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File 134042315030.png - (583.84KB , 1194x670 , lyra.png )
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So I just got done reading and It got me thinking.
Is My Little Pony virtual reality possible?
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>> No. 40006
The I want to get unimmersed from this reality, god damnit >:L
>> No. 40007
File 134042486198.jpg - (120.73KB , 481x640 , Yoshitoshi_Abe_'s Angels.jpg )
Somewhere over the rainbow..........
>> No. 40018
Anything is possible if you have the money and connections.

That being said, a MLP VR would be very expensive to run, let alone design. But hell, if it could be done, it would be awesome. (if you could prove that the money made > money spent to make then it would jump to the "possible" side of things though).


Well, can Operator pull the plug so I can return home? (lolmatrix)

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Youtube embed play button
  Hello people of Ponychan. First let me start by saying that this game WILL NOT be using Desktop Ponies as the sprites. Those are just placeholder until I get my new hi-resolution images made.

I am currently working on a game completely from scratch. It is being written from java and it will NOT have anything made in Microsoft Paint or any other half-assed content on here. I have some really good artists who are going to be making my own custom high-resolution images to appear just like from the show.

Now that that all is out of the way, let me tell you a little bit about my game. This is going to be a platformer adventure game with fighting, storyline, loot and other goodies, multiplayer, and a survival mode (both multiplayer and singleplayer).

The multiplayer will allow you to pick from one of the mane 6 or any other special ponies to play in competitive PvP in an arena style setting or cooperative PvE in a survival style setting.

The singleplayer will allow both the story and the survival modes.

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>> No. 39945
This whole board has become ridiculously whiney in the last few months. This is not a bad thread at all. If the game is bad and ends up being bad then it will die. It really doesn't need the level of naysaying that it's getting.

Compared to the really bad threads of "Hey guys I got this idea, it's a super ambitious project and I haven't done anything but it's a good idea, ps, it's my idea but I need everypony to make it work!".

This not even asking us to be the personal army, it's asking us if it's something of interest. It's not a great thread, but that's because of all this useless stuff. I don't even think the OP has replied in it apart from being quite polite and restating his postion.
>> No. 39946

I am not attacking this thread or comparing it with the super lazy people you menctioned out. I just saw you asking why Desktop Ponies are frowned down, and I gave you what I think is the correct answer.

The sprites by themselves aren't bad, but the way as they have been abused for so long, now -that- is bad.

Same as the use of the word "placeholder" as it means the game's sprites will eventually be replaced by new, original sprites made by... who?
That's the other problem, people just assumes somepony will appear and create custom graphics for a guy that nopony had seen before, and sometimes they even get angry because the community isn't helping them out as they expected.

You claim that this place has been getting more and more whiney, and that's true. We have people too overdefensive, and we have people way too agressive.

Overdefensive people are annoying because frankly, they only come here looking for attention and free helpers, if you comment on their project's flaws or annoying personality, they immediately throw a tantrum and everypony gets mad. A pinned thread with useful guidelines was placed here to help them out, but they seem to ignore it on purpose because well, following the guides means extra effort.
>> No. 39948
If you'd like, I can compose music for the game! examples of my work are below:

I've also had prior experience with making music for other game companies developing iOS/Android applications!
If you're interested, just let me know!

File 133219133522.jpg - (111.13KB , 680x846 , wwu.jpg )
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Hello, /collab/, how are you doing today? ♥

As you may know, Spring is coming soon! And we’re all set to enjoy some sunny days, especially after the harsh winter we’ve been through!
So let’s celebrate this Winter Wrap Up and welcome Spring by doing a little project together, um, if you’re interested, that is!

Well, PiercingSight had an amazing idea: How about we all sing Winter Wrap Up together?
We can all record ourselves on vocaroo, singing ‘Winter Wrap Up’, and make a huge pony choir!

All you need to do is download the audio guides he made for each voice (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, you can choose to sing one voice or as many as you want!), open vocaroo, record yourself singing along with the audio guide, and upload the result on the thread! Piercing will take it from here and add you to the choir!

He’s been working on this project for a while, and asked me to be the one presenting it after I’d led the the Group Picture in December. I will also be in the thread organizing, giving advice, and answering your questions if you have any! (I’ll probably sing too :3). Feel free to post here and ask questions!
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>> No. 37411
Oh woah I could actually hear myself in a sing a long for once XD

It sounds wonderful and you should submit it to EQ if you haven't already! :D
>> No. 37413
I have to be honest, this is actually the first time I ever sung along in a collab but I've had a lot of fun ^^
>> No. 37915
Is still this going on?

File 134016939934.jpg - (181.40KB , 501x727 , Kardien\'s portrait.jpg )
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Hello, I'm Kardien Lupus. I'm director of a MLP : FIM and starcraft 2 WoL Crossover Project.

I feel glad that I post Famous Ponychan where many of bronies are gathering. The Project Team already gathered important members. Team need Line art artists to start first step.

I write project detail below; and, make note about our first step of Project. Please read this and join the Project. Also, Please tell me if this post has some problem with rule; I'm new to here.

Project will be 20 minutes story for each episodes; 25 more episodes to make complete story. I’m writer and director but not drawer. The Project needs 60-80 line arts for 1 episode. Team need 4-6 or more line art artists and 2 or more basic line coloring-but not full coloring- or basic coloring artists; a lot of very confidence voice actors; 1 or 2 video editors for sound mixing and subtitles; and 1 concept director and assistant director, who keep My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic’s direction and feeling into CrossOver Project PonyCraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty.

Entire Detail and Project of Project is here :
>> No. 39893
File 134016979974.png - (2.13MB , 1920x1080 , Ponycraft WallPaper remake by Antik9797 in Deviantart.png )
We aim large project; start it from Small Part.

First Step.

[Project need line art drawers urgently. Project aim basic line drawing; you can join project if you can make line art drawing and have passion of Ponies. Think about Project team’s story become popular among bronies; and. change community.]

My first movement as director is making preview video before team start to make actual episode. I want team ponified Starcraft 2 trailer first as a promotion of project. Starcraft 2 trailer The Deal has 3 minutes lengths. Project needs 24 picture and few voice actors. Starcraft 2 Trailer the deal Link :

Preview video need 1 or 2 video/sound editor for making caption and project logo in Ponified trailer; voice actors for Princess Celestia, Applejack and adjutant-colt/male voice/warm tone but little bit indifferent like machine because Pony is maternal society; adjutant is needed to be colt unlike terrain; 1 or 2 line art artist; and, 1 line coloring artist. Please, send mail to Project Team while I make 100% Ponified trailer script.

File 134015660239.png - (451.50KB , 900x450 , my_little_skyrim_by_atrixy-d4ilhzm.png )
39870 No. 39870 [View]
Hello everypony!

I've recently started a choose-your-own-adventure style ask blog centered around the plot of Skyrim reenacted by your favorite MLP:FIM characters.

I am looking for any artists that would be interested in being the illustrators for this blog, because while I'm confident in my storytelling skills, having pictures makes everything more interesting!

What this would entail:

You would need to be able to make detailed and interesting pictures of a scene either based on anything from a single paragraph to several.

I'd like to be able to release updates on a weekly basis (But I certainly won't pressure you with deadlines, just something to keep in mind)
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>> No. 39887
Yes, that's a possibility. But I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. While the art will be good at that point, It would have to be just right to fit the situation, and hopefully not just look like it was pasted there on a new background.
>> No. 39890

While it's not the ideal thing, it would help you to get a more uniform visual style through your narration~ remember that every person uses a different style to draw, and if you use several illustrators on this project, the visuals will jump around a lot.
>> No. 39891
Yes, that's actually what I'm hoping for. I want the illustrators to get recognized for their work and unique style. Since it's all still ponies, I'm confident that they will be close enough together to not clash visually, and give the distinct flair so a viewer can say "Oh look, so-and-so illustrated today's update!"

File 133966240316.png - (286.43KB , 570x660 , 1338521218416.png )
39623 No. 39623 [View]
Ok. Heres the deal. Over the past three months I've been working on making the first cel animated pony short in the fandom. Its been over a hundred hours of work, but I got over 1000 frames (on paper, not real cellulose) stacked and ready to scan.

Now I'm in one hell of a quandary.

These cels are uncolored, and need to be colored digitally. This form of cel animating was used in the 80's and 90's for the infinite color palette. However, I don't have enough experience with adobe products to continue.

So here's what I'm asking from you. I have Adobe CS3.

1) Unzip the file and mess around with my provided frames n stuff
2) When you're ready, post step by step instructions for the most time-efficient way to shade in each frame.
3) Come back to this thread every once in a while. I'll probably drop in some more sample frames, and might need further help. My ponysquare is koolaidguy23.
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>> No. 39858
Couldn't you just do the fill on the white without erasing it first? Just set the paint bucket threshold low enough so it doesn't fill everything, or am I missing something?
>> No. 39871
The paintbucket can be set to a threshold so it won't need to erase any outlines. That's where you set it.

The white background of every image has to be erased so then a new background underneath it can be placed. I'm not sure how much deeper I can explain it.
>> No. 39872
Oh I see, I assumed the backgrounds were drawn on and so you wouldn't need to remove any whitespace (just simply color it in). I see.

File 134006221327.jpg - (163.81KB , 640x384 , storyboardContest640.jpg )
39807 No. 39807 [View]
Soon, the storyboards, yessss...
>> No. 39809
File 134006357721.jpg - (35.07KB , 460x447 , someday_a_unicorn.jpg )
Current status is we are down to two scripts for our final selection. We are awaiting the authors to send us some revisions to our suggested changes before we make a decision. Stay tuned on that!

In the meantime preparing the Storyboard contest. We're still working out the parameters (Zach has to weigh in because he's done this before), but no reason why we can't discuss the hypotheticals here.
>> No. 39843
File 134013401040.png - (178.54KB , 399x383 , smilelean.png )
Sounds exciting! I'm curious to see who won... Is it a /collab/yrinthian?

File 134004976931.png - (239.78KB , 800x600 , crazypony.png )
39798 No. 39798 [View]
Hello everypony!

I'm Verycrazypony and for a while, I have been spending my spare time working on a little game called CrazyPony, a pony platforming game with a difficult slant.

Let’s get right into it. Here are the videos that shows off what I have currently in development: (Full Walkthrough. Contains Spoilers!)

From the CrazyPony, some of you can tell that this is a pure platforming game loosely following the challenging and fast-paced level designs of the infamous I Wanna Be The Guy.

One of the features I would like to stress is that it will be incredibly easy to create maps and other customizations for this game. This engine reads from standard SVG (created using the Inkscape editor and features a simple scripting system that can be embedded directly into the file. One of the more unique aspects of this game will be its multiplayer mode. This will allow up to 16 players to race against each other to get to the end of the map the fastest, or cooperate to finish the map together. So now you probably want to peek at a demonstration of what this game can do:
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>> No. 39829
C++11 with boost
Created in MS Visual Studio 2012
Compiled using gcc4.7

APIs: OpenGL/OpenAL/winsocks/winAPI
Libs: freetype, ogg/vorbis, jpglib/zlib/pnglib
>> No. 39830
File 134010326787.png - (274.53KB , 900x1084 , internet_explorer_pony_by_staticwave12-d539ccu.png )
this is downloading crazy slowly...
>> No. 39831
File 134010680708.png - (201.22KB , 900x1073 , 131984108382.png )
Feel free to add this to your list of mirrors if you would like. Just whipped it up in a couple minutes.

File 133989455748.jpg - (13.51KB , 108x150 , thumbnail_b1997be0ed22568ae925406c3f20a05531afdd7d.jpg )
39717 No. 39717 [View]
MLP: Friendship Is Magic: The Elements of Harmony
The goal of this project is to create the confrontation of nightmare moon in the form of a RPG boss battle. Each pony would have different skills to help the battle along. Each would have five skills and maybe some assist attacks or team ups.

Unfortunately i have no spriting experience and can't find any already made sprites. if any one shows interest in this project please help. Also if you have a suggestion for a team attack for Pinkie pie that uses an outside character tell me. and any better ideas for attacks or opinions would be nice.

Twilight Sparkle: Essentially she is your black mage. Twilight would have access to powerful damaging spells and be able to call in Spike.

Spells: Earthquake/Avalanche: As the ability says twilight causes a major upheaval of the ground before dropping the stone on her opponent.

Magic Shock: Twilight fires a large bolt of magic lightning at her opponent

Studious Power: Twilight opens her book and unleashes a powerful magic beam.
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>> No. 39771
The sprites seem far to complicated, unless you were going to do a final fantasy style fight that doesn't have interactive animations, I don't recommend taking on this project except maybe in Flash.

I can't do flash :/
>> No. 39774
dam cant do flash either
>> No. 39775
Well then few changes then. i guess i'm now just a concept writer that needs some people interested to make it. so... yeah any interest.

File 133993712190.jpg - (35.31KB , 842x595 , DerrickJonathanArraisgame.jpg )
39741 No. 39741 [View]
Hello, /collab/

I am a pony and am seeking some community help with the below project.

What: Sidescroller RPG Fantasy Game (Work in Progress)

Why: After weeks of collaboration with local people, work has been deemed too slow to ever complete on time. Outside help would be greatly appreciated.

How: The basic Heads Up Display (HUD) needs to be more suited for an RPG-fantasy theme. Think swords, dragons and magic like.

Who: Digital artist/s and anypony who can critique/comment on the image (artwork) greatly appreciated
>> No. 39742
I'd make the spells on the right more symbolic. As they are, I have trouble telling what each one is for.

Everything else looks okay.
>> No. 39760
I agree, but I would also suggest increasing the border around the upper health bar slightly, or during health decrease, make it drop tekken style (red bar that sinks slower) otherwise when it gets into the red zone, it won't look as good.

File 133995781218.jpg - (4.43KB , 119x142 , This is it.jpg )
39746 No. 39746 Locked [View]
I am currently designing an all-new 3D action platformer pony game (seen below), and my top priority for now is getting some programmers! If you can program a video game that uses ALL THREE OF THE GLORIOUS DEES, you are needed right now! My other contacts are SuperGex on TV Tropes, SuperGex2 on deviantART, and {MLM PERSON OF MASS DESTRUCTION on Steam. A document containing a sample of the game's planned features is below. See you soon!
>> No. 39748
>> No. 39750
File 133995888664.png - (300.32KB , 443x581 )
Please don't spam this board full with your... document. It has one thread and that's all it will need.

File 133991064128.png - (177.58KB , 504x216 , Jeffery and OC.png )
39729 No. 39729 [View]
This might seem kind of out there... but I am doing a census. I have read that people want to know how many bronies (or pegasisters it doesn't matter) are out there. I was asked to do this because they believe I have the brain power to do it. (I am not sure myself) This will go on for two weeks before I make a final report on my findings. Send me your name and gender at [email protected] (and a pic with your OC would be great! you don't haft to though.... The pic in the thread is a good example.) I ask for this out of answering the question on how many of us are out there. You don't haft to participate, and I kind of expect people not to. Thank you for reading and your participation.
>> No. 39730
and please add state or country!

Example: Florida

Example 2 if different country: England

File 133688992973.png - (47.82KB , 485x461 , Big mac cereal.png )
38326 No. 38326 [View]
Hello everypony!! Has anypony really wondered why there really are no male pony adventures? Even to really just hint at the brony community... I have no idea either, and that's why I'm here appealing to you now. I have created a side mini series that I am currently working on that goes along side the real MLP: FiM show. A partial script has been written and the dedication is high! But alas my drawing skill are matched with a five year old child... but my technical skill are pretty high! So what am I really looking for? People who can draw!!! Or even create good vectors for me and then I put them together and add voices to them! And as a side note I also need one other voice actor. It's really not to make money or really to become a little popular (although that would be really nice :D popularity not money) it is to share and spread the fandom! So if you want to contribute and lend a helping hoof any help is appreciated. I need your help!
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>> No. 38370
File 133698308523.png - (137.01KB , 400x400 , smile (2).png )
That's quite alright! Now that you know, you can work to make things even better. No reason to delete this post, you can use this thread to show off your progress.
>> No. 39613
File 133963384476.png - (270.08KB , 500x336 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-encouragement-poster.png )
i would be able to offer my art abilities not really a vector master as i deal in more traditional work. link to contact [email protected]
>> No. 39647

As always (though I don't think I've said this in over 6 months...) if you need a male voice, here's two samples of mine. I don't really have many voices, but I can do a few.

File 133963446628.jpg - (1.23MB , 2048x1536 , protfilo 013.jpg )
39616 No. 39616 [View]
Hey guy, looking to get some work out their in the community. I'm willing to do some concept art for game, or other animated productions i can also give some decent book covers here is a link to my page on DA hope to working with you all soon.
>> No. 39643
Interesting. Feel free to contribute to the Ponyware project.

We just need napkin drawings of microgames. I am sure that you can think up a few.

File 133936119537.png - (17.59KB , 656x518 , PonyGame.png )
39532 No. 39532 [View]
This has really just been something small I work on during lunch, but it's turning into a fun little project so I figured I’d share it with you guys and get feedback.

Basically, it’s a top-down adventure game. You walk around, interact with things, talk to people, pick up items... pretty standard mechanics.

Story wise, I’m opting for many small, interconnected arcs in lieu of one singular arc. These will be logged in some kind of book, similar in concept to the Bomber’s Notebook from Majora’s Mask. The initial scenario will setup this premise of helping people, and from that point gameplay becomes open ended.

I figure doing mini-arcs is more logical seeing as this is how the show is structured. They're also easier to develop and gives the community an easy way to get involved (see below).

Working features:
-Basic WASD movement
-Pixel-perfect collisions
-Multi-layered scene rendering
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>> No. 39610
File 133963042634.png - (5.43KB , 640x480 , update_02.png )
I did some work on the scripting, it's all working pretty well now and i just need to plug it into the game. The language is going to pretty much be straight C#. This was fairly easy to implement, and it gives you guys the same tools i'm using to build the game without necessarily making it open source.

The scripts are executed at load time, so there's no need for anypony to download VStudio or anything like that unless they want to.

I'm looking to release a preview demo this weekend to show some of this stuff off. This initial preview won't have any of the book of friendship (tm) in it or NPCs, but it'll show off the player controls, objects, the inventory, and hopefully a little scripting.

Anyway, in the meantime check out the totally original character and train station i made. They'll both probably be scrapped later because they suck.
>> No. 39611
The perspective on that train station is really weird. Have you thought about using a drop shadow on your characters to show that they're standing on the ground?
>> No. 39612
yeah, i know. I was originally going for a fixed perspective, took a break, and when i came back i just messed the entire thing up. I'm redoing the entire scene.

And at one point the characters did have drop shadows. I left it out after i broke the drawing into several layers (for customization). I just haven't added it back yet.

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