --)
FIMFiction --)
Email --) [email protected]
>> No. 42669
> Looking for voice actors, (re)writers, musician(s) and mixer.

Right, what were you going to do again? Edit? Direct? I hope you are going to do something, because it sounds like you are asking for help with a lot of things.

I don't believe that you are a work dodger, I just want some clarification on your own role in the project.

File 135180213732.png - (2.89MB , 1920x1200 , SoE.png )
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Hi everypony! ^_^

I am here, once again, to babble about the game that me and my team is constructing. There is an old topic ( ) about this, but there has been made so much progress on it, I really feel like there's need for a clean thread.

Basically, the embedded video is me and Eben (co-admin and lead 3D artist) talking about the entire game, where we're going with it, our ideas for it, etc.
Head on over to our blogspot to read about the game.

Long story short, we're looking for 2D, 3D and Sound Artists.

Contact info can be found on our Blogspot

>> No. 42650
Youtube embed play button
  Well it just so happens to be that when you also add a picture file to the post, the embedded video doesn't come as well. Well, here it is.

File 135148588527.png - (32.96KB , 425x419 , terezi_pony__by_mrsupermuffinman-d4vb79d.png )
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i need help. i have a plan for a convention that many people are no doubt interested in yet have no idea where to turn to for an organization that can help the project. any one here able to help?

File 135145415206.jpg - (244.06KB , 1392x1000 , Fluttershy GG.jpg )
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Long story short so I am not boring anypony, a friend of mine who does MLP art among other things is attempting a startup to travel around Canada and USA working in artist alleys.

She is giving away art prints and charms and a Brony pack (You will recieve all of the mane 6 cast charms and 3 MLP art prints. As well as a custom artwork of yours or anypony and a thank you post card.) as gifts for donations.

She is also giving away a in her words "You will get 1 officially autographed Twilight Sparkle toy autographed by Tara Strong that I am parting with. For this donation you will recieve the autographed toy , all of the mane 6 cast charms and 3 MLP art prints! As well as a custom artwork of yours or anypony and a thank you post card. You are amazing!"

Not expecting anything but just looking for some exposure, thanks guys.
>> No. 42617

File 135084725034.jpg - (60.54KB , 637x437 , tara and our mascot.jpg )
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Brony-Fest is now on Kickstarter!

Help us out for great rewards like tickets, plushies, and more! Get a mascot pony plush like Tara Strong has = )
>> No. 42568
File 135096561510.jpg - (62.62KB , 472x568 , Smile_Life_Is_Beautiful.jpg )
Damn you kids! You advertise Texas but are STILL too far away for my car to travel without countless repairs afterward!

San Antonio brony here. I'll try my best to find a method of getting there. If I can confirm a mode of transportation, I will donate to the cause!
>> No. 42594
File 135116816955.jpg - (23.13KB , 640x360 , fluttershy2.jpg )


Oh hey that's close to me!

Last convention I went to was the Fan Fair down in Austin. Might check this out.

File 135094572833.png - (0.98MB , 1024x840 , ponies_jpg.png )
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Okay, so hold me out for a second. I love the Beatles as much as I love ponies. And that's saying something. Recently, I had an idea. A ponification of famous Beatles albums and rewriting lyrics, changing names, settings, and other things. My first album would be Sgt. Pepper. I'm calling this Sergeant Pinkie's Lonely Hooves Club Band. And I need singers. And people who can cut out the singing and mix the two together. Don't worry, you will get credit. I wish you and I luck, and hope to see the aftermath.
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>> No. 42578
Damn it.
>> No. 42579
File 135102665767.png - (82.42KB , 320x320 , Pinkie_Shrug-(n1298097032777).png )
I already knew about the Beatle Brony, but I wanted to give him a bit of competition. I honestly thought I could do it. Oh well.
>> No. 42587
Sorry Bilbo. It was a really active project on here about a year ago (>>26709). I believe they used that very pic at one point.

File 132841528476.png - (54.27KB , 200x200 , 131124492934.png )
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I figured it was overdue time for a new thread. so I'm making a new one!

We have released three episodes so far and and are hard at work to bring you all more!


Applejack: Toyloli

Rarity: Aether Naut

Fluttershy: Lauren Goodnight
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>> No. 35500
Youtube embed play button

>LINK TO EQT BLOG POST ABOVE!(it has neat pictures and looks better!) Also Please comment if you feel the need to!(seriously....a comment from a non-bot would be nice...;_; )

In case you all missed it, EPISODE 4 HAS BEEN RELEASED! The script writer for this episode is none other than our voice of Applejack, Toyloli!

>Attached video to this post

Gotta say I was a bit nervous with how she did this episode at first but after I made the final cut and viewed it in full, I was very impressed with how she did with the script!

>> No. 35584
File 133203640605.jpg - (12.49KB , 160x160 , bucking threads.jpg )
>> No. 42557
Youtube embed play button
  I am looking for a few voices for the abridged series project that is currently in progress. We are four episodes in(soon to be five). We have three script writers on board and an animator for custom scenes.

Now our abridged series DOES HAVE mature humor in it, but we strive to never go past the explicit rating in any of our scripts.(In cace if it does, I send it back and ask them to redo the part(s).)

We are currently looking for the people to fill in the roles of Pinkie Pie, Snips, Snails.

It should also be noted we are looking for sound alike voices. You don't have to be "spot on" but you need to at least come close to the original voice.

Now the following part is important! So please make sure you meet the following requirements before auditioning.

1. You must have a decent microphone(No background noise and you can be clearly heard when you speak).

File 134517198598.png - (1.03MB , 1350x748 , future title slide.png )
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Hey there ponychan. I apologize in advance in the likely event that I screwed this up. I'm here because I'm starting my own pony-related project in the form of a fanmade game. What kind of game? Just a humble 2-D action game with an art style you'd find in an NES game or an intentionally retro release like Bit.Trip, VVVVVV, and the like.

I know better than to try and make it into a HUGE project asking for a ton of help. I've tried and failed that before. No, the theme of this game is simple: It's a sort of love letter to games I grew up with and a present to the fans who not only got me into the fandom, but who also inspired me to create something for it in my rather abundant free time. Namely, this includes the brilliant minds behind the Ponies: The Anthology series. I was inspired to start this shebang by Anthology 2's awesome introduction and credits sequences. They really resonated with me and showed me that this fandom can produce some beautiful things when its members work together for a good cause.

No, I'm not saying I'm making someone else's work into a video game. I don't know how you'd even do that with those videos. However, I've spoken with ZephyrStar on Youtube (the uploader of the Anthology videos), and he's agreed to let me use the 8-bit intro, in order to give it the game I think it deserves. Hence, that's the working title you see up there.

Anyway, you're probably thinking, "Enough talk. What about the actual GAME?" The game itself is going to play largely like a sidescroller, but with a few other segments mixed in to add to the whole anthology overtone. After all, Anthology is all about putting ponies to movies, music, and games; this project will be focusing on the 'games' part of that, and there's plenty of genres to use. The story is going to likely be a simple, perhaps cliched one of Discord making some small-scale return and his powers will be what has changed Equestria from a cartoon setting to a video game one, complete with levels based off of our favorite pixelated games of the past and present. Once this is es
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>> No. 42196
File 134874274288.jpg - (42.04KB , 550x400 , gold-miner-big.jpg )
No one suggest something for Spike
>> No. 42255
File 134922171083.png - (100.77KB , 1348x628 , dohohoho.png )

>> No. 42552
just a thought, how about a cooking mama style minigame, maybe Fluttershy making a salad for Angel

File 135051542702.png - (199.04KB , 1024x731 , my_little_horsestuck_by_russelh-d39h7s0.png )
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So, I've seen plenty of Ponified Homestuck fan art out there, but never a pony Homestuck adventure. I have already begun writing for two possible directions in which this story could go, but would like some user-feedback so I can commit to one, and proceed.

The first concept is simply ponifying all of the existing characters of Homestuck much like this image, replacing “Earth” with “Equestria” And modifying the story only slightly, based on these new details. Note that while this one will stick close to the story, it will not be the exact same story and just redrawing everyone as ponies, but rather a close adaptation.

The second concept isn’t quite as simple, it would be a bit of a mix between canon of MLP and of Homestuck. Canons would take on the roles of the main protagonists. However, they would be a bit younger than they are in the MLP canon, to better fit the setting of Homestuck. This is far more likely to deviate from the story in terms of the characters' actions, while still sticking to the main events of the plot, IE: Reckoning, Jack Noir Parasprites, Lord English...

This is what I have in mind for this possible story so far, I'll update this if I choose to proceed with it: (caution: if you’re not caught up on Homestuck, I’m not responsible for spoilers)

Vinyl Scratch as Dave Strider (Pretty obvious choice, need I say more?)

Octavia as Rose Lalonde (seemed fitting considering that would make her Paradox sisters with Scratch, and she seems to have very fitting matching personality to Rose’s)

File 135043427704.jpg - (452.13KB , 1280x1024 , rose.jpg )
42512 No. 42512 [View]
I've made a little ask tumblr, and to promote it, I thought, why not come here. I don't ask a lot of you, you could just leave an ask and give it a little peak if you'd want to. This will probably go along with a bit of Doctor Who fandom and Torchwood, yet of course still in the pony-zone.

Here's the URL of the emptiness (for now) of the blog, show this to your brony friends who support a good tumblr blog if you'd like as well!
>> No. 42519
Famous, not famos.

Roseluck needs to learn how to spell to fit her character better. We will see how this goes.
>> No. 42529
Sorry, I was tired and brain-dead. Considering I had woken up at 4:30 in the morning, I wouldn't deny that there would be at least one typo in it.

File 135033688689.jpg - (5.85KB , 225x225 , dash-computer-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-30673847-225-225.jpg )
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Hello thar,
We are working on a website that is dedicated to all form of pony art and in forming connections between new artists and more established ones. We have everything planned out and just need some help finishing up the website. We desperately need webdevs or anyone with web design experience. We would also love to have you on board if you are an artist of any sort. If interested, please contact via skype either myself at chuckles.theman or the webdev team head: xssheadguy. Thanks for the interest!
>> No. 42484
What you mean all forms of pony art? Writing and stuff? A new deviantart? New Inkbunny?

I can understand you want to keep some secrecy, but that sort of information is kind of needed to see if you can get anything done. Namely, why would I used my time for it.
>> No. 42513
In which programming languange and if any, framework?

File 133267181911.gif - (40.13KB , 134x114 , Lyra_Duckie.gif )
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Continued from thread >>23185 this is the place to show off your OC or non cannon desktop ponies!

Now we've had a lot of animations show up and I compiled most of them here for your enjoyment.
Now if your animation was not included it was because it sounded like you were just looking for critiques and ideas or were planning to make improvements. If I completely missed your animation or was wrong and your animation was for sharing instead of just critiques, then let me know so I can add it in.

Now this thread is for sharing your animations, getting critiques, advice, ideas and is not meant to be a request thread to have somepony make your entire OC for you. To help you make your animations, there are some tutorials and templates out there to help you. This one is for the basic trot and includes a video made by monkeyjay that should help teach you the basics of spriting if you are new to the process. this download can also be found on the main desktop ponies site

I put the bases I could find which were made by MonkeyJay, Oppl Jok, Pony Noia, Anonycat, Dirkos, me and other contributors to the desktop pony team in this template folder which is also included in the OC Desktop folder download but is here if you just want it without downloading everything else. Some free programs to help make your pony are Gimp, Photoscape and Microsoft GIF Animator. I'm sure there are plenty more but these are just the ones I remember people using.

Now if you want to have the animations from here work in your regular desktop ponies:
Open the OC desktop ponies
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>> No. 43601
Awesome. Thank you.
>> No. 43608
Allright we have a new thread to show off your ponies with.
>> No. 43611
File 135827513723.png - (72.68KB , 300x309 )

File 134393298879.png - (156.59KB , 900x851 , dj_pon3__by_mellowbloom-d4dyl8x.png )
41774 No. 41774 [View]
I have recently written two parodies. One of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" and on of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite" for a friend (I like the former better than the latter)

if there is anypony out there who is interested in singing/mixing these? I need at least one male singer. and preferably 1 or more female. I know it's asking a lot, but I'm getting desperate.

I'll post the lyrics on request. Edits are welcome as long as you keep the spirit of the songs.
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>> No. 42164
im game
>> No. 42324
I can mix it if you need someone to
>> No. 42488
If you are still looking for a singer for either song I would be happy to help, I can send in a audio audition if need be.

No. 37572 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  Somepony told me I should make a post here so people can have updates easily. I'm not used that much on using this board (or ponychan altogether, in fact), so if I should change something, tell me so.

Hello everpony !

Me and a group of friends are currently working on an animation project. Why ? It's going to be long months before the start of season 3, and we want to provide content for people to watch until then. Interlude aims at creating one 22-minutes mlp-like episode. We want to release it before the start of season 3, because after we'll be too busy watching ponies.

Things are going along quite well. We've finished the storyboard and semi-animatics, and are working on full animatics, soon backgrounds and characters rigging. You can see one of our semi-animatics on the embeded video. We also have a website at .
We have (mostly) finished auditions for the voice actors, and I have to say bronies have amazing voices ^^. I can't wait to hear how the different lines will sound like now.

I'm not exactly sure of what else I should put in this so, hm, if you have any question, I will gladly answer them ! I'll try to keep a weekly update of what happens.
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>> No. 42441
File 135020717761.png - (144.66KB , 697x1145 , 131262243443.png )
I saw your episode and thought it was really well done. You got all that done in a month and a half?
>> No. 42458
Not really.
The first post of this thread have been made in april, though most of the team was gathered during may.
>> No. 42469
File 135030311284.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
Oh so it took quite a bit longer? Still, I'm very impressed.

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