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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 133742889295.jpg - (33.30KB , 431x482 , 131185737717.jpg )
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I will be allowing ponies to submit torrent files to me to host on our new seedbox. Please note that we will only be seeding files relevant to projects, not for personal use or to share pirated/illicit/illegal materials.

Limit of 1GB/torrent. If you need more than that, contact me for pricing :)
>> No. 38527
I forgot to add, you can email me at [email protected]

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i am making a video of becoming popular runescape style! if anypony would like to help me, that would be greatly appreciated :D
>> No. 38488
File 133729376713.png - (56.24KB , 270x269 , thinking.png )
Does this go in
or /g/?
>> No. 38489

sorry, is this in the wrong section?
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File 133730524206.png - (189.67KB , 400x522 , 1333894636109.png )

File 133685387255.png - (138.00KB , 600x734 , MLP_FiM_RPG_Title.png )
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Hello everypony!

I've been working on this on and off for a while now and whilst I am sure others have beaten me to the punch and have a much better system in place, I'm looking to build on some ideas and actually get this thing wrapped up and out there for people to play.

It's a Tabletop RPG (like D&D or Vampire the Masqurade) based around MLP FiM. It's very Roleplay focused and can be played without the need of grids or minis etc.

I've got the majority of the base mechanics down, but I'm looking to add more detail and refine some ideas. So I created a Tumblr blog for it and wanted to make this thread for general feedback.

I hope you can check it out and any comments/feedback will be appreciated! :D

Tumblr Blog is here:
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>> No. 38460
File 133720709545.png - (68.69KB , 883x680 , Char Sheet Preview.png )
Hi everypony,

I know this hasn't had any replies or comments yet, but I'd like to try and keep it updated with any Blog posts or updates if that's okay?

(Blog here:

I'm mostly working on this project at the weekend and as I'm writing all the content myself it's a fairly slow process. However I have just updated the blog with a preview of the "Female Earth Pony" character sheet. :)

Hopefully more this weekend!

>> No. 38462
File 133721712482.png - (18.87KB , 484x528 , HappyFace.png )
Hiya! I'm really liking the sound of this!
If I think of any cutie mark ideas I'll be sure to post them.
>> No. 38481
I've played some D&D, but I'm more of a Warhammer guy.
However, this is an outstanding thing you're doing :D
You get my follow on Tumblr!

File 133725730471.gif - (1.57KB , 64x64 , arciveTalkspritePerfectionEdition.gif )
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Hello, ponychan. I have been hard at work trying to do something rather interesting recently.
What I have been planning is a sort of continually-updated Pony RPG-style game that we can add more and more OC ponies to. I do know what Quality control is, so of course nothing like "BLODCLAW DEATHFART ALICURN SISTURR UV TWELIT SPRIKLE" is getting in, but I do already have a few candidates for inclusion, mostly from the Tumblr community.

The way I have it set up story wise is that a rather odd scientist finds a way to link alternate realities together, allowing for conflicting story-lines to coexist in a way that actually makes sense.

The starting area for the game will be a massive subterranean network of machinery and technology, a place called the Complex. This is where the scientist comes in, as he is the owner of this place. He will serve as the intro character, as well as one of many playable characters.

I have a few art assets, mostly just pixel art though. I am by no means a programmer, so I will obviously be needing help in that department.

If anypony here is interested, contact me via either my email or my tumblr,

I have a lot of ideas for this thing, and I would vastly appreciate any help I can get on this!
>> No. 38467
File 133725782340.gif - (9.35KB , 52x52 , plugAnimation.gif )
Also, as an addendum, I am more suited to doing Floor tiles and machinery than I am with doing actual ponies. I am getting better, but as you can see it isn't quite there yet.
The image is a sample of some of the things I have for some dynamic background elements I hope can be put in the game.
Above is a decent example of what I am best at.
>> No. 38468
One final thing, when I said Continually updated, this is what I meant by that: We will start with a few characters for the first release, then over time integrate more and more characters into the game.
I apologize, as I should have put this in the original post.
I do have an idea of what to do here, I just need some help with coding and getting to know game design. I can do plenty of art for this, creating Tilesets and the like, and music might not be an issue, but any help coding this thing and getting it off to a good start is why I made this thread.
Thank you in advance!

File 133712351268.jpg - (1.49MB , 1920x1080 , a_survivor_is_born__shipwreck_by_destinyfreedom-d4xqjse.jpg )
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This is a simple platformer game written in java. Maybe if i have time (and somepony wants) I'll publish it (source code aswell).

The game is a copy of continuity ( but with better graphics and ofc ponies!

>> No. 38423
very impressive sir.

What graphics libraries are you using?
>> No. 38426
I find the camera motion a little nauseating, though on closer inspection of some of my other favorite parallax-mapped games (Sonic and Tyrian), I think it might just be due to how "close" the background is to the foreground. I think if it moved less, I wouldn't be quite as

Anyway, it looks great! Very smooth, and definitely better graphics than the original ;) I'd love to see the source -- there's always something to be learned from it!
>> No. 38442

Totally built from scratch. Only the java graphics class is used. All other coded by me (animations too, I'm not using the implementation).


Yes, the parallax scrolling is implemented "backwards" because I can't make it look good with the zooming.

Download link + source code :

File 132270098314.png - (124.93KB , 580x261 , cloudsdale-logo.png )
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Sage the old thread - The New one needs some lovin'

> What is the project? was the product of my personal devotion for the Brony community. The project started hours after I'd gotten rejected from the Equestria Online team (no hard feelings you're awesome SweBow). What started out as just a chat window has developed to the core of a unique, all pony social media with the potential and within my vision to house the majority of the Brony community.

> What is so special about Cloudsdale?

It's the feel - That's what people tell me. I work a lot with making the interface of Cloudsdale as clean, vibrant and beautiful as possible using the latest within web technology to achieve this. Other then the awesome UI i find the combination of features on the site fairly unique in their usage. I really hope a lot of you can see the same potential in this project as I am.

> How do I contribute to the project?
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>> No. 38377
File 133700295793.png - (147.04KB , 396x744 , Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 3_42_05 PM.png )

The mail cluster I'm using for restoring accounts is undergoing a 2 week maintenance/migration and thus is very very slow.

I've bought premium API access to their new cluster, so I'll be able to put it in use when we leave the BETA on the 26th this month.

Here have a preview.
>> No. 38401
File 133703914698.png - (133.12KB , 900x900 , 132654317422.png )
I saw cloudsdale a while ago, but I didn't sign up because I couldn't see anything written about what it was, not even in the meta tags. +1 for a bit more info on the home page.
>> No. 38437

The new version is be running on backbone.js and full access to the necessary exploration features without having to sign up.

As for meta tags; it has full OPG support and soon to come oEmbed support for services like twitter.

File 133454624756.png - (334.83KB , 750x1050 , Rarity Queen of Fashion.png )
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The MLP: FiM Card Game is a cooperative card game for 2-7 players. Up to 6 players can team up to take on the nefarious Nightmare Moon. Players will take turns going on "Adventures" with the help of the Adventure Deck. Completing these Events will reward you with cards and Friendship. Both will be necessary in order to ensure that you can collect the Elements of Harmony before Nightmare Moon does! Play with prebuilt decks or customize your own for maximum fun!

Our Blog (Follow Us!) -

Our Facebook (Like Us!) -

Our DeviantArt (Watch Us!) -

Well everypony, we’ve finally gotten our 500 likes post done with this. You’ll see some updated rules (Harmony is shown), some strategy discussions, the complete list of cards that can be played in your Mane Deck (Titles only), and some other things.

Thanks for all the support!
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>> No. 37283
File 133484852053.png - (292.36KB , 750x1050 , Pinkie Pie Party Planner.png )
Be sure to get those votes in for which character reveal you guys would like to see next! Trixie, Big Mac, CMC? You decide!
>> No. 37595
File 133532885348.png - (517.50KB , 750x1050 , CMC Try Everything.png )
You all wanted to see the CMC and we gave you the CMC! Check out the latest Strategy Discussion up on the blog!
>> No. 38418
Trixie update! Sorry about the wait!

File 133631236255.jpg - (31.51KB , 471x720 , pony heart.jpg )
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Hey! My name's Arkane. I'm a brony musician and nopony special. But you may know me as the dude who made the "This Day Aria Metal Cover"

I did an instrumental version of a song by Avatar which is called "Queen of the Blades". I searched high and low for a vocalist but I have found none that would be willing enough to take the job. Its a ponification of a song by the heavy metal band called 'Avatar'

I have the instrumental ready and the lyrics have been sond a long time ago. I really dont want to drop this project because I have worked hard to come up with the instrumental (of which I had to do by ear)

This is the WIP Instrumental:

I'm looking for somepony who can either do vocals for the song. The song only has 2 choruses that needs melody and the rest are just spoken Lyrics.

I really hope I can finally get the right vocalist for this. If this turns out well, I might have to do more ponifications of various songs out there.
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>> No. 38125

Umm.. It's heavily follows how the original goes.. I think that counts.. I think
>> No. 38388
I would like to try i cant garentee quality but i will do my best.
>> No. 38408
Hmm, the song sounds really cool. Will there be a need to do all the screaming and growling it has originally? I'm no professionalist, but if it was just singing and speaking I could try to audition.

File 133618324493.png - (61.04KB , 533x480 , VHappyRegal.png )
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This is just me asking some people if they would please help me make some memes, some are as simple as putting words on pics, others are making gifs and adding words, others may involve photoshop, etc, anypony who is good at making memes of any variety please respond, I will post my ideas for you
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>> No. 38168
Use paint.

>> No. 38188
>> No. 38405
some of me ideas are too hard for that, they would prolly involve photoshop and some are animated

File 132125563965.jpg - (593.74KB , 1600x905 , 74313 - Discord edit fluttershy tagme.jpg )
27655 No. 27655 [View]
The first installment in an epic fanfic dramatic reading series! Come check it out!

We still have LOTS of positions open for Voice Actresses, artists, musicians, whoever! Can you be Derpy Hooves? Cheerliee? Silver Spoon?

Come contact us at:

[email protected]!
>> No. 38392
I would like to be a va. Who are you looking for. I cant garntee quality but ill do my best.
>> No. 38396
Look we get that you want to be a VA FLUTTERPIEROXS but do you really need to be digging up threads that haven't seen any action for half a year?
>> No. 38398

File 133694484424.png - (12.84KB , 435x174 , Ponychan - Shining Armor.png )
38335 No. 38335 [View]
Also, I've set up a thread for other projects like this at
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>> No. 38379
> This thread

Hey Mods, hey Admins. Can I make a suggestion?

"I invoke your Love and Tolerance" and "I invoke the Element of Generosity" should be bannable words because too many greedy and horrible people keeps abusing them in order to be annoying or to manipulate others like OP did here.

I am sure that LOTS of future headaches could be avoided if people were forced to understand that:

A) They are 100% responsible for their actions, no matter how many memes or catchphrases they cite.

B) Ponychan is not the Salvation Army or their personal group of slaves. People here is willing to work WITH somepony, not FOR somepony.
>> No. 38394
Short answer: No.
Long answer: Nooooooooooooo.

Just report the threads that you feel are stepping out of line so we can deal with them.
>> No. 38397
File 133703791903.jpg - (12.76KB , 251x239 , okay-face.jpg )

File 132313075851.jpg - (177.61KB , 600x320 , ClickHereToUnleashMagnetosPowers.jpg )
29404 No. 29404 [View]
I'm looking for voices to do a cover of At The Gala with slightly altered lyrics! To audition, simply record yourself singing the part you want, and send it to [email protected], with the subject "At The Gala (character name of the part you want)"

Feel free to try out for more than one part. Everypony is encouraged to try out for the chorus, especially male fans who otherwise wouldn't make the cut. Female VA's only for the Mane 6, please.

Thanks to everypony who auditions! Together let's make this... the best song EVER! :D

Pic is originally from:
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>> No. 29406
Karaoke MP3 is availible at: if you want to use it to practice, but please send vocals only when you audition. A good technique is to play the melody on headphones while recording to get the timing right.

Thanks again to every brony and pegasister who auditions! :)
>> No. 29416
Just filled out a thread at the VAA and realized I forgot to specify a recording format:

- Send an email to [email protected], with the subject "At The Gala (character name of the part you want)."
- Record in [44100hz 16-bit Stereo MP3]
- Please name the file something like "charactername_yourname_gala_demo.mp3" (ex: TwilightSparkle_Rina_Chan_gala_demo.mp3)

Moar details at the VAA:

Thanks again!
>> No. 38391
Is this still going?

File 132999980313.png - (116.03KB , 320x320 , Derpy_derping.png )
34543 No. 34543 [View]
I'm making a short series and I need voice actors for the following roles:

Rainbow Dash

I need the voices to be.... somewhat close to the show. So record a few lines as a character in a program like Audacity, and upload it to Youtube. Then post it here. :D
1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 34581
yup. would love to get more details before i spend some time recording lines :)
>> No. 34669
The project is something I've been working on... for more or less, just for fun. It's a mix between live action and CG ponies with motion tracking.

Problem is... at the moment, my CG pony pals are silent xD
>> No. 38390
Ok ill record asap. Hope this is still going. Is it?

File 133599060991.jpg - (334.04KB , 750x685 , Pinkie snorting sugar DP test.jpg )
37937 No. 37937 [View]
I know there is already a project like this out there, but I thought I'd give some other people that didn't get their auditions in time a chance.

You up for it? Just a small collab project.

>Sing entire song

>Sing chorus separately

Pic not related, but come on.. It's Pinkie getting her fix.
>> No. 38389
Cool ill record as soon as posible.

File 133089871716.gif - (91.29KB , 275x200 , 0c57232327f42af2491950784a04a81b.gif )
35050 No. 35050 [View]
Hello out there everypony! I come to you right now with a proposition. I have a bold idea suddenly, and that is A Very Bad Fan Fiction Reading for My Little Pony video webseries.

I have not really researched these kind of videos, but the readings among YouTube are of mostly average stories to the best of them. I want to break away from that, and go straight to the bad ones. The cheesy ones. The ones that force you to say, "Wow, that is ridiculously cliche." I ask you, can this be accomplished? Only if there is co-operation among those that are willing to help me. This includes female voice actors, some male voice actors, and also an animator if that gets decided upon in the future.

I wish for you all to help me with this goal of mine, and I have a video on YouTube that mainly facilitates the outline that I currently have. If you wish to contact me, go to my YouTube account, which will be the account that posted video I will eventually link. You may also contact me at [email protected] The video link is right here:

I thank you for your comments, ideas, and etc. Reply with your own thoughts on this, and thank you for your time reading this. *I also have not checked if this has been pitched before on this website, but if it has, please so alert me. I would then decide if I will make an independent series, or just come up with another idea.*
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>> No. 36548
Oh god, that made me laugh already.
>> No. 36583
I sent you an email, I would love to help. I can voice act.
>> No. 38385
Voice acting please.

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