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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

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We're back from page 30 or so with a new version, and a new domain name!

V1.38 changes:

- Ponies now detect the avoidance area (evergreen forest) by means opony pixel hit box around the center of the pony. This should improve detection of the area and avoid flickering.
-Pony "sliding," for those with Windows XP, has been reduced, but not eliminated (you may still see ponies sliding, but they should wake up sooner, instead of sliding across the entire screen)
-Ponies will no longer get stuck near the middle of the screen if the boundary of the avoidance area happened to be near.
-Ponies would rarely get confused and stop moving when they found themselves in an avoidance area. Fixed.
-The old teleport behavior is available again through the options menu. The default will continue to be having ponies slowly walk out of areas they shouldn't be in.
-Ponies should ignore the cursor in screensaver mode, and the cursor itself will now be hidden.
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File 139436292041.png - (574.63KB , 1858x1224 , vip.png )
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I'm missing pony.ini file for several ponies...?

Where can I find a download for such a file?

Any help welcome.
>> No. 46604
File 139640639759.png - (54.09KB , 392x958 , No pony_ini configuration file found for these folders.png )
UPDATE: This is what occurred.

Any help welcome, as stated earlier.

Note: I'm running it on Mac.

File 139563184822.png - (1.22MB , 1366x560 , Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10_28_45 PM.png )
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(Yes and that slogan is a WIP)

Hello, I am GeekBrony, and for more than two years i've been in the brony fandom. Last year, I decided that I should start to make a website for fun. Turns out, I made it into a full blown network.

This is what it currently has:
- Radio
- News
- Forum
- Minecraft Server (
- A small community
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Any takers?

File 139547645050.jpg - (127.67KB , 640x480 , photo-main.jpg )
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Alright this game I think would be fun with own pony models like the ones made for Minecraft.

Planets3 by Cubical Drift is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).

Check it out and say what you want about it or any ideas for it to have ponies.

File 139460038187.jpg - (52.14KB , 358x358 , quizup-the-biggest-trivia-game-in-the-world-art-work.jpg )
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So I wanted to try and get a My Little Pony: Friendship is magic topic going in the quiz game app "Quizup". We are supposed to submit at least a few hundred questions and I could use some help if anyone wants to. They should be in the format of a question, with 1 correct answer, and 3 incorrect answers.
Correct Answer
Wrong Answer 1
Wrong Answer 2
Wrong Answer 3
The game is usually played by people who are at least mid-teens. The questions should require at least a decent knowledge of the show, but should only be based around canon elements of the show. So no fandom questions. The questions are updated constantly so the questions can be as current as one wants. Staying away from too many secondary product related questions would be best (i.e. Comics, Toys... etc.) Ideas for titles would also be appreciated for people who reach certain ranks in the game, Like unlockable awards. Any ideas can either be left here in the comments or sent in an email to [email protected] Also: a google drive was made for it .

File 139362025929.png - (314.72KB , 798x388 , vi3kpx23.png )
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Hey everypony,

Together we created 19 CDs with pony related music from all around the fandom. These albums are mixed with music from a lot of different brony-musicians with over 200 songs and that for free. Every playlists has it own name, cover artwork and is related to his very own character. In the playlists you can find music from electro to dubstep, metal, rock, pop, house, acoustic, instrumental and a lot more. If you're interested in really good music just give it a try, I'm sure there is something for everypony!

Album Download ( []

If youre searching for more information about the albums like which tracks and genres are in which playlist and more you can look on our german thread over here (you will still understand the text if you just open the spoilers):
We do not own any rights on the songs in the albums and just give you music-titles we put together in playlists. Every song belongs to it rightfull owner. If you like a track be sure to check the website of the owner and support him.

We hope you enjoy our albums and you like the music we put together.

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Because Rarity and Fluttershy don't have enough songs to make their own albums.
>> No. 46414
Atm we have not enough songs for each Rarity or Fluttershy and they will get their own albums when we hit the max amount of 80 minutes per album. =)

File 138007394331.jpg - (139.99KB , 1069x772 , nextbestthing.jpg )
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If you, or someone you know, can voice characters from the show, specifically RD right now, please PM the following guy:
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File 138194872702.jpg - (4.04KB , 104x104 , 1381908915729.jpg )
Actually we are working on it, take note that the puppets are in all angles and it takes longer. We finished a rainbow dash one already. I'm going to work on an applejack one when I'm done with work.

Also we are doing Equestria girls puppets, and games.
>> No. 46070
Oh hey I've had that build since like may
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File 139318359133.jpg - (11.27KB , 360x240 , spongebob.jpg )
Just gonna put this here.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014 12:27

File 133816596923.png - (1.18MB , 1920x1200 , Ponykart_05282012_012845998.png )
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last thread >>33758

Please read before asking questions!
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If anyone is interested there is a google group going for possible revival over here:!forum/ponykart . Gonna try see how many people we can gather and decide whether it is feasible to attempt it in the first place.
>> No. 46133
Any news?
>> No. 46275
New team is hiring,19.0.html

File 139209460554.png - (48.41KB , 345x425 , DEMO.png )
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Hi I'm Fluffle and i'm looking for some people to help with finishing this game to a high quality standard (I'll put some images below) Now this isn't just another build I am NOT scared of Hasbro I DO have standards and this WILL get completed I have full devotion to this project but I am only one person
So I ask of your help to finish this I need an animator and a programmer familiar with code assembly and injection (Why do I need that? well I need to get the engine modded to fit 6 demo's instead of 3 (Options, Story, Credits, Story Synopsis, Versus and A.I Versus) here are some images
>> No. 46231
Yeah, hacking the game engine is definitely a good idea.

File 133173222265.png - (120.15KB , 344x305 , applej.png )
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File 139187587235.png - (121.74KB , 1194x417 , 0001.png )
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File 139189123405.png - (114.51KB , 1281x353 , 00sd01.png )
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File 139197450019.png - (91.32KB , 1280x490 , 0sd001.png )

File 139163114466.png - (176.17KB , 458x343 , ipad.png )
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Hello everypony,

Our brand new brony-app launched in the iTunes-Store.

We're talking about the "Blind Bag Finder" which allows you to have the perfect overview over your MLP Blind Bags so you'll never have to maintain any checklists or have to guess which ponies may be in your bags.

The Blind Bag Finder includes every pony from the current waves and comprises over 270 figures with every single ID, name, wave, picture and package code (numbers on the bag). Also the app includes a practical search bar which helps you to find out which pony is in your bag (which works even with the codes on the back of welded packages).

As well you could enter already acquired ponies with a simple touch into the apps database to prevent buying them twice and to keep track of your collection.

You can find our app here to take a closer look on it:

File 135566176244.gif - (28.04KB , 94x122 , chrysalis-idle-left.gif )
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It's been almost nine months, but a new thread and a new release has finally arrived. (Old thread >>36234)

Version 1.42.4 (2013-11-30)

DesktopPonyGuy appears to have moved on to other things, but development has continued. The artists have added lots of new animations and characters, and there's 149 to choose from in this release!

The program itself has also seen a number of changes. The biggest by far is support for Mac and Unix. Yes - Desktop Ponies is now multi-platform.

We've also got a new site set up:
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File 141892703456.gif - (36.02KB , 88x92 , spoiler.gif )
quiero desktop pony en mi compu de windows xp
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File 141995740807.jpg - (54.53KB , 574x600 , 433388687.jpg )
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File 142511165889.png - (397.12KB , 495x1615 , eqg_pinkie_pie_boutique_by_birdalliance-d8glox4.png )

File 139019140449.jpg - (122.88KB , 890x518 , 1400398_10152055503779324_1312145974_o.jpg )
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I could use some help building the Pony sims in OSGrid. If anyone wants to give me a hoof that would be awesome ^_^

How to get there:
>> No. 46127
so its on like fake SL server from what i see?
since i see it uses the same viewer as SL
>> No. 46152
Not quite...It's OpenSim. Second Life charges out the butt for everything, this doesn't. This is the OpenSource equivalent to Second Life.

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Youtube embed play button
  Its been ages since I've updated here about project Spikes Quest.

In short, the game isnt dead. Development had started back up just months ago and I've been posting updates mostly on the official blog:

The engine had recently been completely rebooted and it actually has some huge advancements from the old engine including a fully functioning map navigation system, an inventory screen and a few other things to be named.

I'll start updating here again. And hopefully that means more than just once a week ;)

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>> No. 46125
Just in case you were all wondering, yes Spikes Quest has been on a sort of hiatus while I've been working out some problems with my other project 'Castle Pinkiestein' and for that I'd like to apologies.

I have not given up on this project yet (as my frequent post from over the past three years would attest) so I ask that you'd do the same.

I plan to actually start alternating between the two projects this week. So stay tuned!
>> No. 46131
File 139074988571.png - (140.30KB , 384x383 , ahehe.png )
You think it will be close to finishing somewhere this year?
>> No. 46132
>not sure if sarcasm or not

and yes, I certainly hope so. :P unless life kills me first

File 132630407617.png - (16.86KB , 477x615 , bm1c.png )
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Back when they were advertising FIM there was an advert that showed an app called "Ponybook" - I'm a programmer and know a quite a bit of different languages and started building the mobile app for Android, but then sort of stopped due to work. I have the files saved somewhere, but before I continue, is this something you guys would be interested in? More screens below:
>> No. 31550
You mean a mobile viewer for this:


File 134958628488.jpg - (211.43KB , 600x385 , ponycraft_concept_art_0_4_by_kardien-d5fvnwh.jpg )
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We're working on the Starcraft/Pony Collaboratied flash animation.We need someone who can make storyboard. Here's the Director's DA, Check it, and send me a male if you're interested, thank you.
>> No. 42281
Oh how stupid i am, i meant mail, not male. lol. it's [email protected]

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