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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 133550769671.png - (148.52KB , 408x410 , LOL DERPY ACE.png )
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This is an experiment and I want to see if it would work, basically its a steam group comprised of writers, artists, and animators (kinda like here) but private until its initial release/trailer teasers. People can go into the steam chat room and pitch their ideas to their fellow peers and see what they think and see if they can get something going (again like here but in a chatroom). I also want to use this for a thread I'm working on.

For those of you who don't know me I make threads on /oat/ taking things like spongebob and Monty Python and making them pony related.

My goal this time around is to use this steam group and probably this thread to gather some interest in a ponychan community collab thread telling the story of join the steam group and find out and hopefully get the attention of EqD or an animator that's interested in working with us on future endevors, which after that will hopefully get the attention of Equestria Daily.
>> No. 37700
I forgot to say my steam name is: Gammermann, add me to your friends list and I'll invite you to the steam group

File 133531243649.jpg - (1.87MB , 3264x2448 , photo.jpg )
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Alright I'll try and keep this short and sweet since i tend to ramble on often.I scored a nice Applejack cutie mark decal from my g/f that i intend to put on my red Audi A3. I had talked to her about it for a while and was going back and forth as to whether settle for a Big Macintosh one or Applejack (since shes my favorite).

For obvious reasons I was siding towards a Big Mac cutie mark decal since my car is red and what not. However, she gave me an awesome idea for the Applejack one that basically made my decision. I was going to buy a European license plate for the front grill, just some generic one with random letters, until she told me i should use it to name my car AudiJack. (friggin love this idea) I'd get to use the cutie mark I really wanted, AND get a cool flank name/license plate for the car. The only problem i have now is that my car is red, the same red as the cutie mark.

So my question to you guys is this, would any of you Bronies be knowledgeable with getting a good estimate on how much it would cost to repaint my car applejack color? Or would it be more worthwhile to get a car wrap in the color?

I want to see if this would be feasible at all.
Second post will contain my car.
>> No. 37579
File 133531262423.jpg - (1.29MB , 2048x1536 , photo1.jpg )
car :) i imagine putting the decal in that rear passenger window instead of on the body of the car.

File 133530118773.png - (182.36KB , 630x394 , fra_ENG.png )
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Hi everypony!
Here's a little program i've made with the goal to simplify the life of bronies for the choice of the episodes to watch!

With "Get Random Pony" the program will choose for you an episode, alternatively you can choose it manually from the pratical pull-down menu!
To decide which Season can be shown or which the program can pick an episode with the random button, you can simply tick the options in the releated boxes.
Once an episode is chosen, you can click into the "YouTube Video!" button to open a new window in your browser and enjoy the episode!

Every episode is in English, with Italian Subtitles.

A huge thank you to :iconfra-92: for the awesome skin!

Alternative versions:
>> No. 37566
This is the project folder:

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Hello wasn't really sure where to post this but I just started playing modnation awhile ago and I want to ponyfy everything I touch so I gotta know are there any pony mods for the game I've searched and can't find any somepony please help thanks
>> No. 37558

File 133498897336.jpg - (342.02KB , 1001x845 , 3ab2602ec26538464e72d2e19b8532f4.jpg )
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Hi! A few other bronies and I are making an anthro style MLP visual novel set in an alternate Equestria, where everypony but the mane 6 is like a Discorded version of themselves. The mane 6 escape the crazy, crime filled Ponyville and come across Vinyl Scratch and Octavia holed up in a house. There they learn that music is the one thing that can prevent ponies from turning evil.
So basically we are looking for some more writers and an artist or two. If you are interested, e-mail me!
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>> No. 37543

This post is full of win.

What will the artstyle be like?
Similar to these:

Or totally different?
>> No. 37548
I'd love to help. Save for my skills totally lacking in the "art" and "writing" departments. Good luck all the same!
>> No. 37554
Are you planning on having any voice actors?

File 133519222372.jpg - (675.97KB , 1366x768 , Screenshot 1.jpg )
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Hello ponychan, I have created a set of rules for a mlp turn based strategy game (in the same vein as miniatures games that are played on a grid) that can be played online over maptool (a virtual tabletop program) using tokens to represent the characters. I was wondering if anypony was interested in helping me by testplaying it or possibly turning the game from a set of tokens and rules into an independent game. If interested please contact me under my skype handle Zooty.Snowpaw
>> No. 37544
I remember this game.
You got a feature on EqD not too long ago, right?

I've been meaning to try this game, but don't really have anypony to play with around here.
How's the online client?

File 132907539931.png - (223.60KB , 900x865 , my_little_time_lord_by_shelltoontv-d4o1iea.png )
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Welcome to the TARDIS, please do mind the swimming pool.

Now with trailers and nearing it's first release.

We are making a series of Radio Plays for Celestia Radio centered around everypony's favorite Timelord Pony. They will most likely air soon and I hope you enjoy! Most VA roles have been filled or are being filled currently. But check out our blog (Posted Below) any roles we will be needing shall be posted there. Along with background help. Have some info!

Our Blog:

All scripts can be found here:
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>> No. 36605
Hey everypony who's still watching this thread for some reason! The new episode is out:

In the future, follow our tumblr and our blog:
>> No. 37353

To the guy who did that audition a while back, the non-canon one, you still around? We may have a part for you in episode three.
>> No. 37521
He means Broadcaster, probably.

File 132915865066.png - (352.70KB , 635x355 , jelly.png )
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I see no thread on this, so here goes.

I've seriously listened to this song at least 50 times in the past 24 hours (so addicting!). It's a quick song, but I think it would make a good group sing-along.

--Post ITT your submission with a MediaFire link (or some other easy-going fileshare link).
--The file should be an archive (any common format that can be opened with 7-Zip works) containing the part(s) you are singing/speaking.
--These should be either .WAV or a high-bitrate MP3 (320 is preferred, but 256 is fine).
--The files should be labeled <creditname>_<CMCname> (for example, mine could be called FriendshipCannon_sweetiebelle.wav).
--All levels of talent are welcome. Whether you're a great singer, an OK one, or just doing it for the hay of it, you're welcome to submit!
--Deadline is March 30th
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>> No. 37488
Woo, great job as usual, I actually found out you had finished it because a friend saw my name in the YT description and was all "Bpendragon, you're moving up in the Bronyverse."

My reaction was "Yeah, Alphabetically"

Ok, who's doing the ones from the finale? I can run one if needed, especially after ToasterRepairPony taught me a few things to really help my syncing.
>> No. 37508
Oh, geez, I would kill to join in on one of those ending songs!
>> No. 37520
Moonit, I'm claiming "This Day Aria"
Thread already created:

File 133408979892.png - (396.28KB , 780x720 , book.png )
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Hey /collab/,

I've been talking about making a guideline thread for /collab/ so people will hopefully learn how to make better threads and through that - get more people to help them out!

But before I just make the thread out of nowhere I think it's a good idea to work on a rough draft first to run by everypony here. After we feel that the guidelines are complete, we can take it to /meta/ and see what we can do to get a thread like that stickied.

So to that effort I've started on a very rough draft of the guidelines to be found here:

Right now everypony should be able to view it and leave comments as long as you follow the link.

I've written down the parts that I thought were the most important: the table of contents and the first three "chapters" if you will (describing what /collab/ is for, what it isn't for and general rules for people who want to make a thread)
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>> No. 37238
It is true that a design document is very good for games and programming. But one can't deny that it can be applied for a lot of other projects. It is never wrong to sit down and document what the project is.

Anything with a story can document the characters/settings/key events. Everything can document the theme and setting used.

I say, sit down and document to the level that the project will match your vision even if you hand it off to complete strangers.
>> No. 37249
This version of the guide is even better. The bolded keywords and breaking everything down in small ideas helped a lot.
>> No. 37492
Hey guys, sorry I've been letting this slide over the last couple days. I just made the thread on /test/ to see if hopefully we can finally get some of that sticky action going.

File 133511033024.png - (454.54KB , 1007x903 , Applebloom (12).png )
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I had an idea. Now that the season 2 finale has aired, we could write an open letter from the bronies to the creators, with as many signatures as possible, thanking them for the season and saying how much we liked it, and how grateful we are for all the effort they put in.

Does this sound like a good idea? I think it'd be best to keep it brief, and not go off on a long tangent about how it helped us to find our inner selves, and a load of pretentious rubbish - just a thank you, an acknowledgement of the hard work they've put in, and a "keep it up" with high hopes for season 3.

What would getting this together entail? Whoever winds up in charge of the project will need to get seth to put a shoutout on EQD, encouraging as many bronies to give their signature.

What's the best way to collect signatures? E-petitions I would have thought, but this isn't really a petition.

Thoughts please. I could run this if people wanted, unless it would be a major workload, because I have some essays to write - but if it wasn't too much effort I'd be ok with handling it.
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>> No. 37480
Thats not in the spirit of this project. This is supposed to be a thank you and that would just be acting selfish to put that in the letter.
>> No. 37481
File 133518056564.jpg - (102.50KB , 637x347 , 0mor.jpg )
>> No. 37482
Discord is coming back, anyway. John DeLancie said so.

File 133490147773.jpg - (53.96KB , 566x313 , pony pratice 1.jpg )
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Been trying to make some pony animation via Illustrator and Flash. Got some really nice parts done in illustrator but when import them to flash I can't do a simple shape tween between 2 items. Each "leg" is saved as a different layer in Illustrator and when imported becoem their own layers in flash, I've tried copying them down to one layer, converting to symbols, converting to bitmaps, and then track bitmap but shape tween wont show up and i cant even get a alpha transparency option to show up with a motion or classic tween so i could do a fade transition to fake animation, anypony have any thoughts?
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>> No. 37347
Holy Molly that's what I was missing, Break Apart. Once i imported my 5 legs and used Break apaort on their individual layers i was able to Copy them to the same layer and make a shape tween...

Now i just need to find the button for shape hints!
>> No. 37348
depending on the flash version you are using shape hints are notoriously finicky. Tehre is no button, but you can right click on the stage when you are on the KEY FRAMES of the shape tween to add them, or go to Modify > Shape >

When I say finicky, I mean that I have had 4 point tweens that only work with shape hints if I place the shape hints in a certain order, evenif they are on the exact same points. Also they randomly will disappear from your keyframes and Show Hints sometimes does not bring them back, you have to ADD a hint then remove it again.

Welcome.. to the dark side of flash.
>> No. 37437
Yup definitely seeing that, but since i had similar problems with the illustrator export i think i have a pretty good grasp of it.

File 133288892366.jpg - (13.69KB , 320x227 , 377820_361308737219377_100000207605751_1655417_255513351_n.jpg )
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Lets try this again. Kay, I am working on a pony horror game, and I am in need of spriters/artist/C (Or python) coders/writers. The game will mostly be programmed in C, with some python. If you are interested, please say something. Also, if you are good with math (Anything above high-school Geometry would be awsome), and interested, please say so. If you are not a programmer, but want to learn, I will gladly help you.
The next stuff is some info at the jobs and what not.
The game is 2d.

Programmer -

Lang: C/Python. Some experience with SDL would be recommended (actually, I just picked up the library being comfortable with it from pygame).

experience - anything, novice to advanced system programmer, being a lonely programmer is lonely, ya know?
(I would classify myself an intermediate programmer, not super knowledgeable on either language, but can do a whole lot with them.)
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>> No. 36954
update post:
completed spritesheet handling functions. Writing display engine type thing. Going to work on a possible implementation of of a lighting engine for sprites and non-block based background for dynamic lighting.
>> No. 36955
It just hit me that we are going to need musicians eventually... I suck at music. :/
>> No. 37408
If you want a musician, I could make some stuff if you want it. if you want examples of my work, you can look around my youtube. The three examples of my work that I think are closest to the game atmosphere you described are these:

Contact me if you're interested.

File 133505059936.png - (171.33KB , 772x1023 , OBEY-Celestia.png )
37395 No. 37395 [View]
So here’s how this happened. A while back, I got Civilization V, and I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a pony mod for this game?” So, I started looking for one, but I couldn’t find one. So I decided to make one myself! ...And then I promptly forgot about that for a while. Then, earlier today, I remembered it again and started brainstorming. Now, I want to work on this, but I don’t have a whole lot of ideas. I have some, of course, but I don’t know how good they are or how balanced they’d be. I’d like to bounce my ideas off you! If there are any Civ V players in the audience, or if there aren’t, tell me what you think!

Obviously, the largest change the mod will make is adding a new civilization to the game: the Equestrian Empire (Equestria), ruled by Princess Celestia! Here’s the flavor text for it:

“Blessings upon you, Her Highness Princess Celestia, regent of the sun! Thousands of years ago, alongside your sister, Luna, you united the scattered remnants of the three once-great pony tribes into a mighty coalition of mutual cooperation. With little more than your citizens’ willingness to work together, your empire has stood strong against such powerful foes as Nightmare Moon, Discord, and the legions of Tartarus itself. Even to this day, the land of Equestria remains an idyllic land where the ideals of harmony and friendship are law.
“Oh wise Celestia, your little ponies look to you to bring Equestria once again into a golden age of friendship and magic! Will you bring harmony to the lands once more, Celestia? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?”

Now, every civilization has a special advantage, a unique unit that only they can train, and a unique building only they can build. For the Equestrian Empire, those are, in order:

The Fire of Friendship: For every City-State Alliance you maintain, you earn +1 Happiness.
Royal Guard: [Statistics to be determined.] Unit does not require Horses and ignores terrain cost, unlike the Knight which it replaces.
Weather Factory: Gives the same Production bonus as a Factory. In addition, increases Food Yield of Farm tiles worked by this city by 1.
>> No. 37399
I remember you from >>35559 :)

A Great General could be Commander Hurricane. A Great Scientist? Maybe Starswirl The Bearded. Not sure on the other 3 though.
>> No. 37754
i don't see a problem in using modern ponys for your great people or even the man six
Great Artist=Photo Finish Sapphire Shoes Rarity
Great Engineer = Flim and Flam Pinkie Pie (she had that weird bike Thing)
Great Merchant= Applejack (sry Kinda Stuck here)
Great Scientists= Trixe Twilight etc (pretty much magic is their science)
Great Generals= Shining Armor (other then that i don't know any named people in the military you can us)
of course you could always make up your own to
Great Scientist= Tempest (the Pegasus that first discovered they could manipulate the weather)
no much is out there on equestria's history (naturally) so you pretty much have a blank slate to do with as ya please and have fun with (which is the most important thing) hope i have been of help

File 133502773053.png - (52.50KB , 513x384 , past_sins.png )
37370 No. 37370 [View]
So… our first project… Past Sins… the first episode will be relased in summer… ^^


Past Sins is a fanfic written by PenStroke (deviantart:

Music by Forcemodo (youtube:

File 133146288620.png - (206.08KB , 900x800 , bronychat_herd___wiseone_by_emerl_lad12-d4a0ruh.png )
35294 No. 35294 [View]
I've recently created a chat room for bronies who want to generally chat in real time, we have a few members but recently a lot of them have moved on and we are looking for more members.
Please have fun and follow the rules :D Thanks!
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>> No. 36848
It was a decent chatroom, a good waste of an hour nothing more...
>> No. 36986
I'll be coming here on the off occasion, nice little job you've done here but you need more moderators :)
>> No. 37364
I'm never going on there again... everypony assumed I was somepony else, and kept battering me about it.
Nuh uh. I don't like it when ponies do that to me. ; ~;

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