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File 133684727205.png - (29.00KB , 150x150 , pony_folder_icon_by_traceii-d47jnfx.png )
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Hello, I'm looking for a project or more of a collaboration of pony episodes, games, programs, music, and photo's used for portability with flashdrives. So simply compressed versions of both seasons some of the best wallpapers and best music, some fun pony games, and pony personalization to put onto a flashdrive so I can bring mlp wherever I go, and if no one has done it I might try to make it happen. I know there are plenty of compilations of all this so I'd figure it's already been done
>> No. 38324
File 133688574951.jpg - (71.83KB , 400x400 , Tedective.jpg )
Wow that sounds like a great idea. I would call it a Low Orbit Friendship Cannon. Now I wish I had one.

File 133229108798.jpg - (759.60KB , 1024x768 , Penguins.jpg )
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I am looking for a artist for an original webcomic.

If anypony is remotely interested please email me.
>> No. 38260
File 133671682292.jpg - (40.08KB , 900x613 , berry__s_4ht_wall_by_sciencefan12-d4ogkex.jpg )
hit me up at [email protected] if you want an artists i do prefer traditional style but i'm flexible
>> No. 38291
File 133683028122.png - (226.18KB , 1100x1000 , 132220014958.png )
I've always dreamt of doing a webcomic...

But I suck at drawing, so go figure.

File 132072050946.jpg - (232.98KB , 1024x768 , 25774 - command_and_conquer mammoth_tank red_alert tank twilight_sparkle.jpg )
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I will start by admitting I have no skills to contribute to this other than possibly some writing and Ideas.

However I know this is a fandom filled with ponies with many different backgrounds, interest and skills. So I propose this Idea to you all.

Ponies and Sid Sid Meier's Civilization.
Different ponies are to be leaders of their own countries and compete against each other to become ruler of the world.

I know it's hard to get one of these started when the OP doesn't have much to contribute himself, but I'd hope someponies out there take interest.
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>> No. 27232
Just modding Freeciv would be my recommendation. Its free, close to the original civ, and probably a fair deal easier to get the level of changes you want.
>> No. 38221
I tried modding FreeCiv on my windows box once, but after I did, I could never get the game to start. I checked a bunch of different places for instructions, to make sure I was doing it right, too.
>> No. 38262
File 133672162539.png - (33.85KB , 501x501 , 131346171647.png )
I think that modding Freeciv is the best idea. You don't really need any programming skills to mod it and it allows you to do a bit more than just swapping out the sprites and it will run on more-or-less anything.

File 133368323163.png - (185.56KB , 900x517 , dude_looks_like_a_lady__by_whitedragonlove-d4phnsg.png )
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You all may or may not have heard of this pretty good HiE fic by a guy who goes by the name of CardsLafter oh who am I kidding you've probably read the thing. Anyway, DaAfroMan has decided to animate TtEoAP, and Cards and Omnipony have agreed to be the lead scriptwriter and music director, respectively. Unfortunately, DaAfroMan is currently our only animator, and we don't exactly have many people in other departments either. That's where you come in.

We need voice actors, animators, storyboarders, what have you. Want to help, but not sure what you can do? We can assign you to an overall assistant position and you can help wherever you want to. Once you've figured out what you're good at, you can be reassigned to the group of your choice.

You can check out the project forum and sign up here:

Got a question? Feel free to ask on the project forum.
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>> No. 36899
Not to seem like an attention horse, but this still needs people desperately :/
>> No. 36906
Hello there all! I am actually a light dissapointed by the lack of response to this thread thus far to be honest, so let me put into perspective why exactly signing up for this project should interest you. :)

1: This is the first ever fan based studio quality animation made by ANY fandom to my knowledge (I have yet to be proven wrong on that). Sure, Fan animations and videos otherwise have been made before, yes. But not in full 'as you would expect to see on TV' quality and length. This, as you might imagine, is HUGE. Not only would this project put your name among at top in the bronies, regardless of your actual position in the project, but it would mark bronies as the unrivaled #1 fan base of all time. Chances are it'll even receive a mention on some news channels. It's quite a big deal!

2: Though I would like to keep a deadline for releases, I am not expecting anypony to work more than they are able to. The bonus of doing more for the project though, is that you will be given the ability to have your own ponysona in the series as a background character. I don't know about you, but if I wasn't heading this project, I would certainly want to be a part of it if only for that.

3: Free cookies. Yeah. You heard me. You even get some milk for them if you like. :P
>> No. 38259
File 133671546551.png - (11.33KB , 500x334 , 131458183217.png )
are their already a story board i would like to join in

File 133523367950.jpg - (27.47KB , 500x500 , pencil.jpg )
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Not sure if this is the right place to put this, feel free to move if needed.

I'm looking for an artist who would be able to illustrate a Tumblr blog based around the adventures of my three ocs. Dosen't need to be super good, or even colored. Just quick sketches will suffice. Skype name is pushmipullu, contact me there if you're interested.
>> No. 37580
What would you be doing then? Telling them what to draw? The whole point is the artist. I'm pretty certain all (almost all?) are done by one person. Or as a group where they chose to answer one and draw the response.

Really, the ideas are pretty easy once you get a lot of questions flowing in: you just pick the best ones you think you can use.

I'd suggest you just try to draw, no matter how bad it turns out.
>> No. 38255
File 133671468564.jpg - (54.83KB , 480x480 , 1936669-536544-illustration-royal-background-with-golden-frame-vector.jpg )
I interested in drawing hit me up a [email protected]

File 133670799203.png - (55.92KB , 250x250 , TWILIIIIIIIIIGHT.png )
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I'm going to be making an audio project of the tumblr blog known as Discord Whooves. For more info contact me at

File 133551786467.png - (3.70MB , 2560x1440 , brony journal proj.png )
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I've been doing a bit of practice and research on home made book binding in the past month or so. I've still got quiet a bit of learning to do, but I'm getting better and better at it :)

So I decided to put what knowledge I have of the art to good use and I'll actually be putting together some custom made poni-fied journals. :)

The goal is to make these journals look antique-ish complete with leather-ish covers, engravings and other nice bookish decor.

I'm already threading together the signatures for the first one [pic] and I'll post my progress on the project as it comes together :)
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>> No. 38211
Sounds like a good plan.

Hey, take your time! I'm honestly surprised by how speedy your updates have been.
>> No. 38212
yeah, perhaps I should slow down a bit. I do have some other projects I should tackle, such as project Spikes Quest, and one hugely amazing illustration piece that I've been neglecting for the past month or so.

I should probably take these multiple projects and divide the time of each week specifically for each of them.

this should help keep me from getting totally burned out.. especially on this bookbinding project.
>> No. 38240
That sounds good. Just make sure to leave enough wiggle room in your schedule to switch around projects if you find yourself feeling constricted by the schedule (it's happened to me! I still don't know the right solution is for my case specifically, but hopefully you will).

File 133661467071.jpg - (12.07KB , 246x205 , Love.jpg )
38235 No. 38235 Locked [View]
Hey bronies, I wanted to propose something; Westboro Baptist Church is this big, radical, cruel church that is basically the exact opposite of what us bronies stand for. They believe, that if you do not follow their word of God, you "Shall be cast into the darkest pit of Hell". These people bastardize anything that they find remotely different, and are slandering the name of the Christian religion. Now... With that being said, I think that if we conjoined, we could all take down these people. Not through violence, but reason. They are EXTREMELY hypocritical, so I think that we could punch holes right through their "beliefs". The only thing is, we need to work together. The will of a single man, it has been proven, can topple empires, {Not trying to refer to MW3}, and time and time again, people have joined together to stop people like Westboro. These are people who rejoiced about 9/11, the tsunami in Japan, the earthquakes, and they also protest and rejoice at VETERAN'S FUNERALS. So, I ask you, my fellow bronies, can we love and tolerate Westboro Baptist Church into submission?
>> No. 38237
>> No. 38238
File 133661859502.gif - (1.55MB , 800x404 )
Sorry OP, this isn't the best idea, and I don't want my site involved in something like this.


No. 27419 [View]
Just a small project here needing a bit of input.

Currently making themed skins for Steam for each of the mane 6 and then one for the whole group.

Question is: How important are the screenshots / default display pictures for each game (the one behind the title once you've selected the game on the list) to you?

The idea is that I would use a wallpaper-style picture to cover the entirety of the background but I realize that it may not go over so well with everypony if the skin hides the content they're already used to.

And after all, I'm trying to contribute to the community since I feel like I've gained so much from it that it's time to give something back. :o

Also, as of right now I'm basically just working with episode screencaps for the main backgrounds so although all layout related work will be done by me I'm more than happy to accept art as donation if anypony is feeling particularly skippy and wants to draw up/edit together some Steam-themed pony pictures for the project. (Whatever that may entail. @[email protected])
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>> No. 32516

These are done outside of OSX touchups. Working on those now. Check 'em. :o
>> No. 38147
You sir, get a thumbs up
>> No. 38162
I got a friend who's doing the same thing, so far he only has Apple Jack.

File 133637403329.png - (96.40KB , 500x349 , wtfapplejackpersona.png )
38143 No. 38143 [View]
You guys. I was listening to the Persona soundtrack and I had a GENIUS idea.
Basically, I had the idea to create a video series, kind of like/inspired by the Phoenix Wright/MLP crossover that I'm sure all of you have seen on teh Youtubes- ONLY PERSONA. Just basically, going through the entire plot of the game(including major events, social links, boss battles, etc) with ponies as Persona characters.

My ideas thus far:
Initially, I wanted Twilight to be the protagonist. Makes sense, right? But then I thought she'd be perfect for Naoto, and there wasn't anypony else who I think would fit the bill for that. So Twilight=Naoto.
My first spark of inspiration was listening to the "Striptease" track- I thought it'd fit Pinkie Pie well. I mean, obviously, parties---> stripping, right? xP But then I thought she might be better in another role. So I don't know, really. Maybe Rarity could be Rise. I never really understood Rise's deal anyways. xP So if anypony has suggestions for that, feel free.
Rainbow Dash=Kanji. Obviously. Because you know. Badassness....and the lesbian rumors. xP
Applejack= Yukiko? I considered Rarity or maybe Fluttershy for this role, but they don't really fit with the whole, "Everypony expects me to inherit the family business yada yada yada." But then again, Applejack doesn't really fit Yukiko's personality as far as gracefulness/being the girl that all the boys are after. :/ So...Rarity, then? She'd fit the "Princess Yukiko" role so well! And in that case, Applejack would be a good Chie.
So that leaves Fluttershy for Yosuke? xD I mean, it kind of works...maybe...not really...
Maybe this: Pinkie=Yosuke, Applejack=Chie, Fluttershy= Yukiko, Rarity= Rise
I don't even know anymore.
Spike could be Teddie.

File 133632484861.png - (206.36KB , 400x300 , how about I battle your manure.png )
38103 No. 38103 [View]
Just to say it, we got our first member for this thing, Niddog!

Five spots left, get 'em while they're still there.
>> No. 38104
delete, my bad.

File 132390387783.png - (59.77KB , 500x150 , my-little-investigations-logo.png )
30117 No. 30117 [View]
Hello, everypony!

First time posting about this here, so, howdy! I'm here with My Little Investigations, a fan game starring the ponies you all know and love, with gameplay in the style of the game Ace Attorney Investigations. If you haven't heard of it before, you can find detailed information in the engine demo videos on our YouTube channel (the embedded video is from it), but the general idea is that the game stars Twilight as an investigator tasked with solving crimes around Equestria by finding evidence, talking to and interrogating other ponies, and eventually getting to the bottom of each mystery. We're quite serious about delivering interesting stories and puzzles very much in the vein of the Ace Attorney games, and we have four cases planned thus far - this definitely won't be something hokey.

Beyond that, though, the main reason why I'm posting is that, although the game's engine has been in development for a long time now, it's now sufficiently complete that we're finally ready to open recruitment for the project! Until this point we've been using screencaps from the show, Desktop Ponies, and Ace Attorney/Ghost Trick tracks for graphics and music, but ideally we'd like the game to be the best it can be - so we're going to need help from here on out with visual art and musical composition. We've also decided to include voice acting during key portions of the script, so voice actors are also welcomed as well.

If you're interested in helping out with the project, then full details on all the positions available, as well as information on how to apply, can be found on our website:

All of the positions you see there are still very much accepting applications, although based on the response we've got thus far, the two categories that we especially need applications for are visual artists and female voice actors. If you're at all interested in either spot and think you can do it, I heartily encourage you to apply!
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>> No. 31315

Yes, I would definitely recommend a similar approach, as I think it did wonders for my motivation. When you start at the top and work your way down, it's gonna take quite a while before you actually start seeing something that works, which I've personally found wreaks havoc on my ability to stay focused and motivated in a project. I'd definitely say your first priority should be just to get something - anything - working, and then go from there, because that way you can see your project take shape much more easily.
>> No. 32052
So...I take it all the parts were cast and I didn't make the cut? It sure looks that way, but you never updated the thread to say so.
>> No. 38100
Extracted script, images, and source code.

File 132897470667.png - (1.07MB , 1920x1080 , xVxb2 - Imgur.png )
33758 No. 33758 [View] [Last 50 posts]

Last thread >>15892

Please read before asking questions!

Sweet Apple Acres trailer:
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>> No. 38656
not really, sorry ;__;
>> No. 38918
new thread >>38917
>> No. 43664
I still get this even though I try and compile it myself. Please help as me and my sister wish to play multiplayer!

File 132943573492.png - (696.78KB , 1190x506 , Ben_StarCraftPonies.png )
34128 No. 34128 [View]
I'm currently working on a project that I don't think anypony else has undertaken - if they have, so be it!

I'm currently replacing all the voice tracks in the game for the various units of Starcraft 2 with voice clips from MLP: FiM. It will work on both single player AND multiplayer - just take note that using mods could cause Blizzard to ban you - but nopony has been banned for using mods such as this yet.

Now, I want to finish this, and share it with EVERYPONY I can everywhere. But, I need a bit of help. I'm running very low on voice clips - so, if anypony has access to various voice clips from the show, I can convert them and use them where needed!

TL:DR, Starcraft 2 Pony voices, I need voice clips!
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>> No. 35822
DON'T YOU DIE ON ME!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 36957
>> No. 38060
Sorry for the huge disappearing hiatus, but here is the file for your playing pleasure!

To use: Go to C:/ , Program Files, Starcraft II (or wherever you installed SC2), Mods, Liberty.SC2Mods, and backup your enUS file somwhere safe, in case you need to revert. Now, simply put the downloaded file inside, and success!

The mod is currently incomplete, as I now have Season 2 voice clips to use: so, if anypony can supply some voice clips to use for this, or can help with replacing portraits, I'd be grateful! I'll be checking this daily from now on for feedback and updates.

File 133592497531.png - (105.85KB , 1100x1100 , favicon.png )
37912 No. 37912 [View]
Hi all! I am starting a new project. It will eventually will be based on the fanfic Fallout Equestria. I am building it to play very similar to the first three Final Fantasy games. I have a website up as a means to give people an update on what is going on. But I would very much like to reel in some supporters. So far only a handful of people even know... I just wanna get it out there that this project is being worked on. Wanna check it out? Here is a link to the website.
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>> No. 37977
It is a huge project. The issue is lots of huge projects are started all the time. Do you know how many of them get beyond the dream stage? Most of them don't.

I'm curious what you guys are making the game with? Flash? C++? Java?

It says you don't need anymore help at this time. That's a good start: you're not desperate for a coder, artist, and everything else.

Good luck.
>> No. 38026
Right now I am half way compiling the engine of the game. I currently am at a slight loss because where the project is kind of broken ATM. My laptop is out of commission... and possibly permanently. I am very much so thinking of making a donation box for the project as this is not a cheap thing to hold. I bought the Domain and I have a server running which consumes electricity constantly and then all the time spent into it... Anyways.... I'll consider the donation box thing later when I have more supporters. As for now we all have to wait until whenever I can get my laptop up and running again or get a new one.... -.-
>> No. 38047

Oh I forgot to mention I was programming it in Java. I like Java xD. I would take suggestions for it but I really would like support. Like people going on my site and adding into the suggestion box or whatnot. It's hard working on a project without people not being interested in it. Ya know? I plan on making this into something pretty big. I would love to spread the word to the herd but so far I haven't had any luck. Oh well. I'll stop complaining xD

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