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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 140255478481.png - (83.31KB , 700x250 , bronycon_logo.png )
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Hey there, everypony. My name's Shawn, and I'm writing on behalf of Matthew Palumbo. When I asked around for places where this project would be the best match, a number of Bronies mentioned ponychan. We sure hope you can help us out.

My friend, Matt Palumbo has a degenerative eye condition and is legally blind. He’s been blind in one eye for most of his life, and his "good" eye has been getting steadily worse over the years, with corrective surgeries not really fixing anything, so much as slowing the inevitable. Matthew Palumbo’s medical condition has caused him to go on Medical Leave from his job. He is still determined to do all he can to make the panel a reality and is selling off items from his personal collection to raise money to support the panel and his family. He has a young son, seven years old, named Ethan.

Matt can’t do a lot of outside activities with his son— intense light has become painful, makes his limited vision worse. For this reason, he also can’t go swimming with his son. But one thing they have bonded together doing is creating stories and watching MLP:FiM together— the broad, bright cartoony action is something Matt’s eyes can still track well enough.

Between family expenses and his usable vision going, he’s going to be spending the last Bronycon he’ll have usable vision to take his son to meet all the VAs he wants… and also help others coping with disabilities put on a panel about helping people work with and cope with disabilities, using MLP:FiM as a lens. He’s doing his best to take the “be a better fan” mantra to heart and spread that to others.

I put together a web site all about the panel— he’s looking for inspirational stories, as well as donations to helping the creator of Braillemon brings software demos setups to the convention— and while he’s putting together and moderating the panel, it’s all out of pocket for him. He’s going to be taking the stories he gets and making a free downloadable e-book in lots of different formats, as well as make a free downloadable audiobook of these stories read aloud.

I wouldn’t ask you all for the favor of signal boosting this pan
>> No. 46956
The edit function is going all Pinkie on me, so please accept my apolgies for self-replying. The following info is also listed on the web site but if you want an idea of what the panel is all about, here it is, right from the site:

So in supporting Matt, you’ll not only be helping a guy get to Bronycon to spend time with his kiddo before he loses his sight, but you’ll also be supporting his panel about Bronies with disabilities, and potentially helping to bring software demos from “Braillemon” (Pokemon Red and Blue for the visually impaired) to try out too!
Here’s some info on what the panel will be about:
We wish to share how the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its fans have helped to improve the lives of individuals with special needs.

We will use examples from the show and its fandom to discuss how to:

* Dispel negative stereotypes associated with and felt by those with special needs
>> No. 46986

"Coping With Disabilities Through Pony" Panel get an official date, location and time!

Bronycon on August 2nd, from 1:45pm to 2:45 pm, in Moon Hall.

Now that Matthew Palumbo's panel has an official date, we're halfway towards making it a success. We still need your help to make it the best it can be. If you, a friend, or a loved one have used the show to help cope with difficult situations or cope with a disability in your life-- mental or physical- then we need your inspiring story to share with others. Click the link below, and pass it on.

File 139797370834.png - (136.18KB , 800x480 , FRESHMINT.png )
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Hey gang, I (finally) made another entry in the Pony Platforming Project... well, sort of. It's kind of an "expansion pack" to Minty Fresh Adventure.

A lot of the things that ended up in this game were suggestions made on this very board in the original MFA thread, so I hope you like it!

(Oh, and yes, I AM still working on MFA2... sorry for the wait.)
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>> No. 46721
Remember where Minty was hidden in the original game?
Try falling down there again. ;)

It's near the bottom-right corner of the map.
>> No. 46750
File 139897293053.png - (53.55KB , 801x478 , spoiler.png )
How'd I miss this thread? Better late than never.

This was a great Nemo game. I'm glad you made another one based on MFA1 (because MFA2 runs too slow for me and then I fall through the floor). Minty is seriously overpowered though, which is alright.

> "I was a tad disappointed you couldn't play as Minty" and
> "Are you gonna add a giant spider boss in the update?"

That's hilarious!

I got the last Cutie Mark at the same time I found the last (?) ending: #2. That spider drinking tea was just too much. :) But it made it less obvious that the extra part was an all cutie marks exclusive.

Also found:
>> No. 46933
Now you just need to make a side game featuring Doctor Whooves (his appearance in Minty Fresh Adventure is what convinced me to start watching Doctor Who) - perhaps Minty Fresh Adventure from The Doctor's perspective. BTW, fan laborers have their own ideas: who is Doctor Whooves in your continuity. Is he The Doctor from Doctor Who turned into a pony or is he The Doctor indigenous to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe? And which one: the mane style (and the Doctor Whooves logo) suggests the 10th Doctor, but the mane/tail color is closer to the 11th Doctor (I happen to like the 11th Doctor best so far). I've also read a fan fic [] suggesting that he's an alternate possibility for the 12th Doctor (ie the 11th Doctor regenerated into a pony rather than into the likeness of Peter Capaldi).

File 140078513808.jpg - (60.35KB , 1000x757 , Help-Wanted-Sign.jpg )
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Making game, calling it StealthMare, it's basically like a first-person hitman style game with ponies, more action and parkour. Currently a 1-man team making it, HELP SEVERELY NEEDED, please, I need all the help I can get for this the 2 other bastards abandoned this project, I'm the only guy left. Thank you.
>> No. 46836
and also pass this on to anyone who could help :)

File 140068610472.jpg - (232.13KB , 1200x900 , image.jpg )
46827 No. 46827 [View]
Making game, calling it StealthMare, it's basically like a first-person hitman style game with more action and parkour, currently a 3-man team making it, but anyone willing to help is welcome. [pic unrealated]
>> No. 46829
It's gonna be interesting if the pic related :D Anyway, good luck with that

File 134282337422.png - (1.87MB , 1382x806 , Screenshot.png )
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Hello there everypony

I am the founder of a Pony RPG Game that I and my team are working on at the moment. We have already posted once, but seeing as we've done a lot of progress, I figured it better to make a new thread, so all the important information is in the first thread. So far, these are the ideas we're working towards getting ready for the demo release:

It is a puzzle-based Role Play Game, for now singleplayer. You start out in the schoolhouse as 3 ponies. A Pegasus, Unicorn and Earth pony. Meaning you control a group of 3 fillies/colts, which you can switch between controlling as you go. The first interaction is with Miss Cheerilee. You will then proceed into the schoolyard, where (possibly) Cheerilee will instruct you on how to use the basic controls and the racials for each race, on the different items in the schoolyard. We have not yet decided what all of the racials are, but its certain that you are going to need all 3 ponies to overcome many of the obstacles.

Currently, we're looking for the following:

3D Artist (Modeler)
2D Artist (GUI Graphics)
2D Artist (Textures)
Sound Artist (For the moment, background music)
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>> No. 42815
I make music. I can do some background music if you like?

I make all sorts of shit and have been told that a lot of my stuff has an 'OST' feel to it.

So yeah, it'd be great if you could give us an email or reply on this thread as to whether or not you're looking for someone to make music.

If so I'll post some of my older stuff.

[email protected]
>> No. 42816
This looks pretty sweet so far!
>> No. 46819
i can help on manes

File 133687459559.jpg - (36.75KB , 729x555 , fopony.jpg )
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Hello everypony !

I started working on a new videogame project : looking forward to develop RPGs, and 3D videogames, I decided that it was about time a Fallout: Equestria RPG was made !

To avoid any confusion, what I'm going to do isn't a Fallout as in Bethesda Fallout, but as in Black Isle Fallout. It won't really change the universe, since it's based on FoE anyway, however the gameplay will look a lot like the one from the first Fallout.

I've been working on it for a few days now, and got a blog up to keep trace of the saga that this work will be :

I'm posting here to know if people would enjoy playing a "classic" Fallout in the universe of Fallout: Equestria.
If anypony would like to play this kind of stuff, let me know, it'll boost me into doing it faster and better !
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>> No. 45812
File 138044613079.png - (363.81KB , 1600x1600 , twilicorn.png )
Hey ! Long time no see ! Look at Twilight ! She's a freaking alicorn now !

Anyhoof ! Tell me, have you ever wanted to build your own level in a 3D RPG ? Check out what our game editor can do:

It's sort of short, and I forgot to include the lightning effects in the map. Maybe for another video ^^ ! I plan on showing off how to put doors and how to create interactive characters in other videos later.

All of this can already be compiled and tested from Linux computers (the Windows version will wait until the release of Panda3D 1.9.0).
>> No. 45853
Hey !
There has been tremendous progresses made lately and we are almost reaching Alpha stage.

At that point I shall work on a little playable demo (probably something on a single level, no worldmap), which will be made available for different platforms.
The game editor will be released as well and regularly updated for people who'd like to try it out (and potentially using it to help us work on the game).

We will release at least for Windows and Ubuntu, but I will do my best to provide packages for anyone interested.
If there are any requested platforms, go ahead and ask !

No dates given for the releases, but it should be in a couple of months or so.
>> No. 46803
File 140005087920.png - (320.75KB , 1269x947 , getting-there-05.png )
Alpha stage is only a few days ahead, and we'll soon put an end to the pre-prod phase.

Pic shows a few of our assets being used to put together rooms for a dungeon. And it's pretty easy too !

Dropping the tile-based design was a hard decision, but it paid off a lot. After two years, we have something that doesn't use tiles, but is nearly as easy to use as if it did.

Just put some walls and ground around, add a few lights, and here you go: good looking dungeon material !

File 133408043617.jpg - (65.92KB , 655x699 , 132623006995.jpg )
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I'm working on a Linux distribution called "Twili Linux". It's made from scratch, basing on an experimental C library. Want to join us? Answer those simple questions!

Have you used Gentoo Linux?
Can you program C or Perl well?
Do you have no life outside of the internet?
Can you get your way around compiling software properly?
Is going through problems because of using non-standard software no problem for you?

If you answered "yes" to at least four of those five, I want you! If you don't, we still need artists and betatesters.

Also that pic is my face after wasting my entire easter break getting it to work. Yes, we have a working version of it complete with our own package manager (because there weren't enough yet)
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>> No. 42778
Guys! Guys! OP is back!

I'd like you to meet with me on GTalk ([email protected], just add me) and discuss whether I should try doing this one more time.


Help me. TeamSpeak also works ->
>> No. 46783
It probably would have been easier to base it off of arch Linux, but hey, I would love to beta test it, as long as it runs well on virtualbox, and I will even see about uploading a video to YouTube.
>> No. 46784
Sorry for the double post. Had a bit of a 'droid' glitch v

Last edited at Fri, May 9th, 2014 21:32

File 139863978611.png - (1.18MB , 3200x1080 , faggot.png )
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Sup /collab/.
I'm from Russia and I can't speak English well. Obviously I'm retard :D
So I coding one program - Client of Derpibooru and another booru-engine staff. First booru for this was a and program was named like a Rule34Saver. But we want to change auditory and make program for everyone in this fandom. Obviously "Rule34Saver" is not a good name for this program. We don't know how to name this program and we want your suggestions about this name.

For example or NYPA, we got a few variants about program's name
- Cloudsdale Suite
- Luna's Gallery
- Lunarium
- PicDoubler — "The pics has been doubled!"
- Luna's Album — "I have seen what you did there"
- Lunar Picture Republic — "Join us — We've got pictures"
- Luna's Imaginarium — "Let Us be your guide"
>> No. 46734
I like this idea. Does it save each image with all of its tags so the images can be searched?

I vote for "Lunarium".
>> No. 46764
I agree with >>46734
I have similar problems with names. I made a program that mass-downloads all of the images and data on Derpibooru and the best name I could come up with is 'Derpibooru image saver'

File 136059220335.png - (1.22MB , 2683x3810 , drawing.png )
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Awesome Pony Fighting Game.
This will be an open source 2d pony fighter game with original characters.


By contributing to this project (Awesome Pony Fighting Game) you agree that your contribution is considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License(SEE

All code will be released under GPL.

Do not use copyrighted characters,locations or anything else that is copyrighted. Use only assets that are under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY.
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>> No. 46455
File 139409601878.png - (1.16MB , 4049x2912 , celery_pony_reference_sheet__commission__by_facelessjr-d76y0d2.png )
Things are looking up
>> No. 46456
Done by the talented faceless JR
>> No. 46751
File 139897319597.gif - (440.20KB , 640x600 , zombie-vertical-preview.gif )
Did this stop? I hope not.

This looks an awful lot like what you were doing with lighting sprites.

Is this a common technique? I've never seen it before here.

File 139858259690.png - (184.92KB , 900x778 , rainbow_dash_and_pinkie_pie_by_bronyboy-d4ohj74.png )
46726 No. 46726 [View]

So for awhile I've had this amazing idea for an animation. It's going to be a parody of a song as a MLP version. It's going to be a comedy as well. For me to make this the song has to be made first.

I'm looking for two voice actors. I need a Rainbow Dash, and a Pinkie Pie that can sing.

You don't have to sound just like the character, as long as its kinda similar.

Since joining the fandom in 2010, making this animation has been an idea always floating in my mind, and I really want to go and make it.
I don't have anything to pay but if you're looking to have your voice acting known in the fandom I'm sure my video can be a great start.
If you want to do some voice acting email me at [email protected] and we can discuss!
If you interested in seeing my art you can go here:

File 139779841044.jpg - (702.83KB , 1920x1200 , 1367373262174.jpg )
46668 No. 46668 [View]
I'm a Musician whose work (which unfortunately has been mostly limited to live performances) spans many genre's, from rap to darkcore. I am working on a new album, called/themed "The Ride Never Ends".
I am severely limited on resources. I am in need of intellectual collaboration, as well as someone to assist in the production of the actual Music. The album it's self will be mostly Hip-Hop-like in genre, but with a Dubstep feel to it. It will include 1-2 Instrumental tracks, hopefully, as well as 2-4 non-rap tracks, most likely with a jazzy feel to them. I want the album to be mostly upbeat, and it will be dedicated to the Fandom it's self. Anyone Interested? I write, rap, do vocals, and sing. unfortunately, the only instrument I can play is the trombone. Anyone interested?
>Pic Related: The Ride Never Ends
>> No. 46669
File 139779863321.gif - (261.26KB , 400x266 , 808665571_1899311.gif )

File 139730356404.png - (232.79KB , 642x510 , GLGBlogPost.png )
46631 No. 46631 [View]
Hey!, I am a guy, just one, Who wants to finish MLP: Fighting is Magic, I have gotten past evo quite a bit. Now, I'm not going to say any more, If you are interested hit me up on skype "thesweetesbelle" if you are smart you would see potential in this.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 04:56

>> No. 46667
The poor grammar and vagueness makes this rather undesirable. People tend to like knowing what they're getting into before they try to join a project.

Besides, you're insulting people for not wanting to hop into the middle of who knows what. That's just not right.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 17th, 2014 16:03

File 139516994814.jpg - (4.16KB , 150x150 , pinball-ball.jpg )
46531 No. 46531 [View]
I have been thinking, what if there was a pinball table with a MLP:FiM theme?

The show has a lot of ideas, characters and themes that can easily be used for any purpose, so why not a pinball table?

Now, while physical tables are undoubtedly much cooler, virtual tables have the benefit of being easier to construct, much easier to duplicate and distribute as well as not taking so much space. So the table would need to be virtual.

Now, I am not very good at pinball. I even lack a lot of knowledge about how tables work gameplay wise.

This is why I am wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in starting a project to make a pinball table.

I have some loose ideas of things that should be on the table, but no plan. Canterlot is on the far back right corner, while Sweet apple acres is on the far back left corner.
4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 46574
And by generic you mean "is actual tables". The games you suggest are not pinball tables, they are a subgenre where detailed tables are traded for big worlds to navigate in a pinball like manner.

I think that a plain old normal table is the best choice here.
>> No. 46626
Have Sweet Apple Acres somewhere at the top part of the table with bumpers representing the apple trees.

Will it be mission based? You could have a mission for each of the Mane 6 (help AJ applebuck by hitting the bumpers, help Rainbow Dash gain speed for her sonic rainboom by shooting lanes and ramps and so on).

After all missions are complete, you'll get access to a special 7th mission based on Magical Mystery Cure. And after beating that, the table will gain wings and fly away.

... or not. I may have got carried away there. :p
>> No. 46644
Special missions is definitely desired. But yeah, the flying away part is probably not a good idea. People want to continue playing after beating the missions.

File 138593729233.png - (275.50KB , 478x486 , 1385691980368.png )
45945 No. 45945 [View]
I think this counts as a project so I'm gong to post this here

Some of us at /mlp/ have started a series of pony themed file shares/syncs. Our goal is simple, gather and organize all the pony content we possibly can and share it with everyone through bitsync. To this end we need more content and people with enough free time to help sort through it all. On with the details

>What is this?
A peer to peer based pony folders.
Like dynamic Torrents.

>Whats good about this?
1) more well sorted porn than you can shake your two inch stick at
2) more free music than you could listen to in a year (by my estimates anyways)
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>> No. 45961
new /mlp/ thread
>> No. 46002
I'm dumping my reactions to the /mlp/ survival pack .3.
>> No. 46629
we are still working on this folks. looking to recruit people to help organize the general sync

File 139431137799.png - (417.95KB , 700x542 , darkskyesgraphic1.png )
46472 No. 46472 [View]

I have recently been a part of this project (due to obligations I can't give away much details, but in the realms of design/VA/etc) and we recently started a kickstarter to raise some money to help with some costs related to paying everyone that worked on the game (there are a lot!), adding some new features, additional marketing, etc. The basic kickstarter pledge is 10 dollars which gets you the basic package. The game has over 100+ hours of gameplay and we are still adding some content, so i think this is a pretty fair investment for what you are getting. If you are interested in pledging a bit more, there are some really cool added bonuses depending on the price, including art books, custom figurines, signed copies of the physical game, and more.

Of course I had to skim over a lot of information to stay brief... check out the kickstarter page for a cool video that features more content!
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>> No. 46561
lol wtf, this is too cheesy to be real
>> No. 46563
File 139559689776.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )

it has been confirmed as a scam
>> No. 46617
It was cancelled.

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