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I did a bunch of searching and googling to no avail.

I am interested in creating 2D (maybe dabbling with 3D someday) MLP:FIM comics. I was trying to think of tricks to make the projects easier and I had an idea but I don't know what software can do this.

I want to see if I can take a vector file (or just any image), slice off sections from the rest of the image and bind them to some kind of manipulable skeleton so that I can do some physical tweaks for gestures, and maybe use effects and transformations to manipulate expressions. How might I go about this?

Pic related, I want to raise her hoof and point. (among other things...)

I am pretty noob but very good at picking up technical jargon and figuring out new software. I have access to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.

File 133305504343.png - (358.48KB , 685x765 , hnnng.png )
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So I don't know how many of you that have played the Visual Novel called 'Katawa Shoujo' - It's an extremely adorable (and free!) game (sort of dating sim, but I'm not really sure.)

I noticed that a lot of people seems to have a lot of prejudices against such games, and the people who likes them. While they're definitely some weird dating sims out there, they can still be REALLY adorable and cute.

I was thinking about trying to get to know the ren'py, and then MAYBE try to make something like KS, but instead with the Mane Six.

Imagine the amount of d'aws. I mean, the possibility to date your favourite pony, wouldn't that be sweet? Of course, anything would be SFW, bittersweet and all that jazz.

Now I'm not promising anything at all, I'm just curious about what most bronies opinions are on this project? I really think it could end up as something really amazing.
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>> No. 36203

I'd love to see something like this. I'd like to attempt writing for it (at least submitting a draft of some part for consideration) especially if one of the arcs was more KS-type serious.

Obviously it would be a main act then six paths and set in Ponyville. The Episode 1 (and KS for that matter) plot device of "preparing for a festival" is a good excuse to have you interact with the six and be faced with decision points. After that, some bad event/personal problem has to happen that causes separation. It is quite formulaic actually, but attempting to mess with that would be bad.

No adult content of course.
>> No. 36214
Several other fans here on /collab/ have talked about making a visual novel or a romance game based on MLP:FIM. Please keep in mind that none of those projects have been updated in the last few months. I assume they died quietly, perhaps because the creators got too busy, got frustrated, or lost their passion. Only Gentlecolts' fan game "Love is Magic" is still being updated.

It's an unfortunate reality, but a lot of freeware projects get quietly cancelled before they materialize. Some get a demo, and then nothing more. Slight variations of this unfortunate reality affect other fan-made media which is free, including fanfiction and webcomics.

Writing down ideas for a visual novel or a romance game is easy. Actually taking the time to write, and making the effort that's required to get it done is difficult. Plus it's necessary to check for bugs, and it always helps to edit for continuity and consistency.

Be sure to ask on the Lemma Soft Forums if you need help. If you need a free alternative to Ren'py, then give Novelty Maker a chance (it has its own forum).
>> No. 36224
I like a variety of harem stories and games. That includes ones which are worksafe, ones which include alternate pairings such as reverse harem / girl x boys, and ones which focus on complex gameplay. That said, I have to make one thing clear. You can write visual novels about topics other than romantic relationships. It has been done, and more non-harem stories still can be made.

If you want to make a clean harem game about the Mane Six, go ahead. But you can also write a story/game about their adventures, their friendships, or many other topics. After all, it's your game... So decide what you want to make, commit to it, and then make the effort required to get it done.

File 133303197681.jpg - (79.88KB , 460x1001 , NyanCatvisitingus.jpg )
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I have a bit of a request I need a bitch please edit for rainbow dash. when you see the pic you'll understand.
>> No. 36180
File 133307957034.jpg - (98.53KB , 461x1001 , RDvisit.jpg )
Done. Wasn't too hard. I even added some flair with her name. :)
>> No. 36221
File 133319541293.gif - (491.27KB , 500x281 , rdomg.gif )

File 133306368539.png - (57.50KB , 528x597 , 132645936816.png )
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I'm looking to start a long running video series (about 20 videos or so) And was hoping somepony could help.

Basically what I would like is some HD /CLEAN/ copies of the episodes. My HD episodes are covered in hub logos and my clean episodes are only 240p and look like flank when I edit them.

Does anypony know of a site that hosts clean HD (720p/1080p) episodes? or a torrent that has them?

INB4 iTunes. Would love to own them legit but from Europe, so that's not yet an option.
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>> No. 36193
>Perhaps the wrong board but...

Yes, it IS the wrong board. This board is for fan-made projects, not for posting thinly-veiled requests for torrents or download links.

Sorry, but I'm reporting this.
>> No. 36197
In case you're still around, OP, here appears to be the best place to ask your question: :)
>> No. 36210
File 133315396357.jpg - (14.83KB , 277x243 , 132646065455.jpg )
And I'm sorry but report for what exactly? What board would be better suited to a request to gain the materials to make a series of videos? And I made no pretence in my OP about what I wanted, I blatantly asked for site links or torrents, besides which, I've not seen any site rules against such things (since that's how a good number of us get the materials in the first place). I know for a fact that this information is most likely on this very site somewhere but I don't know where and without help I have not been able to find it.

And if it's for posting in the wrong board, well, I already apologised for that, but as stated, which board seems the better choice?

Thanks for the link Mimic, That's definitely a step in the right direction.

File 132422741275.png - (395.58KB , 600x450 , Operation Sharing Kindness.png )
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What is Operation Sharing Kindness?
OSK is a Ponychan/Pony Community donation drive that is collecting funds for good, reputable charities. This winter, we ponies have a wonderful opportunity to share lots of kindness with those less fortunate than ourselves! Let's show off our Elements of Generosity by making somepony's Winter a special one!

Our goal is $5,000 USD! We're already half way there... but we need your help! Maybe
we can even beat the goal!

Moony's (Charity Coordinator) e-mail
[email protected]

Nova's (Artist drawing pictures for anypony who makes a donation of over 30 dollars) e-mail
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>> No. 34369
File 132978342456.jpg - (313.86KB , 1280x960 , 0220121905.jpg )
Annnd here's Fluttershy! I'll take nice pictures of her tomorrow... they never come out well when its dark outside.
>> No. 34526
I have to ask, are you and Bronies for good on good terms?
I was looking through the posts and it looks like you're still a little angry with them, did you guys sort it out?
>> No. 36181
Good to see an update over at EQD. I thought by now we'b be a lot closer than just halfway to the goal. Guess it's time to dig a little deeper and finish this out.

File 132275918667.png - (1.37MB , 1600x1200 , title.png )
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As far as Brony-fangaming goes, there are very few games that take longer than an hour to beat.
Derpy's Adventure will improve on this.

Derpy's Adventure is a 2D platformer/shooter that I've been working on for a little over a month now that

-Entirely Original sprites. No Desktop Ponies here.

-The first ,'Long' pony fangame. Upon completion, it will feature 6 worlds plus a secret world that can be unlocked.

- Epic original music composed by GingerSnapsBrony.
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>> No. 31250
By the way if you need any help with music I could make some ragtime or some shit for you.
>> No. 35037
I think we need a bump up in this bitch
>> No. 36158
Hi everypony! Sorry for the huge break, but I can assure you that I'm still working on this game. I've decided to work on some new features before actually posting, and I am awful at programming and it takes me a few weeks to make something simple. I'm trying to improve my skills, and the engine is a bit less buggy now. Anyways, here's a few of the features I'm developing:

- New Graphics for landscape and Derpy.
- A combat system, that isn't just jumping on enemies.
- Better Parallax scrolling.
- Miscellaneous features, such as the ability of changing Derpy's name to "Ditzy" in the options menu. She is still Derpy by default.

I'll probably make a new thread once I get a trailer done. Until then, see you guys!

File 133249761346.png - (53.94KB , 480x270 , ttu1.png )
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Hey everypony,

I've been tinkering around with this for the last week or so. Never used Flash before (in fact, I've STILL never used it, this is all done in FlashDevelop), and I thought I'd get a platformer running in it.

It's still got a long way to go. There's bugs galore! So many bugs! Prizes if you find them all! I've been spending most of my time getting the engine up and running, so the test levels are a bit plain. And the enemies and spikes can't hurt you.

I have the basic story outlined. Graphically, it's just Desktop Ponies and a bunch of "found" tilesets, cough. Again, just experimenting. And of course, no sound. And no real enemies.

I can't graphicise or musicify to save my life. Now that the engine's more-or-less working, I have to ask: is there somebrony who'd like to help me out graphically? It'd be so awesome :3 It doesn't have to be pixel art, really. I know there's some brilliant Genesis pony mixes, but music can wait until there's a whole game here for all to enjoy :D
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>> No. 36137
No, I cannot provide him with anything he requested for two reasons:
a) I'm a programmer, and he asked for animators / musicians.
b) I've got my own projects running that need my attention.


I just asked for a little appreciation, and constructive critique for him instead of calling his project a "trainwreck" which I (even not being the OP) consider offensive and not at all helpful.
>> No. 36142

So basically you have been bumping this thread over and over just to play devil's advocate and hoping to manipulate people to do the stuff you are completely uncapable of?

Let this thread die. Is obvious that nopony is interested to join a project where OP is asking people to do all the work for him, and where people like you pretends to "help" by posting walls of text intended to guilttrip people.

Practice what you preach, don't talk the talk if you are not going to walk the walk, don't talk about things you know nothing about, don't offer help that you are completely uncapable to give, /collab/ is not your personal army, etc.

Really, I shouldn't even have to remind you this, because this is basic common sense, but I suppose this is the part where you ignore everything and post another wall of text full of catchphrases, wishful thinking and irritating things that can be sumed up as "But... but you guys are supposed to be our slaves..."
>> No. 36146

a) I have not bumped this thread a single time... There's a question mark near email on the reply form, you should read that before talking.
Fact: You've bumped it right now, not me.
b) I asked nopony to join anything, nor offered any help at all. My apologies if you thought it was so.
c) I never said anypony had to help. Just told you, or whoever was the first that it wasn't right to pick on OP.

That's all, no TL;DR text walls no catch-phrases.

File 133275682939.png - (916.67KB , 2338x1700 , 41797 - artist-rustydooks artist-tess cards card_game Carrot_Top Children\'s_card_game derp.png )
36001 No. 36001 [View]
Hi there! UrbanMeadows here with an exciting proposition for all those ambitious artists out there!
I have been greenlit for publishing a pony trading card game! We need illustrations for the game and are willing to pay for your contributions!

This is your chance to get on board! We already have Megasweet, MrPoniator and Petirep on confirmed for the 1st edition printing; slots are filling up fast, so head on over to my DeviantArt for more information visit;
You can also contact me at [email protected]
Our admin, PetrolheadBellsprout is setting up the website, when it’s ready it will be;

If you have any questions to all, please ask! I’m sure you have many!
Thanks for reading!
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>> No. 36116
File 133296398428.png - (527.98KB , 628x525 , RF07.png )
Ah! The cards on my DeviantArt are only tests and do not represent the final products.
How about I post the card effects I've compiled? That way you have a clearer view on the subject!
(And you're right about Hasbro)

Here’s the gameplay;
Each player has roughly 3 cards in his/her hand, during their turn they may play one card from their hand, then draw cards up or discard down to the hand size limit (Which starts off at 3, cards can increase or decrease this number).
You may play cards on any player, including yourself
Each card has a point’s value; the player with the highest point score is the winner at the end of the game
The game ends the moment when a player tries to draw from the deck and there’s none to pick up

These are the current names and effects of the cards I've assembled in the latest version;
>> No. 36119
File 133297132052.jpg - (80.16KB , 640x480 , Pleases me.jpg )
I personally find this entire idea delightful.

We need to support this shit! Send in ideas for cards and stuff.

Also, guys, can we focus on the game and possibly stop panicking about Hasbro? We all know they are very reasonable guys who are light footed when it comes to copyright.
>> No. 36121

No, all we know is that they are lightfooted with people making a few bucks with fanart commissions or the odd plushie sale.

This is somepony wanting to sell a product with Hasbro's intellectual property.

And OP, I think you've put a lot of work into this, but my feeling is you should not monetize it. The other problem that stands out to me is a very inconsistent tone in the game itself. It seems like the rules and card effects are aimed at young children, but the text and references to dating/sex/ game of thrones seems aimed at adults. The points rules are incredibly simple, almost to the point where it is not really a "game" with any strategy. Remember that young kids play/played yu-gi-oh and pokemon that have far more complicated rules than this.

My suggestion is to remove all the things like "punch them in the arm" "Run away" and replace it with "Take a shot" or "Scull a beer", "take two drinks".

Basically, this seems like it would be a fun drinking game for adults who happen to like ponies. Remove any of the sillier effects form the cards and make them drinking rules. It seems incredibly questionable to try to sell it and expect to get away with it.

File 133127476959.png - (9.51KB , 90x114 , pinkie_pie_is_random_by_stinkehund-d3f31bhSmall.png )
35210 No. 35210 [View]
Hey Bronies, I have been running a small group working on several projects for a new website but have come to the point where I need a few more volunteer developers. If anypony is good in PHP, Python, C#, or Drupal CMS then please send in an application. We really need a few more volunteers who would be willing to work a few hours a week on this community project. A lot of the work has been done but now its getting impossible to finish without a few more developers. If you are fluent in another programming language and interested in helping a community project submit the application anyways I am sure we can find something for you to do. If interested please apply through the developer site here
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>> No. 35826
File 133246237159.png - (9.51KB , 90x114 , 133127476959.png )
Hey, I'm one of the co-founders -- well, I will be once the site goes live I guess -- of the site, and we're STILL looking for developers, ESPECIALLY for Python. If any of you are still interested, just shoot me an email. Thank you!
>> No. 36009
I've tried to reach your email account but it says delivery error. I have contacted you through the main page.
>> No. 36110
Yeah, that was my bad. I had set my email on here as - which is the developer's site - instead of - which is the email. I've double-checked that this one is .com, and it is. This email will work. Again, my apologies.

File 133261380188.jpg - (588.30KB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg )
35905 No. 35905 [View]
hi, I created a replica of Appleoosa for Team Fortress 2 as trade map.

Please try it out:
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>> No. 35953
File 133268426271.jpg - (92.51KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-03-24_00003.jpg )
here is a small bump with one of my favorite parts - the secret room.
>> No. 36010
File 133277463219.jpg - (311.40KB , 1920x1080 , 2012-03-26_00003.jpg )
that felt pretty great yesterday.
>> No. 36105
Youtube embed play button
  small update, I just released version 2. main update: blu can now move their spawns closer to the city by capping points. More in the changelogs at the devnotes:

video shows a timelapse of the map.

File 133268722752.png - (145.89KB , 1366x768 , Inventor Pony.png )
35958 No. 35958 [View]
So, a while back, my friend and I had the idea to make a game in the style of Paper Mario based around Ponies. (We migrated from "Paper" and into "Felt" after A Friend in Deed, because felt pinkie pie was quite possible the cutest thing ever) He began coding fervently in unity, and I took on the job of... everything else. I can write a story, I can model a model, I can work in photoshop, I can draw a pony...

But, I can't animate. At all.

Here's what I've done so far:
Scanned in a rediciously huge felt image to derive textures from (By modifying color balance) (10149
x 13989)

Broken image into 14000 100 x 100 pixel parts, and 140 1000 x 1000 pixel parts

That was easy.
>> No. 35959
I'm not familiar with Blender, but I am familiar with 3DS Max and Unity, so I should be of some help here...

In any case you shouldn't animate it in Unity, it'll be much better to animate something in a different program, export the model + animations as an FBX and then import that into Unity. Unity can animate seperate objects for sure, but it's not as good for character animation (not yet, anyway!)

I'm not sure how it works in Blender, but in 3DS Max I'd put the Pivot of each object right on the point where I want the object to rotate around. For instance with the leg, you'll want to move the Pivot to somewhere around the flank, rather than in the middle of the object.

After that, just play around with it and see what kind of results you can get. I'd say Blender is probably your best bet to try out.
>> No. 36079
In the past I start working on a paper mario game and maybe I have some useful idea (maybe not useful) I talking about some character attitude and ability (okay, its more fit in the mushroom kingdom, but who know?) so if you interest I share something (sorry my english :( )
>> No. 36093
Go ahead, I'd love to hear it.

Also, my friend had the wonderful idea to use my felt texture to generate a bump map. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

And I started implementing tripcodes! Aah! What is this world coming to?!

File 133277384669.png - (166.65KB , 480x270 , hmmm.png )
36008 No. 36008 [View]
sorry if this isn't the place for this but i couldn't figure out where it belonged. feel free to move it to where it goes if you must.

now then...

i was wondering what everypony uses to make/remix all this sweet pony music. i kind of want to try my hand at it but idk what program to use. i know none of em are gonna be "simple" but id prefer the simplest one possible.

thanks much in advance.
>> No. 36024
This'd probably go into /media/.

File 133266940073.png - (260.79KB , 615x688 , Screen shot 2012-03-24 at 5_29_02 PM.png )
35943 No. 35943 [View]
I guess this counts as a collaboration...

Me and a couple of other drawfriends from /oat/ have started a blog together on Tumblr.
The purpose of this blog is creating more fanon around random background characters. There has not been enough of that since season 2.
Basically how it works is that the theme, or well character, of the blog changes every one or two week.
The followers choose the characters themselves via the submit button, a picture attached is preferred.
Once the theme is chosen, the followers submit their random and interesting headcanons through the ask and then we, the mods of the blog, simply illustrate parts of those headcanons. Like the "pic and it happened" way of doing things.
This is my way of contributing a little to the community as a whole.


First theme of the blog is Allie Way, feel free to send in a piece of headcanon so we really can get this started.
>> No. 35979
File 133272836002.jpg - (54.08KB , 489x444 , 354421152_025239.jpg )
I've got two things to say....

1. Sweet Chicken Fried Baby JESUS! This has got to be the best idea for a tumblr I've ever heard of! You guys are amazing!

2. I really with my skills were substantial enough to join in and help you out on this. Maybe one day, if I keep practicing!

That's all.
>> No. 35996
File 133274352637.png - (1.38MB , 894x1131 , I think im stylin on ya.png )
Aw thank you, but we're already seven people on the job. Some more productive than others though.
I have a feeling that this is gonna be a fun run.

File 133273096838.png - (336.54KB , 957x536 , shot0009-21.png )
35985 No. 35985 [View]
The "Smile: Seeds of Kindness" Deadline is coming soon. 5 days to be exact.

My submission is almost ready, but there is 1 thing left I need. I need clips, voice clips, spoken word.

Just what kind of clips? Real accounts of peoples lives being affect by this very fandom. I want to hear from the common pony, just what this fandom has done for them!

So this is where you guys come in! There are 2 choices

1. message my youtube account or send me an email, and either 1 send me a voice clip of you telling your REAL account. I don't want anything fake. Or If you want, I can do a real talk with you on skype and really get into it! Either way I want to end up with lots of different clips that I can work with, and you might find yourself in the final product!

If you are going to send a voice clip I want a few things included.

File 133261896839.png - (194.75KB , 900x800 , derpy-hooves.png )
35909 No. 35909 [View]
Hi everypony, I'm here to talk about a project to save Derpy! How you may ask? Well, first, with the confusion of "derpy" as a slang for retarded... (Witch is not true)! There is only one way to fix this. To make Derpy a real word, not a slang. How?

I put Derpy a an adjective. It explains awkwardness, clumsiness, goofiness, and ones mistake. In no way means: stupidity, makes fun of ones metal disabilities, and lack of ones intelligence.
>> No. 35914
But it does mean stupid.
>> No. 35935
It doesn't mean stupid literally; it means what the slang for stupid is. "You're stupid," doesn't mean that you're actually stupid, just that you've done something goofy.

In regards to the OP, however, contributed! I doubt it will make much difference however.
>> No. 35982
oh my god just let it die already

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