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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 134850082006.png - (76.33KB , 825x644 , Screenshot.png )
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I'm trying to create a humanised visual novel.
The basic gist of it is you watch and influence the story of Anon, a mediocre university dropout who is summoned by a humanised Twilight Sparkle into Equestria via forbidden magic.
Anon must adjust to his new life in this strange world, make friends, and survive.
I have a significant script written in shorthand (~16k word count), but I have just taken up the task of converting the usable parts into proper English and entering them into the renpy engine.
Basically I have no knowledge in game development or visual art, but I'm entirely committed to having a short demo (The first three chapters before choosing a route) completed before 2013.
Am I asking for help too soon? Are my plans unrealistic?
>> No. 42178
>Basically I have no knowledge in game development or visual art

Read the sticky thread on top of this board, please.

File 134283271735.png - (126.07KB , 640x460 , awards.png )
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Greetings from the Bit Bucket Brigade!

After hours of debating we have come to you with the winners of both the screenwriting and storyboard competitions. These winners weren’t chosen lightly, we were amazed at the quality of our entries. Unfortunately we could only choose one winner for the screenwriting competition, but we made sure to give the runner ups a nod; there’s also a few honorable mentions as well.

The storyboard competition lent more leeway so we decided to crown not just the previously announced two but an additional four more. We are happy to announce a total of six new members of the Bit Bucket Brigade who will be contributing in several fields that involve their artistic creativity.

The Screenwriting Competition

Our winner of the Summer Funimation Project 2012 Screenwriting Competition:

"Alaka-Sham!" written by Ethan Krueger.
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>> No. 41579
I uploaded my storyboard to dA, but forgot to post it till now:

I'm certainly no pro or expert, but I would be happy to give you a view tips and pointers if you want em, or even better, point you towards some people and resources who know a lot more than me! Also, it most certainly is not essential for you to create a full colored comic to be a good board artist, though of course that would be good practice for whatever art you do. It's much more important to be able to tell a good story with a storyboard than to be the most incredibly amazing artist and obsess over every panel. One thing you don't want to do in boarding is fall in love with your art, as so much of it will get changed or cut!
>> No. 41592
I'll add that you also need some knowledge of the technical aspects of it. You're basically the camera so it's important to know camera terms as they are also used in storyboards.
>> No. 42132
File 134842511578.jpg - (501.83KB , 3080x1870 , A little preview.jpg )
Heads up guys. We'll be running a casting call soon.

More details to come in the next week or two. I know its a ways off, but this thread needs a bump.

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Youtube embed play button
Well, hello there, everypony!

I may introduce myself, I'm Night Breeze, and I'd like to share with you my most recent project: a Rhythm Heaven-like pony game.

Inspired mainly by MysteryBen27's "Rhythm is Magic" videos (which I'm pretty sure most of you know, but just in case, this is his latest video: ), and the Rhythm Heaven games themselves, I decided to start this project.

It will take some time, as I'll work in this only in my free time- but I'll post a new video with almost every new version I release, and you'll be able to download them. I'll also keep this post updated if it manages to catch some attention :)

Anyway, in the video embed ( ), I show you the basics of the game system in the first release (v0.1a), and what I call the "level 0". The game is right now in its most early version, and everything seen there is subject to change. In fact, I already released a new version (0.16a, which you can download from the video description in youtube), but this video still works as a demostration.

Feel free to comment, suggest and share any opinions you have!
I hope you like it, guys, and thanks for your time!
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>> No. 42101
File 134812524838.png - (309.21KB , 640x479 , screen mlr menu028.png )
v0.28a is out! Check out the blog for more info and download links.
>> No. 42105
Why the program always stole my cursor? I want back my cursor! Also its great and everything. You need ideas, or you plan everything already?
>> No. 42115

Thanks for your support, friend!

Actually, it's always good to hear some ideas and suggestions, so if you have any, go ahead and I shall keep them in mind :)

File 133123405021.doc - (16.54KB , Moar fish.doc )
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Hello /collab/ and visitors who were linked here from elsewhere!

Some of you who have seen me elsewhere on here are probably aware of my planned Abridged series, MLP: Friendship is Seriously Hilarious. Well, I've finally made some serious progress and am holding auditions for the following characters:
>Rainbow Dash
>Pinkie Pie
>Princess Celestia
>and BG/extra ponies!
Attached is the Audition sheet with all of the directions and lines you need, and here's a link to the video that goes with it (which also includes examples):
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>> No. 42064
File 134797348969.png - (158.21KB , 500x500 , mlfw3726-1332072014506.png )
>> No. 42097
File 134810296820.png - (224.49KB , 712x610 , Soon.png )
I apologize for yet another slow update; school and stuff. lol

Most of the main characters I was looking for have already been selected and they have been contacted and given scripts. I just need to contact Rainbow Dash, and find/schedule a place for me and Fluttershy (who is an irl friend) to begin record our lines, since both of us have no reliable means to do so on our own.

I have yet to choose the background actors for the first episode, so I'll be going back to those and choosing. Hopefully, I'll be able to contact them all soon.

I'm also in the process in writing the script for episode 2

Thank you for your patience (though I fear it's growing thin)

>> No. 42108
File 134817142983.gif - (1.29MB , 480x270 , mlfw2501-d82.gif )
Didnt make the cut :<

ohwell! good luck everypony! if you need any help with anything just post in this tread and ill try my best to help out if i can :)

File 133589019896.jpg - (1.06MB , 2300x1200 , 152682 - artist-aeronjvl clouds flying rainbow_dash.jpg )
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E'llo /collab/! Squeak here, long time no see. I've started up another storybook project. My previous one here: turned out fairly well. So, lets have another go shall we? This time we've got a fable to storyfy courtesy of the always amazing Slwit. VA spots are open, and we're currently looking for an artist. The main thing needed right now is video editor to stitch everything together. So, wana make a storybook?

Script: (Open parts color coated Contact Info within)
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>> No. 38281
I sent in a voice audition. I hope you enjoy it ^_^
>> No. 38382
what is your answer?
>> No. 42102
By the way, if anyone managed to save the art from the last project, I'd love a link, including the unused stuff. I remember lurking the thread just for the art, but my computer derped since then and I think I lost it all. :(

File 134800031695.png - (174.90KB , 640x360 , Applejack-applejack-27913722-640-360.png )
42077 No. 42077 [View]
#Digital #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted
Hey ponychan!

How is everypony?

Today I am here to show you an upcoming game I am going to make, I need to help though, so if anyone has some spare time and they would like to help me out, give me a bell.
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>> No. 42082
A button to turn off the music would be nice.

Other than that... what >>42079 said.

I didn't find the vulgar options particularly amusing. Nor offensive, really... just kinda lame.
>> No. 42083
I already have that, well..

It will happen when the new version comes out :D
>> No. 42089
It's like those old cruddy porn quizes. Not saying that it is bad per see, but rather that it is underwhelming.

Also, please tell me that you aren't just drawing each question on a separate timeline frame. Make the interface once and have actionscript populate the textfields at runtime.

File 134398057363.gif - (663.73KB , 334x360 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-can-i-join.gif )
41273 No. 41273 [View]
Hello /collab/,
I'm new here, and I'm unsure if I'm in the right spot, but anyway I'd like to ask for some help.

You see, I had an idea of modifying Plants Vs Zombies to make everything, except the zombies, more pony. Only trouble is, I can't draw ponies, program certain things or think of any more good ideas than what I've come up with.

If you're interested in helping, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] on what you want to help with, which are:
~A programmer (just to change a few things in PvZ around so it doesn't look like a bunch of ponies floating around or if anything else goes wrong. Not a very big job, sorry)
~An artist (for the pony sprites and loading screen)
~Absolutely anyone with ideas (anything, like which pony should replace which plant [no OC's please], something to replace the plant information in the almanac, or anything else that could help us)

So far, my ideas for some of the plant replacements are:
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>> No. 41370
I've thought of some other ideas.

Sea Shroom = Lyra (thanks Anon!)
Spikeweed = Spike

Any others?
>> No. 41383
potatoes should be tom dan
>> No. 42032
Well, after looking at a sprite sheet, I have realised that this is pretty much impossible.

So now this project will be abandoned (not that anyone really gave a shit in the first place, which IS actually understandable.)

No. 41980 [View]
Youtube embed play button
Hello everyone! This is GreatDinn, announcing a new radio series that needs your help! Watch the video, or check the document below for all the basic information.

To summarize in case you can't visit either right this second: Newsponies is a radio comedy that takes place about 10 years in the future of the show. It focuses on the two largest news stations in Equestria, ENN and Solar News, and all of the nutjobs who keep them running. They deal with scandals, a very zealous inter-station rivalry, and a mysterious vigilante who fights the crime that's begun to go overboard in Fillydelphia. It's written and co-directed by Corey W. Williams, author of the Vinyl Scratch Tapes, and produced and co-directed by me, GreatDinn. There's more to it than just this, but I don't want to delve into anything spoilery just yet.

We're looking for Artists, Musicians, and Voice Actors.

We need artists who can draw still shots that will match the script, allowing for scenes and certain things that can't be accurately conveyed via voice alone.

We need musicians for an opening theme, closing theme, and background music, to add that certain ambiance that shows need.
>> No. 41981
I also forgot to mention, you can see more at

Sorry for not including it in the original post.

File 134644115062.jpg - (47.09KB , 471x41 , mlpma_logo.jpg )
41823 No. 41823 [View]
Hey /collab/. I spent much of yesterday looking for new musicians for the MLP music archive. I realized how difficult it is to find new MLP music. Well, I can’t just let a problem like that stand!

My solution, set up a central location of artists new and old to post new songs and advertise their work. This central hub would keep a list of known artists. Anypony who finds a new artist would send them there and have their name added to the registry. New songs (2 weeks or less) would be listed at the top of the document, giving exposure to new songs by all artists. Also included in the doc would be links to anything interesting to the entire musician community. Things like tips on getting posted on EQD, links to program tutorials, etc.

Now, I understand that artists already have a bunch to do, and I don’t want to add to that load without good reason. So, a quick Pro/Con to establish why this is worth supporting.

Pro: Fans of MLP music will have a central location for new music! This would also help EQD and MLPmusicarchive keep track of new tracks.
Pro: this gives new artists a supporting community and instant publicity for their work.
Pro: it gives fans an easy method of finding more songs by an artist or a specific genre of music.
Pro: the chat will provide opportunities for friendships, collaborations, and new ideas!

Con: Google docs is not the best method of running this type of site.
>> No. 41868
Not to be deterred by the lack of response, here is the link to the gdoc. progress is slow, but I am inviting each artist individually as I update their work. If you want to help, just jump in and give your name. I'll add you to the editor's list within 24 hours. if you like the idea, pass the link on to friends, post it to artists, and lets get some collaboration going!
>> No. 41958

Are you changing the format? GDoc says you've put the file in the trash :/

I'd be interested in cross-linking your doc with one I've worked on for a while. The Royal Pony Genre Archive is a GDoc that tries to list one song for each genre of pony fan music - we're at about 145 mostly-genres so far.

Anyway, I'd be interested in linking to your page if you link to ours... Unfortunately, I don't know a ton of new brony artists, though I may toss up a couple that I know from local groups from time to time.

The Genre Archive GDoc is here:

Post a comment near the top if you'd like to cross-link.

File 134092951617.jpg - (157.92KB , 755x1418 , 415435_426406404057918_1660183418_o.jpg )
40223 No. 40223 [View]
Did you know that there will be a MLPFIM convention THIS FALL in Chicago? It's called Midwestria, and the company that runs it is Kollision Inc.

Kollision INC., the company that puts on events such as Kollision Con and Midwestria, is going for a $250,000 grant. We're at 132 votes and we need to reach 250 by 11:59 Eastern Time on Saturday, June 30th. We really need everypony who hasn't voted to vote and those who have voted to pass this along. This grant will be used to improve the events we're already putting on and starting up more great events. If everypony who has voted could just get one more person to vote we would reach our goal.

1. Go to
2. Log in via Facebook (bottom right)
3. Search for Kollision in Illinois.
4. Scroll down and click to vote.
>> No. 40224
On that note, is anypony here going to Midwestria?
>> No. 40231
Just heard of it thanks to this thread.

Wow, that's really close to here! I'll probably go there.
Have you tried asking for a shout out on EQD?
>> No. 41923
There is a high chance that I might!
If I do, look for a humanized Redheart with a lolita-esque theme.

File 132890977088.png - (1.11MB , 1366x768 , screenshot_4863274.png )
33705 No. 33705 [View]
i am working on a 3D model of ponyville. it is to-scale using the quake 4 setup* and is fairily accurate, though it does of course have some artistic licence.

anypony interested in throwing together a building or two? :)

for links to the files, go to the google docs page

*don't worry if you have no idea what that means
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>> No. 34443
no, i had to do something else. coop editing is a powerful tool.... perhaps ill add a chatroom- type link thing to the google docs page so that people who want to work on this can coordinate, because its difficult to find people in sauer.

ill always do a sweep for users with [pony] in thier name, though.
>> No. 34444
I haven't touched Cube 2 in forever, but I'll check up tomorrow to try to figure it out and maybe do some building
>> No. 34446
i tend to be around on cube, but i might be a bit busy tomorrow. either use the chatbox link i added to the docs page, the built-in chat in the google docs interface, or this thread if you need to talk to me.

i've been taking a break from this, and i just realized i need to write down all the new locations from the recent episodes...... ffffffffffffffff

and the library, along with a few other buidings that are not suited to cube, ontinue to plauge me...... grrrr

File 131979127910.png - (95.44KB , 550x765 , 131518015573.png )
25885 No. 25885 [View]
Fiver and I have been working on a small project. Check it out at
Before you give any feedback, please read the FAQ (at least) and the "Principles of Bronysec" page. I appreciate your feedback
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>> No. 28857
File 132239195903.jpg - (216.94KB , 1280x1024 , vinyl-yeah.jpg )
We now have chat set up, thanks to the reddit folks.
>> No. 29470
>> No. 41905
File 134694448010.jpg - (7.26KB , 200x200 , 2c353533ffa4475a8a3950d898534736_image!jpeg_12374_jpg_bamp.jpg )

File 134657533980.png - (10.87KB , 486x340 , Screen Shot 2012-09-01 at 11_11_10 PM.png )
41853 No. 41853 [View]
Hello everyone. I'm Ganondox, best known within the fandom for being the author of the Fanfic Learn to Fly (Derpy's Tale). I'm a HS student currently living in Indonesia, and a self-taught flash game developer. Anyway, I'm currently working on a game with Legend of Zelda like game play, and I'm looking for some help with it, especially with graphics.

Anyway, here is my first tech demo showing the objects I've created so far. I created this in one from scratch day, each object has a class file that will be updated as the game grows (and will need to be modified to incorporate animated graphics, but that won't be too hard).

My current plan is this: 1. Design a draft for the first dungeon. 2. Create all the needed objects with place-holder graphics. (1 and 2 are somewhat interchangeable, but I need to know some of the objects I'm going to be using in the design so I can create them. I'm working on 2 now.) 3. Assemble the playable draft for the first dungeon and release it. 4. Revise dungeon, maybe update the graphics. 5. Repeat process for dungeons 2 & 3 (I plan on having 8 total). 6. If I haven't done so yet, add graphics. 7. Design the rest of the game up to the first three dungeons. 8. Create and release a demo up to the end of the third dungeon. 9. Continue until the game is complete. 10. Add additional updates to the game post release, maybe.

For people who want to help with graphics, my current idea is having SNES/Link to the Past style sprites, but if you are the artist you really decide how they look.

To demonstrate my skills, here are some other things I've done in the past. All of these I've made before moving into class based programming, which I've since moved to as it's more efficient, especially for an adventure game with lots of reused objects in different frames.
8 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 41866

I forgot mention one thing. If anyone wants to use any of classes or anything just email me and I'll send it to you, I want all my work to be open to use. As a warning they aren't very good right now as they aren't finished.
>> No. 41870
Just ignore the anon. Its probably the same one who harassed my topic months ago. Coincidentally, my game is almost identical to yours. He just goes around /Collab/ shooting down anyone he doesn't think is making the next Call of Duty. At least you can actually code and since you already have some progress your not breaking any rules. Who cares if your looking for help? Not everyone is a AAA game designer with museum class art skills and a thousand record deals. You do what you do and find others willing to fill in the holes. You can't expect a perfect game from one person without it taking several years.
>> No. 41871
>>Not everyone is a AAA game designer with museum class art skills and a thousand record deals.

Your soapbox rant was tolerable until you began using this hyperbole and strawmen arguments here.

While I agree that not everyone can be blessed with artistic talent, I must also agree that a game project where the OP claims to have a very ambitious project that entirely depends of other people's good will, is -always-a berserker button around here.On top of that, he kept using the word "placeholder graphics" that is also another nasty berserker button around here.


And then we have OP's little bitching here, where he coudn't even wait five hours before becoming impatient and attempting to guilt trip the community so they would work for him.

Supersaiyanmikito, before you try to play Internet Whiteknight and say "Just ignore the anon" I must ask you to remember your own horrible behavior on that project thread you talked about and how strongly you opposed to the suggestions and critiques you received there.

File 134640266968.gif - (34.70KB , 80x80 , HUMANS.gif )
41817 No. 41817 [View]
I need someone who knows his/her way around VX, preferably with experience, and good communication skills.

The game is a non-profit, financed by me, fan-made story based on the MLP: Friendship Is Magic franchise. Most of the mapping is completed, in addition to the spriting. Here are some (goofy and meta) videos showing the progress and showcasing the sprites and maps. . My approach to this is as serious and professional as possible, but with a relaxed atmosphere as well.
>> No. 41843
While I'm no programmer, I am a very experienced JRPG player I know and would love to be part of a QA team if you were considering having such a thing!

I can provide all sorts of feedback if needed ^_^!
>> No. 41844

Ha, grammar. Sorry, what I meant to say was that I don't know anypony whose played more JRPGs than I have x_x!

File 134040050957.png - (3.02MB , 640x3000 , Advertisement.png )
39991 No. 39991 [View]
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>> No. 41595
Yes, please!
>> No. 41598
I like your decisions regarding story important items and game items! I hate it when I make the game impossible to beat by not picking up or doing something on time and don't find out until hours later that I messed up. That's just cruel.

Good eye on not abusing the Harmony bars. That is honestly something I wouldn't have thought to check, so good catch!

As for number of secrets/things that make the bars fill, well, this is just me, but I think it depends on what you want to emphasize more: more story or more exploration?

If you want to emphasize more the exploration (the gaming itself), then, yeah, add more options or requirements to fill each bar; but if you want to give more possibilities to see more plot or more sides of the story, you could keep the number low (like, 5, like you said, for example), and then have different endings depending on which bars you filled and which ones you didn't.

For example, what if Luna is always honest, but not very kind or generous, and winds up making angry the wrong character? There is some potential for karmic endings there.

In both cases, there is potential to add more depth to Luna's characterization and to help the player get more immersed into the world of the game, but how you go about it is up to you and what kind of game you feel would be best in this case.
>> No. 41838

As time goes on and the more the game evolves, I will consider the ideas and suggestions from everyone and try and fit in what I can.

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