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File 133824057989.png - (440.99KB , 1296x758 , MYOM1.png )
38958 No. 38958 [View]
Hey everypony. Since I'll be without internet/computer for the next three weeks, I thought I would show you all the game I've been working on these past few weeks.

My Little Pony: Make Your Own Magic is going to be a 2D story/adventure game built using XNA 4.0. For now, all of the main elements of the game engine are done, and I've included a simple little Luna story to demonstrate them (unfortunately I didn't have enough time to complete the main story and branching paths/endings yet).

You can get the setup for the game here:
Make sure you run the setup.exe and not the .msi, otherwise some prerequisites might not be installed (XNA and .NET Frameworks 4.0).

Some things that are still left to do:
Planned features:
-Complete story editor
-Theme selection
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>> No. 38965
File 133824617228.png - (43.29KB , 200x200 , 133816066442.png )
Wait, so with this, people will be able to make their own custom adventure games with their own stories?

...Not sure how I feel about that.
>> No. 38968
Hmmm, poot, I think it might just be a setting I need to disable. I'll have to look into it when I get back.

Yes, that is the original plan.
>> No. 38997
This definitely has promise. I'll have to keep my eye on it.

File 133668441321.png - (315.93KB , 705x353 , RainbowWakeHeader.png )
38250 No. 38250 [View]
Good day, /collab/

I have this video game here. But I don't actually need help with it because it's already done.

It's a Rainbow Dash shooter. And this one has cutscenes and voice acting and boss fights!
Give it a try. It's awesome!

You have to download it though. here's a preview video:
And the download link itself:
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>> No. 38900
File 133808893917.png - (160.91KB , 1202x1444 , Bolt Happy1W.png )
>Also I didn't know that if you let Fluttershy talk in the beginning, Rainbow quits.
>That animation with the wings looking like they carry the whole pony amuses me.

I remember when I first saw that. I just fought her and decided to hear all of what she had to say. Lol'd pretty hard to see Rainbow Dash actually agree to talking things over. XD
>> No. 38901
File 133808907716.png - (172.14KB , 1203x1449 , BoltShrug1.png )
>Because I cannot beat the challenge without the Hyper Shot. And clearly you can. That's awesome!

I wanna also toss out, that I could also beat the Challenge without the Hyper Shot. I've done it once. It just makes finishing off Pinkie or Fluttershy faster. I always finish off Rarity before the Hyper Shot even shows up. So, it always just ends up being used to clean up whatever's left after Rarity's been taken down.
>> No. 38906
Good to know.

File 133098795829.png - (1.14MB , 1300x852 , Avatar.png )
35093 No. 35093 [View]
I've written a song, and though I am rather good at making electronic sounds, I can't sing. AT ALL. So I was wondering if any of you guys out there could help me out. Below is a download link for a preliminary music file I wish to use as the background music, a file of just the vocals i want, the lyrics I wrote, and some easy sheet music for you to look at if you'd like.

The song is called "Toothless Lament," and it's basically about Gummy the alligator, and the urge to be a real crocodile, and bite everypony. XP

Anypony who's willing to help with this, please send me an E-mail at [email protected] If I decide to use your singing voice, I will give you credit in any way you wish. Also, if you dislike the lyrics or think that anything about the piece needs revision, don't hesitate to say so, since I want this project to become the best it can be.

Thank you!
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>> No. 35913
more bump
>> No. 38386
I would like to try cant garentee quality but i will do my best if you alow me to.
>> No. 38895
Hey, is this still active? Because the Link seems to be broken.

I have a halfway decent microphone and would give it a shot!

File 133805601871.jpg - (12.97KB , 496x430 , 399032_443704175646001_378466618836424_83783570_1226720608_n.jpg )
38876 No. 38876 [View]
hi, im making a mlp game and i need artists for backgrounds and some misc stuff, also musicions for game music. anypony interested come to my fb page, there some vids of gameplay so far and a downloadable level too.
>> No. 38878
Please read the guidelines for making a project thread.
They can be found here >>37938

File 133745636504.png - (289.29KB , 1296x756 , Beta1Promotional.png )
38553 No. 38553 [View]
Tomorrow, the 2D Side Scrolling Pony Racing Game that I have been working on individually goes live as a Beta-1 release. If you haven't been following, it's a full desktop game I made in C# and XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh that features true-to-the-show ponies, online scoreboards, online ranking and will soon come with better graphics, m0ar ponies and eventually have 2-8 pony online racing. I wanted to fill a bit of the gap that was that there aren't very many full-featured standalone desktop pony games (I mean sure there's hundreds of amazing Flash games and some mods for things like Garry's Mod and Skyrim).

-- Simple yet addicting gameplay
-- Compete for the #1 pony worldwide with the online scoreboards
-- Be part of a fast-evolving game (I program with the R.A.D paradigm).
-- See your features IN the game.
-- Varying difficulty settings with different score gain rates
-- 4 fully licensed songs with more being added very soon (Thank you Lapfox Trax).
-- 8 ponies to unlock and play against, or create your own race for fun in the Freeplay Mode.
-- Use the real ponies specials such as the rainboom and fluttershy's stare!
-- And much more...
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>> No. 38821
While the CPU automatically goes for the middle of the ring (until I improve it slightly) so the ring size is irrelevant to it, when multiplayer comes about, the raceRings[i].Position will be the same for each player, but each client stores it's own raceRings[i].Scale

Thus when it receives (for example) "rngSizeMod" from the opponent, it will then set the next 6 raceRings[i].Scale down to 0.8f rather than 1.0f (or rather 0.8f of what they were - incase the race uses Hard Mode or Easy Mode), this will not affect your own screen as it still has it's default .Scale

Hopefully that cleared it up :3
>> No. 38822
Thanks for the info.
>> No. 38865
Not at all :)

I just wanted to let anypony who doesn't really read the forums much that development was slow during this week because I am nearing the end of my college course so I am just finalizing all my units up to Distinction level (the same as an A or a 1 (in Germany)). You should see a good update either Sunday or Monday containing the keybindings :)

File 133754524745.jpg - (65.15KB , 377x358 , what are you doing there.jpg )
38598 No. 38598 [View]
Copy-pasta from /oat/ thread mostly. Just skip to past the second dashed line thing if you already read this:

Anypony ever remember this thing from ages ago:

For those who don't know, basically you play the role of a hacker who goes in and does jobs, which basically consist of hacking into terminals and defeating the security inside, sometimes also needing to collect stuff while doing so. It played like a very interesting strategy game, where your main weapon is programs you can use to place on the grid that appeared for each terminal. You moved around and squares appeared behind you, basically meaning the health of the program. Take damage, and the appropriate amount of squares vanished, started from the farthest one away attached to them.

There were a wide variety of choices program-wise, and they did quite a few different things. From basic attack, to moving fast, being sentinels, healing programs, affecting others, and a vast amount of other shenanigans.

The game even had kind of a story as well: You go about your job as usual, but there's this one guy that wants you to do stuff for him that seems okay, but makes you question his motives. By close to the end of the game, you probably already have a good idea that this guy isn't on the good side.

>> No. 38637
File 133765667642.jpg - (13.98KB , 210x240 , I see.jpg )
Sorry to bump his, but I actually do wanna see if anypony would be interested in tackling this.

Dunno if anypony would be, but eh, its worth a try.....
>> No. 38835
File 133797984586.jpg - (28.44KB , 500x375 , oh I agree.jpg )
Bumping because i'm actually gonna go through with this thing.

Prob gonna use Game Maker for almost the entirety of this mess, but if ya wanna suggest a better choice to use, ya can do so.

Imma need help in the music and art departments, so you can help with that kind of thing since I can't art well, and if ya wanna come aboard to flesh out how the pony-fying of this game should go, you're welcome to.

Just remember, skype is ancara23. Hopefully I get help with this, because I have had a mancrush on this game for years, and would love to be able to bring it out into the next generation in what I consider to be the best way possible.
>> No. 38847
File 133799172606.jpg - (41.57KB , 420x315 , whatever.jpg )

I went and did a basic test thingy, of movement, sector creation and deletion(when more than the max amount happen with another move).

It isn't much, but its a start, hopefully to show i'm at least trying (even though Game Maker is derping with getting "turns" set up). Hopefully with some help, this can go well....

File 133797456337.png - (324.74KB , 838x593 , Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 3_34_09 PM.png )
38829 No. 38829 [View]
Geektool is free, and you can have information (CPU temperature, time, RAM usage, even Twitter feeds) displayed as if it were part of your desktop background (or foreground if you want). Or you could display a file (do do list, perhaps) or pictures (now you finally have a use for all those pony vectors!)

I want to see if anypony has some cool pony geeklets to share. Ideas for a setup?

I'm planning a clock theme with Vinyl Scratch.
>> No. 38830
File 133797467212.png - (249.04KB , 513x529 , Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 7_14_13 PM.png )
HERP DERP. Forgot to change my tripcode back

But I guess it's an excuse to show off one of my other things done in Geektool.
>> No. 38836
File 133798012588.png - (0.96MB , 1059x1024 , Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 4_33_51 PM.png )
This one uses this vector by kyrospawn:

I copied the glasses to put the clock pieces between them, and set the glasses to 64% opacity (changed it to 50% after taking the screenshot)

The font is "Crystal" 130 point red and is available here:
The shell script for the hour eye is date +"%I"
The shell script for the minute eye is date +"%M"
And both have a 1 second refresh rate

File 133765426734.png - (68.26KB , 911x997 , 8.png )
38635 No. 38635 [View]
I have an idea: many bronies come together and make a complete Filly's Guide to the Bronyverse.

Just an idea.
>> No. 38813
I'm in.

Now 40 more bronies.

File 133755706017.jpg - (93.32KB , 500x375 , awesomebread.jpg )
38612 No. 38612 [View]
Gentlemen, I have this fantastic idea for a story in which can be read at (warning if you go through with this i have so many ideas it could be next to seasons worth of content) but im going to need people such as ANIMATORS WRITERS MUSICIANS ARTISTS AND ANY OTHER PONY REALATED PEOPLE details willl be later Email me at [email protected]
Whos up for a challenge?
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>> No. 38633
In addition to everything the guy above me has said, LEARN TO SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH.
>> No. 38726
1.Look I just suck at all the said topics and I will probably take next to no credit (mabye a small original concept credit)
2.My computer has no Flash or music editing software and would probably blow up if i got some
3.I apoligize about how much i suck im really throwing the idea out there for somone to take and make awesome while i throw ideas in
4.I was actully looking for this to be a credit to evreyone even people that do nothing get credit
5.dont shoot the messenger i can understand how this makes me look like a lazy fuck
6.My gmail got like hacked and i cant get in (probably that romainian guy) so project is delayed
7.If this doesent happen i accept the fact that it was lame
>> No. 38730
File 133780914948.png - (134.91KB , 397x360 )
There are guidelines for /collab/. Please follow them if you want to keep posting here.

Also, this board isn't /ideadump/. Seriously.

No. 38718 Locked [View]
Youtube embed play button
  My fifth short film.

A man's life begins to turn around after coming across a Fluttershy toy that he finds, but when he begins to feel insulted about it, he tries to decide whether to continue holding on to it or not.

This is my personal love letter to the Brony Community as well as a very personal story of mine as this is how I felt when I came across "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and everything that happened after I fell in love with it. I hope you all understand and enjoy it.

Featuring Original Music By Derpidety!

Hope y'all enjoy it!

>> No. 38729
File 133780896413.png - (402.70KB , 1600x1600 )
Why did you post this again when I moved your first thread to /media/, where it belongs?

Don't do it again.

File 133711879569.png - (249.03KB , 3000x1688 , its_perfect_vector_by_totalcrazyness101-d4j3e5n.png )
38413 No. 38413 [View]
Hello there Ponychan and especiallly /collab/ which is this section. ( I'm pretty sure you know that though >.> )

I am asking you all for input on my latest brainchild:

"The Pony Roleplay Game"

It is meant to be a website dedicated to Roleplaying, both 'serious' ( which means that each reply is thought out and structured. ) and not serious roleplay. ( Which is just anything that is purely for fun. )

I have already the basics down, and as I love open source I decided to give it to everypony free of charge. ( And free liability for me. )

You can visit the Project page here:
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>> No. 38513
Hey, I seem to be having a problem with logging into the forums. When I click on the forums button for the main-site it says that it's logging in and that the pass and username is the same from the main-site - yet it still says that I have to login. When I go to login it tells me that the information I give it is incorrect.

I dunno if this is just me or not but I hope it gets fixed soon, I was looking forward to starting up some general discussions with other rp'ers and getting a RP discussion going
>> No. 38645

I'm sorry to reply only now, I only just saw this.

I believe you fell into the moment where there was a bug for the forum user creation.

You can check the user list:

If you do not find yourself then that confirms it.

Shoot me an e-mail at: contact at
>> No. 38693

huh, I guess that is the case, well at least now I know. I'll shoot you that email about now.

File 133711586837.jpg - (202.61KB , 600x704 , StoryBronyF.jpg )
38412 No. 38412 [View]
So I was originally planning a song but recently decided to turn it into and animation and was wondering if anypony could suggest some good animation software that I should use being an amateur at animating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 38563
>>38521 Looking forward to seeing what comes from it. Good luck as well but if you need a helping hoof with it I know a little on animating as well.
>> No. 38577
Okay I'll keep that in mind, hopefully it'll be good it's been a while since I've done any animation work.
>> No. 38597
CS 6 came out like weeks ago, might be worth getting it while it is still hot.

Anyway, if anypony needs help with Flash feel free to contact me, I know a lot about it. Try ##flash @ the Freenode IRC network, I am there more often than not.

File 133609491237.jpg - (385.45KB , 1802x891 , scan0001.jpg )
37970 No. 37970 [View]
Hey all! Name's Push, and I'm working on a project called Three of a Kind. The project intends to be a series of short Gmod animations about the lives of three stallions living in Canterlot. I'm looking for some writers and possibly Gmod animators who might be able to take some of the work of running the whole thing off my shoulders, lol.

The basic premise of the show is as follows;

Emerald Glow is a unicorn who is unable to use magic. He was born into a family of wealthy Canterlot socialites who rely heavily on magic to run their lives. Upon finding that almost all mechanical devices in Equestria are run by unicorn magic, Emerald becomes an inventor, hoping to improve the lives of ponies who are unable to use magic by building non-magical devices. Along the way, he is joined his two best friends Wheeler, an earth pony, and Slapstick, a clumsy pegasus.

Wheeler is a disabled pony who cannot use his back legs, he relies on a sort of dog-like wheelchair to get around. This doesn't prevent him from trying to become the fastest stallion on two hooves, however. He regularly competes in pony footraces, and although he has never won, that doesn't keep him from trying. His older sister, Lilac Dreams, is a unicorn who teaches at a gifted school in Canterlot.

Slapstick is a pegasus who happens to be a cousin to Derpy Whooves. Due to his inability to fly in a straight line, his job is a cloud sculptor. He spends his workday shaping clouds into different objects, such as flowers, rockets and other things. He is incredibly cheerful and optimistic, but very accident-proned. He has a younger brother who is a Wonderbolt-In-Training, named Hot Shot.

So, that's about it. All I need now are some writers who would be willing to help me come up with adventures for these guys, and maybe some Gmod animators who might be able to, well, animate, lol. Reply here if interested.
>> No. 38425
Alright you got my attention. I shure have a lot of free time and write often myself ( as cheezy as they are sometimes are), and would be willing to create a script because I already really like the premise you have built your characters on. If you would have me that would be really great! *Squee* (I also VA... if you know... need VA's... if it's no trouble to you and need some later) If you want me it would be an honour! Contact me at [email protected] or relpy to this
>> No. 38568
Hey, this is mr. Anonpony. I'm a writer and designer, and I'm quite interested on the idea of this project. I could write a script based on these characters if you want, but I need some more details on their personalities first (not really on Slapstick, but more on Wheeler and Emerald Glow).

Contact me on [email protected]

File 133744136108.png - (156.30KB , 1366x768 , First Screen Shot.png )
38534 No. 38534 [View]
O'hai there kids I'm Who Of Who.
And I'd like some help with an upcoming flash game, that I'm titling My Little Pony: friendship is questions.
It's a quiz game, I need some help.

I need somepony who can draw cloudsdale for me, just the clouds no BG color, if somepony could do that I'd be forever great full :D
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>> No. 38540
File 133744736097.png - (21.72KB , 1092x460 , cloudsDaleProgress.png )
What a coincidence! I'm trying to draw Cloudsdale as well on my shooter. I found some references on the internet and sorta got the pattern down to draw them. If you'd like to use these, I don't mind as long as I get credit. Good luck on the game!
>> No. 38542
Whoops, forgot my name on there. Name's Circuit Sense.
>> No. 38548
I *think* I saw a Clousdale vector posted on Deviantart some weeks ago, you could try searching for it and asking the author if you can use it.

File 133627454773.png - (16.94KB , 148x200 , I see____.png )
38062 No. 38062 [View]
The idea started from a post from /oat/, and I wanted to see if perhaps we can actually get it moving along well if possible.

The goal here is simple: A complete LP of Mario Party 2, with 6 "players" who will be 6 dudes, each covering a role of one of the Mane 6 throughout the LP, and both staying in-character and giving their voices to the thing (or we can use text if need-be, either/or). Basically, we'll take a set-up of 6 groups(due to the 6 boards total for the game), each of a different set of 4 out of the 6 players, rearranged each time to give equal screen time for all 6 players.

How will this go along, you ask? Quite simple:

First, we need 6 players, mic availability preferred and willing to stay in-character the entire time during the LP, for which to make this happen.

Then, each player will need three things: First is Skype, to both meet up and for the voice recording, so as to allow said voices for the LP. Secondly is two-fold: An N64 emulator and a rom of Mario Party 2. You can google these, they should be easy to find. Project64 is the recommended one IMO.

Finally, the important one: Grab this plugin thing and follow the instructions to set it up, and then you're set to join in for the thing itself: hidden to be safe.
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>> No. 38525
File 133742702345.jpg - (1.04MB , 1200x1600 , 158842%20-%20artist_graffston%20rainbow_dash.jpg )
Wat chu doin way down hear angel
Imma be bumpin yo ahz
>> No. 38531
I'll be Bubble Berry if you want...
>> No. 38532
File 133743845108.jpg - (20.96KB , 125x115 , 133729232900s.jpg )

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