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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 133142881854.jpg - (134.17KB , 835x835 , 73035 - artist-jcharlesmachiavelli bandages blood rainbow_dash wingless.jpg )
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Hello! My name's Louis Badalament; the head of the Reharmonized Ponies audio adaption. I need a voice actress willing to play the role of Cupcake, from Cupcake's Day Out.

This is **NOT** to be confused with the Cupcakes story by Sargeant Sprinkles. If you're interested, please write me at [email protected] Hope to hear from you!

File 131986245048.png - (561.73KB , 768x1024 , Banner copy.png )
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Oh hey guys! We already started the project and you already saw the demo which is Episode 0a.
We are now finding Storyboarders! Mail me at [email protected]!

Also, there are 2 still open! So go ahead and mail me!

Episode 0b is already going on! Now the confirmed list is here:

Twilight Sparkle: Rina-chan
Applejack: Mirisha
Rainbow Dash: GJKou
Fluttershy: dobuchu
Rarity: mippa
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>> No. 34694
The first episode is very nearly done

But things are very very slow...
>> No. 34893
bumping this
>> No. 35223
Hey guys, in the 3rd week of March, episode 1 will release!

Anyways, sorry for the very long delay. I was called out for a month for a huge project which was a success!

This is Heolix by the way with my real artist name.

We are now accepting auditions for Mr. and Ms. Cake!
Send your auditions to: [email protected]

File 132181148562.jpg - (248.50KB , 1279x853 , Paper Rainbow Dash.jpg )
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It hasn't happened yet, so I will start it, a brony group sing of the new song "Find a Pet"

I will do my best to do better here than I did on "Fluttershys" but this needs to be done.

Background Music here:

Lyrics: (also has music with singing for timing)

I will use the aforementioned background music unless I get artists with their keyboards and guitars (and drums etc.) Please send those in.

As for submitting:
1. mp3 is preferred, higher the bit-rate the better, I can remove background noise. Please no WMA, I'm on a Mac.
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>> No. 35170
Bpendragon, ToasterRepairpony, this was amazing. Great job on the EVERYTHING! We've got some great vocal talent out there; you guys are awesome too.

>> No. 35172
Super great awesome great good job!
>> No. 35193
Youtube embed play button
  ... and run over to the E-mail to send to Equestria Daily.

Video Embedded
Album Art here: (3700px Square. No apologies)

File 133116990432.jpg - (4.92KB , 209x197 , happy RD.jpg )
35163 No. 35163 [View]
Hello every pony i am thinking of makeing a pony related game much like spiro would anypony be interested in playing such a game
>> No. 35168
File 133118381045.gif - (524.35KB , 366x341 , super-clap.gif )
*raises hand* Sounds like a great idea. Always have liked Spyro games. Think it'd be absolutely awesome to see a pony adventure game...
>> No. 35192
File 133124541200.png - (97.24KB , 800x600 , Angry_twilight_sparkle.png )
>pony related game much like spiro would anypony be interested
>game much like spiro would anypony
>like spiro

File 133120697474.gif - (251.02KB , 369x331 , 130045033408.gif )
35175 No. 35175 [View]
I can sing for any of anypony's song. I am a girl not an adult yet (why yes, i am a 13 yr old pegasister) And would like to sing for anypony. Here is a link of a song:

free of course :)

File 133108975349.jpg - (74.16KB , 894x894 , Pinkie-Pie-and-Fluttershy-Fragile.jpg )
35143 No. 35143 [View]
Hello everypony! I'm new here at /collab/ and would really like to be a part of something. I'm not a very good artist or programmer, but I do Let's Plays for YouTube and can do video and sound editing. I'm also a fairly good musician, but I know this place is definitely not in short supply of musicians far better than myself. Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to ask if there is anything I can do or be a part of? I just want to help somewhere, even if it's just something small.
>> No. 35167
I'd be glad to have you on board for The Brony Rock Anthem project I'm working on.
Link to thread >>34708
I can offer you some editing position when i collect the singers. Also I'd like you post some of your work in the Brony Rock Anthem thread or send a link to my email. [email protected]
Be seeing ya.

File 132927156086.png - (331.60KB , 570x483 , 6761 - tg armor axe brony dice game helmet original_character.png )
34020 No. 34020 [View]
Well, it seems that 2 days of insomnia and Fallout: New Vegas does wonders for Roleplaying Ideas.

I've merged SPECIAL attributes and a number of other concepts into a draft of a Roleplaying system exclusively for MLP Roleplaying. It's erm... incredibly detailed, and incredibly incomplete at the same time.

Here's a sample character with the system:

Basically there are a number of base attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, etc. The document has a full list. You pick (or create) balanced traits and then a number of perks.
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>> No. 34120
File 132942442821.png - (386.23KB , 605x721 , invisible boxing match.png )
There was actually already a system to blend the "SPECIAL" from the Fallout games into a D&D setting. It's called Simple and it was designed by JE Sawyer: New Vegas' lead designer and director.

Give it a look and see what you can take out of it to complete your ruleset.
>> No. 34426
bump. This look interesting.
>> No. 35151

File 132662824275.png - (501.48KB , 751x1051 , NMM Eternal Night.png )
31724 No. 31724 [View]
The MLP: FiM Card Game is a cooperative card game for 2-7 players. Up to 6 players can team up to take on the nefarious Nightmare Moon. Players will take turns going on "Adventures" with the help of the Adventure Deck. Completing these Events will reward you with cards and Friendship. Both will be necessary in order to ensure that you can collect the Elements of Harmony before Nightmare Moon does! Play with prebuilt decks or customize your own for maximum fun!

Our Blog (Follow Us!) -

Our Facebook (Like Us!) -

Our DeviantArt (Watch Us!) -

Thanks for all the support!

Our old thread was getting old and lacked a picture...So here is a new thread! Chock full of more links and actual info!
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>> No. 34822
File 133047875537.png - (352.64KB , 750x1050 , Rainbow Dash Absolute Loyalty.png )
New Preview is up on the blog. The preview was chosen by our facebook pool this last week. the winner was Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide. Check it out!
>> No. 34828
File 133048882196.png - (363.59KB , 1141x711 , satisfied.png )
Lookin' good! Books are always relevant to my interest! Thanks!
>> No. 35108
Fluttershy Strategy discussion is up on the blog. Go check it out.

File 133068111727.jpg - (55.95KB , 1191x670 , cheerilee__s_gmod_ponies_for_blender_ver__2_0_by_pizzalover53-d4h31d1.jpg )
34930 No. 34930 [View]
Hey guys, been messing around with Ogre3D lately, and I found these models for blender. Now I'm more of a programmer, and I'd like to just focus on that. But I kindly ask any 3D modlers out there to take this project made with Blender:
and animate the ponies for use in a 3D render engine.

In return, the creation of an MLP game of your choice - Plot, Play, Story, Name, VAs, everything. I just wanna program it.

Also, Can we have each pony seperated into different .blend files, It'll make it easier on Ogre.
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>> No. 35081
>> No. 35083
Ponykart uses ogre3d and it's open source, so I guess you could use them if you want as long as you say where they're from

and they don't have the gmod models' awful faces
>> No. 35105

I could touch up them faces to prob, What do you have in mind? How do you see them as awful?

Not enough Vertex? Resolutions is under-par

Not the right shape?

Eyes too small/big

mouth not proportion?

File 133069843444.png - (755.05KB , 1024x500 , banner.png )
34938 No. 34938 [View]
Hi everypony!

Me and few my friends made a live wallpaper with Flattershy in it (Android platform)...

This is our first wallpaper, and we want to add more ponies and animations in future.

We will be appreciate, if you, fellow bronies could give it a try and share your comments.
>> No. 34949
File 133071689047.gif - (1.91KB , 180x180 , qr-code.gif )
Добавляю QR-код, вдруг кому удобнее так будет!
>> No. 35077
At this moment we begin to prepare a few updates. One of them is devoted to the coming of St. Patrick's Day! I can not say now which of the pony will be added next. Perhaps Pinky, or Jack ;)

Everypony can vote for a new pony on our page in the Face Book:

File 133063426570.jpg - (6.98KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
34896 No. 34896 [View]
Idea's are cheap and normally we all dislike it when people have nothing to show other than an idea. Well let's get an idea thread going!
I'm interested in creating an MLP based board game. I'm a digital artist and fully capable of producing something like this myself without a need for collaboration, however, I haven't a single idea other than making a Candy Land rip-off. Basically I have a few nieces that would really enjoy a custom made game from their uncle. So does anypony have any ideas they'd like to see come to life?
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>> No. 34985
>Balloon lift
Idea's like this for action cards is exactly what I'm looking for. Keep them coming, I'm keeping my eye on this thread. I was thinking of including gems as in game currency, perhaps a way to win? Whomever has the most gems at the end wins? MLP FIM: Rarity's Gem Hunt.

Stuff like that and what you mentioned work. This thread's purpose is to brainstorm. It's too bad this place seems so inactive thes days...
>> No. 35005
You can search /mlp/, there's some /tg/ people in there.

I had a Parasprite Time Attack game from episode 10 in mind, but it's a little too complex.
>> No. 35071
Gem currency could be massively fun as you could then include Diamond dogs stealing gems as well as finding gems from the ground/ landing on square/ card event or however you want to do it. The action cards can really turn an average board game one into a fun one especially if they are well written and definitely if the have pictures on them. I mean having a card like you get two gems from diamond dogs and the text underneath saying "here take them, just stop WHINING!"
it's stuff like that that make the game IMO.

File 133092616592.png - (407.63KB , 900x675 , tpm.png )
35068 No. 35068 [View]
Hey every pony, Inky here of the Traveling Museum.

I'm looking for suggestions and help as well as artists!

Have some copy paste :

The Traveling Pony Museum is a collection of artwork, plushies, sculptures and more from various artists of the brony community. The purpose of this museum is to showcase artists work and their own special talents.

The Museum will be traveling to all major brony conventions throughout the United States.

File 133091023249.png - (107.17KB , 350x287 , other_mane_six_vector_619.png )
35054 No. 35054 [View]
Hey I am a aspiring writer who is a brony (hence why I'm here) but I was looking for some other writers who were willing to write a series with me that deals with the other mane six. Derpy, Bon Bon, Lyra, Octavia, Doctor Whooves, and Vinyl Scratch. Along with other background ponies and some OCs. It will tell of the untold show, the other mane six's adventures. Using some scenes, events, and mane characters from FiM it will be a script telling of the others story. and since it's FiM they will be trying to, from the shadows, gear the mane poines to learn about friendship but also learning about it themselves. I don't know, just ideas, anypony wanna join?
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>> No. 35058
wow well thank you! Do you have a deviantart or anything I can add you on? Mine is Cokeysion. So we can talk about VA?
>> No. 35060


I'm Mr-Jax.
>> No. 35064
Screenwriter here. I'm busy with my own stuff to write for your project, but I can look them over and revise them.

I left my non-personal email. Send me a message if you'd like my services, I'll respond with one of my personal emails.

File 133092188339.png - (183.58KB , 1920x1080 , desktop_ponies_preview_by_dolphin_fly-d3ga83g.png )
35063 No. 35063 [View]
hey, for me only around 1/3 of the ponies were showing up on the select window, so I went into the .ini files and made sure "name" was green, this worked apparently and now all the ponies are showing up, haven't got the mp3 files to work yet however

File 133089039533.png - (284.02KB , 506x422 , rd sing.png )
35047 No. 35047 [View]
We all know that there are hundreds of incredibly talented bonies out there. I want to set up a way to help bronies with talented voices get heard, by setting up a "Brony Idol". Like American Idol, differnt people would audition (probably in video form) and other people could vote on their favorites. There could be "celebrity" judges as well.
Now, this is just the early brainstorming stage. Im makeing this thread just to get the idea out there and have people give other suggestions.
I really want to do this! What does everypony else think?
>> No. 35048
I was thinking about how it could all work. People email video of them singing and showing off their voice (It could be a song from the show, or a song by aa brony artist, or maybe somehting else if they really wanted). I could edit these videos together, along with hosting/voice over with it. IN each online episode, one person is eliminated and all others send in a new song. I was thinking about how the judges could work, they could watch the auditions as well and give critiques, in animated pony form!
I would really like to see what everypony else has to say, give ideas!

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