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File 133359864477.jpg - (61.74KB , 370x400 , Harpflank and Sweets cover.jpg )
36424 No. 36424 [View]
Heya guys [read more for scenes in consideration];

I got through with reading Harpflank and Sweets, which is a pretty entertaining fic. I'm not sure why I took so long to pick it up. It's an absolutely fantastic read. Anyways, I want to animate a scene from the fic, or if possible, several, but only if people are willing.

I'm asking for a bit of help because I can draw, and that's about it. No real experience with flash or any other kind of animation software. And I'll also need help in drawing if I were to get anywhere at all in a reasonable amount of time while keeping quality in mind (my DA has been pretty dead for a month or so). Especially, if we're going to do frame-by-frames as I'd like.

So, if you're still reading this, I imagined that the animation style is going to be very dynamic and "lazy" and will be fully cel-shaded. As reference, look to TTGL or FLCL. Scenes will be very ridiculous, and hopefully, a lot of fun.

So anyways, comment if you have ideas or if you're interested in helping me out; I don't think that leadership will really be necessary. If anypony is interested, the names will share equal glory haha.

So, just to lay out jobs that need to be covered:
-Artists (background, color, figures, etc)
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>> No. 36487
Hey Tabby here, this looks like an interesting project. I'm interested but i'll have to see if this is plausible with my schedule. I animate and compose content but i'll have to see. I currently work with Team 5 So i'll get back with you with an answer as soon as I can.
>> No. 36489
Cool! I saw your gallery, and all I can say is that I'm impressed ^.^. I don't know much about flash, so if you are able to do this with me, I'm sure I'll be in good hands.
>> No. 36822
Eh, bumping to pry for interest.

File 133389991625.png - (85.11KB , 800x459 , sadmusic.png )
36661 No. 36661 [View]
Hey everypony. I've lurked around here a little bit, but haven't made a ton of posts.

So for the last two months or so, I've been working on a 2.5D pony platformer with a buddy of mine. I ran into him at school, where I saw him building an astounding model of Canterlot in Maya/Mudbox. Once I volunteered my programming abilities in Unity, the idea to make a game was natural.

[For those of you who aren't quite sure what I'm talking about, a 2.5D game uses three-dimensional assets, but restricts movement to the X and Y axis like a traditional 2D sidescroller. Think New Super Mario Bros., LittleBigPlanet, or Sonic Generations]

I've put together the engine, and included the skeleton of the game; health, projectiles, weapon pickup, damage, triggeers, item pickup, moving platforms, sufficient 2D physics, etc. I even started to throw in some placeholder sound effects.

Unfortunately, due to him having to go to rehab for drug dependency, I've lost my artist this past week. I assumed the project would be on hiatus until his return, but he's informed my that he's going to be gone for a while; a lot longer than the 28 days I'd originally anticipated.

With his blessings, I've come here to ponychan looking for artists [3D and 2D] and musicians/composers/sound effect designers. He's handed over all of his completed assets, as well as those that are unfinished, which is great because otherwise the only "pony" thing about the game would be the fact that you play as an unanimated Rainbow Dash XD.
>> No. 36666
I already got two emails, from voice actors.

Unfortunately, I don't think that there will be voice acting in the finished project.

Also, I'm tryna figure out this name/trip code stuff, so sorry if I screw it up.
>> No. 36744
File 133399757294.png - (139.48KB , 319x370 , heavyrain.png )
Bumping this for you. Unfortunately I can't offer any help but I can offer some advice for your thread: show off some of your work! You've already typed a lot, now show some stuff to back that up. This'll make it easier for people to know you're serious about making this game, plus it'll help artists to get to know the style a little bit.

Also, it's actually a lot easier to find programmers than it is to find artists. Artists are just often really busy with their own projects (especially 3D artists!), they usually only focus on one or two things.

Anyway, show us some stuff, let us know what you're up to and gather some attention. Don't forget to look around on /art/ threads as well!

File 133376368169.jpg - (1.22MB , 800x2453 , fanwank.jpg )
36533 No. 36533 [View]
After starting to watch Doctor Who, and listening to some of the fan made radio plays of Doctor Whooves, I got this idea of combining ideas of the whole fandom and make a fan spin-off series of Doctor Whooves. Although I'd like to point out that right now it's just in a "pseudo-planning" stage, hell, even a "would-be-pseudo-planning stage". Like it's something I'd like to do, but right now I don't feel like I could or don't have the time, so right now I'm just letting my head get crazy and throw random ideas to the air.

In the image you can see same of the ideas I have. The idea would be to make it something more serious, yet not so much. For now, whether I motivate somepony else to start the project (unless somepony already did), or just end up making it myself, I don't know...

So let's all, together, start a session of what screen writers call "brainstorm", where you throw ideas, or correct ideas. There is no wrong or right idea, just throw. Now, I don't know if this should be in the /collab/... should I send it to /fic/? isn't there like /brainstorm/? ah, whatever....

what do you think?
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>> No. 36631
File 133386632773.png - (63.79KB , 202x203 , h1l2jp0j.png )
No love for Perry Doctor? :(
>> No. 36656
> /collab/ isn't really an idea-board, so I don't think you'll have much help here.

I've noticed how this place tends to dislike Idea Guys, mostly because the average "Idea" thread is nothing but a badly veiled request where the OP says what he/she wants and then expects the community to do all the work.
>> No. 36706
File 133393521087.jpg - (89.32KB , 480x300 , muffin4.jpg )
Well, I'm not sure what to do exactly. My spectrum was just as huge as to consider from fanfics to flash animated series...
And yes, I do think that shipping things can turn non-shippers down... but I do tend to think that, when done right, even the grinch can turn into santa claus... no wait...
Well, the point that I'm trying to make is that, even when not making pairing, teasing can sometimes be a lot of fun... after all doctor who teased us for 26 SEASONS...
maybe an ask tumblr would be a good start to understand my ideas...

I forgot completely about him... but I seem him more like a master regeneration personally....
Also, I wanted to make my own ideas, not try to relay only on what have been seen, or what could be similar to past incarnations

yeah, I was asking ideas mostly, but I sincerely would prefer if, somehow, I found the motivation and time to do something myself...

File 133350600057.png - (750.79KB , 1024x756 , 0c991cc.png )
36369 No. 36369 [View]
I have been working on an MLP card game for QUITE a while. Much longer than any other MLP card game actually. I have come a long way with mental planning, and I have a nice portion of the rules laid out, I need a few bronies/pony fans to help with design, play-testing, and development.

An Alpha Version Rulebook can be found here

Current card list can be found here

Beta Card Design

Note: Names of card types >Are not final< I have some changes done, but not included in the current published manual.

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>> No. 36497
I am enjoying the mechanics, though I have a few questions:

1) Rarity's ability - Round up or down?

2) Support cards - Only 2 support cards on the field per player?

3) Friendship points (2 for harmony, 1 for chaos per turn) seems to be very in favour of harmony if that is your only income. Am I missing something here that balances the two?
>> No. 36569
i am totally useless at the moment for any help with this... but i can at least give this thread a mighty needed bump.
>> No. 36667
The grammar/word choice on Twilights card is inconsistent with the rest of them.

Just a heads up.

File 133389912414.gif - (928.57KB , 300x300 , PoniEyes.gif )
36659 No. 36659 [View]
So, let's see if this works. I built show-accurate eyes, but I am not the pony to complete the build 'cos I got too much else going on, so I'm giving my work out to other Flash users. Don't know if it's any use and if operating this model is too hard, you ain't the only one- it's awful complicated.

This is the Flash project file with all the features (including squints and stuff that isn't in the exported example) and includes the timeline for what's shown, with a hell of a lot of animation on irises, highlights, full blink cycles and animation of pupil size within the irises. I forgot to turn on the 'highlight quiver' for the example but it's there to be used- switch that part from 'single frame' to 'looping' to make that go. I was in a hurry and single-framed it- converted the tweens to frames and did those. To go for a different single-frame/loop thingy it needs to be a new tween...

One thing I found was that tweening ain't your friend with eyes- it all would have been better just pose-to-pose, but *shrug*

File 133378746845.jpg - (63.75KB , 720x534 , 430681_200113246760636_191001977671763_299828_1688362253_n.jpg )
36543 No. 36543 [View]
Need a Stony Pony Desktop Pony ASAP
>> No. 36549
OC pony requests go into the OC Desktops Ponies thread, wea.
You should have tried doing it by yourself instead of appearing out from nowhere and say "This is what I want, now do it.... now." to a group of people that don't even know who you are, wea.

File 132521786204.png - (318.84KB , 2586x1430 , pony graph.png )
30932 No. 30932 [View]
so, i forget where i got the idea, but i decided i wanted to graph all the ponies, prevalence in the show vs. popularity in the fandom. i think it was mostly just for the curiosity.

so after working on it on and off for the past month or so, i came up with this pic. a big chunk of that time was spent making the little simplified icons for each pony. if you dont recognize one of them, ask and i'll identify.

i've probably missed some characters, so point them out to me if you think of any. i went through the list of characters and ponies from the wiki and included every pony i recognized.

the positions are based on, basically, me guessing based on what i remember from the show and what i've seen from the fandom. i should probably find a better way to determine those.

something i noticed from what i have so far: there's a valley of fandom-popularity between the main characters and major fandom characters. between bonbon/doctor whoves and trixie/gilda, the most popular characters are the flower trio, and that's quite a drop down.

i've considered what the third dimension would be (if i knew how to represent it), and the best thing i've come up with is time, to show things like how quickly a character became popular, and how derpy's gotten more screen time over time. if i did this, though, should the other 2 axis' represent absolute screen time/fan work, or percent of the total?
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>> No. 35555
File 133194197433.png - (216.30KB , 912x917 , pony icons.png )
ok, so since making the icons has been taking up a lot of time, and i kept wanting them to be more accurate and less like the colored squares i started with, i'm just going to use the sprites from Desktop Ponies. i'll try to do my own version of the missing sprites, but i doubt they'll be as good.
>> No. 35557
File 133194724891.png - (314.62KB , 2610x1400 , pony graph.png )
and the graph
>> No. 36539
File 133378081870.png - (313.94KB , 2610x1400 , pony graph.png )
>not sure if anypony's still watching this
ok, so here's the graph at the moment.

File 133326400301.gif - (1.00MB , 611x576 , pp.gif )
36251 No. 36251 [View]
Hey there!

I am just messing around and creating a page (based on a silly premise, I know) where you can have ponies dance to your music! I only just got it working and have a fair number of features that I want to add. Right now you can only set the BPM via the slider.

Feel free to test it out or throw any comments my way, just note that Twilight was the first test and doesn't work, since she isn't dancing.

So far it seems easiest to use an online metronome to figure out the BPM of a song.
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>> No. 36488

Thanks for the reply! What would be a good max? 300 bpm? And yeah, twilight was a test to see if this would even work. Need to search for a good dance loop for her ^_^

I haven't had time to work on this over the week, but now that it is a weekend, time to do something!
>> No. 36492
File 133368041989.gif - (337.65KB , 365x333 , gummy.gif )
Woohoo. I gave the site some colours and had some time for the following:

- Gummy
- Discord

Removed Twilight

I am going to find some more dance loops!
>> No. 36528
File 133375438256.gif - (109.34KB , 400x400 , ts4.gif )
Added Fluttershy and Twilight!

File 133144883018.png - (81.50KB , 320x240 , ddo_3.png )
35285 No. 35285 [View]
A fangame I'm working on.
Help Daring Do get the treasure and make it out alive!

Feel free to post impressions, bugs, suggestions etc.

Default controls: Arrow keys to move/duck, space bar to jump (hold jump to jump higher)
Arrow keys and space bar also navigate the menu.
You can redefine the controls in the options.

A full list of who made/ripped what is in the CREDITS option in the menu.

Download link:
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>> No. 35948
Can you upload Daring Do resources (images) somewhere?
>> No. 36380

Sadly, I only have the images done inside Multimedia Fusion 2. Here's the source for anypony that can open it. I'll extract the images properly when I get some time off class.
>> No. 36388
File 133354845486.gif - (657.75KB , 640x360 , 1382 - animated apple_bloom jumping.gif )

I can work with these.

File 132346434709.png - (467.06KB , 769x1064 , Rainbow%20Dash[1].png )
29679 No. 29679 [View]

In lieu of seeing the other Card game on EqD, I thought I'd post about my project.

This is the PonyCraft TCG.

I have been working on the rules and fine-tuning everything. so there are only 4 demo cards, and the design, by the way, is not final! I am looking to recruit people to help supply the game with rules, card ideas and any other things that you may think of. This has been in the works since around June now. Go ahead and read the rules, and if you wanna give me your input, or join my card design team, I'd gladly accept!

And the website is dedicated to my Minecraft server. If that curbs your curiosity(It is down right now)
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>> No. 36344
Still working on this if anypony is interested
>> No. 36365
This looks so rad! Brohoof, bro.

(Also, the site's down, so there's that)

I'd like to see more, such as the rules and stuff, but again, the site's down
>> No. 36381
Well I'm pretty interested in doing something. I have a fair knowledge of photoshop. Not much on a professional level but enough to know what I'm doing.

Perhaps a small suggestion which I haven't come across on any of these traditional game projects. I recently bumped into a program called Vassal Engine. It is a client to play board-, card- and wargames over the internet and it comes with a module editor. PM me if you are interested.

File 133347869697.gif - (4.65KB , 50x50 , free_derpy_hooves_icon_by_silverskystrike-d4pf4i6.gif )
36349 No. 36349 [View]
Really Cool Desktop Cursors.
Vectors from: silverskystrike @ Deviantart
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>> No. 36358
Awesome, thanks.

Would be nice to have a full set though...
>> No. 36359
silverskystrike made the vectors so unless she makes the rest this might not be possible :/
>> No. 36360
who's missing?

File 133337007909.png - (364.06KB , 530x397 , ponyRPG.png )
36295 No. 36295 [View]
I'm looking for anypony capable of reading Japanese in order to translate a game/possibly get in touch with somepony making an MLP RPG.

Some video examples:

Full playlist here(account needed to view though):
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36312
OK, I guess I might have been too vague. And I posted anonymously, so that was stupid too.

I am looking for permission, as>>36303 said. However, I don't actually know Japanese, but this is clearly made in RPGMaker. I have a friend whom I worked with to translate and bring over a few Japanese RPGMaker fangames, however, said friend refuses to associate with anything pony related, which is why I came here looking for help/anypony interested. I don't have any skills myself save for editing an English script.
I guess I might have misunderstood the rules, so sorry about that.

>>36307 Thanks for that. And if I get an answer soon, I'll post back here.
>> No. 36314

Reported. This isn't a forum, folks.
>> No. 36345

Yeah, from the looks of the screenshot it's either VX or VX Ace.

File 132045228835.jpg - (124.96KB , 721x721 , 131951574318.jpg )
26709 No. 26709 [View] [Last 50 posts]
This is a continuation of these threads:

For those of you just joining us, this is the Beatle Brony project! We take Beatles songs, write new pony lyrics for them, and then cover them! It's been a blast and we've done over 30 songs so far and plan to do more as Season 2 progresses!

You can find our channel here:

You can find our, as of yet, unused lyrics here:

We are currently in the progress of covering "Strawberry Fields Forever!" This is going to be a difficult process as we do not have an orchestra to play with. We do have qdBrony's friend who has offered to help with some strings and Bloomberg has a trumpet, but if anypony else would like to help, that would be great!
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>> No. 35574
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Let's hear it for our resident Richard Starkey impersonator, Equestria Dude!
>> No. 36194
Youtube embed play button
  NEW SONG ALERT!!! Set the controls for the heart of Jangly-ville!
>> No. 36321

File 133324534009.png - (1.68MB , 2700x4000 , Double Rainboom.png )
36231 No. 36231 [View]
This really isn't meant to be a long thread, i just need this cleared up so i'll cut to the chase:
A while ago on EQD i read that the maker of the "Ask the Crusaders" tumblr was planing on making a fan-made episode over the summer, today i found this (see pic), and i'm an idiot so i have to ask: is this the fan made episode he was talking about? or is is something completely diffirent made by somepony else? I can't seem to find much info on either of them so anything would be helpful
>> No. 36247
Youtube embed play button
  Different things. The guy who's doing Double Rainboom made the Present Prank animation (the video, if I embeded it right).

He put up the storyboards on dA in November. If you're interested, I'm pretty sure he has more information on his dA page (

The Ask the Crusaders thing is much more recent, I believe.
>> No. 36264
The ask-the-crusaders fan episode is now a project not strictly associated with them.

Incidentally, Flamingo1986 _is_ associated with the EQD project as well!

See this thread >>36048

File 133301721273.jpg - (13.18KB , 215x283 , ponyjobs-rainbowdash-chef.jpg )
36138 No. 36138 [View]
I'm starting a classified jobs listing site for the brony / pony community. ^^

What everypony's take on this idea - and the site design. Love some feedback. Thanks. =)
10 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36205
In the works. you can count on it. =)
>> No. 36206
Alrighty, I'm going to do this just like when you go into a category to post a job, you select a category in which to submit your Résumé / CV. This'll be much easier to implement, and will be much easier to navigate IMHO. For example, on CraigsList, I'm very annoyed that there is one pool category for Job Wanted / Résumés. -_-

Instead there will be two lists: Résumés vs. Jobs under each category.
>> No. 36243
Alrighty, everypony. Résumé / CV listings are functional.

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