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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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In response to the FiM team's wonderful gift of our very own pony last Saturday, and because the show in general has meant so much to so many, myself and a few others thought it would be great if we could start one massive "thank you" campaign. Equestria Daily told me that they would be happy to promote this thing on their site, so we just need to get this thing organized. We need support in many different ways to make this work. Here are all the details of what this is going to be, and what we need to make it work:

Collab form: A beautifully crafted letter, undersigned by ALL the fans, and maybe a couple outstanding miscellaneous gifts, accompanied by enough cupcakes, and muffins of different varieties to feed the entire FiM team.

What we need:

1) A talented writer that can adequately convey the thanks of all of the fans.

Considerations for this--Obviously there's going to be multiple people who are going to want to submit their idea for a letter, so I'm just going to say this off the bat in order to cut down on submissions--don't send in a letter for consideration, unless you think yours is going to win. I'm considering the idea that maybe we need a small panel of people who would vote on the--hopefully--small number of letters that we receive.
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Not to double-bump (despite the double-bump) but I really think we should do something like this to show our appreciation for Derpy. I like the idea of getting some sort of letter out there with all our online signatures, and perhaps we can find I bakery that delivers nearby their studio?

If you want to get this some more exposure you could try getting a link up on the EgD or ARGH's newsletter.
>> No. 33286

and here I thought everypony had forgotten my collab :)

I'm going to resurrect this after the Derpy thing blows over. Right now, it's all I care about.
>> No. 34500
...well I thought I'd check on this one last time.

I still think pulling something together would be a really nice gesture, I'm just not so sure what exactly to do myself.

File 132984111435.png - (304.26KB , 900x514 , Bring Me The Horizon.png )
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Ok guys, another charity needs us to break records.

This one is for the Hasbro Children's Hospital.


File 132968631532.jpg - (15.16KB , 334x558 , mouth.jpg )
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Which do you think is used in talking, in animation?

This was pulled from the Adventures in Ponyville game
>> No. 34299
>Tweening or swap symbol on mouths

most likely neither (It's certainly not tweened), it's probably graphic symbols with the frame number set on the timeline.

File 132977419036.png - (270.07KB , 830x650 , Pony Spike.png )
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File 132974200635.jpg - (44.38KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lt583qnuLj1qeuz19o1_500.jpg )
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Hello, Ponychan! I'm new here so I apologize if this isn't the place for this.

I've written a ponyfied parody of the song Dirty Work by Steely Dan, but I can't find an instrumental version of the original song anywhere. I'm not capable of editing the vocals out myself, nor can I play any instruments, so I will need help to make this parody a reality.

I have a vocal-only demo of the song, uploaded here:

And here is the original song:

I will post my lyrics on request. (It's told from Twilight's perspective, being fed up with doing Celestia's dirty work.)

What I need is either for somepony to somehow make an instrumental (or mute vocal or whatever) of the original song, or for one or more people to collaborate on recording a cover. It needn't be exact nor feature all of the instruments that the original song does. Sheet music for the song should be easily findable online, though.

File 132908259736.jpg - (13.10KB , 197x256 , images.jpg )
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hello, i am making a daring do game, does anypony have a daring do sprite i could use?

all credit will be given to the appropriate owner

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>> No. 34264
op here
i decided that my game will be more puzzle oriented rather than action. i am almost finishing the demo level
(the one with instructions and stuff) no texture for the ground though.
once i am done where can i upload it for a quick download?

can i embed RAR files onto pictures?

on ponychan's rules it doesn't say anything about it, but i remember on 4chans rules. it is basically a rar inside a picture so you can open the picture with winrar and it reveals the files compressed withing them

im using the desktop ponies sprites, still thank you for your effort
>> No. 34325
Ok then. Maybe next time.
>> No. 34344
File 132974109786.png - (267.87KB , 757x521 , spoiler.png )
op here

i don't know how to upload files correctly but i got myself a 4shared account
here is the link to donwload the beta:

the ground doesn't have textures yet but i got the main menu working. please tell me what you guys think

File 132970496163.jpg - (49.84KB , 400x400 , texans rarity.jpg )
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There is currently a group on Facebook that's working to ponify ALL the plays! So, if you live near Houston and you don't have severe stage fright, go ahead and join us ^^

Of course, if you're one of those people that hates Facebook with a passion, send me an email so I can keep you up to date on whatever the group does. Also, we can bring you in if you're interested in running tech, working with sets/props, or helping with the ponification process. We can always use more helping hooves :)

File 132970051401.png - (408.51KB , 848x1094 , CreepingDarknes.png )
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We've gotten a number of cast and crew positions filled for production of the miniseries, but there's still plenty of positions yet to be filled. We're excepting open auditions for all the unfilled parts, so please, feel free to audition any unfilled part.

Executive Producer: The_Cinema_Pony
Director: The_Cinema_Pony
Assistant Director: *Anonymous Brony*
Writing Adaption Team: The_Cinema_Pony & *Anonymous Brony*

Original Series Music: Michael Arellano

Animation Director: (Open)
Animator: Hamishelub

File 132969123129.png - (42.85KB , 705x414 , pony project.png )
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Hey ponies. I'm posting this to both /collab/ and /art/ just to get a wider range.

It's come to my attention that pony centric art blogs have become increasingly popular on Tumblr. The Brony community is incredibly artistic, and there are many ponies who are trying to get into the MLP "art scene" and need a boost. there are many ways to post and share pony art online; but the peer editing process on what we do have does not seem supportive enough for all the ponies out there who could make great art, but don't have enough people telling them what's good and what needs work.
What I'm suggesting is a MLP art blog that showcases quality beginner pony artwork for peer review and support, to both give pony artists the publicity they deserve as well as proper criticism that won't make ponies want to stop drawing.

If anypony Wants to help get involved in this project please leave a comment or idea below, or email me at [email protected]
pony on guys. and Thanks

File 132961377206.png - (21.84KB , 358x267 , 6792597.png )
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Hey everypony! The EquTerm team just released a new website called! Everypony should check it out. It is a hub for bronies to show a variety of different work. IF YOU MAKE ORIGINAL PONY MATERIAL (songs, art, videos, fanfics, anything) This is the place for you! Share to everypony your stuff and look at other ponys' stuff as well!
We would appreciate the contribution and support!

File 132954189043.png - (408.51KB , 848x1094 , CreepingDarknes.png )
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We've gotten a number of cast and crew positions filled for production of the miniseries, but there's still plenty of positions yet to be filled.

Executive Producer: The_Cinema_Pony
Director: The_Cinema_Pony
Assistant Director: *Anonymous Brony*
Writing Adaption Team: The_Cinema_Pony & *Anonymous Brony*

Original Series Music: Michael Arellano

Animation Director: (Open)
Animator: Hamishelub
>> No. 34227
It must suck needing all those female voices but having so many male bronies.
>> No. 34231
It can be trying at times, yes

File 132959888524.png - (492.05KB , 900x675 , time_in_the_universe_by_nyansummer-d4q4m0v.png )
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I will be making an audio series called Perfect Timing revolving around four ponies, Twilight Sparkle, Doctor Whooves, Colgate, and Roseluck.
We need some voice actors and actresses.

For more information please visit

You can contact me at : [email protected]

File 132722640584.jpg - (93.40KB , 1041x1600 , 104949 - artist spiritto dress fluttershy gala - Copy.jpg )
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I wanted to re-write a few of the pony songs in Elizabethan English as a fun little project. The first one I wrote was Fluttershy's "So Many Wonders"!

I just need a good singer! You can be filly or a colt, it doesn't matter!

If you'd like to try it out, sing a few (or all, if you want) of these lyrics and save them as mp3 or wav. I'll accept them through any file sharing site, or you can send them via email.

Thanks everypony in advance!


Whence art this land,
'Tis abundant with beauty,
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>> No. 34031
File 132928217705.png - (17.12KB , 100x100 , icon.png )
Here youz go!
>> No. 34211
File 132955920178.png - (70.38KB , 469x543 , 61124 - jaw_drop Soarin' surprised vector.png )
Wow. I have to go with this one. So much cuteness overload! Haha. May you please send me just the vocal track only to my email?

Thank you SOOOO much though to the others who took the time to record something! It means a lot! You all have extraordinary talent :D
>> No. 34217
File 132958528813.png - (118.50KB , 410x410 , 131285208264.png )
xD thanks for the compliment! I emailed you.

File 132889516604.png - (83.52KB , 500x500 , Ponyarium.png )
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So for the past 2 weeks I've been messing around with making what was meant to just be a single screen game that generated random ponies and you made houses to raise the pop cap.
Anyway it's all for fun so I wanted to share what I have so far, if anypony enjoys it, that's a bonus.

Download here


1 - Train
2 - Farm
3 - Town

Click Ponies and select apple to send them to the farm, if a tree is there they will buck it.
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>> No. 33906
Top on my list of features is special skills (Made the build up bars already) Pegasus Skills will change the weather, Unicorn Magic etc.
I also want different areas, like clouds, and an area for a castle and an Alicorn to rule with there guards.

More Jobs, More buildings and some economic drive is a must.

I love the idea of building times, didn't think of that! Now its getting bigger and more iso, I think it has to be done ^_^
>> No. 33907
i see it's going to be awesome. keep it up! can't wait for the next update.
>> No. 34192
Youtube embed play button
  Alrighty, here is the new iso look running, dropping off ponies and building houses.

This is weeks 3 update, though week 2 is when I started reworking it. And I spent all my time after work this week making a code for finding the shortest path and storing the values for walk paths.

File 132947087199.gif - (497.80KB , 500x275 , 132630010381656.gif )
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check this cool site :

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