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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 134372823413.png - (711.42KB , 1480x1080 , Vinyl-Scratch-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-27681041-1480-1080.png )
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A friend of mine is trying to get a project started, so I'm posting this here to help him out.

I am looking into producing vinyl records of brony music, and I need to gauge the interest in this market! If you would be interested in buying a brony record, please let me know in this survey! I also need input on which artist to approach to do a first run with. A more detailed explanation can be found within the survey. Thank you!


File 134204027515.png - (170.87KB , 848x480 , Picture 2.png )
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I have ported Desktop Ponies to Mac, and it works. Unlike the java versions. Please download and give me feedback fellow Mac users. The instructions are on the site, the readme, and in the settings tab of the actual app. please give me feedback and like my page


pc related, its real.
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>> No. 41061
You'll want it in all lowercase, unlike how it's set up in the OP.
>> No. 41069
There we go. Thanks, this is great!
>> No. 41183
Thank you

File 133878659105.png - (246.99KB , 384x323 , Hanako.png )
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Hey there!
My team and I are currently looking for a background artist to help out with the production of a visual novel adaptation of My Little Dashie. For those of you unfamiliar with visual novels, your job as a background artist will be to produce the scenery that the characters are displayed on similar to this picture. We're actually going for a somewhat similar style. Being able to draw show-accurate ponies is also a plus.
We are by no means professionals, and for some of us, this is actually a bit of a learning experience. This is simply a side project, so we really won't have any strict deadlines or time frames.
If you're interested, email me at [email protected] for more details. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me on here.
>> No. 39311
Update: We're now looking for any artists at all interested in producing this, not just background artists. Again, being able to draw show-accurate ponies is preferred. If you're interested, email me at [email protected]
>> No. 41171
File 134363886430.png - (73.40KB , 400x600 , mld_cover.png )
Hah, can't believe I found this thread.
Anyways, a demo is now available for this visual novel! Although the artist's position has been filled (obviously), I figured I'd post the demo in this thread in order to get some feedback.

Download links available here!

File 134345703939.png - (35.13KB , 1034x815 , not_so_mini_pony_sprites_by_lekonua-d4vviea.png )
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Hi, I'm working in a MLP RPG using RPG Maker VX, but I'm having some problems with the pony sprites. I tried editing the default horse sprite, but it didn't turn out right.

So, anyone has a sprite that I could use to edit?

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>> No. 41153

Out of curiosity, how many desktop pony games are taking up front page spread, I had a quick glance through and saw alot of other projects, a couple of ones that had home made sprites. Didn't seem like a torrent of them pushing others down.

Now excuse me while I go look for that Minty Fresh Adventure, cause I did not see that and was the main reason I checked the first few pages ;p
>> No. 41154

Hah, I'm blind, found it right under!
>> No. 41157

We had a surge of those games as soon summer vacation began. We still have a few of those poping out now and then, but fortunately people is slowly getting the hint and they take that junk elsewhere.

Deviantart is chocked full of those "games"

File 134352054505.jpg - (154.85KB , 1280x960 , 2012-07-28_00001.jpg )
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>> No. 41145
Well, I mean, is this an art resource that you made? If you want criticisms for art resources, you'd be better off in /art, since this is more for people who are trying to get group projects done, and show other people their project's progress, not really get critiques.

(correct me if I'm wrong anypony)
>> No. 41150

We have absolutely no idea of what is this because you just dropped by without an introduction or an explanation of what are you trying to accomplish here.

Is this a game? A game mod?
Or simply a pretended game made in photoshop just for fun?

More information plase.
>> No. 41156
Well, this is just a map cinematic map for sfm/gmod/tf2 propouses,
Since there's no good cynematic maps out there
im trying to replicate ponyville, so maybe we can get sfm fim episodes or something like that

File 134343616390.gif - (3.20KB , 200x177 , curious.gif )
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A while back, a very clever brony teamed up with a voice actress to give us mane six voices for Tomtom GPS devices. After recently learning that custom voices can be installed on the iOS and Android versions of the Tomtom GPS app with just a little bit of hacking, I set out to try and install the voices into the app. I was able to successfully copy the voices over to the correct folder in the iOS app, but they don't show up as options in the voice selection menu. Has anyone tried this yet and found any methods that yielded success?
>> No. 41104
However, I should note that I was able to successfully import his Rariquest custom car icon. That's a start, at least! :)
>> No. 41117
No one has tried this before?

File 133876254248.jpg - (59.97KB , 640x360 , 2a41fcb3077c5d227e32af973a6e7893[1].jpg )
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Let me just start by introducing myself, my ponysona (I just thought of it, lol) is Semicolon Dash, and if you can't guess from that, I'm a Computer Science major. You might know me from the Warcraft 3/ Starcraft 2/ World of Warcraft communities by my handle Valaraukador / TheSecretArts. I'll try to get more active around (which is bound to happen since I'm stuck in the middle of no where on summer break about to gouge my eyes out).

I'm working on a project, by myself at the moment, called PonyCraft. As the name suggests, it is an RPG following in the footsteps of Warcraft and Starcraft. However, it's supposed to be more than that too, otherwise I wouldn't be here asking for your help.

I want to make this a desktop game, standalone, with functioning internet-multiplayer. Right now, I've been designing the code base for Windows in the C# language using XNA Game Studio 4.0. Insofar I've got some basic underlying architectures pretty decently underway (including my own system for scene management and sprite animation, the concept of the unit object and I've been programming the command architecture. IE: I can get units to move, patrol, follow eachother, and queue commands and whatnot) I still have a long way to go, but I need your help.

I'm a pretty meh artist in my opinion, and spriting is certaining not my strong suit. But I'm going to give you the whole idea of what I have going on here.

Plot: The general plot is this. After Chrysalis' failed attempt to take over Canterlot, she is fumingly pissed. She wants revenge, but most of all, she wants more power. She decides that her best plan of action is a bit more insidious than her last one. Rather than just feed on power and try to take over, she wants to turn the ponies against eachother and divide them. And once they are divided, she plans to release Discord from stone oncemore, and seal her victory by destroying the elements of harmony. The ponies have to figure out a way to settle their differences and unite and defeat Discord and Chrysalis before the elements of harmony are lost and all hope is lost with them.

The Factions: (right now I'
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>> No. 40751
Well, a bite-sized update today I suppose.

I've been doing a bit of code cleaning recently. I've found that in the process, I was able to sort out a few bugs and make everything a bit cleaner and much easier to work with (hurray for Lambda expressions).

I'm going to be out of town for a week though, so not much progress will be happening still. However, I'm trying to improve my programming practices and hopefully that will speed things up.
>> No. 40982
Youtube embed play button
  Well now that I'm back in town, have a little update on selection and pathing (mostly pathing though).
>> No. 41075
Progress is still moving along.

Hokeys, tooltips, building notifications (the little shadow of the building that shows you where you are building and if it is valid or not), and a brand-spanking new abstract collision engine that uses box-box collision. I'm still tying up everything so I don't have any loose ends while continuing. There are still a few loose ends I need to deal with since I upgraded to multiple-unit selection.

File 134308715063.png - (144.34KB , 500x502 , 132976543077.png )
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So I've really been wanting to have a desktop pony for my OC, but I can NEVER seem to get the hair right, or the tail. I'm just not artistically gifted in any way. So if someone could just give me a hand here, I would be most appreciative.
>> No. 41027
Honestly, requests for desktop ponies is kinda frowned upon. It's very very unlikely someone will make your OC for you, but I'll point you in the right direction, so you can practice spriting and be on your way to making your own Desktop Pony.

Okay, first of all, there is already a thread for OC Desktop Ponies here
In that thread's OP, you can find guides and templates to make a desktop pony sprite.
>> No. 41028

File 134264130363.jpg - (151.96KB , 814x634 , Epic Twilight Sparkle.jpg )
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I wish to turn this into some sort of an anime-style flash-cartoon series. Sure, the script is unfinished, but I thought I'd find some people ahead of time to help me, including:

1. Experienced artists.
2. Flash animators.
3. Voice-work.
4. Composers, especially people who can do Jpop and/or Jrock-style music.
5. SFX, especially of the shonen-fight anime kind.

Other than that, thanks for your cooperation, and I'm looking forward to working together with you guys!
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>> No. 40836

Any project that can be sumed up as "I want people to do all the work for me so I could have whatever I want!" is frowned down around here.

You basically came to ask people to do all the work for you, while yourself are basically an "Ideas Guy" which are hated to death here.
>> No. 40938
The sticky is the first post on the first page.

It's hard to miss. I'd recommend going there before the masses come to burn you at the stake. (sorry I'm being dramatic)
>> No. 40939

It was quite accurate, though.

File 134282067274.jpg - (149.09KB , 1024x576 , 133468863386.jpg )
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Okay so I know that the whole 'Hey, guys! I got an idea and I want somepony to make it for me' is largely frowned upon here. I get that. The enclosed document is merely an idea I had that wouldn't leave my head. I would like to make it myself using RPG Maker 2003 but was informed that it might be too ambitious to do. The way I see it is that it wouldn't be impossible, just very time consuming. (And I have a lot of time.) However, if there are ponies interested that feel they can make it in a better format than me, I will gladly consed to the better version allowing said pony to take 99% of the credit (I at least get 1%). If not, I need artist that would be willing to do sprites for me. These sprites would be of the characters in battle, (Normal and Gala dresses)certain effects and ex.

Here's the idea:

I figured I'd give this one more shot before it dies in my soul.

Pic has slight relevance.
>> No. 40919
File 134282144964.png - (143.64KB , 287x334 , 420.png )
Hold up. Why don't hold onto this idea until is up? Check out this thread: >>40634

Seems like that's more the kind of site you'd need, although it ain't workin' yet, as far as I know.
>> No. 40921

File 134037960820.png - (13.60KB , 188x144 , Summer Funimation Logo.png )
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This here is for the discussion for the competitions and any other aspects of the Summer Funimation Project. We'll be posting updates as well as answer any questions people may have if they prefer to know who they're speaking to, or if they want to use this over asking through tumblr.

Our Tumblr:
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>> No. 40678
We'll be announcing the winners of both competitions very soon. There will also be a few honorable mentions to those that didn't make it but got close.
>> No. 40887
Oh, dangit.

It took me until just now to realize that, considering the contest ended two weeks ago and the tumblr says that the winner(s) will be working through July, if we've never heard anything back then we obviously didn't win. Possibly didn't even get an honorable mention?

>> No. 40932
File 134283293501.png - (146.71KB , 1920x1080 , originalcolorbars1080.png )

The results and future planning thread is over here: >>40931

File 133769546315.gif - (1.03MB , 400x480 , HQ Filly Derpy Trot.gif )
38657 No. 38657 [View]
MLP Adventure Game – Seeking Programming & Art Team Members

We are looking for more programmers and 3D artists to help build a team for a MLP adventure game. We’re aiming to create a game that focuses more on solving puzzles, clearing obstacles, and interacting with NPCs rather than combat and violence. While we have made some plans for the gameplay details, we have not really set anything in stone yet, and we are therefore open to suggestions. For now, our main goal is to find programmers and some 3D artists, but eventually, we may also need sound artists, writers (for quests and such) and voice talent.

Here is a link to the current team charter:

We will keep the Google Doc updated as more members join. If you’re interested in joining, please post here or contact Keta (for programming) or Eben (for art) and include the following information:

- Name (how you wish to be listed in the charter)
- Desired role (or roles)
- The software you use, and experience you have with it (don’t worry, we’re not looking for masters)
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>> No. 40854


I'm looking forward to this ^^
>> No. 40862
I am considering joining the team as a programmer. I have worked a lot with C#, and i would like to know more about the game.
Please add me on skype: jaaslet
>> No. 40871
To keep up with progress on the game, here's our Blogspot link:

File 133020863472.png - (169.50KB , 1600x1200 , 132521125496.png )
34685 No. 34685 [View]
I love Fluttershy in metal armor, I'll tell you what.

We are having a charity drive geared towards helping open source projects such as the Mozilla Foundation and Wine Project. If you want to donate, go to
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>> No. 34691

Imposter egghead
>> No. 34692
*goat noise*
>> No. 40858
You clearly were doing it wrong

File 134116450373.jpg - (34.02KB , 350x218 , MLP-mane-six_8143.jpg )
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Hello my fellow bronies and pegasisters, which ever you wish to be, I would like to say that I am considering on starting a social networking site entirely based on on the fandom. I noticed a thread earlier inquiring on a online dating site for the fandom. I instantly thought that would be a great idea, yet there are potential problems to run amock on that. No I was thinking that could be grounds for a lot of problems in the future with creeping people. So I toyed with the idea further. Why not start a brony facebook-esque website? Some out there are probably happy in a relationship, such as I, and one can would not be looking for relationships, but good long term friends, again such as I (I only have one friend who I really talk to {foreveralone}). Anyways, I understand that there are already quite a few social sites out there, but most of them I can't really wrap my mind on them. I am more than willing to start one such site, but I don't like the idea of having a social networking site with only 5 people on there... So I came up with yet another idea. If I receive like 20 'ayes' on for this to come out, I will start working on it right away! Soo.... Who is with me?
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>> No. 40816
Hay, I received your email, and I'll reply to it properly in a couple days sorry life has been getting in the way lately.
>> No. 40817
Ehh It's all okay.. I didn't recieve the email just yet, but it's probably gmail being extremely slow
>> No. 40853

I literally just now got the email, but I replied. Can't wait to collab with ya!

File 134195140780.png - (823.53KB , 500x1128 , partymaybe.png )
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Wrote the lyrics for giggles. Anypony with some actual musical talent want to make a cover? I have none whatsoever.

My Pinkie Sense is real swell,
Your fortune I’ll always tell
You know I’m thinking in felt,
And Smile’s what I say

I’ll give you a birthday wish,
Parades and crowds are a cinch
You know I’m living for this,
And Smile’s what I sang
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>> No. 40737
File 134238793640.png - (40.41KB , 435x381 , pinkie_party_by_axemgr-d414p6q.png )
Sounds awesome! ill add it to my watched treads i might record it later

My rendition of pinkie pie :)
>> No. 40821
File 134261665626.jpg - (101.56KB , 500x500 , pinkieguitar.jpg )
Not so long, just 3 minutes or so! If you're still interested, here's the original:

And I found just the instrumental if you would like to sing over it:

I'd do it myself, but I'm tone deaf and male. :P I'd love to hear a good cover! Thanks for the interest!
>> No. 40838
Ah, I feel silly for not noticing the resemblence to the lyrics as I recently heard one of my friends sing it :P

I'll do it this weekend if that's okay, I'm busy with something but I'll be sure to remember this, or atleast record enough to put up a preview. :)

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