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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 133459751916.png - (534.68KB , 1200x1600 , TownHallPreview.png )
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There are pony models available for everypony, but no background models, so I'll just go ahead and model Ponyville. This isn't being made for any group or project in particular, it will be a public download for everypony.

I'll post WIP updates here and at my Deviantart page, because I want to hear your opinions and make Ponyville the way you want them, not the way I want them.

I'm using these maps as reference, not dead accurate but one of the best out there. Oh, and ignore the triangulated wireframe. It's fixed, and it's unprofessional to model triangles in place of rectangles.
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>> No. 37961
File 133607576819.png - (11.89KB , 512x128 , Town Hall Download.png )

Here's a download for Town Hall, before I put it up on Deviantart with a turntable preview.

There's one problem though, the texture for the flags isn't transparent by default: Setting Mono Channel Output to Alpha fixes this, but may vary on your program.
>> No. 37993
File 133616118296.png - (7.38KB , 256x128 , _FBX Download.png )

And here's the same download with a .FBX as well as .OBJ, as per request.
>> No. 38008

File 133615926103.png - (1.05MB , 1280x907 , 8685e22dd3823b466e9e1fbec1c99b4a.png )
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I am looking for opinions on a possible MLP Tower Defense Game. I'm considering doing a MLP Tower Defense game over the summer and was wondering if I should have the layout frontial or isometric? Take in mind that I would be concentrating on the coding and would be asking help from others on the art. Also the towers are ponies if that helps visualize it. Also in helping the visualization the setting is Luna is holding a "strategy meeting" which turns out to be a Table Top Game. Figurines and Models are the representation of the pony towers and the enemies you would be destroying (so your not really destroying creatures your just defeating their avatar representation ). I would like the actual figurines to be animated though like Super Smash Brothers (Imagination Animation of Figurines). Anyway if you want to know more to help form your opinion let me know. Thank you.
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>> No. 37998

ok what would you like to know?mind you this is all just what i would like to have in the game. nothing is on paper yet.

-Circular radius of towers (if isometric it would not use the grid for determining fire rate, just placement and for visual)
-spells would be included
-max 24 ponies on the board at a time. (only get to this max at the last levels of the game. the further you go the more ponies you can have on the field)
-each pony can have a max of 4 different attacks(most will only have two standard and a special)
-enemies will come from multiple locations
-enemies can attack ponies
-ponies can intercept, get in the way/taunt enemies
>> No. 38005
Do you have a programing language/runtime/framework/whatever in mind?
>> No. 38007
I was planning to use Actionscript3 and currently fiddling in Flash.

File 133608593319.png - (844.27KB , 1280x798 , 1323823464158.png )
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Hey, guyssss
Pony flying game project! Original Idea! Du nawt steals!

Alright, but now really, why hasn't anypony attempted to create a 3D Action Flying Game?
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>> No. 37979
That's because, somehow, flying in video games isn't fun.

Also because making 3D games is an incredible undertaking that shouldn't be taken lightly
>> No. 37986
Actually, me and a friend is working on an MLP RPG at the moment. We're quite far in development. More coming on this subject soon. We'll make a thread about it, once we're ready to show a demo
>> No. 37990

I dunno, man, I loved the flying levels in the old Spyro the Dragon games.

I think it all depends on how you implement the flying.

But, yeah, you don't see many projects like those simply because it's not easy to make a game like that. /understatement

File 133596852004.png - (171.60KB , 1020x768 , This is a promotional picture for your entertainment.png )
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Greetings everypony,
I am Trixie’s Hat. You may know me from being atop Trixie’s head, but now I’ve struck out on my own in search of one thing: Pony Memes.

After spending some time in the brony fandom and becoming familiar with quite a few pony memes, I want to start a project that will create The Definitive Reference Guide to My Little Pony Memes. This will take the form of an encyclopedia or other reference book. I know that there have been brony glossaries in the past, but this is going to be the biggest, most researched one to ever appear online!

Memes in this guide will include:
Sitting Lyra!
Derpy Hooves!
Twenty Percent Cooler!
Brony Slang!
.MOV Series!
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>> No. 37956
Hoppip destroying everypony's dreams since 2012.
>> No. 37957

>>Hoppip stopping attention grabbers since 2012.

>> No. 37975
Know Your Meme and everything else on the Cheezburger Network is everything that's wrong with the Internet today. I'm in favor of every project that marches on in defiance of their existence. However:


File 133592252985.jpg - (144.29KB , 1920x1080 , spoiler.jpg )
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Ever watch My Little Pony and wish that you could go on an adventure with the girls?

Well with this game you can. Currently it's all conceptual works and planning features, as well as some scenery, concept art, and a rough map plan, but will soon enter the development phase with some help from talented bronies such as yourself

What we need are
3d Modelers from all walks of life
Musicians, any good game needs a good sound track
A few artists, for both concepts and textures.
Two coders with knowledge in Java or C++
And a few level designers

What I'll be doing for the project
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>> No. 37933
To be honest I'm actually sort of impressed. Not many game threads here start with an actual design document (and suddenly we get two in one day, what's up with that).

Unfortunately I think you're gonna be hard pressed to find 3D modelers. The only ones I've seen are the ones working on PonyKart and one guy making Ponyville in 3D. In fact, you should hit that guy up, his thread is somewhere on the previous pages.

Overall the project seems really ambitious... Hopefully it'll work out, though you'll probably have to hunt for people by yourself as well, mostly for modellers, artists and maybe musicians.
>> No. 37950
I would recommend something like Skype to allow for easier contact with team members.
>> No. 37974
I shall include my Skype name, it being Aedious.
Now I forgot to include musicians from all walks of life, if interested, should join up. We need as much help and support as people are willing to provide
If you know somepony who would be a good match for a spot, send them threadward

File 133600963717.jpg - (152.21KB , 894x894 , the_great_and_stylish_trixie_by_tulipsn1per-d4oa5wo.jpg )
37947 No. 37947 [View]
Pic mostly unrelated (it's just best pony)

Let me first say that you should watch the linked video.
This is just a small draft of what I have saved for the title sequence (It has been updated a bit since I posted that video and looks alot smoother)

I will go ahead tell about the project:

Let me introduce myself a bit more...

I am... Brad (obviously). I specialized in... whatever interests me at the moment of time specified. Currently that interest is flash animation (but this one should stick since I plan to go into this field as a career choice).
>> No. 37962

File 132121704731.png - (75.90KB , 512x384 , Brony Online Band.png )
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Hey there, everypony!
My goal is to assemble a group of bronies capable of playing any musical instruments and form an online band using the power of modern technology to play anything pony related. Music from the show, fan music (if the original creator allows), and anything completely original. The following steps I plan on following right now go as followed:

1. Everypony agrees on a song to play.
2. We find the music (most likely from or a midi file)
3. I then rearrange the music to match the number of instruments involved, and make the sheet music.
4. Everypony is given a copy of the music they will be playing, as well as a mock up mp3 file to act as there metronome. (This will ensure everypony is playing in sync)
5. Everypony says the music I’ve given them is in an impossible range, so I need to rewrite it and then redistribute it.
6. Practice, practice, practice!
7. Everypony records their part and sends it to me through some sort of file sharing site, such as megaupload or dropbox.
8. I compile, sync, and balance the audio into one final video.
9. Said final video is then uploaded to Youtube.
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>> No. 37421
Well I haven't played fiddle in about three weeks. I've gotten lazy with it and as a result I've also gotten bad with it, I don't think I can record the part any more D:
Sorry about that shit. I tried 3/4 times to get back into it specifically for this but every time I do my laziness takes over and I stop practising.

If there are any other parts I could fill I'd be glad it, I just can't do fiddle :( Sorry about that shit, again I'd still love to participate if there's anything I could do, I think this project fucking up was a good bit to do with my laziness at not getting my part recorded.
>> No. 37901
Everypony, I'm really sorry about my absence. I have had a terrible string of luck. I don't have my own working computer any more. Most of the files that were on my computer have finally been recovered from the hard drive, but I can't run the programs, which include my music, audio, and video editors. I still have the install disks for those programs, so that won't be an issue once I get a working computer. Unfortunately, I've also been a great deal overburdened by school, which is hindering me from finding a job to get money to afford a computer. I do, however, still have my clarinet and camera, and still want to participate, even though I am also out of practice as well now. I can also still get online and check my e-mail with my cell phone.
I'm ok with somepony else taking control of the project, in fact I would encourage it. It's probably for the best. I'd be willing to transpose the music for projects in the future once I have a way, but for now in this project we only have two more parts to fill. I can combine both lead parts into mine by ear, or hope somepony else can step up to fill the other part or possibly both. Opinions?
>> No. 37948

Definitely go ahead and do that parts then Lem. Getting this first one done will be good so that we can start fresh.

As for taking up the project. As I said, for now, I have some big projects already on my hands and I don't know about taking leadership at this time, but if somepony else would be willing, I could help with transposing and stuff, just not the organizing end of it.

File 133591437118.png - (118.56KB , 324x285 , Flutteryay.png )
37892 No. 37892 [View]
A fangame that I'm making. It is a 2d platformer in the style of the old Mega Man games.

The story is based on "The Return to Harmony", but has some differences. You start the game with only Twilight Sparkle, who is lost in the hedge maze, and after escaping you have to fight the rest of the hypnotized Mane 6. When you beat one of the Mane 6, you unlock them as playable characters and get to use their unique weapon. After beating all of the levels, you have to finish the four Discord levels to win the game.

Google Doc:
>> No. 37900
Google Docs asks me to log in, instead of just showing me the document.
>> No. 37926

File 133564829411.jpg - (65.83KB , 800x800 , Derpy is Science.jpg )
37761 No. 37761 [View]
Choose Your Own Pony Adventure"
Yuuki_F and I are making a cyoa with ponies. This will be a full game, not just a fic. The project is just beginning, and we are looking for a lot of people to fill certain roles.
We will need:
-Music composers
-Web designers

Please post in this thread any questions you may have. We will accept sample material via [email protected] on an on-going basis until otherwise stated. Please show us what you can do!
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>> No. 37828
This projects never get accomplished. Just the fact that there's not a summary of the story indicates you have no idea on how to proceed.

You should get your ideas and part of the story first and then post here...
>> No. 37838
Hey! Great to see people are so supportive!
>> No. 37902
Despite your lack of support, I send you an email to compose some music for ya. I figure if this does fall on its face, it'll still count as experience.

I suppose I COULD double as a writer...

File 133588621082.gif - (1.70MB , 360x360 , 131041190121.gif )
37868 No. 37868 [View]
Hey everypony,

I am going to be making a music video this summer and I was hoping to get some advice for an effect I want to implement in it.

Essentially, I want people to be walking through the shot holding a "screen" with another video playing on it.

Now, the only way I can figure to do this is to have them holding greenscreen boards in the shot and then manually aligning the video with the boards on every single frame of the shot.

This is gonna be about a 20 second scene with 5 different "screens" being walked around in the shot. So doing it manually would be extremely time consuming.

So basically my question is, do any of you know an easier way to do this?
>> No. 37869
The only other way I can think of is keyframing, and that's more difficult than chroma key.

What you should do is get a bunch of different colored boards. Then, simply chroma key the colors to the respective videos you want to play on the "screens." After Effects and Premiere tend to play nice with moving chroma key, so you shouldn't need to align anything.
>> No. 37871
Ok, so After Effects and Premiere can automatically follow the chroma key boards? *Phew that's a relief.

I actually have little to no experience with any sort of video editing/special effects so this is actually gonna be a huge undertaking for me XD

File 133555671209.jpg - (25.68KB , 630x437 , tirek.jpg )
37718 No. 37718 [View]
Don't get excited about this, since I have nearly no skills outside of the inception of concepts, but I am currently creating (mentally) a 3D pony video game that can be described as: The Legend of Zelda 3D games-style story, sidequests, hub world, and powers-meets-Crash Bandicoot-styled level progression-meets-RPG-styled leveling and items. Additional info will be dispatched on request.
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>> No. 37741

I don't know how you envision your game, it just sound very similar in concept.
>> No. 37743

Not -my- game. Just interested on the concept =).

Haven't had the chance to look at the other threads in /collab/ for a while, so I don't know much of other game projects going around.
>> No. 37796
Hm. Well, if you ever start learning any particular skills, then I'd say make a post. Don't worry about it at the moment.

File 133552998248.png - (500.55KB , 640x466 , 169070 - applejack apple_bloom artist amenoo best_big_brother_ever big_macintosh.png )
37709 No. 37709 [View]
Somepony should do a remix of the BBBFF song for Applejack and Big Mac, Or maybe a duet with Applebloom and Applejack!

I have no musical talent. But for those who do this is a good idea!

And if somepony has already made this PLEASE LINK IT HERE
>> No. 37711

>This is what I want, now do it... NOW.
>> No. 37742
File 133559403923.png - (103.85KB , 308x277 , 132190754859.png )
It was mostly a suggestion but, sorry for it coming out that way

File 133512454968.png - (836.94KB , 1033x658 , 170291 - applejack artist_kiyoshiii fluttershy rainbow_dash rarity scootaloo twilight_sparkle vi.png )
37435 No. 37435 [View]
I was thinking about doing a fairly simple /collab/. One that I think I could do by myself, but would probably be better with others.

A straightforward, simple "Choose Your Own Adventure" game. Not sure at the moment if just straightforward text, text w/accompanying music, or something more like a standard visual novel would be the best approach.

I'm not sure if I really want to organize it all, so for now I'll just sort of let this sit here and get some initial feedback on what it might/if it is even a good idea.
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>> No. 37698
I had assumed that you were the OP.
>> No. 37710

I am OP.

Contact info:

Either send me/Derpy Mooves mail on fimfics
Use this post
My email (totally not a throwaway junk mail account >_> <_<) is [email protected]
>> No. 37736
well if you need me just email me

No. 37376 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  So it's been a while since I posted the progress(got distracted for a month), for those who missed it first time round, this is my casual game.

Ponyarium started as a simple screen to generate Ponies on that would involve houses and trees -

Then came the random color generating and random name combos of embarrassment -

All this came to a close with the Trees and goin to buck commands, thought the final build has shops to generate money by selling apples -
The download link via Deviantart, with controls in the description -

After making it, rather than carrying on I moved on to making it isometric and better code paths. -
4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 37389
File 133504665624.png - (93.98KB , 1040x806 , PonyariumChickens.png )

Yeah, though my drive was always to build more and more! lol

Well hopefully with the individual stats and random names you'll grow attached to your Ponies. Another plan (Yup another) was to have households, have them 3 stage life, with foals (Think of schools and genes influencing stats, etc!)

Also just for fun, the pic, suddenly Chickens!
>> No. 37657
File 133544424740.png - (110.96KB , 1034x796 , Ponyarium5.png )
Well I've added the basic templates for all the construction menus. Stone path templates added in, will work on smooth neighboring.

A new menu root has been added for Research buildings, which will be clicked on for research Trees, when assign a Pony research team (Lap coats ;D ?). So far I foresee Fashion, Magic, Farm/Food.

Going to work on more time commands, like work days and tiredness, so that stats matter a little more than just speed of harvesting.
>> No. 37717
Youtube embed play button
  Latest visual evidence!

File 133549961856.jpg - (41.76KB , 648x400 , Untitled-1.jpg )
37690 No. 37690 [View]
hey guys, i'm thinking about making a ponified version of the office, animate the intro and a episode.

but i need some help choosing the characters.

here's some of my picks:

Michael Scott: twilight, the mayor, celestia, maybe pinkie pie =/

Robert California: Discord (voice fits so good)

Dwight: Trixie, Applejack (just because of the farm :p)
>> No. 37694
>>37690 derpy =Michael Scott
pinkie pie= jim


yaaaaaaaaah guy(chunky pie) = creed


ill think of more later
>> No. 37708

spike = andy
gilda = dwight

i really like this

but if jim is pinkie pie than who's pam?

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