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File 134178449936.jpg - (55.18KB , 368x360 , Rarity Looking Up.jpg )
40552 No. 40552 [View]
I have a new idea for a potential anime-style, story-driven MLP: FiM fan-game, titled "Harmony Drive!" I even have a link leading to an outline to one of the concepts to the story-driven game, namely in the form of henshin transformations:

I've been wondering if there are any experienced:

1. Designers,
2. Writers,
3. SFX-people,
4. Composers,
5. Voice-actors,
6. Animators,
>> No. 40553
Read the project guidelines posted here: >> 37938

Threads where the OP just comes here empty handed to recruit a team of free servants are a solid no-no, especially when they are overcomplex projects and the project leader has zero skills of his own.

I checked the link you posted hoping to see sketches or some kind of pre-alpha demo, but all what I saw was a wall of text full of hype and "ifs" as in, this project could start, IF you can recruit talented people to do all the work for you.

File 134177726673.png - (651.59KB , 1366x768 , Twilight_super_happy_sparkle_eyes_rarity_pout.png )
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The second episode of the Brony Bookclub is out, and can be found here:

For this thread, I want advice for how to make the show better. And if you would like, we could always use help with the show. (Coverart would be good, and audio editor who knows what they're doing even better)

File 134167508447.gif - (33.87KB , 852x400 , RainbowDash_Wired.gif )
40490 No. 40490 [View]
Hello everyone! I found this image online and have been very recently been trying to replicate each part and figure out just how the show is animated. However for the life of me, I can't understand two parts: The hooves and the part that connects the thigh and hind leg. Would any more experienced animators care to explain?
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>> No. 40495
I'd recommend looking at the bone structure of ponies as well. It explains all the ways that the body pivots and flexes (assume flexible bone structures).
Saying that you don't understand something is very ambiguous. From a quick glance, it seems to make sense to me, because the hooves can pivot in the show similar to a wrist, and taking into account the bone structure in the the hind leg makes that structure make sense to me at least.
I'm not an experienced animator by any means, but I've spent a decent bit of time working with vectors and the shape of ponies.
>> No. 40502
Hooves are behind the legs so that they can use the same leg symbols and just change the hooves at will.They can use shape tweens for very smooth movements and change the angle of the hooves by just rotating two symbols, rather than having a separate graphic for every possible angle of the hoof. I'm not sure what kind of explanation you want for them though..

For the joiner in the hind legs, it's two flat colour shapes: one is the skin colour, one is the outline colour. They've done this so they can separate the thigh and the lower leg into only 2 symbols that almost never need to change, while having the thigh joiner make up the difference between them. The skin colour goes on top of both symbols, the outline colour goes behind them all to approximate the blending of the outline so you don't notice the shape.

Basically they are simple tricks to get around doing a lot of work making manual poses for every single frame, they can just skew and scale symbols, yet get really smooth fluid animations. that have consistent outlines (consistency is very very important for this style, you can't have animators just making crazy expressive poses, because they don't 'fit' with the rest of the model)

I really have no idea how to explain this any better unless you ask specific questions!
>> No. 40517
Perfect explanation! This is the OP, and thanks to everyone who answered! To Anon 40491, I looked into it and it was actually very insightful, thanks for the suggestion!

I'm sorry about being vague with my question, I don't know why I didn't elaborate, it was probably too early in the morning. My question was, what the purpose of the hooves/connector. How would it make the animation more fluid or easier to animate. And working with the files that I got from the MLP animation analysis series it makes perfect sense! I can't believe I didn't see it earlier! Anyway, thanks again for everyone who responded. I don't often come on ponychan, but this has been very enlightening! I hope I can continue to come back if I get stuck on anything, but for now I'll keep learning about flash animation on my own. Thank you once more to everyone!

File 134070803097.png - (222.46KB , 480x800 , 2012-06-26 11_07_03.png )
40141 No. 40141 [View]
Simple jump-to-the-top Android game
>> No. 40175
controls are okay but the parasprite are TOO hard to pass. and you could've used luna related music.
>> No. 40427
Is this ever being released for iOS?

File 134135090540.jpg - (42.94KB , 704x396 , 1.jpg )
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How are you guys making music for your songs? Googling "make music online" results in crap.
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>> No. 40390
That's true but I've heard a ton of great stuff made electronically by bronies.
>> No. 40396

Do you have any knowledge of music? How to read it?
>> No. 40421
File 134142862463.png - (1.26MB , 1094x1200 , 132280248606.png )
Serious answer time? Serious answer time.
Some programs that I either use or have tried are...
FL Studio
MuseScore (This one is completely free)
Guitar Pro
Aria Maestosa (had crashing problems with this one).
Oh, and actually playing an instrument or two definitely helps. Even if you can't read standard notation, knowing music theory is vital (imo).

File 134138813452.gif - (660.60KB , 640x360 , mlfw3358-1330550258820.gif )
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Does anypony have some references for a earth pony (( both front and side ))? Preferably for Metasequoia. Wing and horn references are also accepted, and before you ask yes it's for MikuMikuDance, it's the only animation program i have.

sorry that pic isn't related but enjoy some Rarity
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>> No. 40407
>> No. 40413
File 134140733913.png - (1.59MB , 1500x4500 , have_some_ponies_9_by_mixermike622-d496ixh.png )
>> No. 40417
That reference is incredibly useful. I think I'll use it for when I start designing my sprite sheets as well (as a RoT).
You sir are my hero for this.

File 134127454184.jpg - (34.53KB , 500x334 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-helpful-school-teacher.jpg )
40357 No. 40357 [View]
Conducting a little Brony Study for my sociology class and I have a survey for you guys. It's only 6 questions and shouldn't take you more than a minute or two :3
(the picture was taken from memebase)
>> No. 40389
Seeing how we have no confirmation on what you plan on doing with this information, or even who you are (you haven't posted on this site before), I'd like you to contact me and the administrator about this.

Send an email to the following addresses:

Explaining who you are and exactly what you need this information for. Once you have our approval, you can make another thread, preferably in a board like /chat/.

File 134110868462.jpg - (18.89KB , 300x300 , eb29_omg_pwnies.jpg )
40289 No. 40289 Locked [View]
anyone working on an MMORPG? I'd love to see something modeled after the OMG Pwnies shirt
(and it must have a party cannon)
>> No. 40305
File 134114792385.jpg - (212.65KB , 1440x900 , Fluttershy+402+Priest+lt+My+Little+Pwnies+gt+_09c5ec9654f41c6fbc9a0f9c39e6d1fb.jpg )
Funny thing is that the guild im in on Wow is called
'My little pwnies' and it isnt a brony guild ;)

Pic related ;)
>> No. 40355
do they have party cannons? or maybe a unicorn as their standard? (don't bother replying, just wishful thinking)
>> No. 40388
Take some time to visit projects such as MLP Online. Just do a quick google search.

Seriously... Google is awesome if you're looking for something.

File 132422659458.jpg - (69.65KB , 900x650 , mlp___luna__s_night_by_spiritofthwwolf-d3ejtzd.jpg )
30258 No. 30258 [View]
Alright, after listening to the fanmade song For The New Lunar Republic by iamnotacleverpony (look it up on youtube), I have been somewhat inspired to make some kind of MLP RPG game (or a strategy game of some sort), slightly darker than the normal kiddie stuff. As the setting of the song shows, it will mostly be a struggle between the factions of Celestia and Luna. I'm thinking of 3 factions:

Celestral Empire: Celestia's faction of light. Her regime is personified as the 'good' side, however, her favour of the 'noble' ponies is unsettling, particularly to the worker ponies.
Lunar Republic: Luna's faction of night. Many are resistance worker ponies (disillusioned unicorns and pegasi will also join the resistance)
Discord's Disruption: Discord's faction, bent on pure chaos throughout Equestria. Regardless of Celestia and Luna's disputes, both factions will unite to stop the Disruptors.

I'm thinking the player would take the role of an anonymous pony, rather than the role of Twilight Sparkle or whatever, but I reckon they would each take specific sides.
Twilight sparkle would join the Celestral Empire, as she is in awe of Princess Celestia (her image as her most faithful student has its own bonuses)
Applejack would join the Lunar Republic. As a simple earthpony, she knows the difficulties she faces in current conditions and relates to the issues Luna brings forth and promises to amend.
Rarity would follow the Lunar Republic. Whilst she does like to think herself as a noble pony, her subtle sense of generosity forces her to see the corruption spreading through the Celestral Empire.
Fluttershy tends to remain neutral. She doesn’t like to get involved with conflicts (perhaps she can be shown as somepony who provides a safehaven for the other ponies and animals affected by the conflict?)
Pinkie Pie would follow Discord's Disruption. She tends to enjoy the craziness, it's just so much more fun. Also the fact that chocolate rain and clouds of cotton candy exist with his force.
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>> No. 30299
File 132430590735.png - (137.06KB , 294x348 , Cheering.png )
Now you just need some skilled programmers and good 3D modellers.
Regardless, I'll certainly be looking to give this one a try.
Best of luck, darling.
>> No. 30303
I'd be willing to do music for it, if you'd want.
>> No. 40241
File 134098199596.png - (251.42KB , 574x452 , 22.png )
So I was just messing around in my favourites when I stumbled across this.

Get a bump.

File 134095033001.png - (1.16MB , 640x1800 , 87018 - applejack Hubble Kenan_and_Kel pinkie_pie truth_flower Truth_Meme twilight_sparkle.png )
40227 No. 40227 [View]
Just a random idea I came up with while watching T90sAAT. Originally, this was only for myself. But, I thought about how possibly some others would be interested. Basically what it would be is just a basic compilation of music from the show and the community. I know, that sounds pretty boring. What makes it different is little host-type segments between the songs, done in the style of
1. the intro/outro segments on Kenan & Kel (in my mind, using only Pinkie & Dash, but others could easily be incorporated

2. semi-parodies of some of the sketches on All That

Of course, to do this, we'd need folks who can do fairly accurate voices. If we can find somepony who's fairly proficient at sound editing/mixing, that would help, although it's not a necessity. I'd really like to have a special mash-up of various songs from MLP and various songs from '90s Nick shows. (But that's more of a pipe dream, really.)

All in all, my end goal would be just to create a really great CD experience.

Anypony interested in helping?

No. 39007 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  I found a game genre that is lacking ponies, microgames!

This must be remedied!

I am ready to do the programming here, but I need artists.

Oh, and microgames.

This will be done using Flash and ActionScript 3. Input will be mouse only for the gameplay. So, no web cams, microphones, key pressing, multitouch, accelerometers, gyroscopes, tilt-switches or joysticks.

Feel free to post your microgame ideas here, napkin sketches are accepted.
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>> No. 39529
Thing is, it isn't.

The model ends up storing the data and running at least some of the business logic. The view only displays data, it doesn't allow for input and the controller does a little of everything. The differences become very obvious when you try to split the application into a client/server system.

I repeat: theory isn't everything. What actually works in practice is what truly matters.
>> No. 39530
Indeed, MVC and SBD are just concepts, and at least in my head, they are fairly analogous. And I agree, do what works best, guidelines are just that.
>> No. 40159
Progress is going well, but the project still needs artists. I can program an expression parser, but i can't draw.

File 133988413665.jpg - (4.78KB , 133x142 , Recruitment.jpg )
39713 No. 39713 [View]
Hello, pony-bros. I am here today to introduce a new, never before seen action platformer concept! However, I need help to make it happen. Talented programmers, artists, animators, and voice actors are all needed to make this game possible. Link to the planning sheet is below. If you want to apply or just ask questions, feel free to reply!
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>> No. 40119

He just said he was going to cancell this project because he didn't had the skills to make it true.

But other projects could use your voice work anyways.
>> No. 40138
You've got a good start on the project description, but it could use some more fleshing out. The "gameplay" section is pretty good, and sounds similar to something like Diablo, Torchlight, or Bastion. I'm a big fan of all three, and would love to see something like that with ponies. Provided that lines up with your concept of how the game works (your description of it as a "platformer" would appear to be at odds with what I'm imagining in my head), I'd be down with offering my abilities as a programmer should things progress to that point.

Two caveats: First, I'm a Linux developer, so for me to be of any use to this project, the game would need to be cross-platform (not really a problem since you're still at the design stage). Second, I'm a systems programmer, not an application programmer -- you'd still need somepony who knew the ins and outs of working with rendering engines.
>> No. 40147
Thanks for the support. I'm planning on getting a degree in game design, and I've already picked out classes to support that. Maybe the project could wait until then, when I have the experience, but there's a chance that Mulp-Fim will be over by then. Indefinite hold is the best option, it seems.

File 134055989463.gif - (8.44KB , 125x125 , 131041292099.gif )
40054 No. 40054 [View]
Let's see how this goes!

I had this idea, had it for a while, could never implement it. It's for a flash game called Ponistack. It's a physics based game in which you stack ponies for points!

You start off with the Mane Six, that appear in a random order, and they act as the "base" of your tower. The randomly generated background ponies start to appear, one at a time. You have to stack them ontop of each other so that they don't tip. The higher you get, the more points you get. Every 20-30 ponies, a rather "big" pony appears. Big Mac, Shining Armor, Celestia, Luna, etc, and they'll weigh more than the other ponies. But if you stack them, you can get double points, or triple points, depending which big pony you're on. The first would be double points, second would be triple, and so on.

Highs cores can be saved and shared and so on and so forth, pretty much all ponies will spawn randomly and may or may not have slightly different weights, to spice things up, but not make it impossible

Problem is, I have no way of making this, nor do I have the knowledge....that's why I'm here. Anypony interested in helping out? I think it's too good of an idea to pass...
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>> No. 40085
Normally we would probably shoo you away for just having an idea and expecting somepony else to make it but this is actually a pretty sweet idea. Good Luck on you idea.
>> No. 40089
Box2D. It works with flash, and there's way more tutorials about Box2D written in Flash than in the native language of the library.

I think it would be perfect for this.
>> No. 40127
Completely agree. I've used the native version plenty of times, and it's excellent.

This should be a pretty fun, simple project, perfect for learning flash (hint hint).

Give it a try on your own, then post back here when you get stuck.

File 133976720482.jpg - (47.01KB , 350x350 , cupcakes.jpg )
39667 No. 39667 [View]
I've recently completed the instrumental of a metal cover of the grimdark Drum and Bass song 'Cupcakes' by Futret. I need a singer with a good quality mic and a nice voice for metal music.

If you're interested, the original and the lyrics can be found here:

The completed instrumentals can be found here:

Lyric melody played by guitar:

No Melody:
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>> No. 39975
Ah, this was me. On a different computer, hence the name didn't show up.
>> No. 39987
File 134039968901.jpg - (8.70KB , 180x179 , 373049_107901896010510_1979837437_n.jpg )

I'm ok with this.

My Skype is NightmareSnake.
If you need anything else let me know!
>> No. 40050

Still no email from Zeeraw :(

File 134043590849.png - (250.40KB , 512x450 , 7526.png )
40023 No. 40023 [View]
Hey there everypony! The first episode of my new podcast, The Brony Bookclub, was just released. Here we have fanfic authors on as we discuss their work, recent updates to ongoing fanfics, and certain genres of fics and good examples of them. This first week I had Moon Shooter on, author of Sweetie's Mansion, and we discussed dark fics.

That is the page where you can find the first episode, as well as the email where we will read questions and comments sent to us. We will respect and respond to all queries and constructive criticism. I want nothing more than to make this a great podcast. Next week we'll be having my cohost join us for the first time, our guest will be thepsychicscubadiver (author of The Dresden Fillies as well as Order and Chaos), and the theme will be crossover fics that leave both universes intact and merely the two series collide.

Please give us a chance, and if there's any good audio editors out there, we'd love the help!

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